Sunday, July 31, 2011

A hard flogging...

I sent a message to My slut last night that I needed to give her pain. That I have been having a hard time lately as I posted last night. She said it didn't frighten her at all, and that she would take a flogging. I asked her what if it was a really hard one, and she said she could handle it. I sure hope so, and we will see this week just how much she can take.
I wrote her this story to let her know what is to come.
You bring me the flogger with a smile on your face.
"I know you need to hurt me. Please flog my ass. I need it too.Make me cry for your pleasure.", you say as you hand it to me.
I smile at you as I take the flogger from you.
"In the room slut, and strip for me. Get the leather cuffs for me. I am going to bind your hands in front of you while I whip your ass red.", I tell you.
You hurry into the room and you are mostly naked by the time I get there. I instruct you to climb up on the bed and I cuff your hands together in front of you and put pillows under your hips and belly to raise your ass up so I have a nice target to strike.
"Do you need this, My slut?", I ask you.
"Yes I do, Mr Big Cock. Please flog me hard.", you reply.
I smile at your need and hunger. I reach between your legs and feel you already getting wet at the thought of feeling my pain. You are learning to be a good pain slut. Just what I want from you.
I step back a bit and give you a medium strength lash to begin warming you up. After ten such lashes, it is time for the hard flogging.
"Are you ready slut?", I ask while checking your cunt. You are very wet now. The anticipation is making you a gooey mess."I guess you are ready as I can feel"
You bury your face in the bed, but I can hear a muffled, "Yes I am."
The first lash makes you gasp and yelp a little as it lands on your right cheek. The next lands on the left cheek having the same effect. You squeal, but you hold your ass up so I have a good target. You are loving this as much as I am. You have a hard time admitting your love of pain, but we both know you do.
I continue to whip your ass, putting all my strength into each blow, causing the impact to ripple through your ass and reverberate through your whole body. Tremors of pleasure of pain course through you as I beat your beautiful ass.
I stop and check your cunt to find it quite soaked. I slide a couple fingers inside you and stroke your clit with my thumb as I slowly fuck you with my hand. You push your ass back to accept each stroke of my fingers. You moan in pleasure as you feel like you are about to cum.
I stop and pull my fingers out of you, causing you to whimper in disappointment. After licking your sweet juices from my fingers, I tell you, "Not yet, My slut. You don't get to cum that quickly. You will, but not until you beg me for it."
I step back and resume the flogging. Making your flesh jump at each impact, making you gasp as each blow lashes across your rapidly reddening skin. I am going to make you cry now. I will whip you until you give me the tears I need. You will take my pain like a good slut and give me what my hunger demands. I go from cheek to cheek, sometimes concentrating on one cheek for a few lashes before switching to the other to keep you guessing where the blow will land.
"Breathe and let go for me slut. Let go of all your pain, and give it to me.", I tell you as I momentarily stop and stroke your hot flesh."Let the tears flow and release all your pain."
I resume the flogging and I see you begin to sob. The tears slowly start from the corners of your eyes as the flogger bites into your glowing ass. Soon you are sobbing deeply, your body wracked with the sobs as I continue beating your ass.
"That's My good slut. Give me your tears. Cry for me.", I tell you with pride and love in my heart. You have finally let go. You are on the road to becoming the pain slut I want you to be. Even as you cry, you keep your ass up for me. Needing to take my pain to show both me and yourself that you can take it, and that you need it.
I gradually begin to slow down and whip you a little lighter with each lash. Time to warm you down. The lashes become easier and more spread apart as the flogging winds down. You have done a great job My slut. You took my pain like I needed you to.
I stop and slowly run my hands over your glowing red ass. The heat radiating from your flesh is amazing. I kiss and lick over the tortured flesh, tasting your pain, and it is so sweet. I help you roll over and take you in my arms, kissing your tears away and wiping your hair away from your face. It is stuck there from the sweat and tears. Your tears taste wonderful to me.
Moving the pillows, I lay you back on the bed and grab your vibe and my dildo. I push the dildo against the entrance of your soaked cunt and it slides easily all the way inside you. You are so wet, your thighs are slick with your juices. My pain has turned you on like I knew it would. Your such a dirty little pain slut. My pain slut.       
I turn on the vibe and press it to your clit. Your body jumps as if I had touched it with an electric current. Your back arches and a moan escapes your lips.
"May I cum?", you ask almost immediately.
I remove the vibe and say, "Not yet slut. I'm going to build your orgasm up until it explodes from you."
I press it back to your clit making you jump again. I watch your face to tell when you are getting close to cumming, than I pull the vibe away. All the while I continue to slowly fuck you with my other cock. Slow and steady to give you pleasure, but not enough to make you cum.
I want you to beg me to cum. To need it so bad you will give me everything to be allowed your release.
"May I please cum, Mr Big Cock?", you ask, your voice thick with lust and the strain of wanting to cum.
Once again I remove the vibe, eliciting a whimper of disappointment.
"You haven't convinced me yet that you really need it.", I tell you as I continue sliding the dildo deep into your hungry cunt. "Make me believe you really need it."
I again place the vibe against your now swollen clit. It is standing up hard like a little cock, craving my attention. Your back arches and your hips buck as you reach for your orgasm.
"Do you really need to cum for me, slut?", I ask you. "Tell me what you need."
"Please may I cum for you? Let me give you all my pleasure, Mr Big Cock.", you say. Barely able to speak from the hunger in your cunt.
I quicken the pace of the dildo in and out of your sopping cunt. Fucking your hard and fast with it. Your body begins to arch up and your head tilts back as the pleasure radiates from your cunt all through your body.
"Please...", you gasp, trying to hold back.
That is what I want to hear from you. That tone of begging in your voice. The undeniable hunger and need in your voice.
"Cum for me slut. Cum all over my cock like the dirty little slut you are. Give me all your pleasure.", I tell you. I watch as you let go and your orgasm tears through your body and soul. The pleasure explodes in your brain as your cunt spasms around the pounding cock inside you. I feel your cunt gripping the dildo as I keep fucking you fast and hard with it. your pussy is sloshing from the wetness running out of you. you cum all over the cock and my hands. My hands are soaked with your juices as are your thighs and the sheets.
"Keep cumming slut. I will tell you when to stop.", I tell you as I keep the vibe to your clit and the dildo fucking you. Orgasm after orgasm rips through your body, making you convulse and buck against the invaders in your cunt.
"No more please.", you gasp. "No more."
"One more, slut.", I tell you, and you give me what I want with one last hard spasm on the dildo.
I gradually slow the pace of the dildo gliding into your well used cunt. You are exhausted from your hard use, but there is a blissful smile spreading across your face. You have cried again as well. This time in pleasure instead of pain. Your tears track down your beautiful face. You are glowing with that look of a woman that has just been fucked hard.
You open your eyes and look at me with a smile.
"Please fuck me. I need you inside me now.", you say as you buck your hips upwards towards me.
"What does my slut need?", I ask you with a grin.
"Your cock.", you tell me.
"Who are you?", I ask.
"Your slut.", is your answer.
"My dirty pain slut?", I push.
"Yes.", you say with a bit of embarrassment on your face.
"Good girl.", I say, as I stand and begin to undress. My cock already steel hard from hurting you and making you cum so hard.
I move between your spread thighs and plunge deeply into your soaked cunt in one quick thrust. You gasp at the quickness of my invasion. My balls slap against your ass from how hard I enter you. I begin to slowly pump into you in long deep strokes. Pulling out until just the head is inside you before stroking back deep as I can go. I can feel my cock bumping against your cervix I am going so deep. I push your legs back towards your shoulders to go as deep as possible inside you.
Your pussy is wet and squishes with each stroke of my hard cock. You are so hot and wet inside as your cunt grips my cock. I reach down and begin to stroke your sensitive clit with my thumb. You shake your head no, but I won't be denied today.
"I want you to cum on my cock while I fill you with my hot cum.", I tell you as I continue to rub your swollen clit. I stands up hard again. Wanting my pleasure even though you deny you want it.
I see the look on your face when you are about to cum, and I speed up my thrusts. I want to cum with you.
"May I cum for you?", you ask one last time.
"Yes slut, cum all over my cock.", I tell you.
I feel your cunt grip my cock as you start to cum, and this triggers my orgasm. With a groan I pump the first load of cum into your hungry cunt. You moan as you feel my hot juices splash against the walls of your pussy. You cum even harder from feeling my orgasm filling you with my heat. We buck and moan against each other as we cum together. I continue fucking you as I feel my cum begin to leak out of your pussy. You are so wet that your cunt can't contain all the fluids being pumped into and out of it. Our combined juices made a gooey mess of both of us. My cock and balls are soaked, and your crotch is wet down part way down your thighs.
I push deep inside you and just stay there, enjoying the feeling of being engulfed by your hot cunt. Your pussy lips cradling my balls in their warm embrace. I kiss you deeply, my tongue probing deeply into your mouth. I want to be inside you in any way I can.
I kiss down your body as my cock slips out of your wet cunt. Kissing your gleaming tits and licking and sucking at your sensitive nipples. Still erect from your recent orgasm. I continue down your body and lick the insides of your thighs from knee to knee. Our mixed juices are sweet and salty. We are delicious together.
I climb back up to lay beside you as hold you against me. Kissing you again and sharing our essence. I kiss you neck and stroke your breasts as you come down from the intensity of today's experience.
"What a good slut you are.", I say as I smile down at you. "You took all my pain, and gave me pleasure in return. I'm so proud of My slut."
You smile up at me and lean your head against my chest as you sigh and purr like a kitten.

