Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year...

We are going to a party tonight. The first New Years party we've ever gone to together, after 11 years... I'm hoping it is fun. There are going to be a bunch of young kids, so it won't be too wild for sure, but we'll see. I want to flog My slut's ass a bit before we go, like I wanted to on Christmas Eve but it didn't work out. I'll run it by her later when she wakes from her nap. She's not a night person, so she getting some rest. I'm sure she'll let me, and I'll let you all know how it goes, and how red her sweet ass gets.

I hope all my readers and followers have a fun and safe New Years Eve. Be careful out there and have a lot of fun. Hopefully some of you will have some hot M/s or D/s play, or even just some hot, sweaty fucking!!!

Here's to a fun and sexy New Year filled with increased knowledge and fun in learning about BDSM and teaching My slut about the joys of it.


Tasks for the New Year...

I've been working on a list of tasks for My slut to accomplish in the new year. I haven't had a chance to give it to her yet, but I will in the next day or so. Some of you had expressed an interest in what I wanted from her, so here goes.

She is going to lose the weight she needs to. We will work out together 5 days a week.
She is to wear makeup every weekday. She looks beautiful and should still try to look pretty for me.
Dress much nicer. Enough of the oversized sweat shirts and baggy jeans. Skirts and dresses more.
Keep practicing her oral skills, and work toward letting me cum in her mouth. Hopefully by my birthday in March.
Get more comfortable with body, ie...masturbate to orgasm in front of me.
Learn to orgasm on command.
Learn to take My pain from floggings, canings, spankings, clamps, etc...I am a sadist after all.
Learn to turn pain into pleasure.
Get comfortable in bondage.
Send me at least one dirty text a day, and one dirty picture a week...grins!
Try to learn to ejaculate...Her G-spot really swells up during sex!
Learn basic submissive positions.
Get comfortable having a dildo used on her...She claims to not really like them, we'll see.
Make some dirty home movies. We've already taken pictures.

It's a pretty long list, and there are a few other private things I won't post here. These are things I want her to try to learn within the coming year. Some she will do, some she may not.

There are things I will task myself to do in the new year as well. I will post them in the next few days after I have time to make up the list.

Let me know what you think of the list. Maybe things on there you can do or would like to be able to do yourself.

Happy New Year to all my readers and followers!!!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday 12/30/10...

It was below freezing, but Master was not about to let his slave off the hook. she was to be naked in his presence whenever he required it. She begged to keep her coat on. He was feeling generous, so he let her keep her hat on.
He pulled the tawes from his belt and reddened her ass. Winter's kiss competed with the strap, but he was about to remedy that as he laid into her with vigor as she yelped in pain.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On flogging...

Since My slut has agreed to a flogging I have been thinking about it a lot the last week. We haven't had time or the privacy to carry it out yet, but soon.

I will have her stand at the foot of the bed and place her forearms on the bed. I will stroke her sex until she gets turned on. It never takes her long. I've never heard of a woman being able to cum as fast as she can, and trust me she isn't faking it. You can't fake that much wetness. Once she is sufficiently lubed up, I will start with the small flogger warming up her ass. First one cheek then the other, Starting very lightly of course to build the warmth and to not frighten her away from My pain. I will gradually whip her harder while alternating sliding my fingers through her moist nether lips and sliding one or two fingers inside her. Her G-spot really swells up. I really want to see if I can make her squirt. I will continue lashing her sweet tender ass until I get a nice red glow going. Before switching to the larger flogger, I will once again push two fingers inside her and with my other hand I will rub her clit. If she begs to cum, I will let her. After she cums once and once only, I will remove my fingers and grab the flogger. I will once again start slowly and lightly, gradually increasing intensity. I will again take momentary breaks to tease and rub her soaking wet cunt. When she now asks to cum, I will stop and go back to flogging. I will continue this until she has reached her limit, whenever that is. When she has had enough, I will pull out my throbbing cock and enter her from behind. She is so tight in this position that I rarely last very long. For whatever reason, her cunt is extra tight when she is bent over. I will rub her clit as I fuck her until I flood her insides with my hot cum. This almost always triggers her to cum really hard. Afterwards I will have her suck our combined juices off of me. I love the feeling of having her hot mouth on me after I've fucked her and cum inside her.

I can't wait to make this happen. Should be this week...Hopefully!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My slut keeps surprising me...

Every day she seems to do something to surprise me. She isn't feeling well today. She takes medication once a week that makes her feel sick, so weekends aren't usually very playful. She came up to me tonight and said she couldn't wait to feel better. I asked her why and she told me because she needed some hard cock. I just had to smile at her!!! It is such a welcome change from just last August. I will keep encouraging this new mentality.

I started compiling the list of things I want her to work on in the new year. Things to help her feel better about herself, things to make her life go smoother, things to make our home life better, and lastly things that I want her to learn to do or get better at for my pleasure. Which of course will lead to more pleasure for her as well. I will post the list when I get it done, and after I go over it with her. Some of it may be a little challenging for her, but most of it is just getting her more focused.

Have a good wek all.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Letting out my dominant side...

I was raised by my mother for the most part. My parents divorced when I was eight, so I didn't have a real strong male influence. My step-dad was not interested in raising me and I was OK with that. The result of that was I didn't have an abundance of self confidence. It took me years to find my confidence. The trigger for it was when my ex-wife left. She was very domineering and I was quite meek back then. I was devastated for awhile, but then one day I had an epiphany. I asked myself why I had always lived my life to make everyone else happy. First my parents, then teachers. Later friends then my wife. After that day I decided I was going to make me happy and find out what I needed to be content.

That's when I found out about my needs to dominate and control a woman. I was late coming to realise my desires in this. Maybe that's why the desire is so strong. I feel like I have a lot of lost time to make up for. It seems to get stronger every day. It seems society is hell bent on punishing dominant men in the public arena. Being "metrosexual" is the ideal. Be in touch with your feminine side and you will be much happier. Women are told to not need a man, they can take care of themselves. I'm all for women being strong, but we need each other. We are happiest when we are in a happy union. Whatever the dynamic. I'm not looking down on the gay community, it just doesn't apply to my particular situation. I've had freinds that were gay and got along fine with them. What I'm trying to get at is, maybe our parents and grandparents knew what they were doing when the man was the HoH, and the woman took care of the house and kids. Maybe that's why it was called the good old days. No one can convince me that families are better off today. There are so many broken families and kids being raised by single parents. I know there are a lot of great women out there who did and do a great job, my mother being one of them. She raised us without a man for awhile. On the average though, a boy needs a father, and a girl needs a mother to learn how they are supposed to be a man and a woman. Just my opinion, and I'm sure some would disagree with me, and I'm OK with that.

Back to my point, it took me awhile to find my dominant side because I wasn't raised with a strong male presence and every boy needs to learn to be a man. Not necessarily be a Dom, but be a man a woman can depend on to protect and take care of her. Be trustworthy that he will always do right by her.
Just be a man!
Rant over...


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Things not as they should be, but so close...

Well this week certainly hasn't turned out the way we thought it would. Between being tired, interrupted by the boy, and not feeling well, My slut hasn't been able to train at all, and fuck very little. Then to top it off, she has been on a bunch of antibiotics all month and as you ladies out there know what they can do to a woman's body, she is now out of commsion for at least a few days. Neither of is are very happy at all. Mentally we have worked some things through, but physically we haven't been able to do hardly anything. I look forward to New Years to get some things done. She wants to work on a few things, so I am happy about her attitude and her willingness to step things up a bit.

She looked hot as hell dressed up for me last night, but unfortunately I wasn't able to show her how she made me feel. I did make sure that I told her how hot she looked, many times through the night. That brought a smile to her face every time.

