Saturday, May 31, 2014


My slave and I are doing great now. We have gone leaps ahead of where we were just a month or so ago. I control her on an even deeper level. and she couldn't be happier. she now asks Me permission to sleep in her bed while kneeling next to it. Waiting for My response. she asks in her head for permission anytime she sits anywhere as well to keep it in her mind. she now has a training schedule of daily tasks as well. she can only buy personal things for herself with my permission and similar aspects of control. The tighter control she is under, the better she does.

she made a mistake in forgetting to do something she is supposed to do regularly, and I had to punish her. The problem was, I tried to give her a very painful punishment that would help her remember it very well. It had that desired effect, but the only problem was, my sexy little slave has become such a masochist due to my training, that she got aroused from it, and loved the tender feelings in her tits afterward. I guess pain will no longer be so useful as a punishment on the rare occasions I have to punish her. Fortunately those occasions are very uncommon.

I'll try to keep this blog up to date better.


Saturday, April 5, 2014


I was asked what happened that caused this upheaval in our relationship. I won't say, as it's a private matter between my slave and I. I will just say that we didn't communicate our thoughts completely. We were always talking, but apparently not truly communicating as we thought we were. We took a hard, painful look at ourselves andrealized what we had done and where we were heading, and it wasn't pretty. Fortunately we caught it in time, even though we had to go through a very ugly period where we both made some very big mistakes to realize it.

To fix it, I stepped back and looked at myself with a critical eye and started over.I have taken complete control of her in every way possible. something I hadn't truly done before. I also went back to researching ways to become a better Master...I am now back in school as it were and it's made a huge difference in our lives.

I'll continue to write about the things that we experience as they happen though....

Thank you to everyone who still reads my blog, and I hope to get a lot of you back, and maybe some new ones too...


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Small steps..

Well, My slave and I are moving forward again. There will be small steps to get back where we were, but we will also be going way beyond where we were before. I have been energized by this opportunity to do it better this time. I feel the challenge to train her better. To guide her and help her become the absolute slave she is meant to be. In time she will think and act as a slave and will know nothing but that. she will be completely open to Me in every way, and will do anything to please Master within her hard limits...I know them and respect them, but there is a lit of room to work within that area. she really has few limits....smiles...

I will keep this blog updated much more often now. I have neglected it, and My slave is actually excited that I will be sharing things with My readers. I am excited to be doing it too...I hope you all are looking forward to our new adventures as much as I am...

As a taste, tomorrow she will go to work and walk around all day with the words, "owned slave" written across her tits...smiles

Talk again soon


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back on track....

My slave and I have worked things out and are getting back on track. We took a hard look at our past actions and attitudes and made some big adjustments to make us better and stronger as Master and slave. We are both excited about the future together, and I have made some big changes in my attitude and actions.

To any other Masters/Dom/mes out there. Pay attention to you and your slave's attitude and make sure you aren't taking things for granted.

Thank you to everyone who sent us well wishes. We are back and better than ever...


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Well, I was an idiot in how I treated My slave, and now I'm working on repairing that. I did a lot of things wrong as a Master, and now I am starting over to fix that. I will do it though, because I can't stand the thought of not having her in My life, and because she deserves to have a strong and smart Master who respects her and doesn't take her for granted. That's all I have to say on it for now, but I will update everyone when I get My head out of My ass...sighs...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's been awhile..

I haven't posted here in awhile, but rest assured, things are going wonderfully between me and My slave. she is still a devoted slut who will do anything for her Master. I wish W/we could be together every day, but not likely to be possible...sighs...she serves her Master to the best of her ability, and her best is amazing. I have no doubt she serves better than many wives who are there in person. Way better than mine. I told her the other day that I want to have a ceremony the next time W/we are together. I consider her My true wife. she is way more devoted than the person on the marriage certificate ever thought to be, or could be...I have told her this, but I wanted the world to know this. A marriage certificate doesn't always make a wife...

Thank you to anyone out there still reading My blog. I'll try to be more attentive.


Sunday, December 1, 2013


On Monday, me and my slave will celebrate our two year anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been this long. In some ways it seems like just yesterday, but in other ways it seems like we have always been together. Never would I have imagined that an online relationship could turn into this. The depth of emotions is intense and overwhelming sometimes. Anyone who says long distance relationships aren't real, hasn't found the right partner.

I feel things with her I have never felt in any relationship in my life. I love my slave so much, that it physically hurts some days when I'm missing her. It sucks to not have her with me every day, but I wouldn't change anything other than to have her here. Maybe someday we'll be able to be permanently be together. Who knows, but until then, I will continue to love my slave with every fiber of my being.

I love you my slave