Friday, November 19, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday

I just signed up for this, but thought I would make an entry anyway. I hope you enjoy my thoughts...

They were old High School friends who happened to run into each other in a club. Lisa didn't know it, but Pam had always lusted after her during school, but she was too shy to ever act on it. She was older now and she wasn't going to let this opportunity pass without trying to get her. Afer a few drinks they were feeling pretty good. Pam asked Lisa to come back to her apartment nearby. They grabbed a botle of wine and took a cab to Pam's place.
In the elevator Pam stepped close to Lisa and said, "I've always wanted you.". and kissed her. Lisa resisted for a moment then went with it and kissed her back. The elevator door opened and they started down the hall, but Pam couldn't wait. Pushing Lisa against the wall, she kneeled down, lifted her skirt up, and pulling her panties to the side, buried her tongue in her quickly moistening cunt. Lisa gasped from the new sensation of a womans tongue. The stairs creaked, but she was beyond caring as her orgasm quickly approached. She suddenly came, drenching Pam's face. Breathlessly she grabbed a cigarette from her purse, and said," Now let's get to your place so I can return the favor."
Pam smiled as she licked her lips.

I hope you all enjoyed.


  1. Nicely done William, I just did my first FFF story this week also. Sounds like your two girls are off to a good time.

  2. Interesting take. I like the idea of a bit of unrequited passion bubbling to the top. Hope you join us again.