Friday, January 7, 2011

Her sweet pain...

The tall candles are lit as I bring My slut into the room. She knows what they are for and can't pull her eyes away from them. She knows sometime tonight she will wear the many colors of My pain. Her breasts will be covered in molten wax, and the more she gasps from the pain, the more I will pour on. She can take a lot on her sweet tits, and even though she says it hurts, I know it turns her on as well. I can see her nipples get so hard that they push up the still soft wax. They look like the end of my pinky finger when they get erect. A sight that makes the blood flow to my throbbing member.

I bring her to the center of the room where I have laid down a plastic sheet to catch any dripping wax. I have her stand there with her arms behind her back as I retrieve my ropes. I first tie a harness around her chest with ropes above and below her breasts. I take the excess rope and tie it around her wrists to secure them behind her back. I grab another rope and begin looping it around her tits, making them stand up and out, ready to be tortured. When I have the rope nice and tight, I can see her nipples standing out as hard as I've ever seen them. They stand out about a half inch. They will make a nice target for my floggers.

Once she is properly bound, I get the crop and begin to lightly tap her right nipple. She gasps a little. They are already sensitive. I love it! They are so sensitive, she can orgasm just from having them played with. I will not be caressing them tonight, I will be torturing them. I move to the left one and slap it a little harder. I begin to move around, slapping her breasts from all angles. I cover her tits with slaps over every inch. Not leaving any spot untouched. I want the skin as sensitive as I can make it.

When it seems she can't take much more, I take the crop and lightly slap her cunt with it. She jumps a bit at the surprise attack on her nether regions. I drag it through her slit, making her moan. Reaching down, I feel her wetness. She is nearly dripping on the floor. The pain obviously isn't too much for her. The sexy slut is getting off on it as I hoped.

I grab the light flogger and go back to work on her ample DDD tits. I pay particular attention to her hard nipples, but I don't neglect the other tender flesh. I want to keep them a nice pink. I stop and grab both nipples between my fingers and squeeze until she begins to squirm and plead for me to stop. I give them one last pinch then release them and give them a lick and suck before going back to flogging them.

I finally get to the large flogger, and again start on her nipples. By now they are extremely sensitive and the slightest touch makes her groan. After her breasts are a nice red, I put down the flogger and begin to massage and squeeze her breasts in my hands. Carressing them both to ease her back down a bit. I reach into my back pocket and remove the clamps I have hidden there, and quickly clamp both her hard nubs of flesh. She isn't expecting it and lets out a little scream, quickly cut off.

I kiss her deeply as I rub her soaking wet cunt. Her clit feels like it is about to explode. I slide two then three fingers inside of her. Reaching up I feel her G-spot is swollen as well and I begin to rub hard as I fuck her with my fingers. I can tell she is getting close to cumming. She looks at me with desperation in her eyes and I say, "Do you need to cum My slut?"

"Yes, she whispers.". but I need more.

"How badly do you need it?, I ask with a smile on my face.

"Please may I cum?, she says. I can see the struggle in her to hold back from cumming.

"Please may I cum, what?", I ask

"Please may I cum, Sir?," she finally says for the first time.

I tell her,"Cum for me slut. Give it all to me.", and she lets go. I can see the orgasm course through her body as she squeezes her eyes shut with the intensity of it. I hold her up with one arm while I continue to ravage her aching cunt with my other hand. A flood of juices washes over my hand as she cums for what seems minutes, but is surely much less.

Before she can recover, I take the crop and strike her fully on her sweet ass. Her eyes snap open in shock as I lay into her quivering ass, making her jump around trying to avoid my assault on her tender cheeks. I have a hold of one arm so she can't get away from me.

When her ass is sufficiently warmed up, I quickly remove the clamps from her nipples without warning. I drop them to the floor and grab her nipples tightly between my fingers and squeeze. I can see the tears well up in her eyes from the pain and I tell her to give it to me. Give me her pain.

At my words the dam breaks and she starts to sob. There is the release of emotion I wanted. The letting go of all her pain. I let her cry as I now caress her tender nipples, and I kiss away her tears. I can taste her pain. It is wonderful.

As she calms I tell her that we aren't quite finished yet. She nods with a slight smile as I turn her around and begin to flog her ass with the large flogger. I let her have it pretty good, but I can see that she is starting to turn the pain into pleasure. She is pushing her ass out towards the lashes instead of pulling away from them. She is staring to moan as I land each strike. She is now ready .

