Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I sent My slut...

Tonight I sent her a letter trying to explain where I want things to go. We'll see how she takes it...


You wanted to know what I would expect if you wore my collar, so I thought I would give you an outline of what it would entail.
I would expect you to truly be my slutty wife. To make your body available to me whenever I want, to do whatever I want. With respect to your limits of course. I would want you to buy only sexy underwear from now on. No more plain stuff. I would also want you to start wearing skirts and dresses on a regular basis. Not everyday, but at least a couple times a week. Some lower cut tops to show of those luscious big tits would be wonderful too.
Back to the slutty part, I will want you to let yourself go and no longer be ashamed to be My slut. Admit you like my pain and revel in it. I want you to be proud of the fact that you are mine, and you want to do the best you can to please me, as I always do my best to please you.
Give yourself to me without reservation. Trust in me completely to take care of you in every way, and never cause you harm. If you let go and give me your complete trust, you will never regret it and will be happier than you ever imagined you could be.
I will push your limits hard. I want you to go beyond what you ever thought you were capable of, and I will show you an amazing world you never knew existed.
On training, you weren't sure if you would be able to do it because of the past. I am telling you that you can. It is not what you think it will be. I wanted to give you a sample of what kinds of training I would want you to do.
Having you masturbate for me every hour for 5 minutes without cumming to help you learn to control your orgasms. This would not be an everyday, or even every week thing. Just on occasion when I find it necessary. Having you masturbate for me while I watch at least once a week though. I want you to get comfortable with your body and not be ashamed of your pleasure.
Weekly dildo training, either by my hand or yours. Depending on the situation.You now know it is pleasurable for you.
Now the tricky part, pain training. Of course you would be flogged as often as possible. I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem since you love it so much...grins!!!
I would expect to give you a hard caning at least once a week as well. The nipple clamps, riding crop and hand spankings would be a regular part of the training as well. Hot wax will become a regular part of our play again too. I think we both miss that.
You will learn to be more comfortable being bound either by ropes or the cuffs I made you. You need to just let go and trust me. You know I won't harm you.
Now the fun part. Pleasure training. I will make you cum in ways you never thought of. I will make you cum until you beg me to stop, then I'll make you cum a couple more times for fun...smiles!!!
I will teach you to cum on command, if you are willing to learn how.
I don't want you to think this will be all about hardcore training. I still want you to ride my hard cock for fun quite often. I think that when we have a hard session during the evening while the boy is playing, that night it would be wonderful for us to have a nice fuck before sleep. I will rub your clit and finger your cunt until you are nice and wet then have you ride me until you cum all over my hard cock. I also want to try 69 with you. Have you lay on top of me with my cock on your mouth while I eat your juicy cunt and get my face all wet with your juices.
And of course speaking of oral. I do expect you to let me cum in your mouth. Sooner as opposed to later. I know you don't like it, and I understand, but it is something I really need. I want you to do it strictly because you know it will give me intense pleasure. I want you to start working on it in whatever manner you need to. You can spit it out at first, but eventually I want you to be able to swallow. I know it is asking a lot, but I think I give you a lot. I think I have earned this gift from you. I hope you feel I have.
I hope this has explained what I am wanting from you, and where I want our relationship to go. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid or shy about asking for a clarification.
I love you so much, and I hope we can take the journey down this exciting new path together.
I guess I will soon find out how she takes this, and I will let you all know how it goes.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A good caning...

The lastest story I just wrote for My slut. I hope you all enjoy.


