Monday, January 3, 2011

she kneels...

Before Me she kneels. Her hands are behind her back, cuffed in the leather shackles I made for her. She is trembling, In fear or excitement I don't yet know. She is still learning to accept being bound. She trusts me, but it is still tough. I run my fingers through her hair and stroke her cheek as she leans towards my hand. My fingers trace her jawline and my thumb finds her moist lips. I trace her mouth with my thumb and slip it into her mouth. She sucks at my thumb like it is a small cock. Running her tongue around the tip of it and sucking it gently. I tilt her head up and give her a deep kiss. Tasting her need, her desire to please.

I walk behind her and, reaching around, take both breasts in my hands. I slowly roll her erect nipples between my fingers. They are very sensitive and she begins to moan as I stroke the hard bits of flesh. When they are rock hard I pinch them hard, eliciting a hissing intake of her breath. I squeeze until I sense she is about to try to pull away, then I stop and gently stroke them. Causing her to one again purr like a cat.

I get the nipple clamps and attach them one at a time. Her nipples are so hard, I'm sure they ache just from being that way, much less rhe pain caused by the clamps.

I reach down and slide my fingers along her now dripping cunt. There are little drops of moisture on the floor from her excitement. She sighs as my fingers glide through her wetness.  She jumps as I brush her throbbing clit. She acts as if an electric shock hit her. I stroke the hard little button and hear her breathing become deeper and more labored. Before she can cum, I slide three fingers deep into her hungry hole and begin to rub her swollen G-spot. She once again moves quickly towards an orgasm.

She asks to cum. I tell her not yet, to hold back. I see her struggling to hold back the impending explosion. While continuing to fuck her with my hand, I now start rubbing her sensitive clit. I see the struggle on her face and she asks again to cum. There is a note of desperation in her voice. I ask her how much does she need it.
Looking up at me with a desperate look, she begs me to let her cum. I smile at her and tell her to cum for me like a good slut. Her orgasm rips through her body like an electric shock. She spasms and jerks, and I feel a flood of juices gush over my fingers. She floods the floor and her thighs with her orgasm. She nearly screams with the intensity of the orgasm. She leans against my leg to keep from falling over as her legs turn to rubber. All strength gone from her thighs.

I hold her close as the tremors subside. Stroking her hair and and face. I put me fingers in her mouth to lick her juices from them. As she begins to calm, I grab a handful of her hair and tilt her head back. Kissing her deeply, violating her mouth with my tongue, tasting her essense. She sucks at my tongue in gratitude for her pleasure. I remove the clamps as I kiss her, not letting go as she grunts in agony as the blood returns to her tortured nipples. I give them both a pinch and twist to remind her that pleasure comes with a price.

I release her from her cuffs, and tell her to go shower and clean herself up. I want to use her body some more, but I want her to get freshened up a bit and re-energize herself so she can take what I have waiting for her.

I have only begun her torment...


  1. whew... now *that* was a great way to start the day :)

    lovely post!


  2. I'm glad you ladies liked my little story. I hope it gave you a little rush!

  3. should send us a pic for our tableau project