Some challenging days...

The last few days have been quite challenging for me. I am in a particularly sadistic mood, and no outlet for those desires. I told My slut today that I wanted to spank her until she cried. She said she would prefer to be flogged, but not necessarily until she cried though. Some days are really rough when you are a Sadist.

We have been talking lately about the rough days I've been having and I told her I feel like we have hit a plateau. She asked me what is the next step I want to take, and I asked her if she had been reading my stories. Everything is in there laid out for her to see what I want to do.

I have no idea if this will bring any changes in her or our life, but she asked and I told her what I need. She says she understands, but she has understood for years and it didn't change anything. She said she is doing her best, and maybe she is, but I've been waiting for a very long time and my hunger is growing stronger and stronger each day. William needs to feed on some pain.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

A quick one...

My slut liked this one...She hasn't done any of this stuff for me yet, but she said it was definitely doable.


 I send you a text from work. I want you to touch yourself for me. You will masturbate for 5 minutes without cumming, then send me a picture of your wet cunt. You have 10 minutes to send me the picture starting now I tell you as I check the clock. Nine minutes later I receive the photo. My cock swells immediately as I look at your tasty looking cunt, all wet and slippery with your juices.
I text you back and tell you what a good slut you are, and that you will get a good flogging when I get home for doing as you were told. The rest of the day drags by as I anticipate taking you when I get home. Finally I get home and you are waiting with a sheepish grin on your face. Embarrassed that you sent me pictures of you doing such a dirty thing.
I take you in my arms and kiss you and tell you how proud I am of My slut. "Now get in the room", I tell you.
You almost run to the room, unable to hide your excitement. I follow you there and tell you to undress for me. You quickly undress and grab the flogger for me. You hand it to me and climb up on the bed and raise your ass as an offering to me. Ready for my pain.
I immediately begin whipping your ass as you wriggle it back and forth slowly, enjoying the pleasure of my pain. I make your ass nice and red before checking your cunt to find it nice and wet like I love it. You moan at the contact of my fingers probing your tight hole. I rub your clit quickly and you push back towards my hand, craving my touch.
I pull my hand away and lay down on the bed.
"Climb on top of me, slut. We are going to try a little 69. I want to feel your wet, slutty mouth on my hard cock while I taste your juicy cunt.", I tell you. We have never tried this, but I want it bad. You hesitate a moment , then you climb on and lean down to engulf my throbbing cock. Your cock sucking skills are improving rapidly. I push my tongue into your soaked slit and lap up your juices. I flick my tongue over your swollen clit as you pump my cock in and out of your mouth. The distraction of eating you helps me hold off from cumming. You aren't having such an easy time though, your orgasm is rapidly approaching and your juices are streaming out of your pussy, soaking my face.
"May I please cum for you?", you suddenly beg. "Please Mr Big Cock?"
I ram two fingers into your hungry cunt and tell you to cum for me before concentrating my tongue on your clit. Your cunt clenches around my fingers as you begin to cum. Your cunt is pouring into my mouth as you moan and cum. I am lapping up your juices as fast as I can, wanting to devour all of you.
When your orgasm subsides you roll off of me breathing heavily. You look at me and move your hips a bit with a smile. Beckoning me to fuck you. I smile and say,"What do you want? I want to hear you ask.", I say.
"Please fuck me?", you say.
"You can do better than that. Ask me how a dirty little slut would ask.", I say with a smile.
"Please fuck your slut with that big, hard cock. I want to feel your hot cum shooting on my cunt.", You say with a wicked grin.
"Very good, My slut. Now that's what I'm talking about.", I tell you as I climbed between your legs.
I spread your legs wide and plunged into you in one quick thrust. You gasp as I quickly begin to pump in and out of you with long deep strokes. I grab your vibe and tell you to put it to your clit and make us cum together.
Your orgasm begins to build quickly, and I pump hard into you to cum with you. As your cunt begins to tighten with your impending orgasm I feel myself about to cum. I pull out and with a few strokes I shoot the first jet of cum on your hot clit. You start to cum upon the feeling of my hot cum hitting your clit. We both cum together, breathing deeply as I rub my cock all over your wet cunt. smearing our juices together making us both all sticky.
We both smile at such a fun time and go to clean up.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HNT #1

