Friday, November 26, 2010

Good things...

My slut came to me tonight to tell me she thinks she is about ready to give me her submission. I sent her something I found online about the feelings involved with D/s. How even when you do know what it is about, you can never be able to tell how you will feel about it until you try. For someone like her who doesn't really know a lot about it, it is even more scary. She said it really helped her get closer to understanding what I want and what she will get out of it. How I will push her limits but also protect and care for her so she isn't too frightened. She is really starting to understand and feel more comfortable knowing that I will never let her come to harm. I will give her my pain, but I will make it delicious for her. I think she will be a good sub when she allows herself to be. I think I could take her deep into submission. Mold her into a good cock and cum slut. Maybe even a pain slut. She does seem to have a pretty good threshold for pain. Most of all I want her to let herself go completely. To trust me with her life and heart. I want to take her to places she never even imagined existed. Places of joy and erotic pleasure to take her breath away. I want to leave her gasping in ecstacy, and begging for more. I hope to eventually collar her, but she will have to ask for it. I made her a bracelet for when she is ready to accept my Dominance. She has said she isn't sure about a collar, so I figured a bracelet would be easy for her to wear as a sign of her submission, plus she can wear it outside of the house without drawing attention.
On a side note, I asked her to start wearing shoes with a heel. She claims to have "bad" ankles. I told her weak maybe, but not bad. That can be strengthened. She went out shopping today and came home with some sexy little boots with a 2" heel. I can't wait to have her model them for me with stockings and her black leather underbust corset, or even the red overbust corset. Either would look hot as hell!!! She has great curves! I'll have to ask her to do that for me this week.
I'm also just about to 500 viewings on my humble blog. Thank you to all of you who have looked in on my little corner of the blogdom. Once My slut gives herself over to my control I hope to have even more exciting and interesting stories for all of you.
I'm much more hopeful than I was just last week. She has assured me that she really is working through this in her mind, and not just giving it lip service like I suspected. I'm very proud of My slut, and hopefully she will soon be truly My slut to use as I wish. With respect to her limits of course..Smiles!!!

Some Thanksgiving fun...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones. I of course gorged myself as I always do on this day.
When we got home from the in-laws, I put the boy to bed and gave him some time to fall asleep. I then went in to see if I could seduce my sexy slut... I could.
I decided to not push things to hard tonight, to just have fun as a nice lady suggested I do. Thank you Vesta!
She said she was only up for a quicky, but I got her to go a little longer than that. About an hour and fifteen minutes.
She wanted her vibrator so I asked her what she was willing to do for it. She said kiss me...And? Fuck me...And? She laid there and asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to suck me. She said she could do that...
I made her cum a few times with the vibrator, after she asked for permission of course,  until she asked me to fuck her for a bit before she rode me. I of course obliged her and fucked her slow and deep for awhile before asking her if she wanted to suck me before or after she fucked me. She had forgotten her promise...I hadn't...smiles. I know she doesn't like her own taste, but I want her to get used to it for me. She said before she rode me. She prefers her juices only rather than our mixed juices. She said she would only be able to do it for a short time. I used the vibrator on her clit while she sucked me. She managed to do it for about 5 minutes. Much longer than either of us thought she could do.
I told her I was very proud of her, and that it really turns me on seeing her suck her own juices from me. I gave her a big hug and kiss after she came for me again. She didn't cry this time from her orgasm, and she thought she disappointed me. She got a little emotional at this point thinking she let me down. I kissed her and assured her that it wasn't a requirement. That I love it when I'm able to make her have such an intense release, but as long as she has a great orgasm and gets what she needs, that is what makes me happy. We laughed when I told her I got some tears anyways. She said those weren't the kind she intended and smiled at me. She has such a beautiful smile...
Instead of fucking, I decided to make both of us cum at the same time. Her with the vibrator, and me with my hand. I knelt beside her and began working her clit again. The first orgasm hit pretty quickly, then a second. I was taking my time with myself, letting it build slowly, watching her face as she came over and over. After about three or four orgasms for her I let mine go and shot a hot load all over her full breasts. That sent her into one last hard orgasm. She loves feeling my hot cum splash on her skin.
After we both calmed down, I cleaned both of us and the vibrator up. She put her nightgown back on less panties of course, and crawled under the blankets. I kissed her good night and came back out to my desk. I'm a night owl when I don't have to work the next day.
All in all, it was a great night. I got to train her a little, getting her to taste herself. That and getting her to swallow my cum are two big things I want her to be able to do eventually. She has already said she will if we take our time and let her get used to it. She still remembers to ask before cumming which pleases me. I wait until I see she can't hold out any longer before giving her permission. I love the look on her face as the first one hits her. I think she came about 8-10 times tonight. A little above average, but I'd like to get her up a little higher. Make her cum non-stop beyond her control. I also used the Wartenburg wheel on her breasts and nipples while she was cumming the first time around. She enjoys that and so do I. Not a real intense session, but a good one with a lot of hugging, kissing, and cumming on her part. That makes me very happy to please her like that. I just need to focus more on pleasuring her, and I think that will get her to give me what I want and need. Her submission.
Thanks again to Vesta for the little 'girl' secret...Shhh! Don't tell anyone...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Training delayed...