I mentioned that I wanted to warm her ass up a bit with the flogger before we went to the in-laws. She was all for it, but she just wasn't feeling up to it. Way too uncomfortable to even want to feel my pain. I didn't want to try it when she was not at her best. Not a good time to have her try something new and intense. No way to tell how she would react, and I didn't want it to be a bad experience. I look forward to giving her many floggings, so I don't want her first to be a bad one.

On a big plus side, My slut bought me "Secretary" for Christmas. We're going to have to sit down and watch it together. I think it will show her the beautiul side of the D/s dynamic better than I have described it to her.

That's about it for now. Not the week we had planned for sure. We are both very bummed. She told me tonight she was very upset about not getting all the cock she wanted. This is a very new feeling for her, craving my cock, and especially telling me such. What a change in four months. A change I am very happy about. I think it will be useful in her training. She will have to be a good slut or she doesn't get the cock she needs. Only good sluts get hard cock, bad sluts just get teased and brought close to orgasm, then told they can't. I think the new year is going to bring a lot of fun and passion, and many new skills learned by her. I'm sure I will learn a lot too. I can see us growing together in many new ways. Ways she never imagined. I see us getting closer and closer, and I see her becoming my wonderful and sexy sub.

Merry Christmas!!!

I'm up to over 2000 views. Wow!!! I'd like to thank all of my readers. It took me two months to get to 1000, and less then two more weeks to double that. I am truly shocked and humbled that all of you enjoy what I have to say enough to keep coming back. Thank you, and I hope to keep you enthralled with many more saucy and naughty adventures. Thank you especially to my followers for showing to everyone that they enjoy my writing enough to follow it closely. I enjoy returning the favor and reading about all of your adventures and trials too.


Flash Fiction Friday...

Santa was beat. It had been a long night. As he finished putting the presents under the tree of the last house, he heard a noise behind him. Turning quickly around, he saw one of the most beautiful women he had seen in ages. She was dressed just like him, but she wore only a short coat and hat, with just stockings and 6" stillettos.

Without a word, she opened her coat like she was unwrapping a gift, and let it drop to the floor. She slowly walked to him, and with a smile, dropped to her knees in front of him and undid his coat and trousers.

"I've been naughty, Santa, but now I'll be good to make up for it.", she said with a wicked grin, And proceeded to give Santa the best hummer he'd had in centuries. It didn't take long for Jolly old St. Nick to lose it , and he groaned as his load gushed into the naughty little elf's mouth.

"Mmmm, tastes just like eggnog.", she said with a smile as she licked her lips. "Now, do you ever use that whip on anyone other than the reindeer?", she asked as she bent over and offered her firm ass to be whipped.

Santa grinned wickedly.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The best laid plans...

After having a small misunderstanding last night, on my part, we had a productive conversation this morning. I had commented that she hadn't been very agreeable to any training for quite awhile. She explained and I understood. I asked her about why she hated the thought of being spanked, but didn't mind so much the thought of being flogged. Apparently she had a bad experience with being spanked by a family member years ago. It was on her birthday, but it was in front of friends. There was nothing bad intended, but she was mortified by it, and only just realized today that it might be the root of her aversion.

So this afternoon I sent her a little text that I was going to flog her ass and then fuck her hard tonight. We send each other sexy texts even when we are in the same house. It just seems a little naughty for her, and fun for me. She was agreeable to being flogged. She came to my desk later to give me a hug, and I told her I was going to make her sexy ass a beautiful red. She told me she didn't agree to that, and I told her I didn't ask. That made her smile and squirm a little.

Bed time comes for the little man, and out of the blue he says he can't sleep, but he will fall asleep quicker if he lays in our bed with my wife. Well he finally is asleep at 11PM. Much too late for My slut to start playing. She is a morning person, not a night owl like me. Well I put the boy in his bed, kiss My slut goodnight and tuck her in. She wants to try again tomorrow.
We are going to the in-laws for Christmas Eve to have dinner and open gifts. I'm going to try to talk her into going over there with a warmed ass. (fingers crossed).

We did have some sex yesterday, but she wasn't up to training, hence my mis-understanding last night. It was pretty much just vanilla, but I had her give me oral sex until I came. Not in her mouth yet, but she is working on it. She's one of those woman that have problems with it. Bad experience from her ex. At least she is trying to get to the point where she can do it. I did compliment her that she is getting better with her technique though. She gave me the best head she ever has. It was a challenge to hold back and not give her a mouthful, as much as I wanted to, and I told her as much. It made her happy to know she was pleasing me that much. Then I made her cum a bunch of times until she begged me to fuck her. I of course obliged, and pounded her very wet cunt until I came a second time inside her. She loves that feeling now. For years she didn't like me too, but for some reason, since we started the D/s process she doesn't want me to ever pull out. She especially loves watching me and feeling me cum in her while she is riding me. It makes her happy that she can make me feel that good. This is coming from a woman that absolutely refused to get on top, even though I begged her to for years. Now it's her favorite position. Go figure...

Now I'm going to go get my big flogger and trim down the tails. It's kind of a cheap one, and it is too long. I can't really get the feel I want, and I think if I shorten it I will get a better response from My slut.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas...

I wanted to say to all my readers, that I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, or whatever you choose to call this Holiday. I myself am an atheist, but I celebrate this time of year as a way to spend time with family and friends. Of course my young son just absolutely loves it...smiles!!! To you and yours, have a wonderful Holiday season, and don't forget to tell the ones you love that you do love them. No matter what your relationship or dynamic is, make sure they know you treasure them for what they mean to you, and how they enrichen your life.

Merry Christmas,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I take her by the arm and guide her to the room. I have prepared it for my purposes. I will take what is mine tonight. She can resist, deny, but she won't. She wants and needs this even though her mind won't allow her heart to acknowledge it. She has always needed to be taken under control, but the right man had never tried. Now she knows there is nothing she can do to resist. She is lost, and found at the same time. I see these things in her eyes though she tries to hide them. To deny me access to her heart, or so she thinks. I will break down her defenses and take what is mine.

I strip her naked without a word, and she gives no resistance. Taking my shackles, I bind her arms behind her back. Her lush breasts pushed out towards me. Her nipples giving away her excitement. I can hear her breath coming out raggedly even as she tries to control it. She wants to deny her feelings to me and herself. If she admitted that she was a wanton slut, a submissive who craved control, it would tear down the walls she has built around her heart and soul all these years to protect her. She would be laid bare to my piercing eyes and knowing mind.

I turn her around to face me, and give her a deep passionate kiss. Tasting her need as she kisses me back with a passion she can barely contain. I drink of her submission and lust. I will tear her down and build her back. Better and stronger than she can ever imagine. I push her to her knees in front of me and unzip my pants. Pushing my throbbing cock against her moist lips, she momentarily resists, then I see the realization of what she must do come over her. I see the shift in her face and eyes as she relaxes and opens her lips to admit me into her warm mouth. She begins to suckle me tentatively at first. Then the lust seems to take over her body as she begins to swirl her tongue around the head and suck for all she is worth. Her head begins to bob up and down, deeper each time. Forcing me past her gag reflex, as if she needs to have me deep in her throat. Feeding her what she needs, giving her the life force she needs to survive.

I stop her as I feel the cum begin to build in my balls. I am not yet ready to give her my seed. She lets out a small whimper as I step back and tuck my cock into my pants. I help her stand and, turning her around, I remove the shackles. I reach up and grab the leather cuffs dangling from the ceiling and attach a wrist to each one. I attach the spreader bar to her ankles to make sure she is open to me. Nothing hidden or denied my probing.

Once she is bound properly, I pick up the light flogger. Time for a little warm up. I start on her sweet, pale ass, and soon have it glowing nicely with the stinging little flogger. At first she jumps with each lash across her tender flanks. Soon she relaxes into the sensations I am giving her. When they become too comfortable I move around to her front. I take out a second rope and bind her ample breasts. I want them standing up proud and ready for my lashes. Once they are tightly wrapped, and her nipples are jutting straight forward, I pick up the small flogger again and begin to torture her bountiful tits until they are covered with criss crossing lines. I pay particular attention to her sensitive nipples. They seem to grow even harder from the pain. I grab the nipple clamps and apply first one then the other. Causing her to gasp as I put each one on.

