Sunday, November 4, 2012

First time for a slave...

   After months of e-mails, texts and phone calls, they were finally going to meet in person. They lived far apart, but had connected on a level unexpected by either of them. This was to be the moment they had both anticipated for a long time. A room had been rented in her name and she would arrive first to get ready for him. Once settled in she would text him the room number. He would be there at
1 P.M. he told her and she would be ready for him. He instructed her on how she would be dressed and how she would greet him.

   He arrived at the arranged time and went up to the room. He tapped lightly on the door, and heard footsteps approaching. She opened the door just a crack, enough for him to hold it open, then she went back to get in the proper position. He counted to ten slowly, both to calm himself and to give her the time to be ready for him.

   He walked in and there she was. Kneeling on the floor facing away from him and towards the chair he would sit in. She was wearing the button up dress he had told her to wear, black stockings and high heels. Her face was to the floor, arms outstretched in front of her with her long red hair spread out around her head. He took his time removing his coat and laying out the items he had brought with him to use on his slave this afternoon. He also wanted her to hear him moving around and not know what he was doing. Just to add to the anticipation.

   Once he was ready, he walked towards her. Her luscious ass round and firm. Legs parted to give access to his property. He ran his hands over the smooth globes of her ass through the dress. Then he lifted up the back of the dress and stroked the pale flesh. He could feel her body fairly humming in anticipation. He reached down and dipped his fingers between the silken folds of her cunt. She was already wet as he knew she would be. A moan escaped her lips as he stroked her there, giving her clit a little rub and slipping a finger inside her molten center. He brought his fingers to his mouth to taste her juices. She was as delicious as he had imagined she would be.

   He walked around her prostrate form and sat in the chair, just looking at his kneeling slave for a few moments. Enjoying the view before him.

   “Kneel up slave.”, he told her. Speaking for the first time. She knelt up and placed her arms behind her back as she was trained. Her eyes were down at the floor, but her breasts were pushed out proud as he had taught her to do. It was a simple dress, but it hugged her curves and he knew underneath she wore a sexy bra and stockings only. Her tits were as large as he had known they were and they looked full and juicy. He couldn't wait to get his hands and mouth on them.

   “Look at me slave.”, he told her, and she looked up, finally making eye contact. Her eyes were a beautiful blue. He had never realized just how blue they were from their training sessions on the webcam. A lovely smile spread across her lips, answered by the one on his face. Finally they were looking at each other in person, not through a computer screen.

“Hello slave.”, he said.

“Hello Master.”, she responded.

   “Come to me.”, he instructed her, and she got down on all fours and slowly crawled to him. Taking her time to crawl the few feet. Enjoying the feeling of being at his feet and showing her devotion and submission. Once she got to him, she placed her head against the inside on his knee and stopped there awaiting her Master's orders.

   “Kneel up slave.”, he told her, and she once again did so while putting her arms behind her back. He smiled at how well she was performing considering it was her first time performing in person for him, and he knew she was nervous. He looked down into her blue eyes, grabbed a handful of her long red hair, and pulled her mouth to his. The first contact of their mouths set aflame their desires. The kisses were intense and rough. Her cock sucker red lipstick was soon gone in the passion of their kissing. He raped her mouth with his tongue. His hand on her throat as he devoured her lips. They were both breathing hard with desire.

   He reached down and unhooked the first two buttons of her dress. He could see her voluminous cleavage within. Running his fingers inside her lace bra, her tits were soft and smooth. The flesh tender and juicy. He wanted to sink his teeth into her right there, but he refrained for now. unfastening a couple more buttons, he pulled the top of her dress open to expose her breasts. The bra was very sexy and it hold her round tits out to him, just begging for his attention. He hefted them in his hands. They were heavy and full like he loved them. He squeezed them and pinched at her nipples through the material. She sighed and thrust her chest forward. Offering his property to him.

   “Stand up slave.”, he ordered her and offered her his hand to help her up. She stood in front of him, her tits at eye level. He undid the rest of the buttons on her dress and looked at her full figure. Delicious full thighs and big tits. The body of a woman. Her cunt cleanly shaven as it was to always be for her Master. He ran his fingers between her nether lips just to get her warmed up.

   He stood up wrapped his arms around her shoulders before reaching down between her legs. She gasped as her rubbed her swollen clit. She was getting wetter by the moment and she was unsteady on her heels, but she didn't move. Her breathing quickened as he fingered her wet cunt.

   “Cum for Master.”, he said simply, and she moaned and came on his fingers. An intense orgasm and he held her to keep her from falling with the intensity of the orgasm. Her first ever directly at his hands, and she was panting with desire.

   “Thank you Master.”, she said before he kissed her again. The kisses were hot and hungry. They both wanted to devour each other. He spun her around to stand behind her. He mauled her tits and pinched her hard little nipples as he bit the side of her neck. Holding her by the throat, he grazed his sharp incisors along the side of her neck, biting into the tender flesh. Be pressed his steel hard cock against her hands that were behind her back as always, and the grabbed with thick member. A moan escaping her lips as she finally felt her Master's cock.

   He released her and turned her to face him again. He kissed her and pinched her nipples through the bra again.

“Master may I see your cock?”, she asked pleadingly.

“Yes slave.”, he answered with a smile.

   She dropped to her knees again and began undoing his jeans. He unbuckled his belt, and she undid the button and quickly. Almost desperately unzipped his jeans. She pushed his pants down to his knees and just stared at the turgid member before her eyes for a few moments. The tip slick with pre-cum.

