Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some teasing...

I like to tease my slut with sexy texts during the day. I sent her one yesterday saying,

"My cock would like to make an appointment with your mouth for an in-depth conversation to give you a taste of my future plans."

She was with her best friend and she just had to show it to her. She told me her friend absolutely loved it. Unfortunately last night didn't work out, but she is going to give me a blow job tonight while our son plays on the computer. She is definitely going to get a "taste" of what I am planning. I will have her clean my cock with her mouth after I cum. She has done it before and that way she isn't getting a large amount of cum at once. It just gives her a little bit to get used to the taste.

I get hard just writing this and thinking about it.

Everyone have a hot day.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little Monday fun...

My slut was supposed to be gone all day, but she wasn't feeling well in the morning so she cancelled her plans and stayed in bed with me. Although I did have to get up to take the boy to school. On only 3 1/2 hours sleep. I came home and went back to sleep and she woke me up when she draped her leg across mine. She never does this, so I knew she was feeling "frisky".

She leaned over to me and said good morning with a smile. I started letting my fingers roam around her nether regions. She looked at me and said I could use  my flogger on her if I wanted. She has offered to let me use it everytime we've had sex for the last few weeks. She doesn't seem to be so shy about it anymore.

I started out by giving her a massage first. It always relaxes her. She laid across the bed while I stood at her head. I was able to really whip both sides of her ass this way. She had always kinf of laid on her side so I could only really hit her right cheek. I really gave her a good flogging. The only thing I don't like about this flogger is it doesn't make her ass red hardly at all. I like to see her ass get red. I will definitely have to get the other flogger for that.

I was flogging her pretty hard when she told me it was getting a bit intense, so I slowed down and stroked her ass with my hands and slowly drug the flogger up and down her body. After I went back to flogging her I spent more time alternating between hard and light. After a bit I told her I was going to give her some hard ones. She said OK, and I gave her about 5-6 hard lashes on each cheek before going back to lighter strokes.

I then said I wanted to use the cane for a few strokes. She agreed. I lightly tapped all over then I would give her a sharp smack. I did this all over, making stripes at different angles. They weren't that hard and the marks didn't last, but that is OK. I wanted to start getting her used to more of the cane.

After I was done with her flogging and caning, and grabbed her vibrator to make her cum. I noticed she was already a little wet, so I asked her if shw was starting to get turned on by the flogging. She told me she wasn't sure yet. I told her that was fine.

After she came to the point of tears, I entered her hard and gave her a deep fucking. Sometimes hard, sometimes gentle. I got the vibrator out again and made her cum even harder this time while I was fucking her. I could feel her cunt spasming on my cock, and I started fucking her hard as she came, until I pulled out and came all over her cunt.. That made her cum again. It turns her on when she feels me cum on her.

We were both left sweaty and breathing hard. I'm excited that she seems to be really accepting and enjoying being flogged.

What a great morning!


Monday, March 28, 2011

I hate the weekend...

I know that is an odd thing to say, but My slut has to take medication once a week that makes her sick for a couple days. She takes it in the weekends so she can function during the week. Taking our son to school and what not. Of course this means that she is in no condition to have sex or do any training. That's also why there usually isn't any posts on the weekends. Nothing to post about.

I'm off work tomorrow, but of course she forgot and has plans all day...Uh huh...

Anyways, I hope you all have a good week, and I plan to get My slut's mouth back on my cock a few times this week. I have made it my goal to give her a mouthful within a month. Even if she doesn't swallow it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A dream caning...

I lay her down on the bed on her stomach and tie her arms to the head board. I don't want her squirming away from me. I grab the cane and begin to lightly tap her sweet ass with the tip. I move all over her ass, covering both cheeks to get her properly warmed up for the marks to come. Once her ass is a nice even shade of pink I slowly stroke the left cheek with the cane, then draw back and land a hard lash across the whole cheek. She jumps and yelps in pain, trying to squirm away. I wait until she settles down and then repeat the process on the other cheek. She now has matching welts on both sides of her ass. I begin to work back and forth from cheek to cheek, leaving welts in a crossing pattern all over the smooth flesh of her ass. I stop to run my tongue over the rising welts, soothing them with the wet warmth.