You bring me the cane, your hands trembling slightly. You still aren't in love with the cane, but you know I need it. You don't want to admit even to yourself that you need it too. You desire my pain even though all your life has taught you that good girls don't like kinky things. The little slut inside you is being awakened, and she likes a little pain.
I take the cane from your hands and give you a big smile. I'm very proud of My slutty little wife. You are learning to do things for my pleasure, and in doing so you get what you need. Right now I need to stripe your ass and you know it. You are giving me a gift of your pain.
I lead you to the bed and have you lay on your belly with your upper body on the bed and your legs hanging over. I put a pillow under your knees to keep any pressure off of them. I stroke and trail kisses all over your tender round ass. It is so sweet and I want to treat it nice before I mark it.
I stand up and ask you if you are ready and you nod your head. I give you the first moderate stroke, warming you up and letting you get used to the sensation. I travel from cheek to cheek getting a nice pink glow all over.
"Are you ready for the real thing?", I ask you. You know the hard lashes are coming next and you bravely nod again, not trusting your voice.
"That's my good girl.", I tell you as I kiss your ear and the back of your neck.
I stand back up and prepare to begin. I tell you to relax and just breath and you will do fine. This is to be your first hard caning and we both want it to be good. The first hard lash lands on the right cheek and you gasp a bit. It hurt but not too bad. The next one is a little harder but you can handle it. I go from cheek to cheek, gradually striking you a little harder on each one.
The stripes are becoming more and more pronounced as I progress. You begin to squirm and move your pretty ass as the heat and stinging build in your flesh. There are a few welts forming and I briefly stop and run my tongue over them, soothing the pain with my warm tongue. I can taste your pain and it is sweet to me. I reach between your legs to find wetness there. You are aroused even though you don't want to be. You don't want to be turned on by pain, but your body betrays you.
I stroke your swollen clit for a bit, making you moan and move your hips as you try to increase the pressure to get your release. I slip a couple fingers inside your juicy cunt and you gasp in pleasure. I can tell you want to cum, but it is not time for that yet. After a couple slow strokes inside you, I remove my hand eliciting a moan of disappointment from you.
I step back and resume the caning. Your ass is getting to be quite a lovely shade of red now. I can see you struggling to hold back. I lean close to your ear and whisper,"Cry for me My slut. Let it go and give me your tears."
Given permission to let go, the tears begin to fall down your cheeks. Sobs wrack your body as I continue to steadily cane your tender ass. It has such beautiful welts now. You will feel it for a couple days and I want you to. I want you to remember what I gave you, and what you gave me. I keep going until the sobs begin to level off as the release of emotion has freed you from your mental anguish.
I stop and start kissing all over your poor, striped little ass. It is tender and I kiss it softly, tracing the welts with the tip of my tongue. I then lift you up and lay you back on the bed as I kiss away your sweet tears. Your face is all wet, but you have never looked more beautiful to me. You are glowing in passion and pain.
My cock is steel hard from hurting you, and I slowly enter your wet pussy. Slowly pushing in until I am as deep inside you as I can go. I start to gently fuck you. Giving you pleasure in exchange for the pain you took from me. I look into your teary eyes as I fill you with my hardness. I feel closer to you than I ever have before. We are becoming as one. Two sides of the same coin. Without each other we are less than ourselves.
I pump into you until I feel my orgasm begin to get close.
"Cum with me, My slut. Cum when you feel me cum inside you.", I tell you as I gently suck and bite your nipples. When I feel myself about to explode at suck hard at your tit and release my load into you with a groan. As you feel the first hot jet of cum hit the inside of your pussy, you groan and begin to cum with me. I feel your cunt gripping my cock as I pump my juices into you. I bite your nipple making you gasp, and your pussy clench around my throbbing cock.
When we have both finished cumming I kiss you and hold you tight. Feeling our hearts pound together in passion. Our simultaneous release binding us closer together. I stay inside you until I soften and slide from your wet embrace. Your pussy a mixture of our juices as I lay there on top of you just enjoying our closeness.
"Thank you My slut. I love you more each day, and I'm so proud of how far you've come in such a short time. I'll make you my pain slut eventually.", I tell you.
You smile and say,"Maybe."
We both grin and get up to shower. We wash each others bodies. Enjoying the warm soapy lather.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A good talk...

Last nigt me and My slut had a good talk. I was telling her how much I needed to cane her and leave welts on her ass. I told her about the strong sadistic feelings I have been having. She told me she understood, and that she wasn't frightened. She is going to do the best she can to take my pain.

It was a really good talk that aired a lot of things out. We talked about where I wanted her training to go and about what wearing my collar would symbolize to me. What it would entail on her part. She still is unsure about wearing it, but she isn't against the idea.

We also talked about her taking my cum in her mouth. She still isn't thrilled with the idea, but she wants to work on it. We talked about different ways for her to deal with the taste.

Back on the pain subject, she told me she is getting better about the cane. She still doesn't erally like it, but she doesn't stop me. She also said that she didn't use to like the flogger either, but now she loves it. There were a lot of good signs of where we may be going.

She told me she can definitely see herself being my pain slut down the road. I asked her if she was sure, and she said she was pretty sure. She believes she will be able to take the pain I want to give her in a relatively short time.

