Monday, January 31, 2011

Nipple torture...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love inflicting nipple torture? Probably, but I wanted to talk about it some more. I love to pinch My sluts' nipples. They are quite large and stand out very far when erect. I love to suck on them until they get very hard, then I'll bite them. I can bite them quite hard while she is cumming, so that is when I get to play with them the most.

I have the tweezer type clamps and they seem to work good for her because they are completely adjustable. You can set them exactly how tight you want them if you are careful. I eventually want to get clover clamps for her, but that will probably be a ways down the road. I  really enjoy how they look when the clamps are on them. Pinching them really hard, mashing them almost flat. Of course the really fun part is when I take the clamps off and the blood flows back in. Such exquisite pain...

And then there is the hot wax. She can actually take wax all over her nipples with not much problem. I slowly dribble the wax directly on her nipples, and they become instantly erect. She never stops me from that. I always end up completely covering her breasts with the molten wax. Multiple colors. Then I make her cum, and you can see her nipples stand up really high and actually push up the wax. It is a very sexy view, seeing the wax bulge up over her nipple as her orgasm builds. I get hard just thinking about what it looks like.

What do you all think about nipple torture, both giving and receiving? What are your favorite techniques?



  1. nipple torment is delightful.

    there is nothing surer to make me cum explosively that my nipple in His mouth or between His strong fingers as he fucks me.


  2. Big fan! Needs more then just fingers and teeth thou.

  3. Oh yes.. nipple torture and lots of it makes my orgasms bigger and better and just wonderful.
    Took me years to find this out.. but now I know and there is no turning back!