Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me and My toys...

One of the blogs I was reading commented how none of the Dom men who have blogs ever post pictures of themselves. They love to post their subs, but rarely themselves. So I thought I would post a kind of vague one. I don't want to show my face yet, if ever. I thought I might as well post my toys too. She mentioned wanting to see cock shots too, but I don't know if anyone wants to see those. Let me know, and if you do, I will.

Here I am in all my glory

Shackles I made, her pocket rocket, nipple clamps, Wartenberg wheel, and dildo

My floggers

Ropes and clothes pins

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I use to play with My slut. Some she likes, others she doesn't so much.
Let me know what you think.



  1. William, you and W look like you were separated at birth. Same hat, same facial hair. W's older though.

  2. wa-heyyyy! thanks for sharin' William!! awesome... and very Domly!!! :)


  3. Well hello, and nice to see you :) I suspect the reason that most male doms only post their subs is simply down to the fact that a pretty semi-clad lady is easier on the eye. Not that am saying you are not easy on the eye! Sheesh, I'll shut up now lol!

  4. Laughs!!!
    I do agree with you though. I'd rather look at a semi-clad woman than me too!


  5. I love the picture of you - and the pictures of your toys!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!