“May I touch it Master?”, she asked as she looked up at him with needy eyes.

“Yes slave.”, he answered with a smile.

   She lightly grasped it, stroking the shaft tenderly, cupping his balls, admiring it as it throbbed in front of her. He could see her thinking, the hunger apparent in her movements. She started to move towards it, then stopped and pulled back. Started forward again, and stopped. He could tell she was wanting to taste him, but wasn't sure what to do. Finally she looked up at him.

“Master, may I suck you?”, she almost pleaded.

   “Worship Master's cock, slave.”, he told her. No sooner had the words left his lips, then she grabbed the thick shaft and took the shiny head into her wet inviting mouth. He sighed with the pleasure of it. He hadn't had a proper blowjob in years, and his slave apparently knew what she was doing. She hungrily and wetly sucked his hard cock. Her tongue swirling around the head. Her tongue dipping into his pee hole to taste the pre-cum. She sucked him and he could feel it stream out of his shaft. She moaned at getting the first taste his juice. She had never swallowed cum before, but that was to change that day.

   She stroked his shaft with her hands and used her tongue is ways he had never enjoyed. She was fairly drooling on his cock, so wet was her mouth. It was hot and intense. She was working hard to give him her very best, and it was the very best he had ever had. He could feel the cum begin to boil in his balls and knew it wouldn't be long before she would finally get her much desired reward for a job well done. She had expressed concern on if she could handle it, but he knew she would do her best to please her Master.

   “Are you ready for your treat, slave?”, he asked her when he knew he was close. She nodded her head with her lips still stretched around his hard shaft. He pulled out of that beautiful mouth and pushed her down to sit on her heels. She had a momentary look of confusion.

   “I'm going to feed you slut. Watch Master's cum shoot on your tongue. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out, slave.”, he ordered her as he stroked his spit coated cock. It was so slippery from her hot mouth that it slid through his fist easily.

   “Are you ready?”, he asked her. She simply nodded her head and stuck out her tongue. With a couple more strokes and a groan, he laid the tip of his cock on her tongue and shot the first gusher of cum down her tongue into her hungry mouth. She flinched a little but held position. All the while her eyes were locked on his. He pumped stream after stream of cum into that wet hole until he was spent.

   “Show me slave.”, he ordered. She opened her mouth to show him the hot load on her tongue and in her mouth. “Swallow it.”, he said, and she did. A smile broke across her cum covered lips. She moaned in pleasure at what she had done. She had finally swallowed her Master's cum, and she loved it. He offered his fingers to her mouth to be cleaned of the remnants of his seed on them. She hungrily sucked every drop from them. He scooped up a few bits that had fallen to her tits and fed them to her too. She ate every bit he gave her. She was now the cum whore she had wanted to be for him. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. Tasting himself on her tongue. The kisses were hot and passionate.

“You did it slave.”, he said with a smile. She grinned back up at him in pride. “How was it?”

   “I loved it Master.”, she beamed as she used her fingers to make sure she got every drop that may be on her face.

   He helped her to her feet and kissed her again. She placed her arms behind her back as trained as he walked away from her. He went to where he had left the items he brought with him, and retrieved a long rope. He advanced towards her with the coil in his hands and a smile spread across her lips to match his own.

   He begin to wrap the rope around her chest to form a harness. Two loops above and two loops below her breasts. Then over her shoulder and down between her breasts and pulled up to tighten the bindings around her tits. With the remaining rope he had her place her hands behind her back where he tied each limb in place. She was now completely at his mercy. He could do anything to her and she knew it. She also knew that she had nothing to fear from him.

   He took out his camera and snapped a picture of his bound slave. A beautiful smile on her face showing what bliss she was experiencing at her first true bondage experience. Next he went and got the surprise she didn't know about. His small flogger. It was light, but could deliver quite a sting with the thin leather falls. He approached her swinging it through the air. Letting her see it. She was exciting, but there was apprehension in her eyes as well. She had never been flogged. So many firsts for her today.

   He landed the first blow to her round ass. Not too hard, just giving her a taste of it. Several more landed on the cheeks of her ass, gradually getting harder and harder. She twitched her hands in a reflexive move to protect her flesh, but they were immobile. Her stepped in front of her and began to flog her tender tits. Targeting the perky little nipples that were always so sensitive. She gasped at each blow, but that only excited him more. She tried to turn a little, but he held her still so she couldn't.

   He took it easy on her since it was her first time, and only whipped her for a brief time. Before he stopped though, he had her spread her legs and gave her a few lashes on her sweet, wet cunt. A gasp escaped her lips with each lash. He smiled at his slave for being a good girl and taking Master's pain so beautifully.

That is it for now...I am already working on part two, but I didn't want the post to be too long...

Sorry it's been so long, but part two won't be long in coming...



  1. ooooooo what a hot little story William...made me feel all tingly reading that.....i cant wait until the 2nd part is written...hurry please!!!!

    blossom x

  2. I feel like I'm peeking through a secret hole in the wall that no one else knows about. Able to see both sides of the coin, each with their own perspective.
    (giggle) I feel so wicked, lol and I want more.

  3. Wow thank you for sharing, and looking forward to the second part.

  4. oh William I am so late here I have been away from this world myself. I am hoping in my heart that this is about you. That you have found someone to fill the role you need filled.
    L xx