She has also repeatedly told me she hopes her bronchitis is over soon because she really needs some cock. She wants to ride me hard while I pinch her nipples. Her words...grins!!!

It was probably the best talk we've had about the things I want to do together. Quite a wonderful evening!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Darkness...

There is a new story on my other blog. Enjoy!


My slut's response...

My slut finally read my last story. She doesn't usually read them on the weekend. She did today and here was the response she sent me.

This one I really like :) we haven't done that in a long time . I can't wait till I am over this infection so I can ride you hard !
Love you
Your slutty wife

She has bronchitis again. I'm a little pissed because she put herself in the situation to catch it. She has  aweak immune system due to her medication and she baby sat for her friend who's 2 year old daughter had a cold. I told her she was going to catch it, and she did...Geezzz!!!
I'm getting so tired of this. Her period last week, then her weekend meds, and now she out of commision for probably another week due to the illness.

I love her, but enough already.

I am thrilled with her response to my story and hopefully she will keep her word about it. I will have to keep teasing her about it and get her worked up so she's really horny when she feels better.

I am going to have her write me a short story and tell me what she wants me to do to her, or what she wants to do to me. We'll see what happens.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ride me cowgirl...

As we lay in bed you snuggle up to me. As I look down at you, you smile with a mischievous grin.
"What do you have on your mind?", I ask.
"You know.", you say. Too embarrassed to admit what you need.
"If you don't ask, you don't get.", I tease you with a grin.
"I want to ride your cock.", you say, still a little embarrassed by your words.
"Who are you?", I ask.
"Your slut.", you answer with a big smile.
I push you over on your back and put my hand on your throat as I kiss you. you kiss me back with the passion I've been trying to get from you for awhile. I lift your nightgown and take a hard nipple into my mouth, sucking and biting it until it is standing up hard. I move to the other and do the same. You moan at the feel of my teeth on your tender flesh. As I bite one, I pinch the other.
I reach down and feel the wetness already spreading in your cunt. You are beginning to love my pain and your body betrays you whenever I give you erotic pain. I rub your hard little clit making you squirm. I move your juices around, spreading it along the folds of you cunt.
I slowly slip one, then two fingers inside you. Feeling your heat and hunger. I fuck you with my fingers as I rub your clit with my thumb and bite one of your nipples.
"May I please cum?", you ask.
"Beg me, slut.", I tease.
"Please let me cum? I need to so bad. I want to cum for you.", you implore me.
I look you in the eyes and tell you,"Cum on my fingers slut. Give it to me. It's mine."
You arch your back and moan as your orgasm pulses through your cunt. I can feel it squeezing my fingers as I fuck you fast with them. Fucking you hard as you cum.
I let you calm down a bit, then I have to lick my cock from balls to tip. Running your tongue along the sensitive underside of my now very hard cock.
I lay back and tell you."Get that wet cunt over here and ride my cock, slut. Make me cum with that wonderful pussy."
You smile and climb on top of me. A shiver passes through your body as you sink all the way down on my hardness until you are sitting completely down on me. My cock buried balls deep in you.
You slowly begin to slide up and down on me. Enjoying the feeling of my hardness opening you up and filling you. I grab your tits hanging in front of me and pinch and roll your hard nipples between my fingers. I bite into the tender flesh of first one breast, then the other. Making my mark in your flesh. Marking my slut.
I love the feel of your slippery cunt gliding up and down on my hard cock. Milking me, trying to pull the cum from me. I slap your ass occasionally, making you jump and grin at me. I grab your hips and fuck up into your sweet pussy, giving you a few fast strokes like you love. I then let you go back to fucking me.
You have little orgasms as you ride me. Little spasms of pleasure making you shiver in delight.
"Make me cum, My slut. Make me shoot me hot cum into your hungry cunt.", I tell you.
You start to give me very determined long strokes. Squeezing my cock, looking at my face seeing the effect your cunt is having on me. 
I pinch your nipples and tell you,"I want you to cum with me. Cum all over my cock, slut."
As I squeeze your nipples I pump up into you and with a groan, I shoot my hot load of cum into your wet cunt, triggering your own orgasm. I feel your cunt grip my cock tightly as I stroke into you and fill you with my hot cum. We gasp together as our orgasms subside.
You ask me why I pinched your nipples while you were cumming, and I remind you that there is no pleasure without pain anymore. Next time I will flog your ass with the small flogger while you ride me.
I hope you like todays story.

