Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday...

As soon as he walked in the room, he knew something was up. His slave was in bed, and she was never in bed during the day. He had come home to surprise her and she was certainly surprised.

She kept taking furtive glances towards the wardrobe, so he knew that was the source of her nervousness. He opened the door to find another woman with her arms held protectively over her pert breasts.

"I guess I have two slaves to play with today.", he said with a grin, and pulling the girl out of the wardrobe, he removed his tie and used it to bind her arms behind her back.

"Tonight is going to be a lot of fun. Kneel before me.", he ordered, and the girls responded without question.
"Yes, a lot of fun."


  1. Mmmmm, nice. I need to try this Flash Fiction Friday. Give me an opp to write smut again. :)

  2. LOL! Looks like he came to surprise but he became the surprised one. Pleasantly surprised. ;-) Another wonderful FFF read.

  3. I'm glad you lovely ladies enjoyed my writing. I do enjoy writng nasty stories. It really gets the juices flowing!!!

  4. Very promising indeed!

    (btw, i would like to let you know that i have added your blog on my blogroll.)

    Best of luck,


  5. Thank you cassie. I enjoy reading your blog quite often.

  6. She was not the only one surprised we see. And now stuck with double the duty, poor poor boy. Nicely done.