Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Small steps..

Well, My slave and I are moving forward again. There will be small steps to get back where we were, but we will also be going way beyond where we were before. I have been energized by this opportunity to do it better this time. I feel the challenge to train her better. To guide her and help her become the absolute slave she is meant to be. In time she will think and act as a slave and will know nothing but that. she will be completely open to Me in every way, and will do anything to please Master within her hard limits...I know them and respect them, but there is a lit of room to work within that area. she really has few limits....smiles...

I will keep this blog updated much more often now. I have neglected it, and My slave is actually excited that I will be sharing things with My readers. I am excited to be doing it too...I hope you all are looking forward to our new adventures as much as I am...

As a taste, tomorrow she will go to work and walk around all day with the words, "owned slave" written across her tits...smiles

Talk again soon


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  1. Are you going to explain what went wrong and how it went wrong and how you got it back on track?

    Or is that private?