Thursday, June 30, 2011

She is opening up...

My slut is beginning to open up to me a little at a time. She is still too embarrassed to tell me how my stories make her feel, but she asked me today to keep writing them. I will give her a few a week and I told her I am not going to hold anything back. Everything I want to do, and want her to become will be in those stories. She told me that even if something scares her, she wants to read about it so she can learn to accept it and process it. I guess it's a non-threatening way for her to learn without having to actually experience them first hand. She will experience these things, but will know about them first.

I'm impressed that she is showing such desire to learn, and no fear for the things she knows is coming. I will post some of the stories, but not all. The last one I posted didn't draw any comments so maybe it wasn't as big a hit as I thought it would be.

I'm sure there will be some fear on her part, but I will ease her into my world and encourage her submission to me. I have a feeling she may be collared before the year is done. I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep working on her. Wish me luck everyone.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Last nights story...

Here is the story I wrote to My slut last night. She is under the weather, so she hasn't read it yet. I hope she likes it, and you too.


I take the rope and tie it around your chest. Binding your lovely tits tightly, making them stand out. Your nipples are hard and standing out, just begging to be pinched. I suck them a little then put the clamps on them, causing you to gasp a little. I drag my fingernails across the tight flesh bringing moans from your lips.
I take the leather cuffs and bind your hands behind your back. you are nervous but you know you can trust me to take care of you. I put a pillow on the floor and help you go to your knees. Kneeling in front of me, you look beautiful. I pull out the riding crop and begin to lightly slap all over your breasts. You are squirming and yelping a bit as I slap the tops and the undersides of your lovely tits. I even tap your clamped nipples making you moan. I then take to your ass with the crop. Slapping it loudly and making it start to turn red.
Next it is time for a good spanking. I've wanted to give you a real spanking for quite awhile. I want to make your tender ass bright red under my hand. I start with just light swats and gradually increase the strength of the slaps. Soon I am swatting you quite hard making your ass jiggle and you are moving around trying to avoid my hand.
Once your ass is nice and red I pull out my cock and move to in front of you. I press my hardness against your lips until they part and welcome it into the warm wetness of your mouth. I rub my cock across your tongue, enjoying the slight roughness. I slowly and gently fuck your mouth while holding your hair in my fists. Taking your mouth like I would your cunt. When I begin to get close I stop, but not before letting a little pre-cum  dribble onto your tongue. Just a taste for you.
I help you to your feet as I know you can't remain on your knees for too long. I lay you down on your chest on the foot of the bed so your ass is exposed to me. I then take the flogger to give you a nice flogging like you need. I give you heavy full lashes with the flogger, letting it hit you with thudding strikes. Not the flicking lashes you hates, but the heavy thuds you like. your ass is nice and red now and ready for the cane. Now that you've had your favorite, time for mine.
I give you a little warm up, but not much as your ass is already glowing. I cover your tender ass with stripes. Crossing lines cover your sweet cheeks. I stop and kiss all over your ass and I can feel the heat radiating from it. I tell you I am going to give you ten hard lashes on each cheek, then we will be done with the spankings. I give you the first hard lash and you feel a fiery line across your ass cheek. I go from one cheek to the other, leaving welts and bringing tears to your eyes. I want you to cry for me, My slut. Give me your pain. Soon enough I am done and your ass is a beautiful artwork of lines.
I help you to your feet and remove the cuffs from your wrists and the clamps from your nipples. I hold you close to my chest as your tears subside and your breathing slows. You are such a good slut, taking my pain and giving me your tears in return. Although you cry, I reach down and feel the wetness of your cunt. You are turned on much to your embarrassment. The wetness is dripping down your thighs as I begin to finger your cunt. Sliding two fingers inside you as I stroke your clit with my thumb.
You ask me if you may cum, and I tell you only if you ask me properly. I want you to say,"May I please cum, Sir?" Yuo look at me and say what I want to hear. I tell you yes, My slut. Cum for me. You have given me your pain, now give me your pleasure. I told you tight and support you as you cum. Your knees threatening to give way as the pleasure pulses through you.
I help you lay back on the bed as your first orgasm subsides. I grab the vibrator and dildo and go to work on your sopping wet cunt. The dildo slides easily into you. Deep inside your wetness. As soon as the vibrator hits your clit, you explode. Your cunt spasms around the dildo, squeezing it and trying to push it out. I force it in and out of you, fucking you fast and hard with it as you cum and cum, moaning aloud, unable to control yourself. You cum so many times I lose count. You beg me to stop, but I say not until you have one more orgasm. You do and I slowly remove the dildo from your spasming cunt and take the vibrator from your clit. 
You are breathing hard from the exertion of cumming so much. I spread your legs and slide between them. Placing the head of my swollen cock at the entrance of your open cunt, I push into you in one quick thrust. You are so wet, I slide all the way in with no resistance. I start with long slow strokes, pulling almost all the way out before pushing in as deep as I can go. Feeling my balls up against your ass. I begin a slow rhythm of fucking you, then I will give you a few quick strokes making you gasp. Fast then slow, back and forth not letting you get used to it. Giving you different sensations to excite you.
As I feel my self begin to get close to cumming, I grab your tits and squeeze them tight as I plow into your wet cunt as hard as I can. My balls are slapping your ass as I feel the cum begin to boil in my balls. Just as I am about to cum, I pull out and shoot my hot cum all over your open cunt. Rubbing the head of my cock on your clit as my juices gush from the swollen head of my cock. Covering your cunt in my hot juice. The feeling of my cum and the rubbing of my cock on your clit makes you orgasm one last time.
I collapse on you as we both lie there breathing hard, covered in sweat and love juices. I mash my lips to yours, kissing you hard and deep. Probing your mouth with my tongue. You suck my tongue in passion as I wrap your hair in one fist with my other hand on your throat. Holding but not choking, letting you feel that you are mine and mine alone.
Once we are calm, I unbind your breasts and cover them with wet kisses. Tracing the rope marks with my tongue, and enjoying the way they look with my marks. I run my hands over your ass and feel the raised welts from my earlier ministrations. I love when you wear my marks. I want you to feel me for days after and know how much I love you with every stripe. I take you to the shower and gently bathe you, washing your hair and body as the warm water cascades over your well used body. The body I love so much. Just touching you makes my cock begin to stir again.
"Ready for round two?", I ask...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

