Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is a story I wrote and sent to My slut tonight. She hasn't read it yet since she is already asleep, but I told her I was going to write her something. Before I post it though, we had a really nice talk tonight. Probably the best in a long time. We talked about my sadism and how it didn't scare her, which kind of scared her that she wasn't frightened by it. We both got a laugh out if it. I told her maybe she is a masochist and doesn't know it yet. She told me right out tonight that she likes the flogger. She couldn't say it while looking in my eyes, but it is an improvement. I told her how I wanted to hurt her and she said it didn't scare her at all. Tonight was a very good night even though we didn't play. We will tomorrow though.

So with no further delay, near is the story I sent her. I hope you all enjoy it, but most of all, I hope My slut does. I'll let you know her reaction. By the way, I signed it with the name she calls me when we are alone.


The room is prepared. Candles lit, music on in the background. Tonight you will really shine. I have you undress for me. I love to see you naked, the shyness you display even after all these years makes me smile. You try to cover yourself with your hands, but I gently move them to your sides and look over every inch of you. I feel my cock stirring already. You still make me instantly hard even after all this time.
I have you get out the toys I want. The flogger you have grown to love, and the cane you still resist. My ropes and cuffs, the nipple clamps, and of course the dildo. You will feel both of my cocks in you tonight. Your hands shake a bit in excitement and maybe a little apprehension as you lay out the toys. Lastly you grab your favorite, the pocket rocket. The thing that pushes you over the abyss into orgasmic ecstasy.
I take the cuffs and bind your wrists together in front of you. Then I turn you to face the bed and grabbing the rope I bind your legs together at the knees. I have you bend at the waist and rest your elbows on the foot of the bed, leaving your ass exposed and ready for my enjoyment.
I stroke your sweet ass tenderly as I prepare you for my marks. I give your ass a few light swats with my hand. Just some playful spanks to get your attention and to let you know what is in store for you. I take the cane and begin stroking it up and down your ass and thighs. Caressing you with it. I start with some light taps like I usually do, but tonight you know it will be different. It will hurt more than before. You will have marks to feel and see for days afterwards. You will take my pain because you are My good slut, and because you know I need this.
The first hard lash is about as hard as I've hit you before, but the next is harder. You gasp a bit, but you can take it. I tell you that you are strong, that you can handle my pain because I am here to protect you and take care of you. I give you another hard lash and you whimper a bit, biting your lip. I tell you to just breath and relax. To trust me and you will be fine. I will hurt you, but never harm you. I begin to really give you a really good caning. Your ass is on fire, but I have my hand on the small of your back, comforting you and steadying you. You can handle my pain. You can take it.
The stripes are looking beautiful across your ass. There are welts beginning to appear here and there. I stop and run my tongue along the length of each welt. Soothing them with the wetness of my mouth. Tears are coming to your eyes. I can hear little sobs escaping your lips. This is what I wanted from you, what I needed. Your release of pain. I kiss away your salty tears and kiss your moist lips while I stroke your tender ass. I can feel the raised welts and I feel my cock get even harder.
Time for your new favorite. Time to flog My slut's ass. Before I do though, I get the nipple clamps and put them on your lovely hard nipples. Before I begin with the flogger I reach between your legs and find your cunt is already quite wet. I slip a finger inside, eliciting a moan from you. You are really wet, My dirty little slut. I grab the dildo and, bending you over, slowly slide it inside you. Now that you are filled I begin to flog your tender little ass. Side to side I whip your ass. First one cheek, then the other. I whip you hard to bring a nice red glow to your ass. I want you to remember this night for a long time.
After a few minutes of hard flogging I grab the vibrator, and as I begin to fuck you with the dildo, I press the vibrator to your clit and tell you to cum for me, My slut. I fuck you fast with the dildo as I hear you begin to cum. Crying once again for me. This time in pleasure as your orgasm rips through your body. I don't stop until you are beginning to get weak from all the orgasms. I then lay you back on the bed to relax. You have done a great job. I am so proud of My slut.
I untie your legs and prop your head up on the pillows. Kissing you deeply, showing you how much I love you and how proud I am of you. As you relax I undress, my cock steel hard. I remove the clamps from your tender nipples and give them each a gentle suck. I grab a candle and begin to dribble the hot wax over your full breasts. Watching it coat each erect nipple, one color at a time until your tits are a colorful bit of erotic art. I stroke your cunt again and you are dripping wet. your juices running down the crack of your ass onto the bed.
I move up and straddle your chest, stroking my cock just inches from your mouth. I rub the head, wet with my precum, across your lips, then slowly slide my hardness into your wet mouth. I slowly fuck in and out of your mouth. Not too deep. Just slowly enjoying the sensation of the wet warmth of your mouth. Feeling your tongue rubbing the underside of my cock as I move between your lips. I feel myself nearing the point of no return. I want to cum in your mouth, but not tonight.
I move down and place the head of my cock against the slick opening of your cunt. I slide all the way in, in one quick thrust. You are so wet I am deep inside you with no resistance. I begin to slowly fuck you in long deep strokes. All the way out until just the head is in, then I plunge back in as far as I can go. I run my thumb across your lips and push it into your wet mouth. I tell you to suck it like it's my cock. Show me how good you can suck cock. You start sucking my thumb like the dirty slut I know you want to be for me. The sight and sensation of watching you work my thumb like a small cock is driving me quickly towards my orgasm.
As I get close I quicken my pace, telling you I'm going to fill you with my hot cum. You start to really suck my thumb hard and fast like you are trying to milk it dry. I groan and fill your hot cunt with my cum. Hot spurt after hot spurt fills you until your cunt overflows and my cum runs out into the bed. I keep fucking you until I am spent, then collapse on you. Exhausted and happy as I wrap my arms around you. Covering you with kisses.
I unbind you and clean the wax from your breasts. Time for a shower, and as you walk by I give your ass one last hard swat. Your pretty ass is criss-crossed with lovely stripes, just how I want it. I then smile and cover your ass with kisses before taking you to the shower and washing you tenderly from head to toe.
I love you, My slut,
Mr Big Cock   


  1. Wow, she is a lucky woman and you are a wonderful husband.
    Enjoy :)

  2. I agree with SBF. Very arousing..

  3. Whew. Lovely. And hot. She is lucky.


  4. I think it's great that she is growing to be able to admit what she likes and does not, even if you already knew. I can definitely understand her struggle to come to terms with what she "does" like with what she thinks she "should" like. :)