By this time her nipples are on fire and sensitive to the lightest touch. I reach down between her legs to feel that she is practically drippng. Her juices are running down the inside of her thighs. I plunge two fingers quickly into her hungry cunt, eliciting a deep moan as she bucks her hips. Trying to take me deeper inside of her. I pull them out, but she tries to push her hips forward to keep me inside her. I raise my fingers to her lips, but say nothing. She looks at me for a second, then takes her fingers into her mouth, sucking her juices off of them. This is when I see that her walls are rapidly falling down. She would never even kiss me before after I had gone down on her, now she was hungrily lapping her fluids from my fingers without a word.

I step to the dresser and grab the heavy flogger, and once again go to work on her round ass. I can feel the heat radiating from the tender orbs of her ass. It is getting to be a deep red, and I work down to lash her thighs as well. Making her grunt and moan with each strike. I look at her face and see tears begin to form on her lower lids. I stop for a moment and ask her if she needs me to stop. She looks deeply into my eyes, and shakes her head no with the slightest of motions. She is beginning to go deeper. I smile at her and tell her what a good slut she is, and go back to flogging her beautiful ass and thighs.

When they are the shade of red I like, I stop and set the flogger aside. I look to see that her cunt is drooling. Her juices are all the way down to her knees. I take my thumb and begin to pinch and rub her swollen clit. She almost cums instantly, but I pull away before she can. I quickly pull the clamps from her ravaged nipples, causing  her to inhale sharply as the blood rushes back into the compressed flesh. I gently suck the sore buds of flesh until the blood is back, then I give her a quick bite to remind her of what I like.

Finally I retrieve my favorite implement. The one she dreads most of all. The cane. The thing that I use to mark My slut. Her ass is well warmed by now, but I start gently tapping at first. Just giving her a little taste of my pain. I tap, then give her a hard smack. Leaving a beautiful welt across that tender ass. I do it again. Tap, Tap, Tap, Swish! The cane cuts through the air so she can hear it before she feels it's sting. I make welts at all angles up and down her ass and thighs. I then walk around to face her, and lightly tap the cane on her right nipple. It is still hard as stone, so it takes very little strength to make her jump. I alternate from one to the other, making her squeal as I torture her lovely hard nipples.

I can see she has about come to the end of her strength. I put the cane down, and beging to slowly slide first two, then three fingers inside her molten cunt. A guttural moan escapes her throat as her hips begin to move with the rythm of my fingers. As I fuck her with my hand I feel her getting closer and closer to her orgasm. The one I had been denying her all night. I can see the pleading look in her eyes. I ask her if she needs to cum. She whispers please. I ask her please what? She says please sir, and I begin to rub her G-spot  fast, and pinch her right nipple as hard as I can. Confusing her body with pleasure and pain at the same time. The combination overwhelms her body and her first orgasm rips through her body, releasing a scream from her throat. I don't stop, but switch to rubbing her swollen clit. She jumps from the contact as if she were shocked, and cums again. Over and over she cums as I switch back and forth from rubbing her clit and her G-spot. Clitoral then vaginal orgasm. Giving her body no rest. No chance to recover. She is panting and sweating, begging me to stop. I make her cum three more times before I relent. I have lost count of how many times she has cum, and I'm sure she has no idea. I force the orgasms from her body until she is spent.

I quickly release her arms from the cuffs and lower her to kneel on the ground. I pull my steel hard cock from my pants and begin to rub it across her face. Her face is slick with sweat, and now the pre-cum leaking from my cock. I am close from the act of torturing and pleasuring My slut. I feel the cum begin to build in me, and I begin to stroke myself as it starts to boil from my tight balls. My seed explodes all over her beautiful face as I jerk myself. She is too exhausted to help, but that is OK. I paint her lips and cheeks with my hot cum. It drips off of her chin onto her still bound breasts. and runs over her hard nipples. As the spurts subside I continue to gently rub my cock over her face. As I brush across her lips, she opens her mouth and unexpectedly takes me in. She lovingly sucks the last remains of my orgasm from me. I can feel it being drawn from inside me into her waiting mouth. I look down at her to see a contented smile as she nurses on my softening member.

I see it in her now. She has surrendered herself to me. She is now mine. Competely and without reservation. The walls are gone as if they never existed. She is now my submissive. My slut. All I will ever need or want. We are complete, and she will wear my marks always. Never will she be without at least one.

I gather her in my arms, remove the ropes from her tender breasts, and tuck her in bed. She will wear my seed on her face tonight. She will wake tomorrow knowing that she is mine. Her body is mine to use as I wish for my pleasure. She will be given intense pleasure as well, because I love to see her in orgasmic bliss. Watching her body contort in pleasure and pain. It feeds me to give her both. I need to taste her tears of joy and pain. It is what sustains me. I am a sadist, but one that loves to give pleasure as much as pain.

All these things I hope to do someday soon. For now they will remain a dream that I will work to make real.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you,

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wearing My mark...

I have a thing about wanting to mark My slut. I want to give her a bruise, or a welt, something for her to wear showing that her body is mine. Discreetly of course. Nothing that would make the casual observer think she were being abused. The other day she showed me a bruise on her breast where I had bitten her the night before while she was riding me. It brought a smile to my face. I don't know if she understood it or not, but she will. I want her to have a mark from me at all times. Something so she doesn't forget who owns her body. I want to leave welts on her ass from my cane. Beautiful criss cross marks of my love so that she feels me everytime she sits. The thought of her wearing my mark takes my breath away. I would like to tattoo her someday. By my own hand. Something simple and discreet that only we know about, but that she will know is there and will remind her of my love and desire even when I am not there.
What do you my readers think about marks. Do you Doms/Masters like leaving marks? Do you subs/slaves want to wear the mark of your Dom/Master. I want to hear from both sides how you feel about it. I've read that some Doms/Masters were mortified when it happened, and some subs/slaves that were nearly orgasmic to see a bruise left by their Master.
I appreciate all your feedback. I enjoy hearing what you all think. I am here to learn as well as try to inform.
Thank you,

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dinner tonight...

We went to dinner tonight. A rare treat, to celebrate the end of a long Holiday season at our son's school. After dinner, we came home and my wife gave me a BIG hug and said she loves me and is happy that the craziness is over. She told me she was going to bed early and sleeping in tomorrow to get some much needed rest.
She asked me if she was in trouble after she gets rested up. I smiled and told her she is in a lot of trouble. There is a lot of time to make up for, and a lot of training to do. I think there will probably be nightly training of one kind or another. I will definitely establish daily blowjobs to train her to not fear the act. I don't expect her to go to completion every day, but she will at least a couple times. I am going to talk to her tomorrow about the punishment spanking I want to give her. I intend to spank, flog, and cane her during my time off. Not all at once, but they will all make an appearance. She has taken all of them at times in the past, so I will just do it a little longer and harder than before and see how she handles it. I will keep a close eye on her reactions. There will also be quite a bit of bondage. She is getting better about being tied and shackled than she was at first.
I came up with a punishment for cumming without permission the other night. I want her to write to me why she thinks it is important that she asks permission. She hates writing things like this, but she needs to learn to communicate to me what she is feeling, and she needs to understand why I ask her to do things. There isn't a wrong answer. If she doesn't get the reason, I will educate her in it. I mostly just want to see how she views it at this time early in the process.
I think this will be a very good week, and really get us down the road a good ways to her being My sexy submissive. She is learning in subtle ways already. When she speaks to me in a disrespectful way, and I call her on it, she has immediately apologized every time without any argument at all. That is a very good sign. I read some blogs by sub women who struggle with that at times. Very normal of course. If she does struggle with it, she certainly keeps it to herself and trusts my judgement. Which is a very respectful and loving thing to do. I don't think she realizes how good she is doing. I think I need to let her know just how proud I am of her, and let her know just how far she has come, compared to where we started in August, on the brink of divorce. She told me she had actually gotten the paperwork to fill out. Her thought processes have made a 180degree turn. I think this is maybe what she always needed, but didn't realize it. A real man, not the immature abuser she was with before, to take care of and protect her. To give her boundaries and rules to keep her on the right path. A way to have a happy and loving family and marriage.
I spoke to my mother the other night, she doesn't know of our dynamic yet, but she knows of our difficulty before, and told her we now have an agreement that I basically run the household and things are happier. We discussed the fact that todays society has attempted to emasculate men and make them feel guilty about being a man. She knows about my older sister, so she may suspect about me by the way I was talking. She is very open about sex, so it wouldn't shock her.
Well, I've rambled enough tonight. Tomorrows post will hopefully be more focused and full of details about My sluts training.   