She liked my story...

Well she read the story and said it was good. She told me she couldn't say how it made her feel though. That usually means it turned her on, but she is too embarrassed to admit it yet. She did ask me to write her more stories. She said I wrote very well.

It prompted us to have a very good session with a harder caning and a good flogging. Then she surprised me by asking if I had anything else, so I pulled out the crop. I haven't used that in forever and never very hard. She said it didn't hurt when I first started, so I really started smacking her ass hard. She changed her mind after that.

Then I got her vibrator and after she came once she told me to go ahead and get the dildo. Just a little bit though she said. Well I ended up fucking her as deep as it would go and she came a few times on it. She was soaking wet after the beating, which still embarrasses her...grins!!!

We finished with a good fucking, but then later last night she said she wanted more, but her stomach was upset. I think she is becoming a real slut. Even more than she realizes. Pain is becoming a more desired and needed thing for her. I am thrilled with the progress she is making in just the last couple months. I think I will have me a real pain slut on my hands soon.         

Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is a story I wrote and sent to My slut tonight. She hasn't read it yet since she is already asleep, but I told her I was going to write her something. Before I post it though, we had a really nice talk tonight. Probably the best in a long time. We talked about my sadism and how it didn't scare her, which kind of scared her that she wasn't frightened by it. We both got a laugh out if it. I told her maybe she is a masochist and doesn't know it yet. She told me right out tonight that she likes the flogger. She couldn't say it while looking in my eyes, but it is an improvement. I told her how I wanted to hurt her and she said it didn't scare her at all. Tonight was a very good night even though we didn't play. We will tomorrow though.

So with no further delay, near is the story I sent her. I hope you all enjoy it, but most of all, I hope My slut does. I'll let you know her reaction. By the way, I signed it with the name she calls me when we are alone.