My first Half-Nekkid Thursday. It will only be an occasional thing for me, but I thought it might be fun

Does anyone see this picture? I see it on my dashboard, but not on the blog. Someone let me know if the picture is visible. Thanks


Monday, July 25, 2011


As you lay in bed on the computer, I walk in and close the door.
"Time to log off, My slut.", I tell you as I cross the room. You look at me to make sure I'm serious, and you see that I am. You turn back to the computer to shut everything down.
I walk over to the nightstand and remove something, but I don't let you see what it is. With my back to you I tell you to strip for me and stand at the foot of the bed. You hesitate a moment, but you do as I say.
Once you are naked, I hear you move to the foot of the bed and I stand and move behind you.
"Hands behind your back.", I say.
"I don't know if I can.", you whisper with trepidation in your voice.
"You can, My slut. All it takes is trust.", I assure you.
You slowly move your hands behind your back and you feel the rope begin to wrap around your wrists. You take a deep breath, and I tell you to just relax. I will take care of you.
I bind your forearms together then I grab a handful of your hair and bend your head back towards me and kiss the side of your neck. I gently take you by the throat, just holding you, as my other hand trails down to your tits. As I hold you there, your body pressed against mine, I begin to caress and pinch your hard nipples. I stroke them and pull on them, making them harder. I bite the side of your neck and nibble on your shoulders.
Your breathing is gradually speeding up as your body reacts to my touch. I reach into my pocket and remove the nipple clamps. I place them on your rock hard nipples eliciting a gasp from you as each one is placed and tightened.
I turn you towards the bed and tell you to place your chest on the foot of the bed and spread your legs. Helping you down I stand beside you and put an arm around your waist to stabilize your stance.
"You are going to get a spanking now. You have done nothing wrong. In fact you have been a pretty good slut lately. I just think it's time to take things to the next level. We have gotten to a plateau and it is time to step forward.", I explain so you have no confusion over why you are being spanked.
I begin slowly and lightly, spanking all over your tender ass. The flesh jiggles and jumps at each strike. I gradually increase the strength of the swats as your flesh takes on a redder hue. You begin to move your feet as the swats become harder.
"Hold still slut, you can take it. You will take it for me.", I say quietly.
Soon I am spanking you with hard swats, the flesh is bright red and I feel you begin to sob.
"Let go My slut. Give me your tears. Let go of all the past pain, and accept my loving pain.", I tell you. At my words the dam bursts and I can hear you cry in wracking sobs as the pain is exorcised from your body and soul.
"Empty yourself of the past and let me fill you with my love.", I tell you as I continue spanking. Soon I can tell that you are calming down as you are cleansed of your old pain. I stop and help you stand. Tears are wetting your cheeks and your eyes are red, but you have a smile on your face. I take your face in my hands and kiss away your tears, tasting your pain. I then kiss you hard on the mouth, tasting your lips and your love, pulling your body against mine.
"I love you slut. You are mine and you never have to be afraid of anything or anyone again.", I say as I stroke your hair and kiss your face.
I turn you around and remove the rope from your wrists, rubbing the tender flesh to make sure the blood is circulating good. I turn you back to face me and tell you to give me a hug. You wrap your arms tightly around me and give me the tightest hug you have ever given me.
"Who are you?", I ask.
You smile up at me, and looking me straight in the eye, you say,"Your slut."
"Always?", I ask.
"Always.", you reply as you hug me again.
"Since you have been such a good slut tonight, and wore my ropes like a good girl, you will get the flogger tonight.", I tell you. "You will also get the cane, because that is what I want, But you will get more of the flogger."
I lay you down on the bed with a pillow under your hips so your ass is slightly raised and pick up the flogger. Since you ass is already warmed up and red I start out right away with hard strokes. I whip your ass pretty good adding to the redness. You squirm and moan as you move your ass back and forth. I stop for a moment and put my fingers between your legs to find your cunt very wet.
"My slut loves the flogger, doesn't she?", I say with a smile.
"Yes I do.", Your voice quiet, but full of lust.
I grab the dildo and slide it into your moist pussy eliciting a low moan from you. I slowly start to fuck you with it as you raise your ass to receive my other cock. Your cunt squishes from the wetness within as I pound the dildo into you.
Leaving you full, I pick the flogger back up and continue whipping you. You raise your ass up to meet each lash, welcoming my pain. Taking it like the good slut you are. Knowing how much it pleases me. I give you a good hard whipping and you take it like a good little pain slut.
"Time for the cane, but you will only get ten strokes. They will be hard, and I want you to count them for me.", I tell you.
"Yes Mr Big Cock.", you respond with a smile.
I smile back and pick up the cane.
"Ready slut?", I ask.
"Yes.", you reply as you ready yourself for the first stroke.
The cane whips through the air before it strikes your red ass...
"One.", you hiss between clenched teeth as the cane leaves a line of fire across your ass.
Again the cane cuts through the air.
"Two.", You say as the next strike lands.
On you count as each lash lands on your tender, but warmed up flesh. The endorphins are rushing through your body, and the pain is almost pleasurable. Your pussy keeps getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. You reach back and begin to stroke your swollen clit as you take my pain. The pain is melting into pleasure as you rub yourself.
"Don't you cum slut. Not time yet.", I tell you as I see what your fingers are doing.
You slow, but don't stop what you were doing to your clit.
When you have received your ten strokes, I stop and admire the work I have done. Your sweet ass is covered with welts and I kiss and run my tongue along each one as you moan and continue to rub your juicy cunt.
I have you roll over and say, "If you are going to do that, I am going to watch. Lay back and give me a good show. Use your fingers on that tasty clit of yours and fuck yourself with the dildo while you do it.", I tell you.
You lean back against the headboard and spread your legs. You slowly rub your clit as you move the dildo in and out of your soaked cunt.
"Who does that cunt belong to?", I ask you.
"It is yours, Mr Big Cock.", you say. Your eyes getting that glassy look.
"And your tits, ass and mouth?", I ask.
"All yours.", you reply.
"To do whatever I want with that body?", I ask again.
"Anything.", you say, your voice a hoarse whisper by now.
Your orgasm is getting close and your hands are moving faster in response to your bodies hunger for pleasure.
"May I cum for you?", you ask in a whisper.
"How do you ask?", I question.
"May I please cum for you, Mr Big Cock?", you ask with a sound of desperation in your voice. "Please?"
Your brow is furrowed as you struggle to hold back your impending orgasm.
"Cum for me, slut. Cum all over that hard cock for me. Ride it and rub that clit for me.", I tell you.
Your body arches as the orgasm rips through your body. You lean back as your cunt begins to spasm and grip the dildo gliding in and out of you. As you continue cumming you can feel every ridge on the dildo as your pussy squeezes tightly around it, not wanting to let go of the pleasure it is bringing you.
I smile at you as you begin to calm down. Your body shaking and tears of pleasure running down your face. 
"Good little slut. I'm very proud of you for giving me such a sexy show.", I tell you. "Now cum suck my cock like the good slut you are."
I remove my pants and my hard cock springs out, anticipating the wet warmth of your lips. I lean back on the bed as you crawl up between my legs. You take my cock in your hand and, bending forward, you slowly take my cock into your mouth. Sucking it in like the popsicles you love so much. Sucking as your lips glide down as far as you can go, and back up until my cock comes out of your mouth with a popping sound. You look me in the eyes as you wrap your lips around my throbbing member. You can feel my pulse through my hard cock. You swirl your tongue around the tip as my cock rest in your mouth as you pump it with your fist.
You begin a rhythm of stroking my cock with your hand as you bob your head up and down on my hardness. Looking at my face, looking for signs that I am getting close.
"Mmmm, that's so good, My slut. You suck my cock so good. Your mouth feels wonderful on me.", I tell you in a whisper. "Keep sucking me, and I'll tell you when I'm about to cum. Don't stop sucking until I tell you."
You nod your head, not stopping the motion of your mouth and hand as you give me head.
My breath is getting deeper and quicker as I can feel my balls tightening, my orgasm threatening to overflow. I can feel the cum about to erupt from my cock and I nod to you, no longer able to speak.
You pull my cock from your mouth as you continue to stroke my hardness and rub it across your lips. My cum erupts from my cock and streams across your lips and drips down your cheek and off your chin. You continue to stroke and rub me all over your face until it face is coated in my juice. My orgasm is so intense that my body tenses up with each spasm. 
As my orgasm subsides, you smile at me with your cum covered mouth. I've never seen you look so beautiful, and I grab you and pull you to me and give you a big kiss. Our faces are both covered in my juices, but I don't care. You have made me so happy tonight, and so proud to have such a good slut.
This is just the early steps of the road we are taking, but it is a good start.
We take a shower together, gently washing each others bodies, before drying off and crawling under the blankets for a well deserved rest. You snuggle to my chest, and as I stroke your hair we both close our eyes and drift off into contented sleep.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to work...