Well, we were supposed to have some training tonight. We were going to work with the floggers and the cane. She fell asleep...Not the first time... She just gets tired and can't stay awake, so she says. I hate to sound negative, but she has a history of going to sleep to avoid sex. She keeps saying she wants to learn, but yet she won't take that step to trust me. Even though I've made it very clear to her that even after she agrees to give me her submission, if things get too intense we can pull back and make adjustments. I just don't know what to think some days. My patience is getting very hard to find. Ten years of waiting have started to grate on me. I love her, but I have needs that I can no longer bury. The beast is awake and cannot be put back away in his cage. I hope she wakes up soon to what I'm going through. I love her deeply, but damn it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A scenario...

  I bring My slut into the room blindfolded and lead her to stand at the foot of the bed. I have candles lit both for atmosphere and for play. She is naked except for the blindfold, and I reach up to remove it and let her see the room for the first time. I have the implements of her erotic destruction laying on the dresser. My ropes, a riding crop, a couple floggers and my cane. There are also clamps to torture her tender large nipples and her eyes go right to them. She hates them, but they bring such delicious intensity to her orgasms.
I have her kneel on the bed and expose herself to me, spreading her thighs and showing me her swollen and already wet cunt.
  "Spread yourself open for me." I tell her, and she reaches down with both hands to reveal the moist recesses of her sex. "Rub your hard clit for me. I want to watch you pleasure yourself." She does so and her body flinches ever so slightly as she first makes contact with the swollen nub. She slowly rubs her hard clit as her breathing becomes deeper and deeper. "Fuck yourself with your fingers." I order and she inserts her two middle fingers and begins to slowly slide them in and out in a quickening rythm.
  "Slow down slut, you are not allowed to cum yet." She whimpers but does what she is told and slows down.
"Lick your fingers. I want to see you taste yourself. Enjoy your juices as I enjoy them." Hesitantly she brings her fingers to her lips and sucks the nectar from them. She still has a difficult time with this part of her training.
  "Good girl.", I tell her, "Now come here and suck my cock like a good little slut. Show me how much you want to please me." She crawls to the edge of the bed as I pull out my hard cock. Watching her pleasure herself for me has made me rock hard.
  She slowly guides me into her mouth. Her mouth is hot and wet, and feels wonderful. I allow my orgasm to quickly build. I want to give her a mouthful of my cum to remind her of my control. With a groan I shoot a hot load into her throat and over her tongue. She struggles to swallow all of it, and some trickles down her chin to drip onto here ample breasts.
  "Good slut. You make me proud. I know you don't enjoy my taste, yet, but you will in time.", I tell her while stroking her hair and giving her a very proud smile. I pull her up to me and give her a deep kiss to show her how proud I am of her.
  Pushing her back on the bed after I tuck myself back into my pants, I reach for the ropes and begin tying a harness around her tits. Making them stand out proudly, ready for my loving pain. I then tie her to the bed. Arms tied to her thighs, then her legs tied to the headboard so she is spread wide open for me to do as I wish.
  I first grab a Wartenburg wheel and run it over her already erect nipples, causing her to gasp. I roll it all over her tender breasts eliciting gasps and moans of pain and pleasure. I then grab a tall candle and holding it over her heaving chest, pour a generous amount of the molten liquid on first one nipple then the other. Her back arches from the intense sensations. I don't give her time to relax, and grab another candle, then another, until her large tits are a colorful mass of melted wax. Once all of the melted wax is used, I let her relax. Her breathing slowly return to normal. It was painful for her, but I can see her nipples standing up tall under all the wax. She cannot hide her arousal even though she will never admit to enjoying the wax.
  After a minute to calm down, I peel a little of the wax off of her nipples and grabbing the clamps, place first one then the other on the sensitive nubs. She hisses in a tight breath, then relaxes into the pain. I grab the small flogger and begin to flog the inside of her tender thighs and wet cunt, causing gasps and small yelps. After she is warmed up I go to the large flogger and continue again. Now that she is thoroughly ready with her ass, thighs, and pussy nice and red, I grab my favorite cane and begin to work it up and down the inside of her thighs and over her ass. I also lightly cane her supply tits. She hates the cane, but takes it for my pleasure.
  By now she is squirming all over the bed, as much as the ropes will allow. I pull out my once again hard cock, and slam it into her open cunt in one hard thrust. After a few hard thrusts I reach up and pull off the nipple clamps as I slam into her slathered cunt.
  "Cum for me slut!", I order her. The combined sensations of her ravaged cunt and the pain in her nipples from the returning blood, sends her careening over the cliff into the oblivion of an intense orgasm. As the first spasms rip through her sex, I explode into her with a groan, mixing my juices with hers. As our orgasms subside I crawl down and gently lick at her swollen clit, causing her to moan a few more times before her body finally relaxes in orasmic bliss.
  I slowly untie her and grab a blanket to wrap her in. Pulling her close to me, I kiss her gently and whisper,
"you are such a good little slut. I love you with the deepest part of my soul." We both close our eyes and drift off to a deep and satisfied sleep.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday