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vacation...and a lot of training...

Ok, more like a staycation. We have no money to do anything. In fact his will be the first year in the last ten that we don't go visit my family due to lack of funds. I'm bummed, but I'll just make the most of it. Work on my Harley some, trying to customize it a little at a time.
The plus side is I hope we will have time for a lot of training. Our son is supposed to spend some time with the in-laws, and maybe stay overnight at a friends house. We have a lot of training time to catch up on. There hasn't been much in the last 6 weeks and I am very frustrated by that fact. After tomorrow My slut will have some time to focus on me now that the stuff at our son's school is done for awhile. I plan on some intense training to get her up to speed. I will make sure she doesn't feel intimidated or frightened, but I will push her a bit to see where she is in her thinking and acceptance of the situation. Plus I still have to give her the punishment for forgetting to ask permission to cum the other night. I'm going to talk to her about accepting an intense spanking to make amends for the many years she treated me badly and with disrespect. I think it is the only way I can get past the pain she gave me, by having her do it as her penance and to make amends. Then I will be able to forgive her, and put the past to rest. I don't know what her reaction will be, but I guess I'll find out.
 I'm very excited to see what we can accomplish this week with some time to devote to each other.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Play and communication...

Last night we got to have some alone time and some good communication. He had to go "talk" while our son played some computer games. When we have short time. I always use the Pocket Rocket she loves to get her ready quicker. As soon as it hit her clit, she started cumming. It happened so quick she forgot to ask permission to cum. I guess I'll have to come up with a punishment...Darn. She begged to be let off the hook because it happened faster than usual. I told her sorry, it doesn't work that way. After she had a couple orgasms, I told her my turn. She said, "You want me to suck your cock right?" This was actually a big step. I usually have to tell her. This time she just knew. I complimented her for that later. She also did a better job sucking me this time. She is still working past old dislikes for the act from her previous marriage. I told her she was sucking me like a good slut, and it made her giggle around my cock. It makes her feel good when I compliment her that way, even though it also embarrasses her a bit. She still isn't used to being told she's good in bed. After a nice blowjob. She begged to ride me. It had been awhile, and that is now her favorite position. I told her to get that wet cunt on top of me, and fuck me like a good slut. She certainly did. She came just sliding down on me. After having a few more orgasms she rode me hard until I had a great orgasm.
Afterwards we talked about how things were more relaxed since the pressure was off her to make a decision. She even told me she can't wait for things to calm down at my son's school so we can get back to her training.  She seems much more enthusiastic to learn what I have to teach her now. I can't wait for many more lessons.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A realization...

I had a realization last night. Here I've been waiting for My slut to accept being my sub, when she already had. She didn't say that I'll do whatever you want in the bedroom, but she has been trying different things when I wanted her to try them. Isn't that what learning about submission is all about. She doesn't yet know what she likes and has to try different things until she knows hwat works for both of us. That is what she is already doing. I told her as much last night, and she agreed that it was the case. I think it took a weight off of her shoulders. She doesn't have to come out and say anything, just keep working with me to learn new parts of submission. She already has told me her body belongs to me. To use as I desire. Respective of her limits of course. I just wanted to share that with everyone. I am still learning as I go along, as is she. I guess that is why it look me awhile to realise that I already had what I wanted. This takes a lot of pressure off of both of us.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Thanks to all my viewers and followers. I never thought I would have this many people looking at what I had to say. I hope I can keep you all amused and interested with my trials and successes. I hope things get more submissive around here to give you all some more interesting stories.

Better today...

Sorry for the downer of a post last night. I'm much better today after getting a little "pep talk" from a friend last night. I'm going to just work on doing some subtle dominant things. Working them into our daily life instead of waiting for My slut to give me a decision. Maybe she is feeling under pressure to voice her decision, and if I just go as if she made her declaration, I think things will be fine. I will always respect her limits of course, but if I just work as if she has submitted, she may realize after awhile that no decision need be made. We will already be living a D/s lifestyle. She has already stated many times that she will submit to me, but maybe actually saying the words are too intimidating for her. I will treat her lovingly as my sub, and I will act as her Dom to show her how it will be. That it isn't as scary as she thinks it will be.
My hunger is still there in a very intense way, but maybe I can sate it by just taking her in hand and controlling her in a non-threatening way. Have her be submissive in a way that doesn't frighten her. I think things will work out just fine for us.
Thank you for pointing out some things for me friend. Your insight is very welcome.

The hunger...

When I have these needs well up inside me. Threatening to break free, I call it "The hunger".
It is a physical need to dominate her, to take her as my own. To control her completely. To make her move and act as I command. I want her to do exactly as I want to please me. She will receive pleasure like she never imagined in return for this, but I must have her as I desire. I want her kneeling before me, wanting to please me with every part of her mind and body. I respect and know her limits, but I will push her right up against them. Take her beyond what she thinks she can handle, but not more than she can handle. She doesn't trust herself, or I think me for that matter, to be able to handle what I need from her. She is much stronger than she can imagine, and I want to show her that strength. We will never be able to advance beyond where we are now until she lets herself go into my care and control. We are kind of at an impasse. I don't think she sees it, or if she does, she doesn't seem to mind being there. We can go no farther without her trusting me. I feel myself pulling back a bit, not being able to convince her to move on. I try to stay postive, but it is so hard when there is nothing I can do to spur her on. Nothing I can say or do that will reassure her that she will be safe in my care. It is all up to her where we go. I cannot and will not force her to the next level. I can lead her, but not drag her there. For now I will just have to step back and see what she does. I give her info to try to help her, but get no reponse or acknowledgement of the info I give her. She says from time to time that she is almost there, but I can't keep jumping to conclusions that don't materialise.
I will continue to post stories and scenes of what I want and need, but I don't see me posting anything else about us until she makes her decision. This saddens me greatly, but I don't know what else to do.
Sorry for such a downer of a post tonight. I hope they will get better soon.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Secretary, and other thoughts...

I watched the movie Secretary again tonight. I don't know who wrote it, but they either have an insight to the D/s life or did a lot of research. The scenes are so accurate in the way they interact with each other, and the way he dominates her. You can see the struggle they both have in realizing the feelings they have, and not understanding them at first. I want My slut to watch it with me. I think it will help her understand a little better the way it works. The love that flows from it. I think I am going to order it online so we can watch it when we have the time. It always seems to come on cable when it isn't a good time for both of us.