I then once again start caning her ass. This time with quick lighter strikes that are more to sting than to mark. She writhes all over the bed, unable to stay still. I don't stop until I see the tears begin to fall from her eyes. That is what I need from My slut. Her pain for my pleasure.

I put the cane down and, spreading her legs, I pull her up to her knees and slide my hard cock into her wet cunt. She gasps at the quickness that I plunge into her. No gentle entry this night, I need her bad and my hunger is aroused. I grab her hips and begin to pound into her. Making her gasp and moan from the assault of my hardness. I command her to cum on my cock, and she shudders as her wetness covers me. I feel her cunt spasm on my cock as she cums. Her gripping cunt pulls the orgasm out of me, and with one final lunge, I shoot my hot load into her molten wetness. Our juices mixing to make an elixir of passion. I collapse on top of her as we both lay there panting.

I eventually pull out my softening cock as our juices run out of her swollen pussy. I kiss her neck and rub her tender ass where the bruises are starting to show. I cover us both with the blanket and lay next to her as I hold her. She will sleep tied up tonight full of my cum. I want her to wake in the morning remembering who owns her body.

I want to make this dream a reality very soon.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Giving her info...

I sent her some info on dealing with the taste of my cum. I want her to be able to do it without totally grossing her out. I have tasted my own cum when I have eaten pussy after cumming in a womans cunt. The mixed flavor isn't that bad actually. Her juices sweetened up the mixture. I've told her that so she knows that I'm not asking her to taste something I won't.

I made a point of telling her again today that she did a good job sucking my cock last night. I want her to feel proud of what she was able to do. I want her to feel good about doing it and pleasing me.

A little encouragement here and there will get me what I want  from My slut. Hopefully she will learn to enjoy my cum in her mouth. Naida told me she hated it as first and now likes it, so there is always hope.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oral, the beginning...

While My slut isn't new to sucking cock, she is new to the idea of letting me cum in her mouth. It was always something that she would never do. That changed in August when our dynamic changed to save our marriage. She is now ready to work towards being able to take my cum in her mouth. She is on her period this week so now is a good time for her to focus on her oral skills. She did a much better job sucking me tonight. She used much more hand action combined with her sucking. I made a point of complimenting her for what she was doing.

Unfortunately her jaw gets tired pretty quick due to lack of practice. We are going to give her a lot more practice from now on. I told her that I wanted her to suck me more once I had cum, but that didn't happen. She said she forgot...OK... I'll let it go this time. I reminded her afterwards and she apologized. I told her she is going to be working her way towards lwtting me cum in her mouth and she said she knows and understands.

She made a confession tonight that sucking me off actually turned her on. That is the first time she admitted that to me. She told me she was embarrassed to do so, to which I said why.

Tonight was a pretty good start I thought, but we will continue this week. Maybe I can get us where I want in less than a month. She did make a point of making sure that I did enjoy what she did. I assured her she pleased me with what she did.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oral training...

Reading Neo Dom Tom's blog gave me the idea of setting My slut's new training goal. She is doing very good with the flogging, so now it is time to start her on training her to be able to take my cum in her mouth. It is a limit that she says she wants to get past for me, and it is time she starts working on it.

She says she wants to do it, but everytime I mention it she says "not right now." Well the time is now to get to work on it. I will let her take it slowly. Just a little taste at a time, but she needs to do it a couple times a week until she is comfortable enough with it to be able to keep sucking me while I'm cumming. I hate when she stops just as I start cumming. It isn't near as good as cumming while being sucked. I love the feeling of my cum being sucked from me. She can spit it out at first, but eventually I will want her to swallow. It is probably my biggest turn on of all. Plus I think it will be another way she can submit to my will, by doing something only for my pleasure.

Wish me luck that it will happen within a month.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Her Friday flogging...