Well the vacation is over, and it's back to work tomorrow....Already????
I actually had a pretty good vacation considering I was pretty much broke. did a lot of things with the family, and actually had a fair amount of sex with the slut.

I'm going to start pushing more on the domination once her period is over. Just subtle things like having her masturbate for me, holding her by the throat more. We discussed that the other night, and she told me that she tried really hard to let go and let me do it. After I gave her a break when she got emotional, she was able to let me cum while holding her throat.

I think if I just start dominating her without saying anything about it before hand, she won't get stressed about it and just go with what is happening.

I hope everyone had a good week, and a better one to come.

Thank you to all the people who commented on my new blog.


A new blog...

I've created a new blog where I will post the stories from the darkest reccesses of my mind. These aren't for the meek or faint of heart. They will be scary, but I hope some of my readers will enjoy them. I hope none of you are frightened away by them though. The address is:


Friday, July 22, 2011

The request...

You come to me with your hands behind your back and a sheepish grin on your face. I smile and ask you what you have. You bring your hands in front of you and I see you have the flogger.
"Do you need to be flogged my little slut?", I ask you smiling.
You look down demurely and say," Yes, I do."
"What do you say then?", I ask.
You struggle to look at me, but you do and say,"Will you please give me a flogging?"
"Of course, My sexy slut. I would love to flog that sweet ass.", I say with a smile as I take it from your hands and head to the bedroom. As I get there I turn and tell you to undress for me and bend over and show me your ass. You shyly disrobe and place your elbows on the foot of the bed with your face down into the blanket. You are too shy to look at me after asking me to hurt you.
I stand behind you and ready myself to give you what you so desperately need and want. I start to flog you easy at first, but soon start to give you a really good whipping. I reach between your legs and feel your wetness already there. You were probably already wet when you brought me the flogger. I stroke your cunt and rub your clit, causing you to squirm and wiggle your ass in pleasure.
I once again flog your ass as it begins to turn a nice shade of red for me. You squirm and moan as the pain turns to pleasure. I can see the juices from your cunt begin to leak down the inside of your thighs. I stop and insert a couple fingers into your sopping cunt, causing you to moan and push yourself back onto my hand, humping my fingers. Trying to get enough stimulation to cum.
"Not yet, My slut. You don't get to cum that quick.", I say as I remove my fingers from your wetness. You sigh at the empty feeling in your pussy, but it is soon replaced with the heat of the flogger striking your ass once again. I give you a hard flogging, making your ass jiggle from each blow. Making it glow quite beautifully until you ask me to stop.
"Please fuck me.", you ask, your voice thick with lust."I want your cock inside me."
"No My slut.", I tell you,"You are going to fuck me."
I undress slowly, making you wait in anticipation. Once I am naked, I sit on the edge of the bed and tell you to turn around and come sit on my cock facing away from me.
You straddle my legs and slowly lower your wet cunt down over my hard cock. You can feel my thickness spreading your pussy open and ripples of pleasure run through your body as you sit completely down on my hard rod. I am buried fully inside you as you sit on my lap. I reach around you and take both your breasts in my hands and begin to pinch and roll your hard nipples between my fingers.
"Ride me like the good little slut you are. Take my cock deep.", I tell you as you slowly rise up off my cock before slowly impaling yourself once again. I grab your hips and help you ride up an down on my slick shaft. Fucking yourself with my slippery cock. I alternate between playing with your tits and torturing your nipples, and grabbing your hips and slapping your cute ass.
You begin to bounce up and down hard on my swollen cock. Your juices running down over me, making my cock and balls slick with your sweet nectar.
"May I cum for you?", you ask as you continue to ride me, a quiver in your voice telling me you are on the verge.
"Cum all over my cock.", I tell you,"Cover me with your cum. Give it too me slut"
You moan, and I feel your cunt grip my hard cock as you start cumming on me. Your cunt spasms as you keep riding my cock, gasping and crying with the intensity of your orgasm.
Once you've had enough and you begin to slow, I grab your hips and turn you around to bend over the bed. I push deep into your cunt. It's now my turn to cum.
I slowly pull out until just the head remains inside your pussy, then push all the way inside as deep as I can go. You sigh with the sensation. I begin to make long slow strokes, going as deep as I can each time. I want this to build slowly. I keep going slow and steady, feeling the pressure building in my balls. I can feel my cock getting harder and I know it won't be long before I give you my hot load.
As my cum erupts from my body, I pull you back hard on my cock and fill you with my hot cream. I continue to give you long deep strokes as I empty my balls into your cunt. I feel your cunt grip my cock as a small orgasm ripples through you.
Pulling out, I turn you around to sit on the bed."Suck my cock like my good little slut.", I say, offering you my glistening shaft. You take my cock, covered in our mixed juices, into your mouth and slowly suck me as you stroke the slick shaft in rhythm with your sucking. It feels heavenly as I slowly soften in your grip as you clean my cock with your lips.
Once I am limp, I pull out of your mouth and bend to give you a deep kiss, tasting our nectar on your lips. What a wonderful mixture we make. Sweet and tangy on our lips.
I kiss you and tell you what a wonderful slut you are, and how proud I am of you for asking for the flogging you needed.