The room is prepared. Candles lit, music on in the background. Tonight you will really shine. I have you undress for me. I love to see you naked, the shyness you display even after all these years makes me smile. You try to cover yourself with your hands, but I gently move them to your sides and look over every inch of you. I feel my cock stirring already. You still make me instantly hard even after all this time.
I have you get out the toys I want. The flogger you have grown to love, and the cane you still resist. My ropes and cuffs, the nipple clamps, and of course the dildo. You will feel both of my cocks in you tonight. Your hands shake a bit in excitement and maybe a little apprehension as you lay out the toys. Lastly you grab your favorite, the pocket rocket. The thing that pushes you over the abyss into orgasmic ecstasy.
I take the cuffs and bind your wrists together in front of you. Then I turn you to face the bed and grabbing the rope I bind your legs together at the knees. I have you bend at the waist and rest your elbows on the foot of the bed, leaving your ass exposed and ready for my enjoyment.
I stroke your sweet ass tenderly as I prepare you for my marks. I give your ass a few light swats with my hand. Just some playful spanks to get your attention and to let you know what is in store for you. I take the cane and begin stroking it up and down your ass and thighs. Caressing you with it. I start with some light taps like I usually do, but tonight you know it will be different. It will hurt more than before. You will have marks to feel and see for days afterwards. You will take my pain because you are My good slut, and because you know I need this.
The first hard lash is about as hard as I've hit you before, but the next is harder. You gasp a bit, but you can take it. I tell you that you are strong, that you can handle my pain because I am here to protect you and take care of you. I give you another hard lash and you whimper a bit, biting your lip. I tell you to just breath and relax. To trust me and you will be fine. I will hurt you, but never harm you. I begin to really give you a really good caning. Your ass is on fire, but I have my hand on the small of your back, comforting you and steadying you. You can handle my pain. You can take it.
The stripes are looking beautiful across your ass. There are welts beginning to appear here and there. I stop and run my tongue along the length of each welt. Soothing them with the wetness of my mouth. Tears are coming to your eyes. I can hear little sobs escaping your lips. This is what I wanted from you, what I needed. Your release of pain. I kiss away your salty tears and kiss your moist lips while I stroke your tender ass. I can feel the raised welts and I feel my cock get even harder.
Time for your new favorite. Time to flog My slut's ass. Before I do though, I get the nipple clamps and put them on your lovely hard nipples. Before I begin with the flogger I reach between your legs and find your cunt is already quite wet. I slip a finger inside, eliciting a moan from you. You are really wet, My dirty little slut. I grab the dildo and, bending you over, slowly slide it inside you. Now that you are filled I begin to flog your tender little ass. Side to side I whip your ass. First one cheek, then the other. I whip you hard to bring a nice red glow to your ass. I want you to remember this night for a long time.
After a few minutes of hard flogging I grab the vibrator, and as I begin to fuck you with the dildo, I press the vibrator to your clit and tell you to cum for me, My slut. I fuck you fast with the dildo as I hear you begin to cum. Crying once again for me. This time in pleasure as your orgasm rips through your body. I don't stop until you are beginning to get weak from all the orgasms. I then lay you back on the bed to relax. You have done a great job. I am so proud of My slut.
I untie your legs and prop your head up on the pillows. Kissing you deeply, showing you how much I love you and how proud I am of you. As you relax I undress, my cock steel hard. I remove the clamps from your tender nipples and give them each a gentle suck. I grab a candle and begin to dribble the hot wax over your full breasts. Watching it coat each erect nipple, one color at a time until your tits are a colorful bit of erotic art. I stroke your cunt again and you are dripping wet. your juices running down the crack of your ass onto the bed.
I move up and straddle your chest, stroking my cock just inches from your mouth. I rub the head, wet with my precum, across your lips, then slowly slide my hardness into your wet mouth. I slowly fuck in and out of your mouth. Not too deep. Just slowly enjoying the sensation of the wet warmth of your mouth. Feeling your tongue rubbing the underside of my cock as I move between your lips. I feel myself nearing the point of no return. I want to cum in your mouth, but not tonight.
I move down and place the head of my cock against the slick opening of your cunt. I slide all the way in, in one quick thrust. You are so wet I am deep inside you with no resistance. I begin to slowly fuck you in long deep strokes. All the way out until just the head is in, then I plunge back in as far as I can go. I run my thumb across your lips and push it into your wet mouth. I tell you to suck it like it's my cock. Show me how good you can suck cock. You start sucking my thumb like the dirty slut I know you want to be for me. The sight and sensation of watching you work my thumb like a small cock is driving me quickly towards my orgasm.
As I get close I quicken my pace, telling you I'm going to fill you with my hot cum. You start to really suck my thumb hard and fast like you are trying to milk it dry. I groan and fill your hot cunt with my cum. Hot spurt after hot spurt fills you until your cunt overflows and my cum runs out into the bed. I keep fucking you until I am spent, then collapse on you. Exhausted and happy as I wrap my arms around you. Covering you with kisses.
I unbind you and clean the wax from your breasts. Time for a shower, and as you walk by I give your ass one last hard swat. Your pretty ass is criss-crossed with lovely stripes, just how I want it. I then smile and cover your ass with kisses before taking you to the shower and washing you tenderly from head to toe.
I love you, My slut,
Mr Big Cock   