Lately I have been at an almost fever pitch in my hunger. It seems the nearer My slut gets to letting go, the more frantic my thoughts get about taking her. I want to control her in every way. I know that is probably just a pipe dream, but I can always hope. I will be happy just dominating her in the bedroom at first, but I hope it will continue beyond that. I read of 24/7 D/s situations, and that is what I desire. Will it be feasible? Who knows, but I would like to find out. I want her to give me her very best, whatever that may be. I think she underestimates herself in what she can accomplish. If she trusts me completely, I think she is capable of amazing things. If she trusts me to guide her, I will be able to help her let go of all her fears and doubts. All her bad baggage from her past. All her guilt for things she did, or thinks she should have done. She can be an amazingly passionate woman when she lets her mind be quiet and doesn't try to over think things. Just react and feel. I've seen looks of just wanton lust and desire on her face at rare occasions when she just lets her body go without worrying about what is going on, or how she should be acting. At times she tries to act like a good girl should, whatever that is supposed to be, instead of just letting the inner slut of hers go.
I will continue to work at bringing that slut out to play whenever possible. She is such a nasty girl, and very fun to play with. I want to have her kneeling in front of me, begging to please me like a good sub should. We'll get there in time. I know we will. She will ask to wear My collar too. I just feel it, even though she doesn't know it yet.
I love her very much, and want to set her desires free to roam.

Flash Fiction Friday...

He walked in to find his two lovely slaves kneeling together awaiting his commands. He smiled at the pleasure they would bring him, and he would give them.
"Come to me.", he ordered, and waited as they crawled to his feet and each one hugged a leg. "Pleasure me with your mouths. Show me how much you appreciate being mine."
They took turns engulfing his turgid member with their hot mouths. Reaching over to the table, he took the cane in hand. They were both shivering with desire and fear, knowing what was to come.
As they continued their ministrations he caned first one shapely ass then the other. Making them squeal and moan around his erection.  "It was going to be a great night", he thought.

Feeling a little better...

Well we have been getting better so we were able to play and train just a bit. When we were talking the other night standing in the kitchen, I placed my hand on her throat, just holding her. She has a problem with this due to her ex liking to choke her years ago. She tensed up a bit, but I assured her I will hold her like this from time to time, but I will never squeeze or try to choke her. She relaxed and just let me hold her like that while we talked.
Last night we had the opportunity to make love and it was very good. It's been over two weeks due to our colds. I once again held her throat as I fucked her, and she was better about it. She told me after we were done that she is about ready to be my submissive. Just a little more to reconcile in her mind to let go. I think my patience is finally about to pay off, even though it has been very difficult to remain patient. I love My slut very much, and can't wait to have all of her as mine.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday...

She was enjoying the warm morning when she felt him grab her from behind. She hadn't heard him coming, and it startled her. He ripped her blouse open exposing her perky breasts. Her nipples hardened as she felt his face, scratchy and roughened by the three days growth of beard,  slide across her neck as he sank his teeth into the side of her neck. Undoing her pants, he pushed his fingers into her already wet sex as he left his marks on her neck. Going right to work on her swollen clit he brought her to a sudden, unexpected orgasm as his he held her neck in his teeth. The pain in conjunction with the pleasure left her weak and needing his support. He quickly took her from behind and with a grunt, filled her with a hot demonstration of his power over her.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Under the weather...

Me and My slut have been fighting colds for the last week or so. She was nice enough to share it with me when we were playing on Thanksgiving. There hasn't been any training or any much of anything. Hopefully we will be feeling better soon. She is feeling better already and I fight these things off pretty quick most of the time. Thanks for reading. Next week should bring more interesting reading. I'm trying to convince her to go to a "spanking class" next week. Sounds like a lot of fun! Wish me luck.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Good things...

My slut came to me tonight to tell me she thinks she is about ready to give me her submission. I sent her something I found online about the feelings involved with D/s. How even when you do know what it is about, you can never be able to tell how you will feel about it until you try. For someone like her who doesn't really know a lot about it, it is even more scary. She said it really helped her get closer to understanding what I want and what she will get out of it. How I will push her limits but also protect and care for her so she isn't too frightened. She is really starting to understand and feel more comfortable knowing that I will never let her come to harm. I will give her my pain, but I will make it delicious for her. I think she will be a good sub when she allows herself to be. I think I could take her deep into submission. Mold her into a good cock and cum slut. Maybe even a pain slut. She does seem to have a pretty good threshold for pain. Most of all I want her to let herself go completely. To trust me with her life and heart. I want to take her to places she never even imagined existed. Places of joy and erotic pleasure to take her breath away. I want to leave her gasping in ecstacy, and begging for more. I hope to eventually collar her, but she will have to ask for it. I made her a bracelet for when she is ready to accept my Dominance. She has said she isn't sure about a collar, so I figured a bracelet would be easy for her to wear as a sign of her submission, plus she can wear it outside of the house without drawing attention.
On a side note, I asked her to start wearing shoes with a heel. She claims to have "bad" ankles. I told her weak maybe, but not bad. That can be strengthened. She went out shopping today and came home with some sexy little boots with a 2" heel. I can't wait to have her model them for me with stockings and her black leather underbust corset, or even the red overbust corset. Either would look hot as hell!!! She has great curves! I'll have to ask her to do that for me this week.
I'm also just about to 500 viewings on my humble blog. Thank you to all of you who have looked in on my little corner of the blogdom. Once My slut gives herself over to my control I hope to have even more exciting and interesting stories for all of you.
I'm much more hopeful than I was just last week. She has assured me that she really is working through this in her mind, and not just giving it lip service like I suspected. I'm very proud of My slut, and hopefully she will soon be truly My slut to use as I wish. With respect to her limits of course..Smiles!!!

Some Thanksgiving fun...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones. I of course gorged myself as I always do on this day.
When we got home from the in-laws, I put the boy to bed and gave him some time to fall asleep. I then went in to see if I could seduce my sexy slut... I could.
I decided to not push things to hard tonight, to just have fun as a nice lady suggested I do. Thank you Vesta!
She said she was only up for a quicky, but I got her to go a little longer than that. About an hour and fifteen minutes.
She wanted her vibrator so I asked her what she was willing to do for it. She said kiss me...And? Fuck me...And? She laid there and asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to suck me. She said she could do that...
I made her cum a few times with the vibrator, after she asked for permission of course,  until she asked me to fuck her for a bit before she rode me. I of course obliged her and fucked her slow and deep for awhile before asking her if she wanted to suck me before or after she fucked me. She had forgotten her promise...I hadn't...smiles. I know she doesn't like her own taste, but I want her to get used to it for me. She said before she rode me. She prefers her juices only rather than our mixed juices. She said she would only be able to do it for a short time. I used the vibrator on her clit while she sucked me. She managed to do it for about 5 minutes. Much longer than either of us thought she could do.
I told her I was very proud of her, and that it really turns me on seeing her suck her own juices from me. I gave her a big hug and kiss after she came for me again. She didn't cry this time from her orgasm, and she thought she disappointed me. She got a little emotional at this point thinking she let me down. I kissed her and assured her that it wasn't a requirement. That I love it when I'm able to make her have such an intense release, but as long as she has a great orgasm and gets what she needs, that is what makes me happy. We laughed when I told her I got some tears anyways. She said those weren't the kind she intended and smiled at me. She has such a beautiful smile...
Instead of fucking, I decided to make both of us cum at the same time. Her with the vibrator, and me with my hand. I knelt beside her and began working her clit again. The first orgasm hit pretty quickly, then a second. I was taking my time with myself, letting it build slowly, watching her face as she came over and over. After about three or four orgasms for her I let mine go and shot a hot load all over her full breasts. That sent her into one last hard orgasm. She loves feeling my hot cum splash on her skin.
After we both calmed down, I cleaned both of us and the vibrator up. She put her nightgown back on less panties of course, and crawled under the blankets. I kissed her good night and came back out to my desk. I'm a night owl when I don't have to work the next day.
All in all, it was a great night. I got to train her a little, getting her to taste herself. That and getting her to swallow my cum are two big things I want her to be able to do eventually. She has already said she will if we take our time and let her get used to it. She still remembers to ask before cumming which pleases me. I wait until I see she can't hold out any longer before giving her permission. I love the look on her face as the first one hits her. I think she came about 8-10 times tonight. A little above average, but I'd like to get her up a little higher. Make her cum non-stop beyond her control. I also used the Wartenburg wheel on her breasts and nipples while she was cumming the first time around. She enjoys that and so do I. Not a real intense session, but a good one with a lot of hugging, kissing, and cumming on her part. That makes me very happy to please her like that. I just need to focus more on pleasuring her, and I think that will get her to give me what I want and need. Her submission.
Thanks again to Vesta for the little 'girl' secret...Shhh! Don't tell anyone...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Training delayed...