A little revelation...

My slut told me tonight that she misses riding my cock. We hadn't done that in awhile since she usually wants the vibe and then I fuck her after her whipping and caning. I told her we can certainly do that. In fact I was thinking about it the other night. How I was missing have her cum on my cock while I pinched her nipples and bit her tits.

Of course I will probably have to use the small flogger on her ass while she rides me like we used to. That is how we got started with flogging. I'm going to make her ask for it though. I want her to beg me to let her ride my cock. I told her we can always do that at night even if we had pain play earlier in the day. There's nothing that says we can't fuck twice in a day. She smiled and agreed.

She gave me a hug, and he wasn't happy until I grabbed two big handfuls of her ass and squeezed. I told her that no matter what we were doing, from now on she had to give me her very best. No more holding back. That discussion was started when she said that she was embarrased to admit she missed riding me, an dI told her that no more secrets are allowed. She had to tell me everything or there was going to remain a wall between us.

We'll see how it goes and if this opens any paths of communication. I hope so.

By the way, I have a new story on my other blog. Short, but intense and fun.

Everyone have a great weekend.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clearing up some things...

In my previous post I made comments about my disappointment in My slut's enthusiam about oral sex. I wanted to clarify a few things. While I do want her to eventually swallow my cum, at this time I just want her to give me the blowjob I know she is capable of. Back before she would even get her mouth near my cock, she would suck my fingers as if they were a cock. I can honestly say she has skills. The problem is she is just gotten herself grossed out by the thought of her tongue touching my cock.

Before anyone asks, I shower every day and I do not have a strong body odor. I keep my balls and shaft shaved so there is no hair to contend with. I think it is just her Catholic upbringing that says it's dirty and part of the body involved in the removal of waste, urine of course.

She keeps telling me she wants to be able to swallow for me, and that it really isn't the taste, but the squirting part that she doesn't like. I told her we can easily work around that, but no go. I have tasted my own cum in the past, and while not delicious, it's not nasty either. I think it just comes down to the belief that it's "dirty" is the issue.

I will never be able to get her past this point until she decides it is OK for good girls to suck cock. She says she doesn't mind doing it any more, but she won't give me her best, and that is extremely frustrating. I feel like she doesn't think I'm worth the best she can do.

I just want her best blowjob, no swallowing yet, just her best. Am I asking too much? I give her exactly what she wants every time we have sex. She gets to have her vibe and cum as many times as she wants. Maybe I need to stop doing that so she can feel how frustrating it is. I don't know. Food for thought I guess.

I look forward to your comments.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Passive aggresive much...

Yesterday we talked about her giving me a blowjob last night. She said no problem, she could do that for me.
Well I take my shower before getting in bed last night, and she asks me if I still want it. I tell her of course. She then proceeds to tell me that she is tired and has a headache, and her stomach is a little upset so she doesn't know if it will be very good. She'd still do it if I really want her to even though she doesn't want to.

Before anyone says anything, she has done this many, many times. I told her never mind and rolled over to go to sleep. She told me not to be mad because she offered. I told her, why would I want her to give me something she didn't want to do and wouldn't make much of an effort to do well.

She mentioned that she needed a massage on her chest for tightness in the muscles. I reached over and very lightly rubbed the muscles, then asked her if that would be acceptable for her massage. She said that was different, but I told her it was exactly the same.

I wasn't really angry, just tired of this old game. I pointed out to her what she was doing. She has been doing it so long she might not even realize what she is doing. Maybe pointing it out will make her realize what she's doing. She is starting to understand more each day, and maybe this will be another lesson learned. I sure hope so.

Maybe I will get my blowjob tonight.

Everyone have a great day, and I still really appreciate all of your comments.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Frustration X 100...

From bad to worse. My slut's period was a month late last month, well it's a week early this month so no heavy play for another week...Excuse me while I SCREAM!!!

OK, better now...Not really, but what are you going to do.

I am going to have her suck me off though. There is no way I can go another week without something. This can be a good opportunity for her to practice her oral skills more.

I certainly hope everyone else's week has started better than mine.

Have a good week.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frustration and hunger...