I grab my favorite. The cane. I let it cut through the air in front of her so she can see what I have and what I'm going to use on her. She does not flinch or cower like she had in the past. She turns and offers her ass to me. A gift to beat, to hurt, to mark as mine.

The first strike is harder than she expected. My blood is up now. It is coursing through my veins and throbbing in my cock. I feel so alive my mind is focused like a laser on her. My sweet slut. My beautiful submissive wife. Taking my pain as I need her to.

As I make another lash on her ass, a welt forms. One after the other I slash at her. She raises her ass up to meet each one. Her ass is a criss cross of welts and red marks. Up and down her upper thighs as well. The skin is slightly broken in a few spots. Tiny drops of blood sleck her skin. I stop and run my tongue up the bloody welt. Soothing her pain with my tongue. Tasting her fear and pain. She moans in pleasure. The pain forgotten in the soothing warmth of my licks.

I lay her down on the plastic sheet and grab the candles and arrange them around her. I grab the white one first and pour it directly on her hard right nipple. She gasps a bit, but this is something she likes. I cover both nipples with the white wax until it is gone. I switch to the green and pour it quickly all over both breasts. I don't want her to get used to it too quickly. I then add the blue and red wax until both breasts are covered in multiple colors. I have emptied all the candles and she is a beautiful tapestry of color.

She has done very good tonight and deserves a final explosive orgasm. I pull my cock out. It is hard as steel from watching My slut take all my pain. I stroke it in front of her face. She loves to watch me do that. I reach down and begin to rub her hard clit. She moans, and I can tell it won't take much to make her cum.

"May I please cum Sir?", she asks without me having to prompt her.

"Yes My slut. You can cum when you need to, but hold off as long as you can.", I tell her as I kneel by her head.

I alternate between rubbing her clit and fucking her with my fingers as I rub her G-spot. I don't want her to get there too quickly. I want to make it build slowly until she simply explodes. I stroke My hard cock in front of her face as she lays there facing me. She is watching my hand slowly stroke the full length just inches from her mouth. She licks her lips subconciously as her orgasm builds. I push my erection against her lips as I continue to play with her. She sucks me into her warm, wet mouth and sucks on the mushroom head. I can feel the pre-cum being drawn out onto her tongue. She normally hates that, but she is lost in lust and doesn't even flinch.

I feel the orgasm begin to build in me as I continue to slowly stroke the length of my cock while finger fucking her. She gently nurses at the head of my cock like a baby at the tit. Her eyes are glassy and I can tell it won't be much longer.

Her breathing gets deeper and deeper and her back begins to arch. Seeing her begin to orgasm triggers mine to start building. As the first wave hits her, she arches her back and leans back as my cock pops out of her mouth. She begins to cum with a long scream as it rips through her. This triggers my own orgasm, and I shoot the first hard jet across her lips and face. Some of it landing on her tongue, but doesn't seem to care. She feels it, but the sensations exploding in her loins are more important. I continue to cum, splattering her cheeks and lips with my seed. The feeling of my hot load hitting her body makes a second orgasm pound through her. She cums over and over, long after my orgasm has subsided. I keep stroking her delicious cunt until she is exhausted.

When she is done, I lean down and gently lick her swollen clit, causing her to jump just a little. I caress her swollen cunt with my tongue as I taste her sweet nectar. I put my fingers to her lips and she licks them clean of my offering to her. I move up and kiss her deeply and passionately. Tasting our mingled juices on our lips. Her sweet and my salty. An ambrosia of passion.

I gently untie her and remove the wax. Picking her up, I lay her on the bed. I get behind her and pull her to my chest as I cover us up.

The Beast has been sated...for now. He will get hungry for the taste of pain again, and it won't be long before he must feed again.      


  1. William.

    What an absolutely wonderful experience. All Your hard work patience and efforts really is so rewarding i imagine.
    Great story to tell.
    Thank for sharing i enjoy reading about Your experiences with You and Yours.


  2. That was quite an experience, thank you for sharing.

  3. Unfortunately for now, the wax is the only part that has happened. The rest is just in my mind, for now. Once her medical issues are cleared up we will definitely be making this a reality. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the story. I sure enjoyed writing it.

  4. I loved it, William. Tell your wife the picture is lovely, and I'm jealous.

  5. I would, but she doesn't know about my blog and I don't know how she would feel about me posting it. I only did because you can't identify her in it. I love her big tits. Nipples fun to play with. Have you ever had hot wax used on you? You should definitely try it. She actually loves it.