Saturday, June 18, 2011

To give pain...

I need to give My slut some pain. I told her I was feeling wicked today, and she asked me if that meant it was going to hurt. I told her yes, but that I would make her feel wonderful afterwards. We weren't able to play tonight because we were out later than planned and she was tired by the time we got home. We are going to play tomorrow afternoon when we have more time.

I'm going to test her to see how hard of a caning she can take. I am determined to mark her and I told her so. I am going to leave some welts on her pretty ass. She is accepting of it though she doesn't like it still. That does make me proud that she is willing to take a hard caning for my pleasure only.

I told her I want to get a really good blowjob from her. I want her to make me cum with her mouth. I know I won't be able to cum in her mouth, but I do want her to taste me and wear my cum on her face. I love to shoot all over her lips on the rare occasion I get to.

I will post an in-depth account of what happens tomorrow night. I hope you all have a wicked weekend!



  1. Have a wonderful and wicked weekend yourself!

  2. Enjoy.. sounds like a good time will be had by both of you .

    I don't mark easily either and if there are marks they don't last long. sigh..wish they did!