Well, we were supposed to have some training tonight. We were going to work with the floggers and the cane. She fell asleep...Not the first time... She just gets tired and can't stay awake, so she says. I hate to sound negative, but she has a history of going to sleep to avoid sex. She keeps saying she wants to learn, but yet she won't take that step to trust me. Even though I've made it very clear to her that even after she agrees to give me her submission, if things get too intense we can pull back and make adjustments. I just don't know what to think some days. My patience is getting very hard to find. Ten years of waiting have started to grate on me. I love her, but I have needs that I can no longer bury. The beast is awake and cannot be put back away in his cage. I hope she wakes up soon to what I'm going through. I love her deeply, but damn it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A scenario...

  I bring My slut into the room blindfolded and lead her to stand at the foot of the bed. I have candles lit both for atmosphere and for play. She is naked except for the blindfold, and I reach up to remove it and let her see the room for the first time. I have the implements of her erotic destruction laying on the dresser. My ropes, a riding crop, a couple floggers and my cane. There are also clamps to torture her tender large nipples and her eyes go right to them. She hates them, but they bring such delicious intensity to her orgasms.
I have her kneel on the bed and expose herself to me, spreading her thighs and showing me her swollen and already wet cunt.
  "Spread yourself open for me." I tell her, and she reaches down with both hands to reveal the moist recesses of her sex. "Rub your hard clit for me. I want to watch you pleasure yourself." She does so and her body flinches ever so slightly as she first makes contact with the swollen nub. She slowly rubs her hard clit as her breathing becomes deeper and deeper. "Fuck yourself with your fingers." I order and she inserts her two middle fingers and begins to slowly slide them in and out in a quickening rythm.
  "Slow down slut, you are not allowed to cum yet." She whimpers but does what she is told and slows down.
"Lick your fingers. I want to see you taste yourself. Enjoy your juices as I enjoy them." Hesitantly she brings her fingers to her lips and sucks the nectar from them. She still has a difficult time with this part of her training.
  "Good girl.", I tell her, "Now come here and suck my cock like a good little slut. Show me how much you want to please me." She crawls to the edge of the bed as I pull out my hard cock. Watching her pleasure herself for me has made me rock hard.
  She slowly guides me into her mouth. Her mouth is hot and wet, and feels wonderful. I allow my orgasm to quickly build. I want to give her a mouthful of my cum to remind her of my control. With a groan I shoot a hot load into her throat and over her tongue. She struggles to swallow all of it, and some trickles down her chin to drip onto here ample breasts.
  "Good slut. You make me proud. I know you don't enjoy my taste, yet, but you will in time.", I tell her while stroking her hair and giving her a very proud smile. I pull her up to me and give her a deep kiss to show her how proud I am of her.
  Pushing her back on the bed after I tuck myself back into my pants, I reach for the ropes and begin tying a harness around her tits. Making them stand out proudly, ready for my loving pain. I then tie her to the bed. Arms tied to her thighs, then her legs tied to the headboard so she is spread wide open for me to do as I wish.
  I first grab a Wartenburg wheel and run it over her already erect nipples, causing her to gasp. I roll it all over her tender breasts eliciting gasps and moans of pain and pleasure. I then grab a tall candle and holding it over her heaving chest, pour a generous amount of the molten liquid on first one nipple then the other. Her back arches from the intense sensations. I don't give her time to relax, and grab another candle, then another, until her large tits are a colorful mass of melted wax. Once all of the melted wax is used, I let her relax. Her breathing slowly return to normal. It was painful for her, but I can see her nipples standing up tall under all the wax. She cannot hide her arousal even though she will never admit to enjoying the wax.
  After a minute to calm down, I peel a little of the wax off of her nipples and grabbing the clamps, place first one then the other on the sensitive nubs. She hisses in a tight breath, then relaxes into the pain. I grab the small flogger and begin to flog the inside of her tender thighs and wet cunt, causing gasps and small yelps. After she is warmed up I go to the large flogger and continue again. Now that she is thoroughly ready with her ass, thighs, and pussy nice and red, I grab my favorite cane and begin to work it up and down the inside of her thighs and over her ass. I also lightly cane her supply tits. She hates the cane, but takes it for my pleasure.
  By now she is squirming all over the bed, as much as the ropes will allow. I pull out my once again hard cock, and slam it into her open cunt in one hard thrust. After a few hard thrusts I reach up and pull off the nipple clamps as I slam into her slathered cunt.
  "Cum for me slut!", I order her. The combined sensations of her ravaged cunt and the pain in her nipples from the returning blood, sends her careening over the cliff into the oblivion of an intense orgasm. As the first spasms rip through her sex, I explode into her with a groan, mixing my juices with hers. As our orgasms subside I crawl down and gently lick at her swollen clit, causing her to moan a few more times before her body finally relaxes in orasmic bliss.
  I slowly untie her and grab a blanket to wrap her in. Pulling her close to me, I kiss her gently and whisper,
"you are such a good little slut. I love you with the deepest part of my soul." We both close our eyes and drift off to a deep and satisfied sleep.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday

I just signed up for this, but thought I would make an entry anyway. I hope you enjoy my thoughts...

They were old High School friends who happened to run into each other in a club. Lisa didn't know it, but Pam had always lusted after her during school, but she was too shy to ever act on it. She was older now and she wasn't going to let this opportunity pass without trying to get her. Afer a few drinks they were feeling pretty good. Pam asked Lisa to come back to her apartment nearby. They grabbed a botle of wine and took a cab to Pam's place.
In the elevator Pam stepped close to Lisa and said, "I've always wanted you.". and kissed her. Lisa resisted for a moment then went with it and kissed her back. The elevator door opened and they started down the hall, but Pam couldn't wait. Pushing Lisa against the wall, she kneeled down, lifted her skirt up, and pulling her panties to the side, buried her tongue in her quickly moistening cunt. Lisa gasped from the new sensation of a womans tongue. The stairs creaked, but she was beyond caring as her orgasm quickly approached. She suddenly came, drenching Pam's face. Breathlessly she grabbed a cigarette from her purse, and said," Now let's get to your place so I can return the favor."
Pam smiled as she licked her lips.

I hope you all enjoyed.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slow going...

My slut has been drifting farther and farther away from where she needs to be. I think she is falling back into her old ways. I need to get back to being firm again. She keeps hemming and hawing about giving me her submission. She is also not giving me much attention, and that is going to change. She has been slacking off on some of her rules. She only has a few so far, but what has really upset me is that one of her rules is that she always check her e-mails when she logs on to see if I have sent her anything. I sent her one on Saturday night and she still hasn't read it. We are going to have to have a refresher talk tonight to remind her of her rules. I'm very patient. I let her go her own way for a decade before I'd had enough, but enough is enough. There has been almost no training in weeks. She has told me that there is no reason for her not to give me her submission other than just fear of losing control. She told me there is nothing more I need to do to prove my trust worthiness. So it is time for her to make the leap or not. I can see if there were things she needed reassurance on, but this is just her dragging her feet. She says she wants to try, so we are going to try. If she backs out, well then she does and I will have to deal with it. I don't know what I will do. I won't force her, but a big part of me will wither and die, taking a large part of my heart and soul with it. I will let you know what comes of it in my next update. I hope to have a wonderful story to tell of submission and hard training. Filled with many orgasms and squeals of joy and pain. Wish me luck, and as always, I appreciate all my followers and their comments.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


A nice number to hit. Not much compared to most blogs I read, but a good start I think. I appreciate all the people who read or just look in on what I write. I hope in the very near future there will be much more exciting things to write about. I just need to remember to remain patient and let My slut come to me in her time, at her speed. It is agonizing some days though. We will get there someday, hopefully soon. Some days I feel as if I will explode into a million pieces with these feelings and desires building up inside of me. Then I try to just take a deep breath and calm down. I'll be much better when she gives me her submission...smiles!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

her fears...