Thursday, June 23, 2011

neglecting my blog...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been fighting off a cold the last week, so not a lot of action. I will be writing a story tonight or tomorrow at the latest to sate your appetites. I have a really good outline in my head all ready and it will be pretty hot. I appreciate all of my readers hanging in with me during this short dry spell.

I promise I will make it worth your patience.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

A happy Saturday...

Although it started slow, today turned out to be a pretty good day.

I told her I wanted her to suck me off first. She hadn't done that in a long time, and I wanted to last longer when we fucked. It has been a few days since we last did it, so I had a good load built up. I made sure I told her what a good job she was doing. She sucked me good and I loved everything about it except the fact that she didn't swallow...sigh...Maybe someday.

After I had a good orgasm we both cleaned up and I gave her a massage for doing such a good job. After the massage I got the cane. She still claims to hate it, but... I started out light as usual of course to warm her up. I was determined to give her a harder caning this time. I tapped around one cheek, then I'd give her a good whack. Switch to the other side and repeat. This time though, each hard lash was a bit harder than before. I made sure to take a few short breaks to kiss and nibble on her ears, making her giggle and keep the mood light.

I kept on giving her harder lashes and making such lovely stripes on her ass. She was squirming around pretty good and finally asked me if I was almost done. I tols her a couple more and I would give her the flogging she wanted. I gave her two more hard ones on each cheek, making her gasp just a bit.

I then gave her more kisses and nibbles on her neck and ears to keep her calm and happy. I then grabbed the flogger. Since she was already warmed up, I started in pretty hard right away. Giving the flogger a flick of my wrist to make it kind of snap on her ass. She says she hates it when I do it that way, but she doesn't try to move away or stop me. I gave her ass a nice glow and the stripes from the cane were still showing pretty good.  'll have to check tomorrow to see if they are still there. She started getting sore from the flogger so I told her a few more and I would stop. I gave her five hard ones on one cheek, and as she started squirming, I switched and gave her five on the other cheek.

Putting down the flogger I kissed and stroked her telling her what a good girl she was for taking my pain so well. She asked for her vibrator and I showed her that I already had it in my hand. We changed positions so she was laying back comfortably as I got between her legs. She had a very strong orgasm, after asking permission first of course. After a couple more smaller ones, she asked me to please fuck her.

I found her to be extremely wet. More than just the orgasm could explain. I smiled and told her I knew the caning turned her on too, of which she denied. I just told her it made me happy to know that, and she said she isn't ready to admit that yet. We both know the truth though, so that's OK.

Since I had already cum once I lasted for a long time, in fact she asked me to cum because she was starting to get sore from the pounding. I almost forgot. I started fucking her really fast and shallow, I can't usually do this very long without cumming, but my previous orgasm gave me the ability to do it this time. This really feels good to her. I did it for quite awhile and could tell by her face that she was going to cum. I kept going until I felt her cunt spasm around my cock as she bit her lip. She smiled and asked me if I had felt it. I smiled back and told her of course.

