Monday, January 31, 2011

Nipple torture...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love inflicting nipple torture? Probably, but I wanted to talk about it some more. I love to pinch My sluts' nipples. They are quite large and stand out very far when erect. I love to suck on them until they get very hard, then I'll bite them. I can bite them quite hard while she is cumming, so that is when I get to play with them the most.

I have the tweezer type clamps and they seem to work good for her because they are completely adjustable. You can set them exactly how tight you want them if you are careful. I eventually want to get clover clamps for her, but that will probably be a ways down the road. I  really enjoy how they look when the clamps are on them. Pinching them really hard, mashing them almost flat. Of course the really fun part is when I take the clamps off and the blood flows back in. Such exquisite pain...

And then there is the hot wax. She can actually take wax all over her nipples with not much problem. I slowly dribble the wax directly on her nipples, and they become instantly erect. She never stops me from that. I always end up completely covering her breasts with the molten wax. Multiple colors. Then I make her cum, and you can see her nipples stand up really high and actually push up the wax. It is a very sexy view, seeing the wax bulge up over her nipple as her orgasm builds. I get hard just thinking about what it looks like.

What do you all think about nipple torture, both giving and receiving? What are your favorite techniques?


Friday, January 28, 2011

A little flogging...

Today was a good day. I was off work...good. Due to furloughs,hence smaller check...bad! It has been going on for over a year, and I'm very tired of it.

On the good side, My slut let me sleep in then woke me up for some play. I talked to her about the fact that we had gone back to a completely vanilla relationship, and I wasn't happy. She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her I wanted to tie her up, use the floggers, clamps...etc, but every time I said I wanted to do anything, she would balk. She told me she didn't say we couldn't use the floggers. So we decided on the floggers, the Wartenberg wheel, the riding crop, and of course her Pocket Rocket.

I started with the crop with her laying on her side. I started slow to get her used to it. I would slap lightly all over, then give her a hard smack with it. I did that for about 5 minutes or so. I then switched to the small flogger. This is what I usually use when I flog her ass while she is riding me. She said she thought I used the crop, but no. I would whip her lightly with it then a hard one, then back to light again. After a few minutes it got too stingy for her. I explained to her that the smaller one was more stingy due to it having thinner falls. She thought the bigger one would hurt more, but I explained to her that it was more thuddy, then showed her. I told her it was basically a training flogger. Very light leather. I'll need a heavier one eventually.

I of course started out light and gradually got just a little harder. She asked if her ass was getting red yet. I told her I wasn't hitting near hard enough for that. She said how much harder could I go. I said a lot more, but I would have to stand up for that. She said no, but she said she was tempted to have me hit her as hard as I could so she could see what it felt like. I told her that was a good thought to have. It means she is opening her mind to trying more things. To ramping up the intensity. I told her I wouldn't today, but we would work our way to that point. She told me to go ahead and  go a little harder. I told her I would do it about half strength for one strike. She took it very well. No problem at all. I said we would leave it at that for now, and I went back to the lighter flogging for a few more minutes. Her ass only got a very slight pink color to it. Barely any color at all, but it was a good start. She said that she still didn't understand what I got out of it and I told her that was OK. She didn't need to understand it for now.

When I was done, she asked if she could have the vibrator now. I told her she earned it. She told me she felt a little like crying and I told her that is OK, I wouldn't mind at all. I told her it was just a release of emotion that happens sometimes during these kind of scenes. Especially when you are just starting out. She didn't cry, yet.

I used the vibrator on her clit and she rapidly rushed towards an orgasm. She asked permission, but I made her hold off as long as she could. When I could tell she could no longer hold back, I told My slut to cum for me. It started gradually, then kept building and building. She began moaning deeper and deeper. Let me say, My slut is not usually a moaner. She always tries to hold back and not be too noisy. This time was different. She kept getting louder and louder. The first one hit her, bringing tears to her eyes, making her cry in release. This was not the end. They came more and more. Heavier and heavier she breathed. Her back arched as she continued to moan in pleasure. It was an amazing scene to watch and be involved in. She has never cum that hard with me before. I don't know how many times she came, but she was exhausted when she was done.

It was now my turn, and I can tell you, I have never slid in so easily. She was soaking wet, and she said she could feel her juices running down her ass. I fucked her hard and held her close as I pushed into her while looking into her eyes. It was a very intense, hard fucking that we both enjoyed a lot.

When I started to get close, she said she wanted me to cum on her. I pulled out and shot it all over her belly and almost to her tits. She said she watched the cum shooting out of my cock instead of watching my face like she usually does. She told me it really turned her on to see it shooting out of me, and feeling the hot cum splashing on her skin.

