Friday, February 25, 2011

Another pink ass...

Today was a really good day. I started out by putting the cuffs I made on My slut. Her hands were bound in front of her, and I put the clamps on her nipples. I just love clamping her nipples. They are nice and big and just made to be clamped.

For doing that I rewarded her by using the vibrator on her clit. It didn't take long for her to quickly reach her first orgasm. Before we started, she asked me if she had to ask for permission to cum. I told not at all, I would just tell her when she could...grins!

I made her wait until I could tell she was about to lose control, then I told her to cum for me. She came really hard and her cunt was instantly slippery with her juices. I gave her a couple orgasms, then took the cuffs off of her as they were starting to hurt her wrists. I then gave her another one. This one was the most intense. She cried with deep racking sobs and many tears. It was a huge release and I kissed away her tears as she calmed down.

I then took off the clamps after she calmed down. She told me OWW!!!, that really hurt. I licked each nipple gently, and told her I know it does.

Before I could say anything else, she told me I could flog her for awhile. That was my plan of course, but I hadn't mentioned it yet. It looks like she is really starting to move in the direction I want her to.

I rolled her over and began to lightly flog her tender ass. This time though I ramped it up quicker than usual, and I was whipping her a little harder than before. I asked her if she was ready, and she said I could do it however I wanted.

I began whipping her pretty good, beginning to get a nice pink glow to her ass. I would whip her hard for about 30 seconds, then go back to lighter strokes. I alternated like this for awhile. Interupted by soft caresses of her ass. A little pleasure and soothing mixed in with the pain. I finally finished with about ten hard lashes in a row before kisses and stroking her tender bottom.

I told her how proud I was of her, and thanked her for being such a good girl. I was very impressed how far she has come in our last two sessions. We sat there talking, and she told me she had to process what just happened a bit. I gave her kisses and just let her think a bit while we relaxed.

Out of the blue she told me I could give her one hard spank. She said she knows I want to spank her, so I could give one as hard as I wanted to. I gave her a one hard swat, and was amused to see a perfect handprint on her cheek. You could even see the lines on my palm in red on her ass. It even stung my hand a bit...laughs!

We laughed about that one for quite awhile. I told her she better be careful or she might start liking getting spanked and flogged. She just smiled at me and said nothing.

We finished up with me giving her another big orgasm with her vibrator and me shooting a big load all over her tits. It had been a few days, so I had a lot saved up.

She then bought me lunch after she took her shower. My slut is becoming a good girl, and I told her that.
As she left to get our son from school, I said I love you...slut.

Her response was "that's me."

Life just keeps getting better, at least in this area of our lives.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tit fuck...

I love to fuck My slut's ample tits. Here is a little story about how I want to do it.


Laying her back on the bed, I tie her arms above her head. She is now helpless to do anything but watch me use her body for my pleasure.

I take a rope and begin wrapping it around first one breast and then crossing over to the other. I form a crossing pattern binding them together forming a wonderfully tight valley between them. A perfect warm place to slide my hard cock.

I drizzle some flavored lube into her cleavage and slip my now hard cock into the warm, wet softness I have made. I slowly push my hardness through her mass of tender tit flesh, watching the swollen head jut out the top, just inches from her lips. She watches it poke towards her and licks her lips.

I push up further and further, getting closer to her inviting mouth. I finally go all the way up and place the tip against her lips. She sucks me inside, and savors the essence of my manhood. She bobs her head just slightly as she suckles on my hardness.

I pull back down and continue fucking her soft tits. It is a heavenly feeling. The sight of her tied beneath me and my hard cock gliding between her bound tits is a delicious and heady sight.

I move up and rub the head of my cock across her wet lips, letting her taste the lube and my pre-cum mixed together. She sticks just the tip of her tongue out and flicks it across the bulbous helmet.

I can feel my orgasm beginning to slowly build in me as my balls begin to tighten. I make long slow strokes up and down her cleavage. I reach back and run my fingers up and down her cunt. She is soaking wet and I plunge two fingers into her molten center.