Two days in a row...

I got lucky two days in a row. It's been a really long time since that happened. We spent most of the day at the in-laws seeing some of her family from out of town. Good people. I told her she was getting double cock tonight, and I made good on that promise. She got the dildo and then my hard cock after her flogging.

I had to smile this afternoon. She asked if we could skip the cane tonight. She said, and I quote,"Can we just skip the cane and just fuck? Can we skip the flogging, no wait we can't.Can we just fuck though?"

I just started laughing. I said you don't want to skip the flogging, and she smiled sheepishly and said she didn't. She is becoming such a little pain slut.

I told her if she wanted to skip the cane, she was going to have to take a harder flogging. She said OK, so I let her off the hook with the cane. She got a hard flogging right off the bat, no easy warm-up. She didn't take a real long flogging, but it was a good one. Her tolerance is down right now. We think her period is about to start. She's only about a month late. She better not be pregnant. I got snipped about 5 years ago, and being we're both 45, another kid would not be a good thing. (Fingers crossed)

After her flogging I grabbed the vibe and dildo. It didn't take long for her to ask me to cum, so I started fucking her really fast with the dildo as she came really hard. It was the second in as many days.

Once she had enough, I climbed between her legs and slipped right into her very wet cunt. I had a few drinks today while visiting, so I was ready to fuck for a long time. I can go a really long time after I've had a few.

As I was fucking her I took her by the throat and told her to just relax and trust me. I held her that way as I slowly slid in and out of her. It got too intense for her after a bit and she asked me to remove my hand from her throat as she began to cry. I think it was just some residual fear and emotions left from her previous life. I removed my hand and just told her that I will never harm her, and that she was the most important thing in my life and that I loved her more than I could say.

She soon calmed down and was OK again. I never stopped fucking her, and she eventually started to get sore and asked if I was ready to cum. I told her OK, but that I was going to put my hand back on her throat until I came. She said she was alright with that. I placed my hand there, just holding without squeezing as I slowly built up speed. She asked me if we could cum together, so I grabbed her vibe and put it to her clit as I got close.

When I was about to cum I pulled out and began to stroke my cock by her cunt, rubbing the head against her clit as I felt my orgasm near.

As she began to cum, I let go and started shooting my load all over her cunt. She loves the feeling of my hot cum on her and it always makes her cum even harder. Once we were both done cumming, she said my cum was running down her ass onto the bed, so I reached down and smeared it up and all over her wet cunt. She laughed and said to stop, but I said no and smeared my cum all over her crotch and thighs. Hell, she was taking a shower anyway...Laughs!!!

Later I thanked her for such a good fuck and she smiled and patted herself on the back as she walked away. She thanked me for a good fuck too.

I told her last night that she was going to get flogged every night this week, and perhaps we would make it a nightly thing to keep my good slut happy. She smiled and said maybe not nightly, but regularly would be good.

What a slut...Grins!!!

I think I created a monster...I hope...


Thursday, July 21, 2011


Me and My slut finally got to play tonihgt after over a week of nothing. I had the bad cold last week that took the wind out of my sails.

We were teasing each other all day. A little innuendo here and there. The best was when we were taking our son to baseball practice we were teasing each other, and I called her honey, and she told me she doesn't like that. I smiled and said ok, how about Ms, for My slut. She smiled and said much better. She no longer wants any other names of affection, just My slut, or just slut.

When we finally got alone time, she made good on her name. I gave her a massage to start. Earlier she asked if she could have a massage, and I said if I get a blowjob. Her answer was, Deal...

She asked me if we could skip the cane tonight and just do the flogger. I told her this time only, and she said OK. I started harder than I usually do and moved around her body whipping her from different angles. Trying to mix up the sensations. I made longer strokes and they seemed to give her a more thuddy effect that she likes. She asked me if my arm was getting tired, so I knew she was getting close to her limit. I told her I was going to give her ten more hard ones and she said OK.

I alternated between cheeks and gave her five hard ones on each side. At eight she said it was getting to be too much, I told her two more and finished with the last two hard ones. Her ass now had a nice little pink glow, and I stroked and kissed her telling her what a good slut she was. I asked her if she was ready to tell me what she felt like after the flogging, but she said she can't really describe it yet. She acknowledges it turns her on, but she can't really describe it. I think she just is too embarrassed to sound like a pain slut to really open up about it. 

After her flogging she told me she would just suck me for a little bit. I laughed and said more, she said no. Of course we were both smiling the whole time. She went to work sucking me good right from the start and using her hand to stroke me as she sucks. I made sure to compliment her actions. The more I do, the better she sucks. She ran her wet mouth all over my cock, alternating between sucking and rubbing me against her lips. I kept telling her she was sucking me like a good slut. She is getting more relaxed about having my cock in her mouth, and it shows. I told her to be careful that I was getting close to cumming. When I said that, she sped up her stroking and rubbing her lips along the underside of my cock. She obviously wanted me to cum. She doesn't usually do that, I usually have to ask her to make me cum with her mouth.

I shot a big load all over her chin and lips, but most ended up on my stomach. It was a great intense orgasm. I had over a weeks worth built up.

After cleaning up, I got her vibe and dildo out, but I never got to use the dildo. Not because she didn't let me, but because her orgasm came so quickly that she barely had a chance to ask permission, much less give me a chance to grab the dildo. For the first time in weeks she cried for me when she came. I loved it. It turns me on when she cries. It was a very intense orgasm for her and she was wiped out afterward.

The funny thing was, she asked me why I didn't use the dildo. I know she wanted me too, but won't admit it. I told her tomorrow before I fuck her since we didn't fuck tonight. She asked me if it was OK she just blew me instead of letting me fuck her. I said yes since she sucked my cock so well. Tomorrow though, she is getting two cocks in her cunt, and a hard fucking. The cane will make a return appearance too.

She is truly becoming My slut, and I'm going to keep moving her in that direction. Soon she will only be addressed as My slut and treated as such, in private of course. Soon she will be begging for my cock, and asking for my pain. I will make her get the flogger out herself, and offer her ass to me to be flogged. That will take her down the road to deeper submission.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taking you...