It was a very good morning obviously, and I told her how proud I was of My slut for letting me flog her. It was by far the longest flogging she has ever had. I left her feeling good about it, and not pushed too far. I think this will lead to many more and harder floggings in the future. I am happy that she has finally come out of the shell she has been in for the last month.

Then she took me to lunch. I guess I did a good job. After lunch I thanked her for the lunch, and she thanked me for the hard fuck...Grins!!!

I am a very happy dom today!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday...

As soon as he walked in the room, he knew something was up. His slave was in bed, and she was never in bed during the day. He had come home to surprise her and she was certainly surprised.

She kept taking furtive glances towards the wardrobe, so he knew that was the source of her nervousness. He opened the door to find another woman with her arms held protectively over her pert breasts.

"I guess I have two slaves to play with today.", he said with a grin, and pulling the girl out of the wardrobe, he removed his tie and used it to bind her arms behind her back.

"Tonight is going to be a lot of fun. Kneel before me.", he ordered, and the girls responded without question.
"Yes, a lot of fun."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting back to normal, kinda...

My slut is finally starting to feel better. We have had sex a couple times in the last week. She is still a little skittish, but so far so good.

Last night while the boy was playing on the computer, she called to me from the bathroom. She was just about to get into the shower and asked me if I wanted a "quickie". I'm not usually a big fan of them because she tends to use them as a way to give me sex without having to devote much time and energy towards doing it. We can't do anything kinky if we only have 30 minutes or so. Since we had about a 30 day dry spell there, I'm not real picky right now about what we do. That is going to change very soon though.

I got out her favorite, the Pocket Rocket. Her first orgasm got there pretty quick, about 15-20 seconds. I wasn't done with her yet though, so I kept at it. She had another, then another. I kept telling her to cum for me, to give me more. I'm not sure how many times she came, but it was a lot. She said she couldn't anymore, but I told her I wanted one more. She got close, but couldn't get over the edge, so I switched to using my hands. I rubbed her very hard clit, and in a matter of 30 seconds she came one last time. It was a very strong one considering how many times she came.

She then begged me to just fuck her. She had earlier said she wanted to ride me, but she later told me that after cumming so many times she just needed to be fucked hard. Well being the gentleman I am, I obliged her by giving her a hard pounding. It wasn't a long one, due to the fact I had a lot of built up desire and little time. Pretty quickly I pulled out and shot a big load reaching all the way up to her right breast.

It was really intense, and a lot of fun. Soon we will get back to the training she so dearly needs, and I need as well.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Some alone time...

We finally had some alone time today. For the first time in over a month. Unfortunately it was strictly vanilla. She was still nervous about the issue she's been having the last month. Every thing was fine, but she was to nervous to get into anything overly stressful. Now that she knows things are OK, we should now be able to get back to her training. She said she was going to ask for the flogger while she was riding me, but by the time she got on me I couldn't reach it. Next time I guess...grins!!! That is a promising sign though.

I can't wait to make her lovely ass glow red for me. And tie those wonderful breasts up as well. She is overdue for some tough love!!!


Flash Fiction Friday...

Her flesh was rich and dark like a hot mocha. He wanted to taste her and see if she was just as sweet. Pushing her down in the grass, he warned her not to move. To just put her hands on top of her head and be still. Spreading her legs wide, he split her moist vulva with his tongue.

She was already wet, and she tasted as good as she looked.

"Don't cum until I tell you to.", he warned as he flicked at her clit. He fucked her with his tongue until her breathing was labored, and he could tell she couldn't hold out much longer. He was chewing on her pussy lips, and biting at her clit, and she just continued getting wetter and more turned on.

When she could take no more, He ordered,"Cum for me slut!", and he was rewarded with a gush of cum all over his tongue.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me and My toys...

One of the blogs I was reading commented how none of the Dom men who have blogs ever post pictures of themselves. They love to post their subs, but rarely themselves. So I thought I would post a kind of vague one. I don't want to show my face yet, if ever. I thought I might as well post my toys too. She mentioned wanting to see cock shots too, but I don't know if anyone wants to see those. Let me know, and if you do, I will.

Here I am in all my glory

Shackles I made, her pocket rocket, nipple clamps, Wartenberg wheel, and dildo

My floggers

Ropes and clothes pins

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I use to play with My slut. Some she likes, others she doesn't so much.
Let me know what you think.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tightly bound...

I start with her large breasts. I wrap the rope first around her chest, above and below her tits, then run the rope over her shoulders and down between her cleavage to tighten the ropes up. I tie it off behind her back and grab another rope. I take the second rope, loop it through the one wrapped around her chest, then start winding them around each tit. I bind them tight and criss cross back and forth from one to the other. Bringing them close together. They are now bound tightly, the skin taut and firm. Her large nipples standing out like I love them.