I start finger fucking her as I feel myself about to cum. Her orgasm begins to course through her body as I rub her G-spot. Her head tilts back and she begins to moan as she cums. Her lips part as she moans out her pleasure. This is the moment I am waiting for. My hot cum erupts from my cock, and splashes across her lips. Some of it goes over her lips onto her teeth and tongue. I bathe her lips and mouth in my hot seed as we cum together. Her cunt grips my fingers as she moans out the last of her orgasm.

She licks her lips tasting my release. It is a small taste, but a start for her to get used to swallowing my cum. I lick her juices from my fingers. Her cunt tastes so sweet. I suck my fingers clean.

I lean down and give her a kiss. Giving her a taste of our mingled juices.

She looks beautiful wearing my cum on her face. She is positively radiant...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A good girl...

Me and My slut had a conversation about her brattiness yesterday. She agreed that she was bratty and will have to pay for it, but she asked me if she wasn't doing good though...
I stopped for a moment and realized that yes, she was in fact doing quite well considering where she was coming from. I guess I sometimes lose sight of the progress she is making. She has made good progress in learning to submit and take the erotic pain I want to give her.  I made a point of telling her that last night. That I was impressed that she can handle hot wax and floggings. There are a lot of women out there who wouldn't try to make this transition for their husband no matter how much they love them.

I need to make sure I compliment her when she does good as well as correcting her when she makes mistakes. I guess it's easy for us Doms to lose sight of that sometimes. I will endeavor to not let that happen again.

Monday, February 21, 2011


My slut was being a bit of a brat tonight. It actually started this morning with her just being a little naughty. She just kept poking the bear as it were. I've given her a few swats throughtout the day, but it apparently didn't get the point across. She has been picking all day, and then tonight she walked by me and just stuck her tongue out at me. I just looked at her and she asked me if that was going to cost her. I assured her that it is definitely going to cost her. I can't do anything serious tonight as the son is here, but she is going to get it in the next couple days, and I'm going to make sure she knows it is coming. She may have a tough time sitting down after we have our "discussion".

Friday, February 18, 2011

Warming things up a bit...

Her ass that is. She is still fighting her cold, but we decided to do something today anyway. I wanted to tie her up, but her breathing isn't that great due to the bronchitis, so she said she could take a flogging again. I started out really light and she told me it didn't hurt at all, so I did it a little harder. She kept asking me what percentage of strength I was giving her. I told her not exactly sure, and she kept saying she was tempted to let me do it as hard as I wanted to, to feel how it was. I just kept going, whipping her a little harder, and telling her it was up to her if she wanted to feel a hard one. She finally said yes, and I told her to relax and it wouldn't hurt as much. I told her I would do it in the next 20 seconds, and continued giving her some stout lashes, then gave her a hard one. I went back to lighter ones and kept going. She jumped and made a little yelp, but she was fine. I gave her 3 or 4 more hard ones before I was done. All in all, I flogged her ass for about 10-15 minutes.

I told her I was very proud of her and gave her a very passionate kiss while I made her cum with my fingers inside her. I then got her vibrator and used it on her clit while I rubbed her G-spot. She came very hard and cried just as hard from the release of pleasure. Afterwards I tell her to get that hot cunt on top of me and ride me good. She was more than happy to do so. She needed it as bad as I did. She lowered herself down on me slowly, having little spasms of orgasm as she did. She rode me real slow for a long time until my orgasm built up and I pumped up into her, filling her with my hot cum.

We both layed there breathing heavily and smiling at each other until my softening cock slipped out of her. She then got up to use the restroom, and said I came a lot in her. She told me I must have been full, and I told her now she was. That got a good laugh out of her.

She took a shower and then we ran some errands and went to lunch. It was a very good day in the end. I spoke to her about the flogging later, and she said she could take it more often. I gave her a big kiss and thanked her for being such a good slut.

Things seem to be progressing nicely now, but I just have to make sure she doesn't slip back. I think she is going to make a good little pain slut eventually, but we'll see.

For now I am very happy!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day...

My sexy slut gave me a card and some candy today. She even signed the card, "your slut". That makes me very happy. She is beginning to really transition to being my submissive. She has gotten back to not wearing underwear to bed like I told her. She had gotten away from that until last week when I again insisted. She apologized again for letting herself get lazy about my rules.