I got to use my new flogger today. I love it! It makes a very nice thud on her ass. I started slow to get her used to the new sensation. She said it felt like a lot heavier impact. She wasn't sure if it was better or worse for her. I flogged her for about ten minutes alternating between heavy and light. I told her I was going to give her a hard one to see how it felt. I gave her two and she said it almost felt like a punch. She thought she was going to feel it sitting the rest of the day, but she didn't. She thinks it might bruise, she bruises easy, we'll see when I check later. All in all I really liked the flogger. Good weight and makes a nice thud. Very good balance and it feels good in my hand. I'm very pleased I got it and will definitely get the other one later.

We finished with a nice fuck after I made her cum a few times. I shot a nice load across her belly. Using the flogger always turns me on a lot. Makes me really hard.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My new flogger is here...

My new flogger just got here today. It shipped from Florida on Monday and it's already here. I wasn't expecting it until probably Friday. I can't wait to use it on My slut. I showed it to her and she asked me why I got it. I told her that I wanted a better one than the one I already had. It seems to be good quality, but I will have to see how it does when I use it. It is softer suede so it should be more thuddy than stingy. I think My slut will like that better. Less intense. I will definitely let all of you know what I think of it. I should be using it by Friday at the latest when I am off work. I can't wait to whip her lovely ass with it.


More regular floggings...

I was able to flog My slut again yesterday. I am able to redden her ass on a more regular basis now. I'm whipping her a bit harder each time as well. I still start off easy, but I ramp it up sooner and go a little harder each time.I also went on longer than I had before. She probably got about 100 strokes all told. Counting the light and heavy strokes. Her ass had a very nice red glow when I was done. It got a bit intense for her by the end and she had to take a moment to compose herself. The last 5 strokes were pretty hard and you could hear the crack of the flogger on her ass. She cried a bit while I held her close. Kissing her and telling her what a good girl she was, and how proud I was of her. She said it is hard for her sometimes, but she knows it is something I really love, so she will keep doing it. I told her makes me very proud of her.

I then gave her several hard orgasms after she asked permission. I made her wait as long as she could before giving her permission, she then came so hard she broke down in tears again. I love that! We ended up with her riding me until I filled her hot cunt with my cum. It was a very fun evening to be sure.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I've learned...

Aisha asked a couple good questions. She asked what I had learned in training my wife and could pass on to other Doms starting out. Also if there is anything I would do differently.

First the thing I learned the most about is patience. You have to have an over abundance of patience. Especially if you are in my situation where My slut is not a natural submissive, and is learning to submit for my pleasure as opposed to being something she wants for herself. I hope that she will learn to crave it for herself in time. You must also be flexible. There is no script for this. No "Dom's Handbook." If you are lucky, 50% of what you want to do will be accomplished, at least in the early going. If your submissive came to you looking to be dominated, I'm sure you will have an easier time than I have, but I doubt it is ever easy. The main thing in my opinion is to just keep working at it and hope for the best. I know that is what I do every day.

The main thing I would have done differntly is I would have started this much sooner. I wouldn't have let her get away with her disrespect of me. The way she treated me as if I were her abusive ex-husband. I paid for his actions for over ten years because I was the "nice guy", and didn't want to hurt her feelings by giving her an ultimatum. Sometimes you have to be the asshole and tell your woman how things are going to be, even if she doesn't want to hear it. It is still something I struggle with. I was raised by my mother and didn't have a strong male figure in my life, so I had to kind of learn this on my own. I think that is why I came to my dominance so late in life. I didn't know you could be a strong man and dominate your woman without being thought of as an abuser. I guess that comes from the way a lot of society has tried to emasculate men.

Thank you for the wonderful questions aisha. I appreciate your interest and your curiosity. Of course I am still learning every day, and I am far from being an expert. I hope this helps anyone who might be just starting out like me.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

A few spare moments...

I had about a half hour with My slut today. It was all we could sneak in while our son was playing on the computer. I did get to flog her cute ass though. She seems to be getting used to it a bit at a time. I didn't go light for very long, and gave her some pretty good licks. Of course I kissed and stroked her tender butt afterwards.