I lay her back on the bed and tie her left forearm to her left thigh. Wrapping them together so her arm holds her leg  spread wide. I then do the other arm and leg. She is now spread open to me. She can't close her legs if she wants to. I am now ready to begin her pleasure/pain.

I first lick and suck her nipples to make sure they are as hard as they can be. Once they are nice and hard I pinch them hard then put the clover clamps on them. She gasps as they bite into her flesh. I love the look of anguish on her face. She is enduring My pain to get to her pleasure. She knows if she can take it, I'll give her the most exquisite orgasms she can imagine. Once her nipples are clamped, I get out the clothes pins and place them in a circle around each one. Her breasts are now nicely decorated. The skin tight and her breathing is deepening as she processes the pain. Trying to turn it into pleasure. I'm not ready for her to do that yet. I want her to take more before I let her go into her happy place.

I take more clothes pins and clamp them onto her outer labia. I put six clamps on each side. The weight of them hold her now juicy cunt open to me. I can see her clit beginning to stand out. Peeking out from under it's hood. I will have a lot of fun torturing that little bud before the night is through. Taking the remainder of the pins, I clamp them down the inside of each thigh.

I take a finger and run it along the inside of her hot cunt, feeling the wetness already pooling there. She moans as my finger lightly brushes her erect clit. She bucks her hips towards my hand, trying to increase the friction, but it is much too soon for her to get to cum. I slide a finger into her sopping center. It slides in easily she is so wet. I reach up inside her and press on her G-spot, making her moan and gasp. I put another finger inside, then a third. I can feel it filling with fluid, her G-spot is getting hard, and I want to make her squirt tonight.

Before she can reach orgasm, I move back to her clit and lightly stroke it, making just the lightest contact. I am going to make her beg before she gets to cum. When she cums, I want it to be mind blowing. I alternate between stroking her clit and fucking her with my hand. Her cunt is wide open and dripping with her juices. Her ass and the bed are getting soaked with her secretions. She is wetter than I have ever seen her. I'm glad my ministrations are having the desired effect on her.

She is squirming all over the bed, and I can tell she really needs to cum. there is a look of desperation in her eyes, and she is breathing hard and her skin is covered in a sheen of sweat. I think she has waited long enough for her first orgasm, and I grab her pocket rocket vibrator. I slip two fingers into her needy cunt and begin to stroke her G-spot. As she gets closer to cumming she asks,"May I please cum, Sir?"

I place the vibrator on her clit and watch her back arch as the pleasure is ramped up. The desire is tearing through her body, and she won't be able to hold back much longer. I look into her eyes, watching her fight it, trying not to cum. I fuck her hot pussy hard with my fingers, and when she can no longer hold back, I say,
"Cum for me, My slut! Give to all to me!"

Her orgasm hits her like a dam bursting. A flood of juices gush out of her cunt as she groans and thrashes around on the bed. I don't let up as one after another, her orgasms rip through her. She begins to cry as the intensity gets to be too much for her. She looks at me with a look that says she can't take any more, but I'm not through with her yet, and I keep pounding her cunt with my hand. I use the vibrator to wrench orgasm after orgasm from her. Taking them from her. Forcing My slut to cum for me. Taking what is mine.

When she is completely spent, I stop, for now. She will need to recuperate a bit before the next round. My hand and the bed are soaked in her juices. I make her lick my fingers clean, but I take a taste for myself. Her pussy is so sweet.

I begin to remove the clothes pins from her inner thighs, then take them off of her pussy lips. She gasps in pain as the blood flows back into the compressed tissues. I gently lick and suck at the sore flesh, soothing it with my tongue. Her juices are still seeping from her sweet snatch, and I run my tongue in a long lick up the center of her slick opening. She moans and tries to push her cunt towards my face. I smile and move up to her chest. I pull one then the other clamps off her sore nipples. There is real pain here. I lick at the sore flesh like I'm licking an ice cream on a summer day. Long wet licks over the swollen flesh. They are tender, but very hard. She is still extremely turned on...And so am I!

