Saturday, March 10, 2012

A new direction...

I decided that I will write stories of how I would go about training a submissive. I hope everyone enjoys this new direction, and I think it will give me an outlet for my desires and ideas. I will also be able to try some things out and see how my sub lady followers feel it would work for them. Also my Dom male readers can let me know if they have done the same or think it would work in actual practice. Enjoy my first entry...William


It was to be her first heavy training session. She had been giving her Master more and more of her submission, and he had told her that it was time to push her limits and see what she could handle. She said she had never had desires for pain, but he had seen things in her that made him think that there was something hiding inside that even she was unaware of.

He had everything ready for tonight training session. They had discussed the various things he intended to try, but she had no idea what they would actually do or in what order. When she was lead into the room wearing only her Master's collar and leash, she saw laid out on the table, candles, rope, nipple clamps, his belt and the wooden spoon that stung so badly. She could feel her heart begin to pound in her chest . Her eyes locked on each item in turn. not sure how it would feel, or how she would handle it.

The candles were already lit and melting a good load of hot wax. She had used a little on herself in the past and enjoyed the feeling of it, but this time would be different. Her Master would be in control of how much and where the wax went. the only way she could stop it was to use her safe word. She hoped she wouldn't feel it necessary to do so. She would feel like she let him down, even though she knew he wouldn't feel that way. He had told her repeatedly that there would be a time that she would have to use it, simply because he may want to push her some day to find what her limit truly was. She didn't think he would do that today, since it was their first heavy scene, but she had no clue.

He lead her to the center of the room and had her kneel there as he removed the leash. She automatically put her arms behind her back as she had been trained. He reached for the rope first and draped it around her neck. He then began to tightly wrap the rope around first one, then the other breast. She was quite well endowed, so he had to lift each heavy globe to pass the rope underneath as he bound each breast. They were soon lifted up and the flesh was taut from the pressure of the rope squeezing the flesh. Soon they would change color to the pretty purple hue Master loved. The skin getting more and more sensitive as the pressure slowly built.

With the remaining rope at the end, he bound her arms behind her back so she could not move them. She was completely at his mercy now. Her only protection was her safe word and her trust in who he was. She had no doubts about the latter. He had shown her over the months they had been together that he was as good as his word.

He picked up the nipple clamps and placed first one then the other on her hard little buds of flesh. She gasped as each one bit into her. When they had first met, she couldn't handle the clamps, and now after a couple months of his training, she could wear them at their full clamping force for as long as he wished her too. He only ever had her wear them for ten or so minutes at a time. He didn't want to damage the tender flesh.

He then picked up the wooden spoon. Her eyes widened at it. He had only ever used it on her ass, but she knew that was about to change. He walked up and began to lightly slap all around the trapped flesh of her heavy tits. He gradually slapped a little harder and harder. Eliciting gasps from her as her smacked near the clamps. He concentrated on the tender undersides. Knowing this area rarely got any attention and would be particularly sensitive. After a few minutes of this, he set the spoon down and removed the clamps. She gasped as the blood rushed back into the compressed flesh. He grabbed each one in turn and pinched them hard, adding to her torment and his pleasure. He watched her face for signs of excessive distress, but only saw the determination in her to take what he gave her.

He picked the spoon up again and gave her ten quick swats on each of her sore nipples, causing her to cry out for the first time, but she didn't say a word. He stroked her hair to show her his pride in her, bringing a faint smile to her lips.

He slowly drug his fingernails across each bound tit, enjoying the feel of the tight flesh, and the moans and wiggles of her as her fleshy mounds grew more sensitive. He grabbed the first large candle and approached her.

"Are you ready slave?", he asked her. His voice low, but powerful.

"Yes Master.", she answered. A slight quiver of excitement and maybe a little fear in her voice.

He stepped up to her and slowly tilted the candle over. The first trickle of molten wax dribbled out and landed directly on her erect and sensitized nipple. She gasped at the heat, but did not try to move away. He trickled some on the other nipple, and this time, did she not only not move away, but she arched her back to push her tits out even further to receive the wax.

"Do you like that, my little slut?", he asked her with a smile on his face.

"Very much Master. It feels amazing.", she asked with a giddiness in her voice.

He began to pour more and more wax across the tops of both bound tits as she gasped and moaned in lustful pleasure. He used two candles worth of wax that left both tits covered in wax. There was one candle left still burning, and he looked at her with a wicked grin. A chill ran up her spine wondering what was to come. He grabbed her by the shoulder and began to lean her back.

"Lay down on your back slave. Let's see how the wax feels on that juicy cunt.", he told her. She shivered as she lay back with his help. They had talked about trying this, but she had never tried it. I guess now was the time, she thought.

"Spread those legs wide for Master, and keep them apart.", he told her as he retrieved the last candle. She lay there spread open to him. Her heart hammering in her chest. Was it going to be too much, too painful to bear?

She was clean shaven as she was always required to be for him. As the first thin dribble of wax hit the swollen outer lips of her aroused pussy, she gasped. It was so intense, but pleasurable. The feeling of the wax trickling down over her sensitive sex was nothing like she had ever felt before, and she loved it. he was watching her face and saw the slight grin of desire on her lips and knew it was safe to proceed. He spread her slick lips open to expose her swollen clit. She was soaking wet and her juices had begun trickling down the crack of her ass.

"Master's little girl appears to be a bit of a pain slut. You are quite wet.", he teasingly told her as he gave her clit a pinch, causing her hips to buck.

Holding her open with one hand, He carefully dribbled some of the wax directly onto her hard clit. When it made contact with her tender nubbin, she hissed in a breath between clenched teeth, and let out a gutteral groan.