My slut,
As you wash the dishes I sneak up behind you. Wrapping my arms around you, I put one hand on your throat and the other on your breast. I take your nipple between my fingers and pinch hard as I kiss the side of your neck. Moving my hand from your throat I reach between your legs to find your clit.
I begin to rub the soft cleft of your cunt. I can feel the heat already building inside you. I press my hard cock against your back as I work your swelling clit. I continue torturing the tender flesh of your nipples as they harden to my touch. You gasp in pain, but I can feel your pussy getting wetter through the material of your nightgown. Your nipples are straining against the material, just begging to be pinched.
I bite at your neck and shoulders as I alternate from nipple to nipple. You are beginning to squirm in my grip as your orgasm builds in your cunt.
"You want to cum for me, don't you slut?", I growl in your ear as you slump back against my body. Arching backwards and pushing out your chest. Offering your nipples to my pinching and twisting fingers.
"Yes.", you gasp."I want to cum for you."
"What do you say then?", I ask you as I continue to rub your wet clit. Your cunt is soaking your nightgown, your legs spread for me.
"May I please cum for you?", you whisper.
"You have to convince me that you really need it.", I tell you. "Beg me to cum, my slut."
"Please make me cum. Make me cum for you...Sir. I need it so bad.", You say with a note of desperation in your voice. I can hear the quiver in your voice as you struggle to hold back your orgasm. Not wanting to cum without permission and disappointing me.
Your breath is coming in gasps, and I can tell you won't be able to hold back much longer.
"Cum for me, My slut. Let it go, and give it to me. Give me your pleasure.", I growl in your ear as I hold your throat in one hand and mercilessly rub your swollen clit.
You cry out as your orgasm erupts through your tortured cunt. A gush of juices pour from you as you cum hard on my fingers. I keep rubbing as you cum over and over. I hold you tight to me to support you as you cum. Your knees weak from the intensity of the orgasm.
As your orgasm subsides, I push you forward."Grab the edge of the sink slut. I need to be in your wet cunt.", I tell you as I lift up your nightgown.
You rest your arms on the edge of the counter as I rip your panties down. Releasing my hard cock, I bend my knees and quickly push into your sopping cunt. You are so wet there is a squishing sound as I begin to fuck you. I grab your hips and start pounding your cunt hard. You have to hold onto the counter to keep from falling. I am fucking you in long hard strokes. Driving my cock as deep as it will go on every stroke. Giving you all my cock.  
My orgasm is fast approaching as I pound your tight cunt. Your pussy is twitching around my hard cock, grabbing at it and trying to milk the cum from my balls. I feel my orgasm about to erupt.
I pull out as I begin to cum. The first hot jet of cum streams across your ass. I stroke my cock as each spurt gushes over your smooth cheeks. I rub my wet cock across your ass as my orgasm finishes.
As a surprise I push my cock back into your hungry cunt and fuck you as hard as I can until my cock softens and slips from your wet hole. I rub my cock all over your ass, smearing my cum everywhere. Your ass is shiny with my juices as we both breath heavily from the passion and exertion.
Having you bent over like this is too much of a temptation for me, and I give you ten quick hard swats across your wet cheeks. You yelp in surprise, but stay in place as I leave bright red handprints on both cheeks.
Once done, I help you stand and letting your nightgown fall, I take you in my arms.
"That's my good slut. you took that very well. I'm so proud of you.", I tell you as I hug you tightly. I look you in the eye and you can see the love and passion there.
"That was just a warm up, My slut. Wait until tonight for the real fun.", I tell you with a big smile on my face. I give you a big kiss and a swat on the ass as I walk away.
"You can finish the dishes now.", I say as I walk to the bathroom to shower.
You laugh as you turn to finish, loving the feeling of your juices between your legs. Knowing that you are going to really get used tonight. Just like a good slut needs.

Still here...

I've been fighting off a cold for the last week. I have no idea where this one came from. No one around me is sick, so it really pisses me off. Not much has been going on due to that. I am on vacation this week so I should be having more posts this week.

I will be posting more stories this week as well. The creative juices were dry while I was sick. The brain was just too fuzzy.

Hang in there folks, the wait will be worth it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Giving her pain...

She is getting a little better about taking pain, but some days are better than others. I recently made a lighter and more stingy cane from an old fishing pole. It is the end piece that I removed the loops and tip from. I have to hit her with it pretty hard to make it hurt, but in doing so , it is hard to control the aim. I caught her hip today when it wrapped over her ass a bit. That spot stayed tender for quite awhile. I think I am going to go back to the thicker cane. I switched to the flogger after that happened. The funny thing is she asked me to switch to it, and I already had it in my hand.
When I was done flogging her, she was quite wet. She still doesn't like to talk about it, and won't tell me what she loves about it. She said that sometimes it pisses her off to be caned, and other times she just takes it. I commented that either way, she still gets wet. She acknowledged that it was the truth, but wouldn't elaborate on it. Too embarrassed still.
The problem today though was that she refused to do two things I wanted. Not even big things. I wanted to use the dildo on her while I used the vibe, and I wanted her to suck me a bit before I fucked her. Neither one would she do. It really pissed me off, but I let it go for now. There will be some sort of reckoning soon though.
That's it for now. I really need to work on the submission side of our relationship.