I release my throbbing cock from my pants and climb up between her spread thighs. I know she needs this as badly as I do. I put a pillow under her ass to raise her up so I can push in really deep. I slowly slide all the way in until the head of my cock bumps against her cervix. She gasps at how deep inside I am. I then slowly pull out until just the head is inside her. I once again slowly push into her, back and forth I saw in and out of her. She has a blissful look on her face as I slowly fuck her. Her hips rise up to meet each stroke, fucking me back. I pinch her hard nipples standing out from her swollen breasts. Giving her pain to go with her pleasure. She can't have one without taking the other. I lean down and bite into her left tit. I bite hard. I want to leave her with a mark to remember this night. She is biting her lip, trying to not scream. I stop, then bite into the other breast. I want to give her a matching set. This is too much for her, and she starts to cry. Tears run from the corners of her eyes. This is what I wanted. I already had tears of joy, now I need tears of pain. I release her tender flesh from between my teeth. She now has two lovely bite marks on her big tits. Tomorrow they will turn into bruises. She bruises so nicely. I kiss the tears coming from her eyes. I love the taste of her tears.

Now that she has given me her pain, it is time for me to give her my cum. I get her vibrator and place it against her erect clit. Her orgasm quickly builds, as does mine. as I feel the cum begin to surge out of my cock, I pull out and shoot my hot load right onto her clit. As my cum hits her cunt, it triggers her orgasm. She starts cumming as each spurt coats her swollen lips. The creamy white juice runs down into her spread open cunt. We cum together, both of us grunting out our ecstacy. As my orgasm subsides, I slide back into her spasming cunt and fuck her as her orgasm nears it's end. I feel the last of the tremors move through her cunt as it grips my cock. Milking the last few drops from me.

I collapse on top of her as we both lay there breathing heavily. I kiss her deeply and explore her mouth with my tongue. Tasting her lips and tongue. Trying to devour her passion.

"You forgot to ask to cum that time. I will have to punish you later for that you know?", I say to her with a sly grin. She looks at me with a shocked expression, and starts to say something, then realizes that there is nothing she can say to change my mind. She looks at me with a resigned look and gives me a tired, but contented smile.

I release her from her bondage, gently clean us up, then climb into bed with My slut. I lie behind her and pull her close to me. I reach over her and put my hand on her breast and push my cock against her ass. I can already feel a stirring down there, and maybe I will wake her later and have her ride me like the good cock slut she is. I smile, close my eyes and go to sleep a happy Dom. 

The picture isn't My slut, but the size is about right...grins!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed my little story.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Flash fiction Friday...

She had known for awhile that her Caddy needed a good tuneup, but she had been putting it off until she had the time. Now it was going to cost her dearly, and not just monetarily. She had left home without asking Master's permission, and now she was going to be found out.

She saw Master driving down the road and pulling over behind her car. He was smiling but she knew she was in for a serious punishment. He quickly got her car running and she followed him back home.

As soon as they got home, Master told her to strip and go to the basement. That was where the dark things happened. When Master got there, he bound her facing the wall. He pulled out the cane, there was to be no warm up, this was going to hurt.

"Are you sorry, slave?", He asked. "Yes Master.", she responded.

"You will be. You will take my pain and thank me for correcting your behavior.", He said with menace in his voice.

"Yes Sir.", she answered, and braced for the caning.

He drew back, and as he swung mightily, she could hear the cane cutting the air before the white hot pain cut across her ass, beginning a long night of pain.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little play...

We were able to play a bit tonight. Just vanilla stuff. I fucked her very ample tits while using her pocket rocket on her clit. She hadn't cum in over a week, and boy was it a big one to start. She started crying almost immediately. I gave her three or four good ones before she asked me to stop. Then it was my turn and I shot a big load across her cheek and down her neck. She looks so beautiful with my cum on her face.

We talked before hand about how things have sort of stagnated. She said it was because when she isn't feeling well, it is hard for her to feel open and sexy and to think about challenging things. I told her that it isn't always about sex, there is also the submission part to work on, and she promised to get back to working on that. I reminded her that she just needs to let go and step out of her comfort zone and take a chance. To trust me to take her safely to a new place she has never been before.

Hopefully we will soon be back on track. I think we will be.

She also said after, that she had been in a bad mood and frustrated today about nothing in particular. After she came, she realized she had been sexually frustrated and that was why she was so on edge. Too funny!
So new for her...


Sunday, January 9, 2011

She's learning...

The in-laws were over for dinner last night. I enjoy their company quite a lot. My parents are no where near us. An odd thing happened though. For some reason, when her mother was around, My slut seemed to forget her manners. She repeatedly talked back to me, and was just generally sassy. I was not pleased and gave her a look a few times. She was aparently distracted and didn't catch on. I of course didn't say anything in front of her parents. They know about me, but not details, and I wasn't about to draw them into our dynamic, so I just held my tongue until this morning.

This morning when I woke up, My slut said good morning all cheerful, so I asked her if she was going to be nicer today than last night. She didn't know what I was referring to, so I pointed out a couple things she had said, and she apolgized profusely, and said it wouldn't happen again.  I told her it better not. We're not going to play that game anymore. She wasn't sure what made her act that way. Maybe she was trying to be tough in front of her mom. Her mom kind of  runs things at home, even though her father stands up for himself when necessary.

