Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little play...

We were able to play a bit tonight. Just vanilla stuff. I fucked her very ample tits while using her pocket rocket on her clit. She hadn't cum in over a week, and boy was it a big one to start. She started crying almost immediately. I gave her three or four good ones before she asked me to stop. Then it was my turn and I shot a big load across her cheek and down her neck. She looks so beautiful with my cum on her face.

We talked before hand about how things have sort of stagnated. She said it was because when she isn't feeling well, it is hard for her to feel open and sexy and to think about challenging things. I told her that it isn't always about sex, there is also the submission part to work on, and she promised to get back to working on that. I reminded her that she just needs to let go and step out of her comfort zone and take a chance. To trust me to take her safely to a new place she has never been before.

Hopefully we will soon be back on track. I think we will be.

She also said after, that she had been in a bad mood and frustrated today about nothing in particular. After she came, she realized she had been sexually frustrated and that was why she was so on edge. Too funny!
So new for her...


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