Saturday, July 9, 2011


You walk in the room and find me waiting for you. You can tell by my face that tonight will be different. There is an intensity about me that you haven't seen before. A fire in my eyes.
I move quickly to stand in front of you, staring deeply into your eyes. I take you by the throat and pull you roughly to me, kissing you hard as if I wanted to devour you. I suck and bite at your lips, taking your breath away.
I reach down and rip open your shirt, tearing it from your shoulders. You have a look of shock on your face from my actions. You never expected this. I discard your torn shirt and quickly remove your bra. Your breasts are now exposed to me, vulnerable to my hands, vulnerable to whatever I desire. I grab them roughly in my hands and bring them to my face. I suck one nipple into my mouth and suck it until it stiffens against my tongue. I swirl my tongue around the tip then bite into the tender flesh. You gasp in pain, but I do not relent. As I bite one nipple, I am pinching the other, causing you to squirm in my grasp.
I release your nipple from my teeth but sink them into the flesh of your breast. Biting hard, letting you feel my fangs dig into you. I love to mark My slut. I want you to carry this mark for awhile and remember what transpired this night. I bite into your other breast to make you symmetrical. I wouldn't want My slut to look uneven.
I release your breasts and quickly strip you the rest of the way. I fling your clothes into the corner of the room and push you down on the bed. I quickly climb between your legs and bury my tongue in your cunt. You are already quite wet I see, and taste. You are turned on by being taken roughly. You are indeed My little slut. I lick all around your swollen cunt, nibbling at the lips and flicking my tongue across your hardening clit. You try to push me away because the sensations are getting too intense, but I tell you to put your arms at your sides and leave them there like a good girl. You look at me, but you do it.
I grip your hips and attack your clit with a vengeance. I can feel your body tensing as you get close to cumming.
"May I cum?", you gasp.
"Not yet slut.", I tell you but I keep licking your sopping cunt, driving you on towards your impending orgasm.
I see you struggling not to cum, but you won't be able to hold out much longer.
"Please can I cum?", you plead, a note of desperation in your voice.
"What do you say, My slut?", I ask you with a grin.
"Please may I cum...Sir?", you whisper. Your voice hoarse with passion and need.
"Cum My slut. Give it to me. Give me your pleasure.", I tell you, and your body explodes as I again attack your cunt with my tongue. I lick all over your pussy, running my tongue over the lips and flicking and sucking at your clit. You cum over and over, moaning and gasping with each new sensation. The sheet balled up in your fists as you grip it tightly. Riding out your orgasm as it pulses through your body.
You gasp for me to stop, but I continue until you cum one more time for me. I stop licking you and let you regain your senses as I kiss the insides of your thighs. Your breathing slowly returns to normal as the spasms in your cunt subside.
"Time for you to return the favor my beautiful one.", I say as I undress and lay back on the bed."Suck my cock like the good slut that you are.", I tell you with a smile. You are getting so good at sucking cock, and I just love to give you an opportunity to practice your developing skills.
You crawl between my legs an slowly take me in your wet mouth. You can taste the slightly salty tang of the pre-cum leaking from the tip of my cock. You aren't fond of the taste, but you are trying hard to please me. Taking these little steps to make me happy and proud. You feel me growing in your mouth as you swirl your tongue around the head of my hardening cock. you begin to slowly pump my cock with your fist in rhythm with your mouth sliding up and down over me. Your head bobbing up and down on my throbbing member. I stroke your hair and neck with the pleasure your mouth is giving me. I moan from the pleasure of your mouth.
"Mmmm, you are becoming such a good little cock sucker, My slut. That feels so good. you are getting better each time.", I groan as you suck me and stroke my cock with your hand. I can feel my orgasm begin to build in my balls. I try to relax and hold back, letting it build as long as I can.
"I'm going to cum very soon.", I tell you while stroking your hair. You remove me from your mouth and begin to stroke me faster as you rub my cock across your wet lips.
I can hold out no longer and my cum erupts across your lips and cheek. You keep stroking as my body tenses and I groan out my orgasm. I pump cum over your cheeks and chin as you milk my shaft, pulling every last ounce of juice from me. You smile at me, knowing you have given me such intense pleasure. You look so lovely wearing my seed on your face. I pull you up and give you a kiss on your wet lips. Such a salty kiss.
I hand you a towel to wipe your face with a grin. you smile back and clean the cum from your face.
Once you are clean, I take the towel and tell you to roll over and put that ass up in the air for me. You do like my good girl and I give you a few swats on the ass. You playfully wiggle your ass as you smile back at me. I reach between you legs and stroke your still soaked cunt causing you to moan. I get the dildo and slide it slowly into your wetness, fucking you slowly in and out. You move back to accept each stroke of my other cock, fucking it for me. Showing me how a good slut takes cock.
I stop fucking you with the dildo, but leave it buried inside of you as I reach for the vibrator. I hand the vibe to you, and tell you, "Hold this on your clit for me while I use the cane. I want you to feel pleasure and pain together. I want you to feel my pain as pleasure."
You take the vibe and put it to your clit as I begin to cane your upraised ass. The round globes jiggle as each lash lands on your ass. Red stripes begin to appear across your ass as I continue to cane you. The pain is barely noticed from the feelings of pleasure coursing through your cunt as you play the vibe over your clit and your cunt grips the dildo still invading you. I whip you harder and harder, beginning to raise thin welts on your ass, but you don't even feel it. Lost in the throbbing of your cunt. Your ass is becoming a beautiful lattice of stripes from my cane. I can see and feel them rising on your flesh. I stop and run my tongue along them, soothing the tortured flesh.
I then turn to your favorite implement and begin to give you a good flogging. I whip each cheek in turn. Side to side turning the whole of your ass a nice red hue. Your hips are moving slowly as you ride the vibrator on your clit. The pain is just enough to keep you from cumming quite yet. You can feel it building in you as your cunt continues to spasm around the silicone cock inside you.
"Do you need to cum for me, slut?", I ask. You mumble in the affirmative as I keep whipping your ass."What do you say then?", I ask teasingly.
"Can I cum for you?", you whisper, nearly lost in bliss.
"You can do better than that, slut.", I tease.
"Please Sir, may I cum for you?", You say a little louder, the sound of your desire thick in your throat.
I flog you harder and grab a hold of the dildo and start fucking you with it hard. Pounding it in and out of your cunt. You are so wet your pussy is making a squelching sound with each stroke.
"Please...", you beg, trying not to cum.
I start to really flog your ass as hard as I can and growl, "Cum for me, slut! Cum hard all over this cock. Take my pain. Feel it and need it."
You scream as you begin to cum. You have never felt such intense sensations. The burning feeling of your ass and the burning passion in your cunt create a fire in your gut that explodes throughout your body. Juices run down your thighs as wave after wave of pleasure roll through your body.
Before you stop cumming, I pull the dildo out and replace it with my steel hard cock. I grab your hips and give you long deep strokes as you continue cumming all over my hard cock. I can feel the heat radiating from your red ass cheeks. I give you a couple swats with my hand as you begin to come down from the pinnacle of passion. Your juices are splashing over my legs from your overflowing cunt.
I pull out and quickly flip you over, pushing your legs up and spreading you wide. I plunge my hardness back into you. All the way in to the hilt in one thrust. You gasp at the assault on your tender and well used cunt. You have cum too many times for you to count and your brain is overloading on the sensations you have experienced this evening. I begin long slow strokes, going deep inside you, as deep as you can take me. You feel my cock bumping against your cervix I am so deep in you.
"Hold your legs for me, slut.", I tell you and you take a leg in each hand so I have my hands free to do as I wish.
I grab a tit in each hand as I start fucking your soaked cunt as fast as I can. You get that intense look on your face and bite your lip like you do when you are about to cum.
"Cum on my cock.", I tell you as we lock eyes. I grab a hard nipple in each hand and pinch hard as the first jet of cum erupts from my cock. I feel your cunt grip my cock as you cum with me. I shoot my hot load into your hungry cunt as I twist and pinch your big nipples. Giving you pain with your pleasure. You can't have one without the other any more.
As our orgasms subside, I release your tortured tits and give each sore nubbin of flesh a kiss and a lick. Sucking them gently to make them feel better. I have you release your legs and wrap them around my waist as we come down. Laying there entwined in our passion. Wrapped up in desire. We are both soaked in sweat and love juices. Both of our cum smears our bodies.
I give you a passionate kiss before I pull out, then I kiss down your body. Kissing your breasts and belly, then on to your poor abused pussy. I kiss it softly, tasting the mixture of our juices that are leaking from it. I kiss the inside of your thighs before moving back up your body. I again kiss you passionately on the lips, letting you taste our nectar from my mouth. Sharing our essence.
We both curl up as I pull the blanket around us. Your head resting on my chest as your eyes grow heavy. I hold you close as I feel your heart beating against me. The  heart filled with love as mine is.
You are My slut, and mine alone. My love, my life, my wife. Open yourself to me. Give me everything with no fear and no reservations.
Surrender your heart, body, and soul to me, and I will care for it forever.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A new toy...