She has another cold. Spending all that time at the school keeps exposing her to all those kid germs. I'm not happy, and neither is she. She says she hates it getting in the way of our fun. I'm not going to let her use a cold as an excuse to not have sex anymore though. You can fuck with a stuffy head. She is still getting her punishment spanking this week regardless of whether she has a cold or not. I'm not going to let a simple cold put off what needs to be done to get past all the past issues. She will definitely have a hard time sitting when I am done. I told her she will cry, but I will comfort her and give her a lot of love and attention afterwards.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Last night...

Last night went very well. I told her that I had been very disappointed with the way things had been going on. She apologized and said that things were going to change. She had been missing the things we had been doing as well. I told her that she would be getting flogged at least once a week, and her comment was that it would probably be more than that. It didn't scare her the last time we did it, but she still didn't understand the attraction. I told her she was also going to get a hard spanking next week to finally put to rest the last ten years when she was ignoring and disrespecting me. She said yes dear. I told her we will be working more on bondage and her oral skills. She still doesn't like giving blowjobs, but she is willing to do it for me.

So the gist of it is that she is now going to give her sumbission to me, and begin her transformation to being my truly submissive slut.
I gave her a short but hard fucking last night. She was exhausted from being at our son's school all day, but I made her cum a few times, then gave her a good pounding. she thanked me for the hard fuck and apolgized again for letting things get as bad as they did.

She is going to get some more training tonight, even if it's just a light flogging.

Thanks again for all the advice and good wishes.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


My slut has been causing me much frustration. She has not been interested in anything sexual for awhile. I have already told her that she will be getting fucked hard tonight. It is time for us to have a sit down and go over a few things. She has drifted back to her old habits again, and I am not going back to that situation. She is going to start getting flogged at least once a week from here on out. She can absolutely refuse, but there will be consequences to her choices. I've been very nice and patient and understanding, and I think she has gotten the impression that she can just take her own sweet time in doing what needs to be done to get this realationship where it needs to be. My friend Vesta posted last night about her doing a lot of work on herself, but her husband not doing any work on himself. Boy does that sound familiar. That describes me and My slut's situation. Whenever I ask her what she thinks about certain aspects of the lifestyle, she tells me she hasn't been thinking about it at all. Too busy she says, but she can spend hours on facebook no problem. This situation is going to change right now.
She better get her head on straight in a big hurry, or we are going to have some serious issues. I gave her the opportunity to back out, and she said no, that she wanted to keep going, so I am going to step things up and get them moving down the right path. Tonight should be quite interesting.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

The beauty of pain...

I slowly undress her. Stripping her bare of her clothes and her protection from me. I am going to make her mine and she knows it. There are small ripples of fear, but just small ones. She knows I will not harm her, hurt her a bit, but never harm her. She is quickly learning what a sadist is, and what I need from her.

Once naked, I kiss her deeply. Tasting her fear and desire. She cannot hide the heat building inside her. Her passion and desire. I reach down and stroke her already damp pussy. The moisture in her cunt betrays her. She cannot pretend to be a good little girl who is only doing this for me. I know she is starting to enjoy this against her own will.

I have her bend over and place her forearms on the foot of the bed. I spread her legs slightly so I can have access to her tender parts. I gently drag the small flogger up and across her ass cheeks. Letting her feel their presence before they give her their biting kiss. I give her the first lash across her ass, and she jumps just a bit, but doesn't flinch away from it. I give her more lashes. First one cheek then the next. I want to mark My slut. Make her always know who owns her body. I whip her harder and harder until her sweet ass begins to get a nice shade of pink. The small flogger has narrow falls and is quite stingy. Small thin welts begin to show up on her pretty ass. I stop and caress her warm cheeks with my hands. I run my tongue over the welts, illiciting moans of pleasure in contrast to the gasps of pain I was previously bringing from her.

The large flogger is next. It is heavier, and gives a nice thuddy impact. It spreads the pain out more so I can swing a little harder. I start flogging her ass harder than I started before. Her ass is already warmed up, so I can let go a little more than before. I love the way her ass jiggles from the impact of this flogger. It doesn't leave welts, just gives her ass a nice overall red color. I work it all over her ass and up and down the backs of her thighs as well. She is having a hard time standing still, so I stop for a moment and stroke between her legs to distract her from the pain. Her cunt is soaking wet and her juices are beginning the trickle down the inside of her thighs. I sink two fingers into her hungry cunt, and vigorously fuck her with my hand for a few seconds. I stop just before she cums. She whimpers a little, disappointed that she didn't get to cum yet.

