Friday, November 26, 2010

Some Thanksgiving fun...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones. I of course gorged myself as I always do on this day.
When we got home from the in-laws, I put the boy to bed and gave him some time to fall asleep. I then went in to see if I could seduce my sexy slut... I could.
I decided to not push things to hard tonight, to just have fun as a nice lady suggested I do. Thank you Vesta!
She said she was only up for a quicky, but I got her to go a little longer than that. About an hour and fifteen minutes.
She wanted her vibrator so I asked her what she was willing to do for it. She said kiss me...And? Fuck me...And? She laid there and asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to suck me. She said she could do that...
I made her cum a few times with the vibrator, after she asked for permission of course,  until she asked me to fuck her for a bit before she rode me. I of course obliged her and fucked her slow and deep for awhile before asking her if she wanted to suck me before or after she fucked me. She had forgotten her promise...I hadn't...smiles. I know she doesn't like her own taste, but I want her to get used to it for me. She said before she rode me. She prefers her juices only rather than our mixed juices. She said she would only be able to do it for a short time. I used the vibrator on her clit while she sucked me. She managed to do it for about 5 minutes. Much longer than either of us thought she could do.
I told her I was very proud of her, and that it really turns me on seeing her suck her own juices from me. I gave her a big hug and kiss after she came for me again. She didn't cry this time from her orgasm, and she thought she disappointed me. She got a little emotional at this point thinking she let me down. I kissed her and assured her that it wasn't a requirement. That I love it when I'm able to make her have such an intense release, but as long as she has a great orgasm and gets what she needs, that is what makes me happy. We laughed when I told her I got some tears anyways. She said those weren't the kind she intended and smiled at me. She has such a beautiful smile...
Instead of fucking, I decided to make both of us cum at the same time. Her with the vibrator, and me with my hand. I knelt beside her and began working her clit again. The first orgasm hit pretty quickly, then a second. I was taking my time with myself, letting it build slowly, watching her face as she came over and over. After about three or four orgasms for her I let mine go and shot a hot load all over her full breasts. That sent her into one last hard orgasm. She loves feeling my hot cum splash on her skin.
After we both calmed down, I cleaned both of us and the vibrator up. She put her nightgown back on less panties of course, and crawled under the blankets. I kissed her good night and came back out to my desk. I'm a night owl when I don't have to work the next day.
All in all, it was a great night. I got to train her a little, getting her to taste herself. That and getting her to swallow my cum are two big things I want her to be able to do eventually. She has already said she will if we take our time and let her get used to it. She still remembers to ask before cumming which pleases me. I wait until I see she can't hold out any longer before giving her permission. I love the look on her face as the first one hits her. I think she came about 8-10 times tonight. A little above average, but I'd like to get her up a little higher. Make her cum non-stop beyond her control. I also used the Wartenburg wheel on her breasts and nipples while she was cumming the first time around. She enjoys that and so do I. Not a real intense session, but a good one with a lot of hugging, kissing, and cumming on her part. That makes me very happy to please her like that. I just need to focus more on pleasuring her, and I think that will get her to give me what I want and need. Her submission.
Thanks again to Vesta for the little 'girl' secret...Shhh! Don't tell anyone...

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