This weekend has been a bit frustrating. I am not frustrated with My slut, just with the fact that we aren't able to do anything on the weekend.

I am on a high right now. Needing to take My slut. Wanting to flog and fuck her, cane her and feel her lips on my hard cock. I want to dominate her and make her do wicked things for me, as I do wicked things to her. Make her my dirty little slut. Make her feel my hot cum splashing on her body, on her face and over her tits. Marking her as mine.

I need to leave stripes on her ass with my cane too. I want her to cry for me. Give me her pain to devour.
The sadist in me is on the prowl, and wants to feed. I hope she is ready to feed me this week. My hunger is becoming ravenous.


New story on my other blog...

For all my twisted followers. I posted a new story on my other blog. Check it out if you dare...


Friday, August 12, 2011

A damn good flogging...

Last night My slut took the longest and hardest flogging yet. She never stopped me, I just kept checking on her and figured out when she was done. I was going to give her a caning afterwards, so I didn't want to take it too far and have her be too sore for the cane.

Her ass was very red by the time I finished. Next time I will use the cane first, because by the time I used the cane, she couldn't take it very hard.

We finished with the usual hard fuck and I almost shot it all the way to her face. It had been over a week since we last fucked.

I was really proud of her and I see her being able to take harder and longer canings and floggings as we go on.

Now I just have to get her used to being bound...


Thursday, August 11, 2011

My latest story...

My slut loved this one. I hope you do too.


You kneel on a pillow before me. Still unsure about it, but you do it to please me. I approach you and bend to kiss you hard on the mouth. I grab you hair in my hand, wrapping it around my fist. I step back a bit and put my still soft cock against your lips. You open your wet mouth and take me inside. It is still soft, so the whole thing fits inside your mouth. You let my hardening cock lay on your tongue as you lick the bottom of the shaft. Once hard I begin to slowly fuck your mouth. Not going deep, but letting the bottom of my cock glide over your tongue as I slide in and out. I hold your head still as I push into your mouth like it's your cunt.
Once hard, I rub my cock across your lips and face. I reach down and pinch and pull on your nipples, making them hard and long. I grab the nipple clamps and place them on your hard nipples, I also get the flogger. Once clamped, I hook the chain over the top of my hard cock and have you suck me more while I flog your ass. 
I tell you to rub your cunt for me while I flog you. I give you pain while you give yourself pleasure. Pain in your nipples and on your ass, and pleasure in your cunt, all at the same time. I want you to crave my pain as you crave my pleasure. I want my pain to make you cum.
I flog your ass hard, making you flinch from the impact. I make your ass nice and red. Getting it ready to be caned. Helping you to your feet after pulling my hard cock from your wonderful wet mouth, I have you lean forward and place your elbows on the bed, ready to be caned.
I reach between your legs and stroke your wet cunt. You are dripping wet from getting your ass flogged. I stroke your clit, and slip a couple fingers inside you to make sure you are worked up and horny for me. I step back and begin to cane your ass, lightly at first. I begin to whip you harder as you move from foot to foot, trying to stand still for me like My good pain slut. I am leaving such beautiful welts on your ass. They will be there for a couple days at least, and I want you to feel them for awhile. To remember this night. I want you to wear my marks to remind you who owns your sexy body.
I grab the dildo and slide it into your soaking wet cunt and begin to fuck you hard with it.
"Cum on my cock, slut.", I tell you."Give it to me."
You moan and cum hard as I fuck your wet cunt with the dildo, and spank your ass leaving handprints. I want to give you pain with your pleasure from now on, so you learn to crave pain to cum for me. You get weak in the knees from cumming so hard, and I help you lay back on the bed.
I climb up and straddle you chest and have you press your beautiful, ample tits together for me to fuck them. I push up through your cleavage towards your wet mouth. I place a pillow behind your head so as I stroke forward between your tits, you can suck at the head of my hard cock. On each slow stroke, you suck the swollen head of my cock into your mouth, and stroke the underside with your tongue. Your mouth feels wonderful sucking me as I fuck your tits.
I feel my orgasm building as my balls begin to swell. I begin to stroke myself in front of your face, letting you watch my hard cock slide through my hand as I get ready to cum.
I ask you if you want to feel my cum on you, and you nod your head. You love watching me cum. I slowly stroke myself, letting the orgasm build slowly so I cum really hard for you. When I feel myself about to cum, I rub my cock against your wet lips as the first jet of hot cum squirts over your mouth. It runs down your cheek as another squirt shoots over the other cheek. I smear my hot cum over your lips and chin. You look beautiful wearing my seed and I gasp in pleasure as I finish cumming on My sexy slut's face.
I bend and give you a sticky kiss. You taste just a slight hint of my juices on our lips, just a taste.
You are glowing from your orgasm, and I am so pleased with you for being such a good slut.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Updated questionnaire...