So everything is straightened back out again, mentally. Physically she is still fighting her infection. It is frustrating both of us to no end. Hopefully the medication knocks it out soon. We both need some hard fucking, and I have some pain I want to give her. William is growing very hungry!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday...

Her Master had been hard on her. He had brought out the heavy flogger, clamps,  and his favorite cane. It had been awhile since she had taken that much pain, but she couldn't stop him, wouldn't stop him, the pain had been so delicious. While her ass and thighs burned with the pain, her cunt burned with desire and lust. The harder he struck her the wetter she got.
He used her for his pleasure, then gave her her own. She lost track of the orgasms, but her poor pussy was tender and sore from the multitude of them.
The storm had raged without, as her Master had raged within, and now she seeked out the cooling comfort of the rain as it ran over her burning flesh. They reminded her of the droplets of cum that had splashed across her face as he fed her his seed.The puddle that formed outside the door made an impromptu bath for her to recover from the nights debauchery. She was reborn in the cooling waters, and looked forward to the next nights training session.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Her sweet pain...

The tall candles are lit as I bring My slut into the room. She knows what they are for and can't pull her eyes away from them. She knows sometime tonight she will wear the many colors of My pain. Her breasts will be covered in molten wax, and the more she gasps from the pain, the more I will pour on. She can take a lot on her sweet tits, and even though she says it hurts, I know it turns her on as well. I can see her nipples get so hard that they push up the still soft wax. They look like the end of my pinky finger when they get erect. A sight that makes the blood flow to my throbbing member.

I bring her to the center of the room where I have laid down a plastic sheet to catch any dripping wax. I have her stand there with her arms behind her back as I retrieve my ropes. I first tie a harness around her chest with ropes above and below her breasts. I take the excess rope and tie it around her wrists to secure them behind her back. I grab another rope and begin looping it around her tits, making them stand up and out, ready to be tortured. When I have the rope nice and tight, I can see her nipples standing out as hard as I've ever seen them. They stand out about a half inch. They will make a nice target for my floggers.

Once she is properly bound, I get the crop and begin to lightly tap her right nipple. She gasps a little. They are already sensitive. I love it! They are so sensitive, she can orgasm just from having them played with. I will not be caressing them tonight, I will be torturing them. I move to the left one and slap it a little harder. I begin to move around, slapping her breasts from all angles. I cover her tits with slaps over every inch. Not leaving any spot untouched. I want the skin as sensitive as I can make it.

When it seems she can't take much more, I take the crop and lightly slap her cunt with it. She jumps a bit at the surprise attack on her nether regions. I drag it through her slit, making her moan. Reaching down, I feel her wetness. She is nearly dripping on the floor. The pain obviously isn't too much for her. The sexy slut is getting off on it as I hoped.

I grab the light flogger and go back to work on her ample DDD tits. I pay particular attention to her hard nipples, but I don't neglect the other tender flesh. I want to keep them a nice pink. I stop and grab both nipples between my fingers and squeeze until she begins to squirm and plead for me to stop. I give them one last pinch then release them and give them a lick and suck before going back to flogging them.

I finally get to the large flogger, and again start on her nipples. By now they are extremely sensitive and the slightest touch makes her groan. After her breasts are a nice red, I put down the flogger and begin to massage and squeeze her breasts in my hands. Carressing them both to ease her back down a bit. I reach into my back pocket and remove the clamps I have hidden there, and quickly clamp both her hard nubs of flesh. She isn't expecting it and lets out a little scream, quickly cut off.

I kiss her deeply as I rub her soaking wet cunt. Her clit feels like it is about to explode. I slide two then three fingers inside of her. Reaching up I feel her G-spot is swollen as well and I begin to rub hard as I fuck her with my fingers. I can tell she is getting close to cumming. She looks at me with desperation in her eyes and I say, "Do you need to cum My slut?"

"Yes, she whispers.". but I need more.

"How badly do you need it?, I ask with a smile on my face.

"Please may I cum?, she says. I can see the struggle in her to hold back from cumming.

"Please may I cum, what?", I ask

"Please may I cum, Sir?," she finally says for the first time.

I tell her,"Cum for me slut. Give it all to me.", and she lets go. I can see the orgasm course through her body as she squeezes her eyes shut with the intensity of it. I hold her up with one arm while I continue to ravage her aching cunt with my other hand. A flood of juices washes over my hand as she cums for what seems minutes, but is surely much less.