"Oh my god.", she uttered. "That was intense."

"Do you want me to stop, girl?", he asked her.

"No Master.", she answered. Her eyes dropping in embarrassment. Knowing she had just shown the pain slut that was indeed hiding below the surface of her carefully created facade of respectability. After this she would never again be able to deny her desire for pain.

He smiled and poured more of the molten liquid down the open slash of her creamy sex. She arched up and lifted her hips to meet the wax as it fell. An animal groan coming from deep in her chest as the wax coated her. Molten wax meeting molten sex.

When all the wax was gone, he stepped away from her, leaving her there panting. Her hair wet with sweat. Her eyes dilated with passion and the rush of endorphins.

"I take it you liked that, little one.", He chuckled.

"Yes Master. We must do that again please. It sent such a charge through me when the wax ran over my clit.  Like nothing I've ever felt before.", she told him breathlessly.

"I think we can add that to our repertoire slave.", He laughed. retrieving his long balded knife, he carefully scraped away the cooled wax from her tits and cunt. She shivered each time the edge of the blade touched her flesh. She had had an attraction to his knife from the first time she had seen it. It frightened her, but every time she saw it, she would get instantly get wet.

Once all the wax was removed, he helped her to her knees again. Picking up the belt, he walked around behind her. She could not see him, but she knew what was about to come. they had discussed it earlier, and she was to count each stroke after it landed. He told her this way he could gauge how she was doing by the sound of her voice.

The first lash landed hard on her ass surprising her. She quickly recovered and counted one. The second was just as hard on the other cheek. Two, she counted. This went on, one cheek then the next. She counted each one without a break in her voice to show any distress. It went on until he reached 100 lashes. He stopped to check the condition of her flesh and her mind. Her ass was getting a little red, but not very much.

"How are you girl?", he asked her as he studied her face.

"I am fine Sir.", she smiled. He could see that she was beginning to drift off a little. A dreamy look in her eyes indicating she was on the verge of sub space. He smiled at her, and stepped back behind her to begin the next round.

Once again she counted each stroke with a strong voice as she pushed her ass out to receive each stroke of the leather.After another 100. he stopped again to check on her. As before, she was fine and showed no ill effects. He smiled as he could see that despite any previous doubts of hers, she was a pain slut. To what degree remained to be seen, but she had already taken more and harder lashes than she had previously and showed no sign of wanting it to stop.

They went three more rounds of 100 lashes each. Her ass by this time a nice dark red and bruises beginning to appear. He was proud of his slave. He never thought she would be able to take this much her first time, but she had. He could tell she was getting a bit tender by the end. She wasn't pulling away from the blows, but she wasn't sticking her ass out to receive them quite as much as she had at first. It was time to finish the scene with the thing that she feared and loved at the same time. The simple wooden spoon that stung so bad.

He picked it up and walked around in front of her so she could see it.

"Kiss it girl.", he told her as he held it in front of her face. She puckered up and laid a tender kiss on the flat surface.

"Stick those tits out, girl.", he ordered her. She did so and he smacked them all over, twenty-five blows on each. When they landed on the now swollen nipples, she cried out each time. By this time her breasts were swollen and a darkening purple from the blood pooling in them. They were firm and the skin shiny from being stretched taut.

He then moved to her ass and gave fifty swats to each cheek. The flesh now really beginning to redden. He stopped and checked on her to make sure she was alright. She assured him she was, so he again gave her twenty-five more on each breast, and fifty more on each ass cheek. The spoon was doing it's job, as he could see the cracks beginning to show in the veneer of her control. She was nearing her limit, and he wanted to see how close he could get to that limit without pushing her over it.

He gave her twenty-five more on each breast, and fifty on each ass cheek. This time her voice began to crack a little as she counted each one. She was near the end of her control, so he decided to make this the last round.

"This will be the last round slave. you will receive the same amount of strokes. can you take a little more of your Master's pain, my girl?", he asked her while studying her eyes.

"I can Sir, thank you.", she answered. Her voice a whisper with the effort to hold back the tears.

"Let go my girl. You may cry if you need to. It's OK.", he told her as he stepped up to begin the last round of swats.

As each blow landed on her now red and bruised breasts, she counted them out. The strain of maintaining control apparent in her voice. She made it through each one, but the tears were beginning to form in the corners of her eyes. He moved behind her to do the final swats on her now bright red ass. He ran his hands over the glowing flesh and could feel the heat radiating from it.

The first blow landed and she flinched slightly for the first time. The second, third and subsequent blows caused her to flinch as well. He could tell that every blow was agony, but she counted each one. He couldn't see her face as it was turned to the floor and her hair obscured her face, but he could hear the tears in her voice. After he was halfway through, after each stroke and count, she would sob. Her body wracked by them, but she said nothing to stop the final strokes. As he landed the final stroke, she finally let go and cried without restraint. Her body shaken with the sobs as he stroked her hair and held her head to his hip. Comforting her and letting her get it all out.

Once the sobs subsided, he untied her arms and unbound her breasts. They were red and bruised, and dark and heavy with the trapped blood caused by the rope. After releasing her from her bindings, he helped her to her feet and held her head to his chest and spoke quietly to her. Comforting her and telling her how proud he was of her for taking her Master's pain so well. She made him very happy today.

Her carried her to the bed and made love to her in a tender way that belied the previous violence of her whipping. Afterwards he bathed her as they sat in the tub together. He soothed her bruises and caressed her gently as he washed every inch of her body before she did the same for him.

She smiled as she snuggled to his chest as they lay in bed later. He knew she would be feeling her bruises the next day, but for tonight she was as content as a babe in her mothers arms. He was a happy man too. He had found the sub he's been searching for...