Monday, February 21, 2011


My slut was being a bit of a brat tonight. It actually started this morning with her just being a little naughty. She just kept poking the bear as it were. I've given her a few swats throughtout the day, but it apparently didn't get the point across. She has been picking all day, and then tonight she walked by me and just stuck her tongue out at me. I just looked at her and she asked me if that was going to cost her. I assured her that it is definitely going to cost her. I can't do anything serious tonight as the son is here, but she is going to get it in the next couple days, and I'm going to make sure she knows it is coming. She may have a tough time sitting down after we have our "discussion".


  1. Sounds to me like she is egging you on, William. Might be time to step it up ;)

  2. I agree with KellyRed, she's testing you.

  3. Yep, sounds like she really wants it. That's all good, right?


  4. All good with me, and she will get some attention regarding her latest actions.
    Thank you all for your comments.


  5. William,

    It sounds like she is actively trying to feel your control. You've made a lot of progress.


  6. Sticking her tongue out is definitely testing and challenging you. No way around that one. I know I wouldn't do it!