Sunday, June 26, 2011

She liked my story...

Well she read the story and said it was good. She told me she couldn't say how it made her feel though. That usually means it turned her on, but she is too embarrassed to admit it yet. She did ask me to write her more stories. She said I wrote very well.

It prompted us to have a very good session with a harder caning and a good flogging. Then she surprised me by asking if I had anything else, so I pulled out the crop. I haven't used that in forever and never very hard. She said it didn't hurt when I first started, so I really started smacking her ass hard. She changed her mind after that.

Then I got her vibrator and after she came once she told me to go ahead and get the dildo. Just a little bit though she said. Well I ended up fucking her as deep as it would go and she came a few times on it. She was soaking wet after the beating, which still embarrasses her...grins!!!

We finished with a good fucking, but then later last night she said she wanted more, but her stomach was upset. I think she is becoming a real slut. Even more than she realizes. Pain is becoming a more desired and needed thing for her. I am thrilled with the progress she is making in just the last couple months. I think I will have me a real pain slut on my hands soon.         


  1. That's really good that she liked the story! (I know I did, lol.) I know pain was something I grew to like over several months. Now I can't live without it. Just keep pushing her a little bit at a time and I'm sure she'll come to need it in no time. :)


  2. I hear a lot about women who get wet even if they don't like what is happening, such as a beating. For some reason, our bodies respond to the power held over us...