Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tightly bound...

I start with her large breasts. I wrap the rope first around her chest, above and below her tits, then run the rope over her shoulders and down between her cleavage to tighten the ropes up. I tie it off behind her back and grab another rope. I take the second rope, loop it through the one wrapped around her chest, then start winding them around each tit. I bind them tight and criss cross back and forth from one to the other. Bringing them close together. They are now bound tightly, the skin taut and firm. Her large nipples standing out like I love them.

I lay her back on the bed and tie her left forearm to her left thigh. Wrapping them together so her arm holds her leg  spread wide. I then do the other arm and leg. She is now spread open to me. She can't close her legs if she wants to. I am now ready to begin her pleasure/pain.

I first lick and suck her nipples to make sure they are as hard as they can be. Once they are nice and hard I pinch them hard then put the clover clamps on them. She gasps as they bite into her flesh. I love the look of anguish on her face. She is enduring My pain to get to her pleasure. She knows if she can take it, I'll give her the most exquisite orgasms she can imagine. Once her nipples are clamped, I get out the clothes pins and place them in a circle around each one. Her breasts are now nicely decorated. The skin tight and her breathing is deepening as she processes the pain. Trying to turn it into pleasure. I'm not ready for her to do that yet. I want her to take more before I let her go into her happy place.

I take more clothes pins and clamp them onto her outer labia. I put six clamps on each side. The weight of them hold her now juicy cunt open to me. I can see her clit beginning to stand out. Peeking out from under it's hood. I will have a lot of fun torturing that little bud before the night is through. Taking the remainder of the pins, I clamp them down the inside of each thigh.

I take a finger and run it along the inside of her hot cunt, feeling the wetness already pooling there. She moans as my finger lightly brushes her erect clit. She bucks her hips towards my hand, trying to increase the friction, but it is much too soon for her to get to cum. I slide a finger into her sopping center. It slides in easily she is so wet. I reach up inside her and press on her G-spot, making her moan and gasp. I put another finger inside, then a third. I can feel it filling with fluid, her G-spot is getting hard, and I want to make her squirt tonight.

Before she can reach orgasm, I move back to her clit and lightly stroke it, making just the lightest contact. I am going to make her beg before she gets to cum. When she cums, I want it to be mind blowing. I alternate between stroking her clit and fucking her with my hand. Her cunt is wide open and dripping with her juices. Her ass and the bed are getting soaked with her secretions. She is wetter than I have ever seen her. I'm glad my ministrations are having the desired effect on her.

She is squirming all over the bed, and I can tell she really needs to cum. there is a look of desperation in her eyes, and she is breathing hard and her skin is covered in a sheen of sweat. I think she has waited long enough for her first orgasm, and I grab her pocket rocket vibrator. I slip two fingers into her needy cunt and begin to stroke her G-spot. As she gets closer to cumming she asks,"May I please cum, Sir?"

I place the vibrator on her clit and watch her back arch as the pleasure is ramped up. The desire is tearing through her body, and she won't be able to hold back much longer. I look into her eyes, watching her fight it, trying not to cum. I fuck her hot pussy hard with my fingers, and when she can no longer hold back, I say,
"Cum for me, My slut! Give to all to me!"

Her orgasm hits her like a dam bursting. A flood of juices gush out of her cunt as she groans and thrashes around on the bed. I don't let up as one after another, her orgasms rip through her. She begins to cry as the intensity gets to be too much for her. She looks at me with a look that says she can't take any more, but I'm not through with her yet, and I keep pounding her cunt with my hand. I use the vibrator to wrench orgasm after orgasm from her. Taking them from her. Forcing My slut to cum for me. Taking what is mine.

When she is completely spent, I stop, for now. She will need to recuperate a bit before the next round. My hand and the bed are soaked in her juices. I make her lick my fingers clean, but I take a taste for myself. Her pussy is so sweet.

I begin to remove the clothes pins from her inner thighs, then take them off of her pussy lips. She gasps in pain as the blood flows back into the compressed tissues. I gently lick and suck at the sore flesh, soothing it with my tongue. Her juices are still seeping from her sweet snatch, and I run my tongue in a long lick up the center of her slick opening. She moans and tries to push her cunt towards my face. I smile and move up to her chest. I pull one then the other clamps off her sore nipples. There is real pain here. I lick at the sore flesh like I'm licking an ice cream on a summer day. Long wet licks over the swollen flesh. They are tender, but very hard. She is still extremely turned on...And so am I!

I release my throbbing cock from my pants and climb up between her spread thighs. I know she needs this as badly as I do. I put a pillow under her ass to raise her up so I can push in really deep. I slowly slide all the way in until the head of my cock bumps against her cervix. She gasps at how deep inside I am. I then slowly pull out until just the head is inside her. I once again slowly push into her, back and forth I saw in and out of her. She has a blissful look on her face as I slowly fuck her. Her hips rise up to meet each stroke, fucking me back. I pinch her hard nipples standing out from her swollen breasts. Giving her pain to go with her pleasure. She can't have one without taking the other. I lean down and bite into her left tit. I bite hard. I want to leave her with a mark to remember this night. She is biting her lip, trying to not scream. I stop, then bite into the other breast. I want to give her a matching set. This is too much for her, and she starts to cry. Tears run from the corners of her eyes. This is what I wanted. I already had tears of joy, now I need tears of pain. I release her tender flesh from between my teeth. She now has two lovely bite marks on her big tits. Tomorrow they will turn into bruises. She bruises so nicely. I kiss the tears coming from her eyes. I love the taste of her tears.

Now that she has given me her pain, it is time for me to give her my cum. I get her vibrator and place it against her erect clit. Her orgasm quickly builds, as does mine. as I feel the cum begin to surge out of my cock, I pull out and shoot my hot load right onto her clit. As my cum hits her cunt, it triggers her orgasm. She starts cumming as each spurt coats her swollen lips. The creamy white juice runs down into her spread open cunt. We cum together, both of us grunting out our ecstacy. As my orgasm subsides, I slide back into her spasming cunt and fuck her as her orgasm nears it's end. I feel the last of the tremors move through her cunt as it grips my cock. Milking the last few drops from me.

I collapse on top of her as we both lay there breathing heavily. I kiss her deeply and explore her mouth with my tongue. Tasting her lips and tongue. Trying to devour her passion.

"You forgot to ask to cum that time. I will have to punish you later for that you know?", I say to her with a sly grin. She looks at me with a shocked expression, and starts to say something, then realizes that there is nothing she can say to change my mind. She looks at me with a resigned look and gives me a tired, but contented smile.

I release her from her bondage, gently clean us up, then climb into bed with My slut. I lie behind her and pull her close to me. I reach over her and put my hand on her breast and push my cock against her ass. I can already feel a stirring down there, and maybe I will wake her later and have her ride me like the good cock slut she is. I smile, close my eyes and go to sleep a happy Dom. 

The picture isn't My slut, but the size is about right...grins!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed my little story.



  1. Very nice. :) I love the photo!

  2. Very hot William! Love all of the erotic details too!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you and I love the photo also.

  4. Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing it.


  5. Thank you Sir for sharing with us.. a wonderful story...

  6. Thank you mel for the compliment. Any woman who calls herself a slut, is a good woman in my eyes...Grins!!!

  7. amazing AND YES I AGREE MEL IS PERFECT htha she calls herself slut i liike it