Sunday, January 8, 2012

Her denial...

Master was pounding her cunt with three fingers jammed in her wet and quivering cunt. She hadn't cum in over a week, and didn't figure she would be allowed to today either. Master had been tormenting her cunt, ass, and tits. He had been keeping her constantly aroused, but would not let her cum. He would say each day that maybe that would be the day, but then at the end he would tell her maybe tomorrow.

Her whole body hungered for release. She found her cunt constantly drooling and soaking her panties, on days she was allowed to wear them. On days she wore a skirt, she left wet marks on her chair. Her cunt felt swollen and hungry. Needing to be fucked hard and to cum all over Master hard cock.

She came back from her reverie as Master pulled his hand from her craving hole. She whimpered in frustration at being left with that empty feeling once again. Master flippe dher over onto all fours and tied her arms to the headboard and her feet to the footboard.

She felt him smear lube on her asshole before he slid the anal plug into her tight hole. It was the larger one that stretched her nicely. She always felt so full when he used that one on her. It made her so aroused when she was filled this way. She felt his fingers begin to stroke her swollen and inflamed clit. Just his touch sent a jolt of electricity through her body. She immediately started moving her hips in rhythm with his stroking fingers.

She could feel her orgasm building in her loins as those rough fingers abused her clit. It was so swollen it was painful, but she humped into his hand anyway. The pain and pleasure mixing to make her juices run down the inside of her thighs. Her cunt was a slippery wet mess and she hadn't even cum.

Master stopped rubbing, but before she could even be disappointed it was replaced by his hard, thick cock. He plunged into her in one quick, hard stroke. She grunted, then sighed at the feeling of being stretched by his throbbing prick.

He began with long slow strokes, going deep up inside her cunt until she could feel the head bumping against her cervix. Each stroke sent a spasm through her aching pussy. She wanted so badly to let go and cum all over his invading member, but she knew that the punishment would be worse than any temporary joy she would feel.

His speed began to increase as he became more and more aroused. She could feel his cock swelling as he neared his orgasm. His breathing coming quicker as he got to the verge of cumming.

Suddenly he pulled out and moved in front of her and pushed his dripping cock into her wet, hot mouth. With a couple more pumps, he unloaded his hot seed into her mouth and all over her tongue. She hungrily swallowed down his cum and sucked her juices from his twitching cock.

She waited to see if she would get her own orgasm as he knelt there enjoying her worship of his now shrinking cock.  

"Maybe tomorrow, My slut. I don't think you are quite ready yet to cum. You didn't seem quite desperate enough.", he said with the hint of a chuckle as he untied her binds. "Clean up, girl. It's time for you to make Master his dinner. That really worked up my appetite."

Walking away she could just imagine the smile on his face. The bastard...She absolutely loved him with every fiber of her being...