My slut continues to tell me she is close to letting go, and giving me her submission. She also says though that she has fears about the things I want to do with and to her. I have told her I love to see her tears either from pleasure or pain. So far I have only seen them from her intense orgasms. It makes her nervous that I want to see her cry from giving her erotic pain. She knows I am a bit of a sadist. I think she still believes I will do something against her will. I would never give her any pain beyond what she could handle, but she still has deep rooted fears that are hard to get rid of. She is getting better, but some days it is quite dificult for me to be patient. She knows this and appreciates my patience. I do need to start adding more subtle training. Things that aren't so obviously part of her training. Just things for her to do that have her giving up a little control. I love her deeply, but I need her submission soon.
I have been needing this for over a decade. I have been learning about my Dominance, ways to implement it. Learning how to train a submissive in the right way without pushing too hard. I know I will make mistakes and I have told My slut that. I also told her that I will always apologize and it make right when I do. It so is hard some days to wait. Some days I rarely even think about it, other days it is the only thing I can think of. Barely able to concentrate at work. I want to take her under my control and show her what pleasure she will derive from it. I am primarily about giving sensations. I love to give intense pleasure and pain. The thought of a submissive taking my pain because she knows it is what I want and need is a powerful turn-on to me. Knowing she doesn't necessarily like it, but is doing it to please me shows a deep love and desire to make me happy. Of course in return, I will give her the most intense and plentiful orgasms in my ability. I have a great ability to give strong orgasms in a myriad of ways. I have tried to learn how to give a woman the best orgasm she's ever had my whole life. I've always believed, even before I even had sex, that if you please a woman she will do her best to please you. I use my whole mind and body to please in any way she needs. I just need her to  realize that her submission will pay off for her in ways she can't imagine.
I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from both Dom/mes and subs/slaves.

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's been tough...

We've had a rough couple weeks. She's been busy the last two weeks doing things for our son's school. I had the day off, and she had to be there all day. Plus her monthly friend showed up yesterday. We haven't been able to play or train in weeks and I am suffering mightily from that situation. We were on a roll, moving smoothly and rather quickly towards her giving herself up to her submission and my control. She says she is almost there, ready to give herself over to me, but all these other distractions have prevented her from being able to focus on what she needs to do thinking about. I'm going to give her some light training tonight just to remind her of what she needs to be doing. I need some oral ministrations. She promised she would last night, but fell asleep. That will need a correction of course. A few swats should suffice. She is still uncomfortable with giving oral sex, but she has promised she is working towards being able to letting me cum in her mouth. That was always a hard limit of hers before, but since our "course correction" she has realized there is nothing to fear from it. I have even been able to get her to suck my cock some after I have cum from a blowjob or after I have cum in her wet cunt. She also used to hate the taste of her own juices, but I have gotten her to suck me after sex. She is still getting used to it but I see her getting better a little at a time. There is nothing much hotter than seeing a woman suck her own juices off of your cock. Well I have to go meet her and some friends for dinner. I think I'll have to whisper some dirty words in her ear during dinner...grins!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

What she needs...

As I wrote last night, we talked about her trepidation to completely let go and give herself to me without reservation. We were laying on the bed talking tonight and she asked me what I was thinking. I told her I was trying to figure out what she needed to finally let go. She admitted she hadn't really even thought about what could be stopping her. She just hadn't thought of it that way. I told her I wanted her to do that, since if there was really nothing stopping her, it was time to just trust me and let go. She agreed. She doesn't really think there is anything further she needs. She told me I have done and said everything right to set her at ease about her submission to me. I think we may be only days away from what I have been waiting years to hear from her. Her accepting me as her Dom and owner of her body. My heart pounds in anticipation...Ok, my cock throbs too!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another step...

I spoke to My slut tonight about stepping over her bounds. She still isn't feeling well, and tonight she tried to control me by getting me to do something I wasn't ready to do, by saying she would just do it. It is something that she knows I always do, but I just wasn't ready at that particular moment to do it. I didn't say anything right then, I just did it and waited until I was no longer angry with her before I brought up what she had done, and that it is not acceptable for her to treat me that way. She agreed and apologized for her behavior. I accepted her apology of course.
I talked to her more about her body belonging to me to do as I wish, when I wish. I explained that even under those circumstances, I will still respect her hard limits. I told her I wanted to have a one week trial where she submits to me completely after she feels better. I told her that I want to show her the reality of what I'm talking about. Not the controlling that she imagines it to be. Her first husband was a controlling abuser. I explained that I won't be prescribing what she does every minute of the day, just suggesting the kind of clothes I want to see her in, without specifically choosing what she wears each day. I do want her to start dressing more sexy and get in better shape. She has already lost a pretty good amount of weight and feels better, but she still has a bit to lose. Her first husband caused a lot of damage to her self confidence, which caused her to over eat. We are now eating better and we are going to start exercising when she is well. I want her to wear more skirts and dresses. I also love the way she looks when she wears leggings. Now that she can wear jeans again she has been wearing them all the time. I like the way her ass and legs look much better in the leggings, so I want to see her in those more. I will only control things out of the bedroom that relate directly to our sexy life and the way she looks and feels about herself.
She said she is willing to give it a try.
I am one extremely thrilled Dom!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A nice afternoon...

I had a great afternoon on Friday. The night before I told my slut she was going to get a spanking when I came home for lunch. When I got home I stripped her as soon as I walked in the door. She tried sitting down in the rocking recliner, we call it the cock rocker. She loves to ride me while I sit in the chair, or like today, I fuck her as we rock in the chair. I can go really deep in her as we rock. Before she could sit down, I grabbed her arm and spun her around and started spanking her. I didn't get to do it for long since I was rushed, but I made her ass a nice pink shade before I pushed her down in the chair and started using her pocket rocket on her clit. She now has learned to let go and soon she was having one of her intense orgasms that make her cry as if she is in pain. I love when that happens. As I was pounding deep inside her, I told her that her body belonged to me, and me alone. She said yes, but it still makes her nervous to hear me say things like that. She still has that lingering fear. After we came together, very hard, we dressed as we talked. I asked her if she knew that her body belonged to me, and she agreed that her body is mine to use as I want. That was kind of a big step for her. She says she wants me like no one else she's ever known. She told me that she never imagined I could be so deep inside her. This rocker allows me to tilt her hips back farther and really push deep in her. As soon as I started fucking her, she started cumming immediately from the sensation.
I will continue to work on getting her to accept me as her Dom, as well as her husband. After ten years, I think I am finally starting to get the wife I always wanted. One who can take some pain, but more than that, accept me as her dominant. She does good as long as she's being stimulated while I'm doing it. She can actually take quite a bit while she is cumming, and since she can cum multiple times, it allows me to give her moderate pain for quite awhile. She loves having her large nipples pinched and bitten while she is having an orgasm.
Tonight as we drove, she was being sassy to me, and I told her she better stop or she would get another spanking. She said she doubted how she acted would affect whether she got spanked or not. I told her of course it did. If she was sassy, I would spank her longer and harder. Either way she seems to be getting used to the idea that she will be spanked on a regular basis. She knows it is just for my pleasure, and not because she did anything wrong.
I'm starting to see a real change in her thinking, and it excites me to see how far I can take her in her submission. I hope to write of many exciting adventures in the future, showing how far my sexy slut wife can go from where she started as a shy wall flower, who hated to even talk about sex. She now calls herself my slut and smiles about it. She says it makes her happy, and she doesn't believe it herself. If I had called her that 6 months ago, she would have been pissed and been angry at me for days. Now she knows I mean it as a great compliment. She isn't a slut, she is My slut...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's been awhile...

