Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday...

Her Master had been hard on her. He had brought out the heavy flogger, clamps,  and his favorite cane. It had been awhile since she had taken that much pain, but she couldn't stop him, wouldn't stop him, the pain had been so delicious. While her ass and thighs burned with the pain, her cunt burned with desire and lust. The harder he struck her the wetter she got.
He used her for his pleasure, then gave her her own. She lost track of the orgasms, but her poor pussy was tender and sore from the multitude of them.
The storm had raged without, as her Master had raged within, and now she seeked out the cooling comfort of the rain as it ran over her burning flesh. They reminded her of the droplets of cum that had splashed across her face as he fed her his seed.The puddle that formed outside the door made an impromptu bath for her to recover from the nights debauchery. She was reborn in the cooling waters, and looked forward to the next nights training session.


  1. wonderfully written. i like the idea of her "reborn in the cooling waters."

  2. Very nice story, I love the idea of the rain.