Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I get out of flogging...

And answering some other questions.

Naida asked me what I got out of flogging my slut. As I've said before I am a sadist. It seems the harder I flog her, the harder my cock gets. Hearing the slap and seeing her ass jiggle from the impact really turns me on. The redder her ass gets the more I want to whip her harder. The fact that she is taking it for me is a real turn on too. She isn't a masochist, so she is doing it just for me. Just doesn't get turned on by it, at least she hasn't said she does. Who knows.

sweet kk, you need to try it out. He can go real easy at first then ramp it up to whatever you can handle. Trust me, if My slut can take it, you can.

monkey, yes I made the cuffs for My slut years ago at a leather working class at Folsom Fringe in San Jose. I have started on a cock sucker stool for her to sit on, bad knees, and I have also started on a bondage chair that I need more wood to complete. It has to be made in a way that I can disguise what it is as we have a young and curious son. I will post pictures if I can ever get them done. I do want to laern to make more leather items. Maybe I could earn some extra money that way, as well as making some fun things for us to play with. I really want to learn to make floggers.

I hope that answered all your questions. Keep them coming. I really love talking about the kinks that I enjoy. I'd like to hear about yours too.



  1. William, have you always known you were a sadist? what made you decide to finally start this journey with her?


  2. Thank you for answering William. You never know, one day it may turn her on, I never thought it would me.

  3. I am wired for pain, but some things that just plain hurt in the beginning feel fabulous now. It's conditioning.

    Flog her, rub her, flog her, lick her, etc. She'll learn ot love it as long as you mix the pleasure in, until one day the pain becomes the pleasure.

    you won't believe what the word verification was..."xcitica"

  4. I do mix pleasure and pain in just the way you described. I do want her to see pain as pleasure. I so want her to be able to cum from pain alone.