Before she can recover, I take the crop and strike her fully on her sweet ass. Her eyes snap open in shock as I lay into her quivering ass, making her jump around trying to avoid my assault on her tender cheeks. I have a hold of one arm so she can't get away from me.

When her ass is sufficiently warmed up, I quickly remove the clamps from her nipples without warning. I drop them to the floor and grab her nipples tightly between my fingers and squeeze. I can see the tears well up in her eyes from the pain and I tell her to give it to me. Give me her pain.

At my words the dam breaks and she starts to sob. There is the release of emotion I wanted. The letting go of all her pain. I let her cry as I now caress her tender nipples, and I kiss away her tears. I can taste her pain. It is wonderful.

As she calms I tell her that we aren't quite finished yet. She nods with a slight smile as I turn her around and begin to flog her ass with the large flogger. I let her have it pretty good, but I can see that she is starting to turn the pain into pleasure. She is pushing her ass out towards the lashes instead of pulling away from them. She is staring to moan as I land each strike. She is now ready .

I grab my favorite. The cane. I let it cut through the air in front of her so she can see what I have and what I'm going to use on her. She does not flinch or cower like she had in the past. She turns and offers her ass to me. A gift to beat, to hurt, to mark as mine.

The first strike is harder than she expected. My blood is up now. It is coursing through my veins and throbbing in my cock. I feel so alive my mind is focused like a laser on her. My sweet slut. My beautiful submissive wife. Taking my pain as I need her to.

As I make another lash on her ass, a welt forms. One after the other I slash at her. She raises her ass up to meet each one. Her ass is a criss cross of welts and red marks. Up and down her upper thighs as well. The skin is slightly broken in a few spots. Tiny drops of blood sleck her skin. I stop and run my tongue up the bloody welt. Soothing her pain with my tongue. Tasting her fear and pain. She moans in pleasure. The pain forgotten in the soothing warmth of my licks.

I lay her down on the plastic sheet and grab the candles and arrange them around her. I grab the white one first and pour it directly on her hard right nipple. She gasps a bit, but this is something she likes. I cover both nipples with the white wax until it is gone. I switch to the green and pour it quickly all over both breasts. I don't want her to get used to it too quickly. I then add the blue and red wax until both breasts are covered in multiple colors. I have emptied all the candles and she is a beautiful tapestry of color.

She has done very good tonight and deserves a final explosive orgasm. I pull my cock out. It is hard as steel from watching My slut take all my pain. I stroke it in front of her face. She loves to watch me do that. I reach down and begin to rub her hard clit. She moans, and I can tell it won't take much to make her cum.

"May I please cum Sir?", she asks without me having to prompt her.

"Yes My slut. You can cum when you need to, but hold off as long as you can.", I tell her as I kneel by her head.

I alternate between rubbing her clit and fucking her with my fingers as I rub her G-spot. I don't want her to get there too quickly. I want to make it build slowly until she simply explodes. I stroke My hard cock in front of her face as she lays there facing me. She is watching my hand slowly stroke the full length just inches from her mouth. She licks her lips subconciously as her orgasm builds. I push my erection against her lips as I continue to play with her. She sucks me into her warm, wet mouth and sucks on the mushroom head. I can feel the pre-cum being drawn out onto her tongue. She normally hates that, but she is lost in lust and doesn't even flinch.

I feel the orgasm begin to build in me as I continue to slowly stroke the length of my cock while finger fucking her. She gently nurses at the head of my cock like a baby at the tit. Her eyes are glassy and I can tell it won't be much longer.

Her breathing gets deeper and deeper and her back begins to arch. Seeing her begin to orgasm triggers mine to start building. As the first wave hits her, she arches her back and leans back as my cock pops out of her mouth. She begins to cum with a long scream as it rips through her. This triggers my own orgasm, and I shoot the first hard jet across her lips and face. Some of it landing on her tongue, but doesn't seem to care. She feels it, but the sensations exploding in her loins are more important. I continue to cum, splattering her cheeks and lips with my seed. The feeling of my hot load hitting her body makes a second orgasm pound through her. She cums over and over, long after my orgasm has subsided. I keep stroking her delicious cunt until she is exhausted.

When she is done, I lean down and gently lick her swollen clit, causing her to jump just a little. I caress her swollen cunt with my tongue as I taste her sweet nectar. I put my fingers to her lips and she licks them clean of my offering to her. I move up and kiss her deeply and passionately. Tasting our mingled juices on our lips. Her sweet and my salty. An ambrosia of passion.

I gently untie her and remove the wax. Picking her up, I lay her on the bed. I get behind her and pull her to my chest as I cover us up.

The Beast has been sated...for now. He will get hungry for the taste of pain again, and it won't be long before he must feed again.      