I just signed up for this, but thought I would make an entry anyway. I hope you enjoy my thoughts...

They were old High School friends who happened to run into each other in a club. Lisa didn't know it, but Pam had always lusted after her during school, but she was too shy to ever act on it. She was older now and she wasn't going to let this opportunity pass without trying to get her. Afer a few drinks they were feeling pretty good. Pam asked Lisa to come back to her apartment nearby. They grabbed a botle of wine and took a cab to Pam's place.
In the elevator Pam stepped close to Lisa and said, "I've always wanted you.". and kissed her. Lisa resisted for a moment then went with it and kissed her back. The elevator door opened and they started down the hall, but Pam couldn't wait. Pushing Lisa against the wall, she kneeled down, lifted her skirt up, and pulling her panties to the side, buried her tongue in her quickly moistening cunt. Lisa gasped from the new sensation of a womans tongue. The stairs creaked, but she was beyond caring as her orgasm quickly approached. She suddenly came, drenching Pam's face. Breathlessly she grabbed a cigarette from her purse, and said," Now let's get to your place so I can return the favor."
Pam smiled as she licked her lips.

I hope you all enjoyed.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slow going...

My slut has been drifting farther and farther away from where she needs to be. I think she is falling back into her old ways. I need to get back to being firm again. She keeps hemming and hawing about giving me her submission. She is also not giving me much attention, and that is going to change. She has been slacking off on some of her rules. She only has a few so far, but what has really upset me is that one of her rules is that she always check her e-mails when she logs on to see if I have sent her anything. I sent her one on Saturday night and she still hasn't read it. We are going to have to have a refresher talk tonight to remind her of her rules. I'm very patient. I let her go her own way for a decade before I'd had enough, but enough is enough. There has been almost no training in weeks. She has told me that there is no reason for her not to give me her submission other than just fear of losing control. She told me there is nothing more I need to do to prove my trust worthiness. So it is time for her to make the leap or not. I can see if there were things she needed reassurance on, but this is just her dragging her feet. She says she wants to try, so we are going to try. If she backs out, well then she does and I will have to deal with it. I don't know what I will do. I won't force her, but a big part of me will wither and die, taking a large part of my heart and soul with it. I will let you know what comes of it in my next update. I hope to have a wonderful story to tell of submission and hard training. Filled with many orgasms and squeals of joy and pain. Wish me luck, and as always, I appreciate all my followers and their comments.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


