Saturday, November 20, 2010

A scenario...

  I bring My slut into the room blindfolded and lead her to stand at the foot of the bed. I have candles lit both for atmosphere and for play. She is naked except for the blindfold, and I reach up to remove it and let her see the room for the first time. I have the implements of her erotic destruction laying on the dresser. My ropes, a riding crop, a couple floggers and my cane. There are also clamps to torture her tender large nipples and her eyes go right to them. She hates them, but they bring such delicious intensity to her orgasms.
I have her kneel on the bed and expose herself to me, spreading her thighs and showing me her swollen and already wet cunt.
  "Spread yourself open for me." I tell her, and she reaches down with both hands to reveal the moist recesses of her sex. "Rub your hard clit for me. I want to watch you pleasure yourself." She does so and her body flinches ever so slightly as she first makes contact with the swollen nub. She slowly rubs her hard clit as her breathing becomes deeper and deeper. "Fuck yourself with your fingers." I order and she inserts her two middle fingers and begins to slowly slide them in and out in a quickening rythm.
  "Slow down slut, you are not allowed to cum yet." She whimpers but does what she is told and slows down.
"Lick your fingers. I want to see you taste yourself. Enjoy your juices as I enjoy them." Hesitantly she brings her fingers to her lips and sucks the nectar from them. She still has a difficult time with this part of her training.
  "Good girl.", I tell her, "Now come here and suck my cock like a good little slut. Show me how much you want to please me." She crawls to the edge of the bed as I pull out my hard cock. Watching her pleasure herself for me has made me rock hard.
  She slowly guides me into her mouth. Her mouth is hot and wet, and feels wonderful. I allow my orgasm to quickly build. I want to give her a mouthful of my cum to remind her of my control. With a groan I shoot a hot load into her throat and over her tongue. She struggles to swallow all of it, and some trickles down her chin to drip onto here ample breasts.
  "Good slut. You make me proud. I know you don't enjoy my taste, yet, but you will in time.", I tell her while stroking her hair and giving her a very proud smile. I pull her up to me and give her a deep kiss to show her how proud I am of her.
  Pushing her back on the bed after I tuck myself back into my pants, I reach for the ropes and begin tying a harness around her tits. Making them stand out proudly, ready for my loving pain. I then tie her to the bed. Arms tied to her thighs, then her legs tied to the headboard so she is spread wide open for me to do as I wish.
  I first grab a Wartenburg wheel and run it over her already erect nipples, causing her to gasp. I roll it all over her tender breasts eliciting gasps and moans of pain and pleasure. I then grab a tall candle and holding it over her heaving chest, pour a generous amount of the molten liquid on first one nipple then the other. Her back arches from the intense sensations. I don't give her time to relax, and grab another candle, then another, until her large tits are a colorful mass of melted wax. Once all of the melted wax is used, I let her relax. Her breathing slowly return to normal. It was painful for her, but I can see her nipples standing up tall under all the wax. She cannot hide her arousal even though she will never admit to enjoying the wax.
  After a minute to calm down, I peel a little of the wax off of her nipples and grabbing the clamps, place first one then the other on the sensitive nubs. She hisses in a tight breath, then relaxes into the pain. I grab the small flogger and begin to flog the inside of her tender thighs and wet cunt, causing gasps and small yelps. After she is warmed up I go to the large flogger and continue again. Now that she is thoroughly ready with her ass, thighs, and pussy nice and red, I grab my favorite cane and begin to work it up and down the inside of her thighs and over her ass. I also lightly cane her supply tits. She hates the cane, but takes it for my pleasure.
  By now she is squirming all over the bed, as much as the ropes will allow. I pull out my once again hard cock, and slam it into her open cunt in one hard thrust. After a few hard thrusts I reach up and pull off the nipple clamps as I slam into her slathered cunt.
  "Cum for me slut!", I order her. The combined sensations of her ravaged cunt and the pain in her nipples from the returning blood, sends her careening over the cliff into the oblivion of an intense orgasm. As the first spasms rip through her sex, I explode into her with a groan, mixing my juices with hers. As our orgasms subside I crawl down and gently lick at her swollen clit, causing her to moan a few more times before her body finally relaxes in orasmic bliss.
  I slowly untie her and grab a blanket to wrap her in. Pulling her close to me, I kiss her gently and whisper,
"you are such a good little slut. I love you with the deepest part of my soul." We both close our eyes and drift off to a deep and satisfied sleep.



  1. William: Since I love to make up scenes - I did that earlier with the girl in the library picture - and you called this 'A Scenario' - I am not entirely sure if this is one of those made up scenes or real life.

    Either way, it is very hot. And, that's a thought. Does your wife enjoy fiction like this at all? Or looking at tumblr pikkis or arousing movies? I once read a short story, 'What's in it for me?' and it explained what your scenario explained here too - that a woman can experience enormous pleasure when she passes over control. You write very well.

  2. THank you Vesta for following my blog and the kind words. I hope to make this a reality soon. For now it is just a story.
    My wife isn't much for erotic or porn movies, but she is getting used to the pictures. I'm working on it though.