William-The Beast within...

William is my alter ego. My dark side. He has always been there, even before I knew what He wanted. From the time I was very young, there has always been a dark side to my personality. Even looking back to the age of five, I always knew there was something a little scary deep in me, so I endeavoured to keep it on a tight leash. I never allowed myself to get too angry. I even avoided fights by walking away, allowing myself to be called a chicken because I wouldn't fight. I think it's because I always was a bit fearful of what would happen if I lost all control.

As I matured, I began to make friends with this other side of me. He mellowed with age and now he knows what he needs to be happy. To taste the erotic pain of a submissive woman. To feel her anguish at accepting his pain, and feel the love from her in doing so. Showing her love in taking more than she thinks she can to make him happy. I only recently discovered this taste. I have been researching all aspects of BDSM for the last few years. Really digging deep and studying everything I could find. I wanted to find out exactly what I wanted and needed. What makes my heart pound and my cock hard.

The more I began to learn about erotic sadism and the giving of pain, the more I craved it. The thought of My slut taking a hard flogging or caning and crying for me gives me a feeling I can't describe. I have no desire to do it against her will of course, and I have no idea if she will ever be able to do it, but I hope she will be able to. I have told her that I want her tears of joy and pain. She has given me her tears of joy when she has a particularly intense orgasm. I always kiss her eyes as she calms down. I love to taste the tears that she is giving to me. I also want to taste her tears of pain. Will they be sweeter to me because they are given to me as a gift. A gift of taking something difficult for her to take, for my pleasure. She got a little nervous when I told her I wanted her tears of pain. I think she thought I would just hurt her out of hand. Without her consent. She now knows that won't happen. Something else that makes me want her tears of joy and pain are that they are two ends of the spectrum having the same result. Like they are near each other in sensation. I've always thought that the line between pleasure and pain is razor thin.

Tonight she was standing in front of me in the kitchen and I bit her hard on the neck. She told me no fair because I couldn't give her pleasure to balance out the pain. She is still having her medical difficulties, but she got medication tonight. Then later she was standing in front of me as I sat at my desk. I swatted her ass hard a couple times then grabbed a big chunk of flesh on each of her ass cheeks and pinched hard. She said it hurt, and I said of course it does, and I wasn't going to let go until she gave me a deep kiss. Of course she did, so I let go, but not before I lifted up her shirt and gave her a hard bite on her breast. The mark I gave her a couple weeks ago has faded and I didn't like her being without My mark. I'll have to check tomorrow to see if I made a bruise or not. As she turned to walk away, I gave each cheek a hard swat. She again said I wasn't being fair because she couldn't do it back. I told her life wasn't fair, and besides, she knows I'm a sadist. As she started to go to our room I told her to show me her tits. She asked if I wanted to see if I left a mark, and I told her no, I just wanted to see her lovely tits.

So I am gradually introducing more pain into the relationship, and I will start talking to her more about it, and how much I need it. I know it might frighten her, but it is what I need. Just about a year ago is when I discovered this need. I told my oldest sister who is a Domme that I was a sadist. She couldn't believe it because I have always been so quiet, but now she sees it in me. She is the same way.

I will start using pain more in My slut's training when she feels better, but in the meantime I will write about it. Tell you some stories that are in my head. Let William out for a little exercise. Let Him flex his muscles and stretch His legs a bit. I hope you enjoy his adventures.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An observation...

I've noticed something. Most of my followers and commenters are submissive women. Not that I'm complaining. They are my favorite kind. I've noticed that most submissive women read blogs by dominant men, and dominant men read blogs by sub women. Most of the blogs I read are by sub women. Maybe it's because we are trying to learn how the other side thinks. I for one am definitely trying to learn how you wonderful submissive women think. I find it is a very educational thing to do. What better way to find out how to dominate and pleasure a sub woman than to listen to what she talks about. I get quite a thrill reading the little stories and thoughts by my blogging sisters. I especially enjoy when you write about how your mind is working around a particular need or problem. How to let your Dom know what you need without topping from the bottom. What you are thinking when you do a certain thing. How you feel when you are kneeling in front of him. I'm a greedy bastard when it comes to learning all I can about how to dominate My slut, and I thank all you lovely ladies for giving me insight into the submissive woman's mind.

Of course the blogs I read by other dominant men help me in how they interpret what their sub's signals are telling them. All in all, I am learning a lot from all the blogs I read.

Tell me, what is the reason you read blogs from the other side's perspective?
I appreciate all your input.


Monday, January 3, 2011

she kneels...

