Thursday, November 25, 2010

Training delayed...

Well, we were supposed to have some training tonight. We were going to work with the floggers and the cane. She fell asleep...Not the first time... She just gets tired and can't stay awake, so she says. I hate to sound negative, but she has a history of going to sleep to avoid sex. She keeps saying she wants to learn, but yet she won't take that step to trust me. Even though I've made it very clear to her that even after she agrees to give me her submission, if things get too intense we can pull back and make adjustments. I just don't know what to think some days. My patience is getting very hard to find. Ten years of waiting have started to grate on me. I love her, but I have needs that I can no longer bury. The beast is awake and cannot be put back away in his cage. I hope she wakes up soon to what I'm going through. I love her deeply, but damn it!

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps rather than continuing to ask her, repeatedly, you can introduce some rougher treatment into your lovemaking.
    Rather than waiting for a switch to be thrown, giving you the green light to go ahead full bore, introduce subtle but effective d/s into your more normal routine.
    Grab a little harder, hold a little tighter, give a love bite or two, pinch a nipple more than you have; ways to show her what you are talking about rather than intellectualizing it which may sound more fearful than it really is.