Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting back to normal, kinda...

My slut is finally starting to feel better. We have had sex a couple times in the last week. She is still a little skittish, but so far so good.

Last night while the boy was playing on the computer, she called to me from the bathroom. She was just about to get into the shower and asked me if I wanted a "quickie". I'm not usually a big fan of them because she tends to use them as a way to give me sex without having to devote much time and energy towards doing it. We can't do anything kinky if we only have 30 minutes or so. Since we had about a 30 day dry spell there, I'm not real picky right now about what we do. That is going to change very soon though.

I got out her favorite, the Pocket Rocket. Her first orgasm got there pretty quick, about 15-20 seconds. I wasn't done with her yet though, so I kept at it. She had another, then another. I kept telling her to cum for me, to give me more. I'm not sure how many times she came, but it was a lot. She said she couldn't anymore, but I told her I wanted one more. She got close, but couldn't get over the edge, so I switched to using my hands. I rubbed her very hard clit, and in a matter of 30 seconds she came one last time. It was a very strong one considering how many times she came.

She then begged me to just fuck her. She had earlier said she wanted to ride me, but she later told me that after cumming so many times she just needed to be fucked hard. Well being the gentleman I am, I obliged her by giving her a hard pounding. It wasn't a long one, due to the fact I had a lot of built up desire and little time. Pretty quickly I pulled out and shot a big load reaching all the way up to her right breast.

It was really intense, and a lot of fun. Soon we will get back to the training she so dearly needs, and I need as well.


  1. i love quickies and long sessions and didn't know it was coming sessions and...heck the situation I'm in right now being hours away from Master and months away from seeing him...well...let's just say getting to do ANYTHING with him sounds amazing, lol.

  2. Sounds like a good session even with the limited time you had. I know what you mean, though, those short sessions are good very rarely, usually I like to tie my lizard up and swat her ass a few good ones, along with some other kinky stuff.

  3. Yes, I want to start tying My slut up much more often. At least with the cuffs I made her. Get her used to wearing them again.