I haven't made an entry in quite awhile. My slut and I are still getting over a chest cold on my part, and bronchitis on her part. We have spoken about submission and trust on many occasions. She is still nervous about giving herself to me completely. After having a controlling first husband, she is afraid of that happening again. She knows I am nothing like him, but deep fears are hard to get rid of.
When we are feeling better, I plan on asking for a weekend trial of complete submission to me. Let her see what I mean with an end in sight. I have told her I am backing off a bit on the pain and bondage for a bit. I'm thinking it might be scaring her a bit. She may be focusing on that too much. Thinking that is all I am looking for in her submission. To tie her up and give her erotic pain every day. I want to show her that I need her submission in other ways. Even when we are having pretty much "vanilla" sex. Hopefully we'll both be back to full strength soon. I'm always open to suggestions or comments.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Todays training session...

I never cease to be amazed at some of the things she can do. Today we had some privacy, so I was able to do some more training with My slut. The first thing I did was tie a chest harness on her to showcase those lovely tits of hers. She is still uncomfortable with the ropes, but she is getting better. After I tied her breasts up, I put her hands in the leather shackles I made. Nothing like a little restraint to set her mind in the right direction. I then got her pocket rocket out. Her favorite toy. It gives her very intense orgasms. The shocking thing today was that her first orgasm brought her to tears. It usually takes her a few to build up to the really intense one. It's been a few days since we had sex, as we've both been a little under the weather. After I gave her a few good orgasms, I broke out the candles that had been burning for quite awhile. I have the cheap religious ones that burn nice and cool. She can take the hot wax with barely a flinch. I love coating her lovely large tits in multiple colors of wax.
After coating them really good, I got her pocket rocket out again, and managed to make her cry again. That was a first. She had finally had enough, and I removed her shackles and she climbed on top on me and had a few more orgasms until I let loose myself. It was quite a fun and intense morning. I still owe her a spanking for making me wait all week to play. She knows it is coming, but not when...

Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm learning that a Dom needs infinite patience. My slut, not being a natural sub, is challenging me with her reluctance. I know it is hard for her to let go of control, and at the same time, I am ready to go full speed down the road to our D/s relationship. She says she is sure that she wants to try to make this work, but yet I quite often have doubts. When I bring up taking things further, she balks. Questioning me in why I want control over everything. It is who I am, and she knows this, but she still is reluctant. Her old fears keep rearing it's ugly head. I must give her time to relax into her submission, but yet after waiting over a decade, my patience is wearing very thin. I plan to question her on her conviction and how sure she is that she is willing to continue on this path. If so, she needs to let go and let me lead her where I want to take us. I will take her to a place of great pleasure, as long as she trusts me to take her there. I offer great pleasure in exchange for her complete surrender. My concern is whether she has the courage to be taken there through a road of erotic pain. My pain will make her pleasure all the sweeter, but she must accept, or I will be unable to give it to her. What is the joy of giving pain to someone who despises it? If she doesn't consent to it, It is over. I'm a sadist, not an abuser. I hope she joins me, if not...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My slut...

She is a beautiful one. No youngster, but then neither am I. She has had a rough life. Many heartbreaks and losses. It closed her heart for many years. In fact in nearly cost us our marriage. Fortunately I took the chance of letting her go when she left me, and it was the impetus she needed to examine the life she had been living. She opened her eyes to what had been going on, and came to me for a last chance to fix what was broken. I nearly didn't give her that chance. I am forever grateful I did.
We are now on the road of discovery of my Dominance and her submission. I am impressed every day by the change in her. I think she will make a loving and giving sub once she lets go completely. It still scares the hell out of her to let go, but she is finally trusting me and it is only a matter of time until she lets go completely. The thought of which brings a smile to my face every time...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

How it all started for me...

I've always been a big fan of porn. I've always had an open mind about checking out various forms and styles. One day about 11 years ago I was perusing the shelves at the local adult video store when I came across the bondage section. I thought, "What the hell!", Why not. I rented what looked like a hot video, and a whole new world was opened to me. Something deep inside me was awakened. The scene of a woman in ecstacy from being given pain, and orgasmic at being tightly bound. A light had gone on in my brain. I must learn more. I began looking for books and stories to feed my need for knowledge. I would rent videos, but I knew that these were dramatised for erotic effect, and not the true deep essence of BDSM. At this time I didn't have a computer, so I didn't have access to the wonderful world of the internet.
About a year after my awakening, my oldest sister came to me and admitted that she was a dominant and had been living that way for a few years. Who says genetics don't have anything to do with what we like. Neither of us were raised that way.We would talk for hours on end about the "lifestyle" we had both found inside ourselves. She is a source of great inspiration and knowledge. I also began to read voraciously anything I could find on dominance and submission. I've recently discovered that I have a strong sadistic streak in me. The thing that really gets to me, is the thought of a woman taking pain from me simply because she knows I love giving it to her. Enduring it to please me. Taking all she can, and then just a little more, to make me happy. I love to see tears of pain and joy.
My wife is very new to this. she has really only been trying it for about two months, but I see little signs here and there of her beginning to grasp the concept of submission. It is not a natural thing for her as I have previously written, and the fact that she is learning for me makes me very proud of her.
I deeply love My sexy slut, and I make sure she knows it every day.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I like...

I like tight bondage, giving erotic pain, corsets, and of course the submission of My slut. She is learning all about these things. She knows I like them, and she is slowly working her way toward satisfying all my needs. So far I am very proud of what she has been able to do. She has some difficulty with letting go completely due to an earlier bad relationship. I am helping her do that a day at a time. Her favorites so far are hot candle wax and the small flogger. Quite a pleasant surprise to me. She is not a natural submissive, so it is taking a lot of hard work on her part. I look forward to teaching her the joys of complete submission. She is able to have multiple orgasms so I make a point to give her as many as she can handle, and sometimes a few more. Did I mention I also love giving forced orgasms? I love to make her cum so hard she cries. That's when I know I've done my job.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

her experiences...

So far she has had a few experiences that she never thought herself capable of. She has surprisingly developed an enjoyment of having hot wax poured liberally over the erect nipples of her large breasts. She is a voluptuous woman with 46DDD breasts, that have wonderful large nipples that I love to tease to full erection. She is still unsure of being tied up, but I have given her a chest harness a few times and tied her legs to the headboard. once. I made her a pair of leather cuffs a few years ago, and she is now beginning to get comfortable wearing them. She looks amazingly sexy bound that way. I have a small flogger that she is able to handle in small doses. A few nights ago she took her first, light, session with the cane. She made me proud in the way she handled it. Immediately afterwards she had a tough time processing what had happened, so I just held her for a few minutes until she calmed down. The next day she was fine and had no after effects from the session. I've pretty much shown her all of my desires, and now it is just time to slowly increase the intensity to the level I desire. We will take it slowly so she can adapt. I look forward to taking her on the road to my twisted, wonderful world. I think she will make a wonderful, sexy submissive. Her mind is beginning to open in ways I never imagined possible, just two months ago.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My initial post...

I am a novice Dom. I've been learning about My chosen "proclivity" for about a decade. My lovely wife has, until recently, been less than interested in joining me in my pursuits. After a tough and nearly cataclysmic six years, we had a blow-up that nearly ended our union. Upon reflection, my lovely bride realized the pain she had been carrying from her past and using to keep me at a distance. She has since let go of all that and welcomed me back into her heart.
The result of that, our sex and love life has become a completely different thing. She has finally let down her guard and began the long trip down the road of submission to her loving husband. It will be a long and sometimes halting trip, but she has shown a willingness to learn what she can to make me happy. I look forward to learning along with her, and relating the ups and downs of our adventure on these pages.