I had her do the survey for me again that I had her do last November. There were some very interesting things there.

On a scale of 1-5, she rated the cane a four and the flogger a five. She rated oral sex, giving and receiving a four, definitely a big change in the giving part. She did only rate tasting my cum a 2, but she rated tasting her own juices a 1. We discussed it, and I told her she needs to start taking little tastes here and there and she agreed in principle. We'll see if it happens though...

She rated  using the dildo a three, which she refusesd to use for years, and nipple torture and bondage of her hands in front a four and three respectively.

She has really started to open herself to more things and submitting to my pleasure more. I feel like things are about to get really interesting.


Monday, August 8, 2011


Quite a milestone for me. I never thought I would have so many people interested in hearing what I had to say. I'd like to thank everyone of you for following my thoughts here.

Things are up and down here. I re-sent her the questionnaire I sent her last November. She forgot to rate the items 1-5 like I wanted, but her answers were still revealing. She now says yes to using the dildo, being spanked with the riding crop, and trying mouth fucking. I have never fucked her mouth, but you can be sure that is on the agenda very soon. She also answered yes to nipple play/torture. One of my big favorites. She said she is willing to try bondage more now too, as well as trying to kneel in submission for me.

I can't wait to try a few of these new things she is showing interest in.

Thanks again to all my followers. I appreciate every one of you, and love to get comments from you.
Don't forget to check out my other blog too.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

A bit of a mis-step...

I made a small mis-step yesterday. I was wanting to find out if my wife would ever want to wear My collar, and instead of simply asking that, I asked her if she was interested in submitting to me...Ooops!!! Dumbass!

She looked at me and said that is what she thought she was doing, or at least trying to do....(tears now)

Well it took a lot of reassurance that yes she was doing very good at submitting to me a little at a time.
I later told her what I really wanted to know. She said she wasn't sure if she would be able to, but she wasn't totally against it like she was in he past.

I just wanted to show the wonderful sub women who read my blog here that yes, we Doms do step on our dicks once in awhile...Very rarely of course...grins!!!

I hope your weekend has been better than mine...   :(


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quite a breakthrough...

Tonight was quite a big step. We got to have a session for the first time in a long time. She knew that I wanted to give her some good pain from our previous converstaions.

We atarted as usual with me giving her a massage. Then it was time for the flogging. I asked her if she wanted the cane or the flogger first. She said she wanted the flogger. I said want or need. She said she really needed it. I told her I was going to whip her hard tonight. I would start easy, then go harder, and switch back and forth to let her be able to handle it.

I whipped her easy for about 20 lashes, then hard for 10. Easy again for 20, then hard for 10. Then I went to 10 easy and 20 hard. I did this a few times, checking in with her occasionally making sure she was doing good. She was fine.

I gave her 20 hard lashes then went easy. She asked me if I was done and I told her I was enjoying it too much. So she said she could take another round, and I once again did 10 easy followed by 20 hard. I told her what a good slut she was and that I was proud of my good girl. She said she could take another round then, and I repeated as before, easy then hard. Going a little harder each round than the previous one. This actually went on for three or four more rounds. This was the hardest session ever by far. By the time we finished her ass was wonderfully dark pink. I felt something wet on my leg, and looking down I saw that from being so turned on from hurting My slut, my cock was streaming pre-cum like a faucet. I was so hard from whipping her ass. The harder I whipped her, the harder and more turned on I was. Pre-cum was strung all of the place on my thighs and balls.

I told her repeatedly how proud I was of My slut, and how she had surprised me tonight by how much she took. I was giving her about 75% of my strength on the heaviest lashes. She told me she had surprised herself, and that she felt no anger or residual issues from it at all. She was willing and able to continue amping things up each session from here on.

