Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year...

Well things didn't go as we hoped last night or today. My slut is still suffering from her womanly difficulty. Damn antibiotics... From it though I have learned a little more about her thought processes. When I told her I wanted to flog her ass last night, she said you didn't want to because she was afraid that she would get too turned on and then not be able to do anything about it. That is definitely a new way of thinking for her. To think that she would get aroused by me flogging her ass, instead of just doing it to please me. I had to smile about that when I thought of it later. It didn't really occur to me at the time she said it. I was too busy thinking about how disappointed I was. I will have to let her know how happy that makes me.

On another good note, we had a little squabble today about some trivial stuff before she ran some errands. After she left I felt bad about it, so when she got back I met her at the door and gave her a big deep kiss. Afterwards she came back from using the restroom, she told me that just the kiss made her wet. That is a first as far as I know. Made me feel good that she is opening up her sexuality so much to me. We talked some about the tasks I have for us this year. She was agreeable to them, even the ones that made her a little uncomfortable.

So even though we can't do anything right now, I feel we are laying the groundwork for a very sexy and fun future.


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  1. It certainly sounds like your D/s relationship is evolving! How exciting! I'm very happy for you both!

    Valley Girl

    p.s. I really appreciate your supportive comments on my blog :)