Since she was getting sore I let my orgasm build until I filled her with a hot load. We both sighed in contentment and smiled at each other.

Later we went out for an early Father's Day dinner. As we got in the car she told me her cunt was still sore with a grin on her face. A great fuck followed by a nice dinner. What more could I ask for on Father's Day.

I hope all you Father's out there have a good day on Sunday.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

To give pain...

I need to give My slut some pain. I told her I was feeling wicked today, and she asked me if that meant it was going to hurt. I told her yes, but that I would make her feel wonderful afterwards. We weren't able to play tonight because we were out later than planned and she was tired by the time we got home. We are going to play tomorrow afternoon when we have more time.

I'm going to test her to see how hard of a caning she can take. I am determined to mark her and I told her so. I am going to leave some welts on her pretty ass. She is accepting of it though she doesn't like it still. That does make me proud that she is willing to take a hard caning for my pleasure only.

I told her I want to get a really good blowjob from her. I want her to make me cum with her mouth. I know I won't be able to cum in her mouth, but I do want her to taste me and wear my cum on her face. I love to shoot all over her lips on the rare occasion I get to.

I will post an in-depth account of what happens tomorrow night. I hope you all have a wicked weekend!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back on track...

Well my trip was a blast. Much needed relaxation and fun with buddies. They don't know about my "tastes", so I can't talk to any of them about that part of my life, but that's OK. My batteries are now re-charged for another year.

Me and My slut finally got to play again tonight. She asked me if we had to use the cane again, and of course we did. I caned her pretty good. Not as hard as the last time, but it's been well over a week since she was last caned. Her tolerance may have waned a bit. I gave her some decent marks that I'm sure won't stay though. I did give her a harder flogging though. I made her ass redder than I have ever before, and she was squirming quite a bit by the time I finished.

She once again tried to hide her arousal. Why I have no idea. I told her I know she's a slut, so why bother hiding it. That made us both laugh. She got to cum quite a few times, including once after she didn't want to any more. I then fucked her for quite awhile, holding off longer than I thought I would considering it's been almost a week, before I shot quite a large load across her belly.

It felt good to get back on track and I'm sure her training will start getting more advanced now that the pressure of finances is a bit lessened. Although her period is due to start soon. So a slight delay will come, but then look out!

On another note, when I got home Sunday, My slut literally bounced out into the garage to give me a big hug and many kisses. She said she really missed me. More than she ever had before. I told her she needs to greet me like that every night..grins!!!

Good to be back.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A missed connection...

Yesterday we butted heads a bit after I got home for work. Things smoothed out, but afterwards My slut asked me why I hadn't come in to play while our son was playing on the computer like usual. I told her I figured she didn't want to have anything to do with me. She responded that she wasn't mad anymore, and had wanted to play. If she had only told me so earlier...Geez...

She will get her caning and flogging either tonight or tomorrow. I think she is looking forward to the caning as well as the flogging, even though she denies it. She makes no bad comments about it other than saying she doesn't like it, but there is no attempt to get out of it. I think she will eventually admit to getting turned on by it.

In a side note, I will be gone from Thurs. through Sunday, so no posts. Going on my yearly motorcycle get away with friends. I will think of some good things to post when I get back. I know my posting has been spotty lately and I am going to change that. If I don't post before then, everyone have a great weekend. I will hopefully have something to say before then.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Her marks....

They didn't stay. Damn! The funny thing is, if she bumps into a wall she bruises really easy. I told her we'll have to do it harder next time and she just gave a wry smile. She told me she prefers doing the cane first, before the flogger, even though she still hates it. I asked her if she noticed I was flogging her harder last time, and she said she did, but she just took it. I told her what a good little slut she was for that. She says she does the cane only for me. That makes me happy. I told her we will definitely be doing it more often and she said OK.

School is out soon and she said she will be resting more during the day so she can stay up later. That way we will be able to do things after the boy goes to sleep more often.

