Friday, April 13, 2012


I want her to remember who owns her cunt, so during the day she is to apply deepheat to her Master's clit at regular times. Beginning in the morning, during lunch and again at the end of the day.

Her first response to me after the first application is,"Oh fuck, oh fuck!!!"

I guess I have her attention. she reports that she can hardly remain still in her seat all day at work. It is the worst right after she does it, then it calms some. It is always there though. Keeping her mind focused on Master's fuck hole, and the fact that he controls it's pleasure and pain...

When she finally arrives home after a very interesting day, she immediately strips naked and kneels at her Master's feet. Master's cunt is drooling down the inside of her thighs from her arousal. She is now officially a pain slut. A label she never thought would apply to her, but her body betrayed the fact that pain just made her wet. Embarrassingly so.

She kneeled there, hungry cunt gaping and begging to be filled. Her eyes cast down with her arms behind her back and her breasts thrust forward in offering to her Master, should he desire to use them for his pleasure.

He makes her stay in that position for several minutes. Watching her body fairly hum with excitement and tension. She needed to be used badly. The torment of the day had kept her in a high state of arousal.

He finally approached her and released his thickening cock from his pants. He idly stroked it in front of her lips. She licked them in anticipation of tasting him. He smiled at that. He loved to see the signs of her hunger.
He grabbed a handful of her hair and used it as a handle to guide her mouth down over his turgid cock. Her arms still behind her back since he didn't give her permission to move them.

He made long, deep strokes into her mouth and throat, fucking her mouth as if it were a cunt. She gagged several times on his thickness, but he took no notice of that, and just continued mouth fucking her. She was just a hole for his pleasure now. His speed increasing as his excitement mounted.

Soon he groaned and pumped a thick, hot load into her mouth and over her tongue. She moaned in pleasure at his gift. As his sub, she was never allowed to let his seed go to waste. After the spurts subsided, and her mouth was full, she held it there with her mouth open so he could see that she hadn't swallowed it yet. He finally nodded his head giving her permission to swallow. She did so with a faint smile on her lips.

She was now so aroused that her juices were dripping on the floor, leaving a puddle between her thighs. He tucked his softening cock into his pants and walked around her kneeling there. Deciding what he would do with her. Would he let her cum, or torment her a little longer. Deny her a release or not...

He walked up to her and placed his leg between her spread thighs, and pressed it against her sopping cunt. He could feel the heat emanating from her, and her wetness soon soaked through his pants leg.

"Hump Master's leg, my little bitch in heat. Do it good and I'll let you cum. Keep your arms behind your back though, just move your hips.", he ordered her.

A whimper escaped her lips as she began to rub herself against his clothed leg. She was certainly wet and horny. She was soon frantically humping his leg, breathing heavily and sweating.

"May I please cum Master?", she asked.

"It doesn't sound like you need it very bad, slut.", he responded. "You need to do a little better job of convincing me."

"Oh please Master, let your dirty little bitch cum for you. Let me cum all over your leg like the whore I am for you.", she begged.

With a smile, he told her,"Cum for Master. Cum you sexy little cunt."

With his words, she began to cum in mighty waves. She started to lose her rhythm with the intensity of the orgasm.

"Don't you stop, or you won't cum again for a month.", he warned her.

She picked up her rhythm again and continued cumming one after the other. Four, five, six orgasms. She was having to work hard to keep going. She was reaching the point of mental overload. He could see it in her eyes. She was drifting into subspace.

Snapping his fingers in front of her face, he told her to stop. She did after a couple more humps. She was out there and it took a couple seconds for his order to register in her brain that was now a few miles up in the stratosphere of subspace.

His pants leg was thoroughly soaked as well as his boot.

"Look at the mess you have made of Master's boot, slut. I think you better clean that up.", He told her.

Without hesitation she knelt down and began licking her juices from his boot. She licked it clean of any girl cum until it shone with her spit. He smiles in appreciation of her complete submission and devotion.

"Good girl slut. Come with me and I will let you get cleaned up before dinner.", he said as he tapped his hip with his hand. He walked away towards the bedroom, and she crawled on all fours after him to the room. She had a smile on her face as she followed. The obediant sub girl, happy to have pleased her Master...



  1. Oh my...deep heat William!!!... my eyes began to water..but did Master get the deep heat on his cock?


  2. Oh my that is so hot!
    I loved to read this story!

  3. Yikes! I've had deepheat on my nipples before--I can only imagine how bad it'd be on your clit! Amazing story as always, William! It's nice to see you around again!


  4. oh wow William such a hot story...yikes!!! on your clit!!! sound intriguing though...smiles

    blossom xx

  5. nice to see a story from you Sir and such a hot one too(no pun attended)hehehehe...
    cant wait unit you write the next one...