Saturday, November 13, 2010

her fears...

My slut continues to tell me she is close to letting go, and giving me her submission. She also says though that she has fears about the things I want to do with and to her. I have told her I love to see her tears either from pleasure or pain. So far I have only seen them from her intense orgasms. It makes her nervous that I want to see her cry from giving her erotic pain. She knows I am a bit of a sadist. I think she still believes I will do something against her will. I would never give her any pain beyond what she could handle, but she still has deep rooted fears that are hard to get rid of. She is getting better, but some days it is quite dificult for me to be patient. She knows this and appreciates my patience. I do need to start adding more subtle training. Things that aren't so obviously part of her training. Just things for her to do that have her giving up a little control. I love her deeply, but I need her submission soon.
I have been needing this for over a decade. I have been learning about my Dominance, ways to implement it. Learning how to train a submissive in the right way without pushing too hard. I know I will make mistakes and I have told My slut that. I also told her that I will always apologize and it make right when I do. It so is hard some days to wait. Some days I rarely even think about it, other days it is the only thing I can think of. Barely able to concentrate at work. I want to take her under my control and show her what pleasure she will derive from it. I am primarily about giving sensations. I love to give intense pleasure and pain. The thought of a submissive taking my pain because she knows it is what I want and need is a powerful turn-on to me. Knowing she doesn't necessarily like it, but is doing it to please me shows a deep love and desire to make me happy. Of course in return, I will give her the most intense and plentiful orgasms in my ability. I have a great ability to give strong orgasms in a myriad of ways. I have tried to learn how to give a woman the best orgasm she's ever had my whole life. I've always believed, even before I even had sex, that if you please a woman she will do her best to please you. I use my whole mind and body to please in any way she needs. I just need her to  realize that her submission will pay off for her in ways she can't imagine.
I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from both Dom/mes and subs/slaves.


  1. Dear William,

    I may just be your first commenter. I wanted to encourage you to write here if for no other reason than I find your story so fascinating. I am well aware of submissives who might wish their husbands more dominant, and this is a well written account of a man who might wish that his wife were more submissive.

    If it is any consolation, I really don't think there are too many absolutely perfectly matched people but over time, and with the right incentives, people can grow into each other I think with the outcome being that the union becomes perfect enough.

    I get the impression your wife is responding to your dominance nicely in so many ways and that this has been a positive for her. Of course, pain is a separate issue and I imagine that you just might need to start slow and build up and see how she does. If she begins to see benefits to it, then you will likely win her over to a degree. But, since she is wanting to please you, I imagine you are prepared to be measured too. So, good luck and I hope you keep writing!

  2. You are indeed my first commenter, and I appreciate it. I have read your whole blog and always check to see if there is more. I love to hear from the other side to learn as much as I can. Thank you for your insights.
    I will keep writing. You too!