She was telling her friend about the flogger and cane the other day and she told me she couldn't believe she was telling her that. Her friend is texting another man in another state, her husband is acting like My slut used to, and she's sick of it, and she said he is like me. Her friend said she didn't know if she could handle this kind of play, and My slut told her she would have never thought she would be able to either. I almost said I could show her, but I don't think that would go over well. You never know though. I'll have to tell her that if her friend has any questions, I would be willing to answer them.

I see little signs of her starting to accept my pain more and more. She has absolutely no fear of me using the cane even though she doesn't claim to enjoy it. I think that will change eventually. She used to hate the flogger too. I will get her to the point where she asks for it, and wants me to leave her with welts. She commented about not being able to sit if I did that. I told her she would be able to sit, but she would feel what happened to remind her.

Hell, I'm getting turned on just thinking about it. I gave her a couple hard swats with my hand this morning just for fun. She said "OW", and I just smiled. She smiled back...


Friday, June 3, 2011

A good caning...

Well we finally had a chance to play yesterday. Wednesday didn't go well for a few reasons I won't go into. she said she wanted to start with the cane to,"get it over with". I was fine with that, so I got the cane and started lightly as I usually did. Just warming her up. This time though I started tapping harder than I usually do. Then giving her harder lashes.

I gave her quite a few hard ones, then I would stop and stroke her hair and tell her she was doing good. By this time her ass was getting quite a few more significant stripes on her ass. There were probably 10-12 criss cross stripes. I didn't get to check this morning if they were still there, but I will tonight. I whipped her more times than that, but those were the harder ones intended to leave marks. she told me she was getting to her limit so I told her I would give her two more on each cheek. I gave her the hardest ones of the session to finish up.

I gave her kisses on the neck and ears and stroked her hair as I told her what a good girl she was and how proud I was of her for doing so good. I told her that was the most she ever took. Her response was that I still wanted to go harder. I agreed, but that we are working up to that. She wasn't sure if she could take the flogger, but after a few minutes she told me she was ready for it.

Using the flogger I started out pretty hard and kept going at a strength that she usually tells me I am whipping her too hard. She never said a word about it hurting and I did it for at least five minutes. I actually got a bit of a glow going on her ass before she asked me if I was getting tired yet. I told her I could go on all night. After a few more strokes I told her I would give her two more lashes on each side before stopping like before. I gave her two more hard ones on each side before stopping and giving her more care.

I told her again how proud I was of her fro taking more than she had before.

We finished as usual with me making her cum multiple times, then fucking her. I lasted much longer this time since I went very slow at first until I got into a rhythm so I could relax and hold on as long as I wanted to. I went until she started getting sore then pulled out and came across her belly like she loves to watch me do.

It went pretty much how I hoped it would. I even pinched her nipples pretty hard while she was cumming without her asking me to back off on it. It was another big step in the direction I want, and I believe she will continue to get more submissive and give me more of her body to use.

She told me after words that she was really close to asking for the dildo. She has never let me, and says she doesn't like them because the way her ex used them on her. Another big step and a sign of her letting go.

A good night for sure. To be followed by many more good nights.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sadistic urges...

My last post referred to the fact that I am in withdrawal. I'm having a really strong desire to give My slut pain. I want to give her a hard caning. I want to leave heavy marks that are sure to stay for days. Not just the couple moderate stinging lashes she will only let me do now, not the stripes that last 5 minutes. I don't know if she is up to it, but that doesn't stop the desire. I am going to talk to her tonight and tell her about how I am feeling. I have no idea how she will react, but she knows I have these urges and I have to tell her that I am having a difficult time right now keeping them reined in without an outlet.

I hope she will be up to taking a heavier caning. I will just explain to her that, yes it will hurt, probably quite a bit, but it will not last and I will make it up to her. She may cry, but I will hold her and comfort her afterwards. It will also make me extremely happy and give me some release from this angst. Will it work? I haven't a clue. I hope so.

I have faith that if I am honest with her about how much I need this, and assure her that she will be paid back in spades in pleasure to offset the bit of pain she takes for me, she may agree. I am cautiously optimistic.

Wish me luck.