A nice number to hit. Not much compared to most blogs I read, but a good start I think. I appreciate all the people who read or just look in on what I write. I hope in the very near future there will be much more exciting things to write about. I just need to remember to remain patient and let My slut come to me in her time, at her speed. It is agonizing some days though. We will get there someday, hopefully soon. Some days I feel as if I will explode into a million pieces with these feelings and desires building up inside of me. Then I try to just take a deep breath and calm down. I'll be much better when she gives me her submission...smiles!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

her fears...

My slut continues to tell me she is close to letting go, and giving me her submission. She also says though that she has fears about the things I want to do with and to her. I have told her I love to see her tears either from pleasure or pain. So far I have only seen them from her intense orgasms. It makes her nervous that I want to see her cry from giving her erotic pain. She knows I am a bit of a sadist. I think she still believes I will do something against her will. I would never give her any pain beyond what she could handle, but she still has deep rooted fears that are hard to get rid of. She is getting better, but some days it is quite dificult for me to be patient. She knows this and appreciates my patience. I do need to start adding more subtle training. Things that aren't so obviously part of her training. Just things for her to do that have her giving up a little control. I love her deeply, but I need her submission soon.
I have been needing this for over a decade. I have been learning about my Dominance, ways to implement it. Learning how to train a submissive in the right way without pushing too hard. I know I will make mistakes and I have told My slut that. I also told her that I will always apologize and it make right when I do. It so is hard some days to wait. Some days I rarely even think about it, other days it is the only thing I can think of. Barely able to concentrate at work. I want to take her under my control and show her what pleasure she will derive from it. I am primarily about giving sensations. I love to give intense pleasure and pain. The thought of a submissive taking my pain because she knows it is what I want and need is a powerful turn-on to me. Knowing she doesn't necessarily like it, but is doing it to please me shows a deep love and desire to make me happy. Of course in return, I will give her the most intense and plentiful orgasms in my ability. I have a great ability to give strong orgasms in a myriad of ways. I have tried to learn how to give a woman the best orgasm she's ever had my whole life. I've always believed, even before I even had sex, that if you please a woman she will do her best to please you. I use my whole mind and body to please in any way she needs. I just need her to  realize that her submission will pay off for her in ways she can't imagine.
I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from both Dom/mes and subs/slaves.

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's been tough...

We've had a rough couple weeks. She's been busy the last two weeks doing things for our son's school. I had the day off, and she had to be there all day. Plus her monthly friend showed up yesterday. We haven't been able to play or train in weeks and I am suffering mightily from that situation. We were on a roll, moving smoothly and rather quickly towards her giving herself up to her submission and my control. She says she is almost there, ready to give herself over to me, but all these other distractions have prevented her from being able to focus on what she needs to do thinking about. I'm going to give her some light training tonight just to remind her of what she needs to be doing. I need some oral ministrations. She promised she would last night, but fell asleep. That will need a correction of course. A few swats should suffice. She is still uncomfortable with giving oral sex, but she has promised she is working towards being able to letting me cum in her mouth. That was always a hard limit of hers before, but since our "course correction" she has realized there is nothing to fear from it. I have even been able to get her to suck my cock some after I have cum from a blowjob or after I have cum in her wet cunt. She also used to hate the taste of her own juices, but I have gotten her to suck me after sex. She is still getting used to it but I see her getting better a little at a time. There is nothing much hotter than seeing a woman suck her own juices off of your cock. Well I have to go meet her and some friends for dinner. I think I'll have to whisper some dirty words in her ear during dinner...grins!!!