Friday, November 26, 2010

Good things...

My slut came to me tonight to tell me she thinks she is about ready to give me her submission. I sent her something I found online about the feelings involved with D/s. How even when you do know what it is about, you can never be able to tell how you will feel about it until you try. For someone like her who doesn't really know a lot about it, it is even more scary. She said it really helped her get closer to understanding what I want and what she will get out of it. How I will push her limits but also protect and care for her so she isn't too frightened. She is really starting to understand and feel more comfortable knowing that I will never let her come to harm. I will give her my pain, but I will make it delicious for her. I think she will be a good sub when she allows herself to be. I think I could take her deep into submission. Mold her into a good cock and cum slut. Maybe even a pain slut. She does seem to have a pretty good threshold for pain. Most of all I want her to let herself go completely. To trust me with her life and heart. I want to take her to places she never even imagined existed. Places of joy and erotic pleasure to take her breath away. I want to leave her gasping in ecstacy, and begging for more. I hope to eventually collar her, but she will have to ask for it. I made her a bracelet for when she is ready to accept my Dominance. She has said she isn't sure about a collar, so I figured a bracelet would be easy for her to wear as a sign of her submission, plus she can wear it outside of the house without drawing attention.
On a side note, I asked her to start wearing shoes with a heel. She claims to have "bad" ankles. I told her weak maybe, but not bad. That can be strengthened. She went out shopping today and came home with some sexy little boots with a 2" heel. I can't wait to have her model them for me with stockings and her black leather underbust corset, or even the red overbust corset. Either would look hot as hell!!! She has great curves! I'll have to ask her to do that for me this week.
I'm also just about to 500 viewings on my humble blog. Thank you to all of you who have looked in on my little corner of the blogdom. Once My slut gives herself over to my control I hope to have even more exciting and interesting stories for all of you.
I'm much more hopeful than I was just last week. She has assured me that she really is working through this in her mind, and not just giving it lip service like I suspected. I'm very proud of My slut, and hopefully she will soon be truly My slut to use as I wish. With respect to her limits of course..Smiles!!!

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