After her flogging, I used her vibe on her. She didn't want me to check her wetness, but of course I had too and told her I was going to. She was very wet of course. I used the dildo on her a little, but since it had been awhile since we did anything, it was uncomfortable for her, so I didn't use it long.

She didn't want to ask to cum, but I told her that wasn't an option. If she wanted to cum, she would have to ask. She did after I made her wait a bit, and she came very hard, gasping and on the verge of tears.

I then moved between her legs to give her the fucking she needed. I kept telling her how turned on I was, and told her how my cock was running with juices from my excitement. She asked me why I hadn't vum yet then, and I told her because I was enjoying fucking her too much to want it to end.

When she started getting sore, she asked me to please cum on her. She asked me to shoot it on her belly, but I told her no, her tits would catch my load. She said that would work.

I placed my hand on her throat and began to give her long deep strokes, letting my orgasm build. She said after a bit that it was hard for her to let me hold her throat, but I just told her to relax and trust me, and she did. She laid there and took my cock like the good little slut she is until I pulled out, and as she grabbed her ample tits and pushed then together to give me a nice target, I shot my hot cum all over her nipples. It was so intense, I felt light headed.

Afer I cleaned us both up. I again told her how proud I was of My slut. THen I changed that to My pain slut. She smiled and said she wasn't sure if she was ready for that moniker, but that she is definitely beginning to enjoy the pain more. She was reluctant to admit it, but she did without really saying it out loud.

I am so proud of My (pain) slut tonight. I see things progressing fairly quickly for awhile, but we still have a lot to work on in the submitting area.

I'm going to talk to her about having a goal of her wearing My collar by Christmas time. I think it will happen, but we will see. I already see little signs of her submitting to me in other areas of our life. I don't think she is even aware of most of them, and I'm not going to mention it yet. I don't want to make her start thinking about it, and have her get scared about giving me control like that.

What a great night, and I hope you all had a great one too. Or at least a good one.



Afterwards she asked me if we are getting away from a vanilla relationship now like I wanted, I told her we are now a "swirl".
She also said that me allowing her to let me know when she was ready for each round in her flogging made her feel like she had a little control, although she said she knew I was in control of the situation and how much she would get. More steps in the right direction.

More developments...

We were laying in bed talking last night, and I was asking her more about her letting me give her a hard flogging. She says that sometimes it makes her feel angry that I want to hurt her, but she logically knows that I mean her no harm. It's the old emotional baggage that makes her feel so. She is working on it all the time to let go of the old stuff, but as some of you know, it is an ongoing process.

While we were talking about me giving her pain, she said she still doesn't like the cane, but she loves the flogger. She then stopped, kind of smiled, and said,"I didn't mean to say that. I didn't want you to know it."

I smiled and asked her why she was still afraid to tell me what she enjoyed. She said it is just hard to admit to liking such things that "good girls" aren't supposed to like...laughs!!! She also admitted that reading my stories do make her wet sometimes...Yay!!!!

I will keep talking to her and trying to get her to open up more about her desires. Especially the dark ones she doesn't want to admit to.


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our anniversary, kind of...

One year ago today we sat down and talked about how we were going to proceed if our marriage was going to survive. She spent the weekend at her parents house mad at me for talking to my ex. Even though we were just friends. I let her stew and think about it. I told her I was done and she could stay gone. She finally woke up after she got over being mad and realized how much she was screwing up. She came home on the date and I told her how things were going to be if I was going to give her another chance.

A D/s relationship was going to be part of it, and her showing me proper respect was another big component. For the most part she has done well, but there are always things that need to be worked on. She still has a long way to go in submission. I am going to sit down with her tonight and talk about the things that she needs to really focus on from here on out.

It's been an interesting year that I never expected to happen. No where to go but up, right?


An update. She told me she finally read my last story, and is torn between fear of letting me flog her as hard as I want, and just trusting me to do it without causing her harm. That's a good sign though. She says she isn't afraid of me, or of eventually letting it happen. Good news!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I can't wait...

My slut is feeling a little better. I can't wait to whip her ass. A good flogging is way past due for both of us. I want to hurt her, in a good way if course. I'm not angry with her at all, I just want to leave her ass bright red and maybe make her cry if I'm lucky.

Tomorrow is a special anniversary, but I will wait until tomorrow to write about it. It was a life changing day for us, and I want to mark it suitably.

Until tomorrow my friends. I hope you all have a great evening of pain and submission.