I had her suck my cock afterwards. She is getting better at it all the time. Less fear as she has the skills, just is still leary of using them. I stroked her hair and told her what a good slut she was as she sucked me.I then used her vibrator on her and made her cum really hard a few times. As she was cumming I kept telling her to give her pleasure to me. That I wanted them, and they belonged to me. I told her give me what is mine over and over as she was cumming. Her cunt got soaking wet and she came very hard. I got the tears I love so much too.

When she had enough, I had her ride me. It has been awhile since she has done that, and as she slid down on me, she had a small orgasm and I saw her shiver. I pumped up into her hard untill I unloaded into her cunt. She said it felt like I filled her up. I know it sure felt good to have such an intense orgasm. To use My slut for my pleasure. She has a very tight little cunt. I have to actually take it a bit slow at first until she gets used to it.

I am going to pick up the pace of her training. I told her today that I have been very disappointed lately with the way things have been going. She has been way to ready to tell me no, and give me all kinds of excuses like she used to. I'm not going to tolerate that any more, and she knows it.

For only having a short amount of time, we had a pretty good time today.

I'm still open to any more questions any of my faithful readers have, or even any of you new or infrequent readers.

Thank you,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flash fiction Friday...

Enveloped in warmth, his hard cock was buried to the hilt in her hot, wet cunt. He loved watching her ride him. Her pert breasts bouncing in front of his face, leaving his hands free to pinch her hard nipples and bite her breasts. He loved leaving teeth marks on her creamy skin.

He pushed up into her as she ground herself down on his hardness. She was so wet he could feel her juices running down over his swollen balls. They moved in unison as their orgasms peaked. As the cum erupted from his cock, he pinched her nipples hard as she came, mixing her juices with his. He smiled seeing the bruises form on her tits.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

William wants to play...

The sadist in me is awake and wanting to feed again. The problem is, My slut is feeling a bit under the weather and her period is about to start. About the two worst things to be happening right now. I have that nagging itch to give pain. To make her cry and yelp. I want to stripe her ass with my cane and leave some hand prints all over her ass. Of course after warming her up with my flogger to get us both ready. I'm in a constant state of semi-hardness thinking of torturing her ass and tits. I want her nipples clamped while I'm doing all of that. I love to hear that gasp when I put the clamps on, and the yelp when I remove them is even better.

Her pain feeds me and makes me whole, and right now I can't taste her pain. I feel like I'm starving with no chance of feeding anytime soon. My head feels like it will split open at the slightest touch. Like there is too much desire trapped within. Like William wants to rip himself free and never be caged again. He wants to run free af all fetters ever again. I wish I could let him out to be forever free to be who he needs to be. To let me be who I need to be...



My sadism...

sweet kk asked if I had always known I was a sadist. Actually it is a pretty new realization. I've known I wanted to explore BDSM for about 12 years. Kind of late in life. A chance rental of a bondage video woke the desires in me. My wife refused to explore with me, even though she knew about it before we married. She just lightly dabbled with me before we got married, then once we were married, she completely shut me down. I begged for years to get her to try and only stayed for our son. Finally last August we had a complete blowup where she threatened to leave, and I told her go ahead, I'm done. That woke her up, and we started finally travelling down that road.

About a year or so ago, I really started to explore different aspects of BDSM and I found myself drawn more to the sadistic side the more I read. I began to check out BDSM porn on a couple of the sites, and found I was extremely turned on by both the videos and stories. The thought of a woman taking a hard flogging and caning gets my heart pounding and my cock throbbing. Like I posted yesterday, the harder I flog My slut, the harder I get. I can't wait to use the cane and leave some welts on her ass. I'm really a very sweet guy, very gentle and caring, but I love causing hard, erotic pain. I want to make her cry, then give her loving care afterwards.

In response to Naida, She may start to enjoy it. She already loves to have her nipples pinched hard while she is cumming, and she also enjoys hot wax on her breasts and the wartenberg wheel on her tits and nipples as well.

