Friday, November 5, 2010

It's been tough...

We've had a rough couple weeks. She's been busy the last two weeks doing things for our son's school. I had the day off, and she had to be there all day. Plus her monthly friend showed up yesterday. We haven't been able to play or train in weeks and I am suffering mightily from that situation. We were on a roll, moving smoothly and rather quickly towards her giving herself up to her submission and my control. She says she is almost there, ready to give herself over to me, but all these other distractions have prevented her from being able to focus on what she needs to do thinking about. I'm going to give her some light training tonight just to remind her of what she needs to be doing. I need some oral ministrations. She promised she would last night, but fell asleep. That will need a correction of course. A few swats should suffice. She is still uncomfortable with giving oral sex, but she has promised she is working towards being able to letting me cum in her mouth. That was always a hard limit of hers before, but since our "course correction" she has realized there is nothing to fear from it. I have even been able to get her to suck my cock some after I have cum from a blowjob or after I have cum in her wet cunt. She also used to hate the taste of her own juices, but I have gotten her to suck me after sex. She is still getting used to it but I see her getting better a little at a time. There is nothing much hotter than seeing a woman suck her own juices off of your cock. Well I have to go meet her and some friends for dinner. I think I'll have to whisper some dirty words in her ear during dinner...grins!!!

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