Saturday, May 31, 2014


My slave and I are doing great now. We have gone leaps ahead of where we were just a month or so ago. I control her on an even deeper level. and she couldn't be happier. she now asks Me permission to sleep in her bed while kneeling next to it. Waiting for My response. she asks in her head for permission anytime she sits anywhere as well to keep it in her mind. she now has a training schedule of daily tasks as well. she can only buy personal things for herself with my permission and similar aspects of control. The tighter control she is under, the better she does.

she made a mistake in forgetting to do something she is supposed to do regularly, and I had to punish her. The problem was, I tried to give her a very painful punishment that would help her remember it very well. It had that desired effect, but the only problem was, my sexy little slave has become such a masochist due to my training, that she got aroused from it, and loved the tender feelings in her tits afterward. I guess pain will no longer be so useful as a punishment on the rare occasions I have to punish her. Fortunately those occasions are very uncommon.

I'll try to keep this blog up to date better.