I hope that answers your questions. Any more feel free to write me.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I get out of flogging...

And answering some other questions.

Naida asked me what I got out of flogging my slut. As I've said before I am a sadist. It seems the harder I flog her, the harder my cock gets. Hearing the slap and seeing her ass jiggle from the impact really turns me on. The redder her ass gets the more I want to whip her harder. The fact that she is taking it for me is a real turn on too. She isn't a masochist, so she is doing it just for me. Just doesn't get turned on by it, at least she hasn't said she does. Who knows.

sweet kk, you need to try it out. He can go real easy at first then ramp it up to whatever you can handle. Trust me, if My slut can take it, you can.

monkey, yes I made the cuffs for My slut years ago at a leather working class at Folsom Fringe in San Jose. I have started on a cock sucker stool for her to sit on, bad knees, and I have also started on a bondage chair that I need more wood to complete. It has to be made in a way that I can disguise what it is as we have a young and curious son. I will post pictures if I can ever get them done. I do want to laern to make more leather items. Maybe I could earn some extra money that way, as well as making some fun things for us to play with. I really want to learn to make floggers.

I hope that answered all your questions. Keep them coming. I really love talking about the kinks that I enjoy. I'd like to hear about yours too.


I ordered my new flogger...

I can't wait to get it. It has 50 tails and should be a nice thuddy flogger. It will take a few weeks to get as they make them to order. I will give a review when I get it and try it out on My slut's ass. It is black suede with red trim. I bet it will give My slut's ass "red trim"...

I saw on some of the other blogs I read that March is the month to ask questions of bloggers. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have out there. In fact it would make me very happy to hear from you all.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

My birthday today...

I know what I want for my Birthday. To give My slut a glowing red ass. I want to see stripes and hand prints covering her sweet ass cheeks. I want to fuck her from behind afterwards and to feel the heat radiate off her ass as I push myself into her.

She said tonight that she was going to go do the dishes before she gets in trouble and I have to spank her. I told her she didn't have to do them...grins!

She will definitely get a flogging tomorrow. She said today that I could flog her, then she fell asleep before our son went to bed. Bad girl, she needs to be punished for that. In fact she has promised sex three days in a row, then made excuses not to, or just fell asleep like tonight. She knows that is not acceptable and will pay for it tomorrow.

She looks to be needing more discipline. She has been pushing her limits and misbehaving a bit lately. I can see her trying to push my buttons, and she is going to feel what it's like when I push back. She won't sit comfortably for awhile.

Here's to hoping I get what I want for My Birthday.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Got some funds...

I finally got my tax return today. Yeah!!!

What does this have to do with my blog, well I am now going to get My slut an Hitachi Magic Wand, and myself a better flogger. A nice present for both of us. I think we will both be happy.

Regarding my last post, My slut wasn't feeling well that night, but I did get a nice tit fuck. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was better than nothing. We are supposed to do something tonight, and hopefully I will get some for my birthday on Sunday too.

Also in regards to the comment by my faithful reader submissivebf, I appreciate your comments. I really do wish that I could just say exactly how things will go, but My slut is not naturally submissive, and everything she does she does for my enjoyment. Some of the things are difficult for her due to past abuses. Being a submissive and getting your partner to dominate you is probably much easier to do than being dominant and getting your partner to submit to you. She does better some days than others, but it is still a very out of character thing for her to submit to my desires. I wish things moved quicker, but I have to take what I can get when I get it.

Keep those comments coming. I really enjoy and appreciate them.

Thank you all,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little slow...

Things have been a bit slow around here, hence my lack of posts. I guess I am just going to have to take it tonight. She has been preoccupied with something, probably American Idol...groan!

Last Friday was great, but once a week doesn't work well for me. I had enough of that before. Maybe she needs another couple hard swats to get her attention. She looked good with my handprint on her ass. Maybe a good flogging is in order too. It certainly seems to get her attention.

I'll let you know tomorrow how it works out. I've been saving a big load for her, and I will definitely give it to her tonight.