Now that she is really warmed up, I grab the cane and start to mark my slut with such beautiful stripes. I make a crossing pattern all over her ass and down the backs of her thighs. I want her to feel this when she sits down for the next few days. A reminder of my love. She can hardly stand still now as she makes little yelps of pain at each assault on her tender ass flesh. She has about reached her pain threshold and I am rock hard. It is time to give her the release she needs.

I put down the cane, undo my pants, and quickly slide into her dripping cunt from behind. She is still bent over the bed, and I grab her hips and drive deep into her. She moans with each thrust and pushes her ass back into me. She is so wet I slide in and out of her with ease. I grab a handful of her hair. She has grown it out for me. I pull her head back towards me. Using it to help me drive into her. I feel my balls slap against her clit as I fuck her as hard as I can. I spank her ass with the other hand as I continue to fuck her for all I'm worth. She feels no pain from the spanking, just pleasure from the hard cock stretching her hungry, aching pussy. She has needed this for awhile, and I'm going to make sure she doesn't forget this night.

She begs me to let her cum. I make her wait a bit as I slow down and give her some long slow strokes. When she can't wait any longer, I tell her to cum for me. I tell her to cum all over my cock, to give me her pleasure. I feel her cunt spasm on my cock as she moans out her first powerful orgasm. I don't stop, but I reach under and begin to rub her clit and tell her to cum again for me. She explodes again and again as I rub her swollen clit. She asks me to stop, but I tell her I want three more before I will. She cums again as her moans get deeper and deeper. The next hits her and her knees get wobbly. As I sense her final orgasm approaching, I let mine build. Just as she starts to cum I let go with the first blast of cum into her juicy cunt. Feeling my hot seed shooting into her, her last orgasm is the most powerful one of the night. I have to grab her by the hips to keep her from collapsing, and I gently let her slide down on the bed with me laying on top of her. My cock still spasming out the last drops of my cum into her clenching cunt.

I cover her back and shoulders with kisses as we lay there panting together. Spent from the hard fucking I just gave her. I roll her over and kiss her deeply, thanking her for taking her flogging like a good slut. I pinch her hard nipples as I kiss her. Just a last little bit of pain to go with the pleasure I just gave her. Her face is glowing as she smiles and winces just a bit from the pain.

This scene soon to take place in our bedroom. Probably this week some time. She is feeling much better, and has said she needs some hard cock to make her feel better. It will come with a price of course.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Slow and steady...

Things are still moving along.  A little slower than I want, but at least we're still moving forward. She said she is willing to continue with the floggings and even take the intensity up a bit. She is still squeamish about being tied up, but we'll see how that plays out. I think if I had to choose between tying her up, and giving her erotic pain, I would choose the pain by a small margin. I know she can take a pretty fair amount of pain from past experiences with her. I would love to leave her pretty ass covered with nice welts from my floggers and cane. I would be nice and soothe them with my tongue of course, then give her a good hard fucking to say thanks.

Speaking of saying thanks, thank you to all my readers. I just passed 10,000 views today. I never imagined that many people would read what I had to say, but I'm very glad you all do.
Have a good and sexy weekend!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Fridays Flash Fiction...

When he first met her, he never imagined that she could have a twin. She was a very sexual creature, and her sister was apparently the same way.
He was expecting her one day, and was surprised when he opened the door on both of them. They pushed him into the room, and his pants were quickly undone, and they began taking turns sucking his steel hard cock.  It wouldn't take long. Watching two hot mouths swallow him deep was hotter than he could have ever imagined. Before long his orgasm began building.
He warned them as he was about to cum, and they both opened their mouths. He seemed to shoot a double dose of cum onto their waiting tongues. They swallowed with zeal, then dragged him to the bedroom for more fun.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot video...

This is the first time I've tried to imbed a video. It was a very hot one I found. Some good flogging, spanking, and other fun things. I hope you enjoy.