Before Me she kneels. Her hands are behind her back, cuffed in the leather shackles I made for her. She is trembling, In fear or excitement I don't yet know. She is still learning to accept being bound. She trusts me, but it is still tough. I run my fingers through her hair and stroke her cheek as she leans towards my hand. My fingers trace her jawline and my thumb finds her moist lips. I trace her mouth with my thumb and slip it into her mouth. She sucks at my thumb like it is a small cock. Running her tongue around the tip of it and sucking it gently. I tilt her head up and give her a deep kiss. Tasting her need, her desire to please.

I walk behind her and, reaching around, take both breasts in my hands. I slowly roll her erect nipples between my fingers. They are very sensitive and she begins to moan as I stroke the hard bits of flesh. When they are rock hard I pinch them hard, eliciting a hissing intake of her breath. I squeeze until I sense she is about to try to pull away, then I stop and gently stroke them. Causing her to one again purr like a cat.

I get the nipple clamps and attach them one at a time. Her nipples are so hard, I'm sure they ache just from being that way, much less rhe pain caused by the clamps.

I reach down and slide my fingers along her now dripping cunt. There are little drops of moisture on the floor from her excitement. She sighs as my fingers glide through her wetness.  She jumps as I brush her throbbing clit. She acts as if an electric shock hit her. I stroke the hard little button and hear her breathing become deeper and more labored. Before she can cum, I slide three fingers deep into her hungry hole and begin to rub her swollen G-spot. She once again moves quickly towards an orgasm.

She asks to cum. I tell her not yet, to hold back. I see her struggling to hold back the impending explosion. While continuing to fuck her with my hand, I now start rubbing her sensitive clit. I see the struggle on her face and she asks again to cum. There is a note of desperation in her voice. I ask her how much does she need it.
Looking up at me with a desperate look, she begs me to let her cum. I smile at her and tell her to cum for me like a good slut. Her orgasm rips through her body like an electric shock. She spasms and jerks, and I feel a flood of juices gush over my fingers. She floods the floor and her thighs with her orgasm. She nearly screams with the intensity of the orgasm. She leans against my leg to keep from falling over as her legs turn to rubber. All strength gone from her thighs.

I hold her close as the tremors subside. Stroking her hair and and face. I put me fingers in her mouth to lick her juices from them. As she begins to calm, I grab a handful of her hair and tilt her head back. Kissing her deeply, violating her mouth with my tongue, tasting her essense. She sucks at my tongue in gratitude for her pleasure. I remove the clamps as I kiss her, not letting go as she grunts in agony as the blood returns to her tortured nipples. I give them both a pinch and twist to remind her that pleasure comes with a price.

I release her from her cuffs, and tell her to go shower and clean herself up. I want to use her body some more, but I want her to get freshened up a bit and re-energize herself so she can take what I have waiting for her.

I have only begun her torment...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hi My name is William, and I'm a sadist...

I want to hurt My slut. Not in a bad way of course. I would never want to cause her harm or undue stress. I just have a very strong desire to cause her erotic pain. Not knowing how much she can take, or what she will enjoy will be the challenge for me. I will have to be very observant and careful not to push her too far or too fast. I asked her tonight if she was frightened or excited by the fact that I wanted to flog her. She said a little of both. That is all I can ask for right now. I told her I was very proud of her for being brave enough to find out which.

I'm very excited to explore things with her and find out what really turns her on. She has always been tight lipped about any fantasies she may have. She says she doesn't have any that she knows of, but we will see. She has just never wanted to try to find out what they might be. Her ex really messed with her head when it comes to sex.

I will certainly find what makes her wet beyond belief with her help of course. We will just have to do a lot of experimenting...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year...

Well things didn't go as we hoped last night or today. My slut is still suffering from her womanly difficulty. Damn antibiotics... From it though I have learned a little more about her thought processes. When I told her I wanted to flog her ass last night, she said you didn't want to because she was afraid that she would get too turned on and then not be able to do anything about it. That is definitely a new way of thinking for her. To think that she would get aroused by me flogging her ass, instead of just doing it to please me. I had to smile about that when I thought of it later. It didn't really occur to me at the time she said it. I was too busy thinking about how disappointed I was. I will have to let her know how happy that makes me.

On another good note, we had a little squabble today about some trivial stuff before she ran some errands. After she left I felt bad about it, so when she got back I met her at the door and gave her a big deep kiss. Afterwards she came back from using the restroom, she told me that just the kiss made her wet. That is a first as far as I know. Made me feel good that she is opening up her sexuality so much to me. We talked some about the tasks I have for us this year. She was agreeable to them, even the ones that made her a little uncomfortable.

So even though we can't do anything right now, I feel we are laying the groundwork for a very sexy and fun future.