I made a new toy. I took an old fishing pole end and removed the loops and tip to make another cane. It is thin and light, but very flexible. I used it on My slut tonight and it worked pretty good. I had to strike her harder for her to really feel it, but she felt it. In fact it made some nice stripes across her ass. I wasn't able to really get her hard enough to make the marks stay for longer than about 30 minutes, but it was a lot of fun.

I gave her a good flogging as well and it had the usual effect on her. She got nice and wet, although she still doesn't want to admit it...laughs!!!

I had her ride me like a good slut and gave her a good load up her cunt. Quite a fun night.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A little fun...

The latest story for My slut.
We start by relaxing in the backyard, just enjoying the sun. It is a warm day and the heat feels nice. I feel a heat building between my legs. I want you now. I have you sit on the ground in front of my chair as I release my already stiffening cock.
"Suck me, My slut. Make me cum real good and I will have a treat for you.", I tell you with a grin. You smile and bend to your work. You bury your face in my crotch and slowly take me into your wet mouth. You are getting so good at sucking me. You stroke my cock in rhythm with your mouth going up and down on my hardness. The warmth of the sun and the heat of your mouth feels so good on my cock.
My cock is getting even harder and thicker as I near my orgasm. You sense that I am about to cum and lifting your head up, you jerk my cock towards your tits which I have exposed during your cock sucking demonstration. I reach down and pinch your hard nipples as I feel the cum begin to boil from my balls. I shoot my first hot jet of cum across both tits and it runs down into your cleavage. You keep jerking me and rubbing the head of my cock across your chest, smearing my cum all over your ample tits. Covering them in my juices.
Once I am done, I stand up and help you to your feet,"Your turn, My good little cock sucking slut.", and I pull your pants down and sit you in the chair. I climb between your legs and run my tongue up the length of your wet slit. Your cunt is already wet. You nervously look around to make sure no one can see us here, but there is no one around.
I flick my tongue lightly over your swollen clit, making you gasp and jump a little. I then run my tongue up and down the length of your wet cunt. I fuck you with my tongue and bite the swollen lips of your pussy. You taste delicious and your hips are moving with desire. I know you want and need to cum, but I am waiting for you to ask.
"May I please cum?", you whisper.
I smile and tell you that you have to show me you really need to.
"Please, I really need to cum. Please let me cum for you.", you say with such an intent look on your face.
"Cum for me, My slut. Cum all over my tongue.", I tell you and my words trigger your orgasm. I feel and taste a gush of juices from your hot pussy as you squirm and arch into your orgasm. I can see you trying hard to be quiet, but I am making it hard for you to remain silent as I suck and nibble on your hard little clit. Tears begin to fall from your eyes as you hit the peak of your pleasure. Your legs shaking as I hold you tight so you can't pull away from my licking.
I finally stop and let you calm down from the intensity of your orgasm. Helping you to your feet and pulling your pants up, I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom.
"Now that the appetizer  is done, let's go have some real fun.", I say as I undress you on the way to the bed.
I strip you naked and push you down on the bed. I climb on top of you and kiss you deeply.
"Aren't you going to wipe your cum off of my chest?", you ask. "Nope, I want you to wear my seed for awhile.", I say with a grin. "You look beautiful with my cum all over your tits"
I take the cuffs and strap your wrists to the head board. You look over and see that the candles have been lit and have a nice amount of hot wax built up. I follow your gaze to the candles and looking back at you, I smile and nod my head. You are getting the wax tonight. It has been far too long since I used the wax on you and I have missed it a lot.
I take a short rope and bind your breasts in a figure eight wrap to make your ample tits stand up for me. I want those wonderful big nipples pointing up for me to coat with the wax. Once they are tied tightly and I pinch your nipples to make sure the are fully erect, I grad the first candle.
I start with the red one. I slowly let the wax drip one drop at a time onto your hard nipple. You gasp from the initial heat as I rain little drops all over your tender tits. Once I have a nice pattern of droplets I switch to the green candle. I repeat the pattern as before and drip small drops all over both of your tits. I continue with all the different colors until your breasts are a colorful pallet of pain.
Each candle still has about half of its load of wax. Now that you are warmed up and re-aquainted with the wax, it is time to finish. I pick up the first candle and in quick succession I pour each candles remaining hot wax onto your tits. You arch your back and gasp as your breasts are completely covered in the hot wax.
"Good girl, My slut. You took that like the slut I know you are.", I tell you and give you a deep kiss as I stroke your soaked cunt.
I grab your vibrator and just before I place it on your clit, I quickly slide two fingers inside you. I quickly begin to fuck you hard and fast with my hand as I press the vibe to your clit. You rush towards your orgasm, but just before you get there I stop. You whimper as I remove my fingers and the vibe, a puzzled look on your face.
I grab two more ropes and tying them around your thighs, I bind them to your arms, leaving you spread open to me. Your sweet cunt exposed for my pleasure. I kneel between your spread thighs and slowly slide my hard cock into your waiting cunt. You are so wet, My slut. Even when you profess to not like something, your wet cunt always gives you away.
As I begin to slowly fuck you, I take the vibe and press it once again to your clit. With your legs up and open like this, I can press my cock deep into you. My balls push against your swollen pussy lips on each stroke.
"Don't you cum without permission, My sexy slut.", I remind you, and you immediately ask me if you can cum. I smile and tell you not yet. I have already cum once, and I'm in no hurry to do so again. I want to fuck you a bit, and I remove the vibe without stopping fucking you.
I start to fuck you in the fast, short strokes you like and I see you bite your lip trying to hold back. I'm doing my best to push you over the edge as you fight not to fall over it. I slow down and let you regain your control. I alternate between short fast strokes and long slow strokes, driving you crazy. I know you are almost to the point of no return, I can see your nipples pushing up the melted wax. They are so hard they push the wax away from your tits, trying to break free.
"Please may I cum?", you ask desperately. With a smile I ask you what the magic word is.
"Please may I cum...Sir?", you say, though you struggle with the word.
Placing the vibe back on your clit, I tell you," Cum for me, My slut. Cum all over my hard cock. I want to feel your cunt spasm on me. Milk the cum out of me."
You start cumming and I can feel your pussy muscles rippling and gripping my cock as I continue fucking you as hard as I can. The vibe on your clit driving you higher and higher to a powerful orgasm. You begin to cry for me and that triggers my orgasm.
I pull out and fuck along the wet slit of your pussy, my cock rubbing over your clit as I slide along your wet opening. The cum erupts from my cock coating your clit in my warm wetness. I shoot all over your juicy cunt, adding my cum to yours. You cum again as you feel my hot juice engulf your swollen clit, soaking it with my love. We both are left gasping and panting for breath as our orgasms subside. I continue to smear my juices all over your cunt, rubbing it into you with the head of my cock.
My heart is pounding as I look down at you. You are such a pretty mess. Covered in multiple colors of wax and splashed with my cum all over your cunt. I have never seen you look so beautiful as now. The look of lust on your face as you wear my marks on your body.
"I love you, My slut.", I tell you as I lean down and kiss you deeply. Devouring your lips in hunger. Fucking your mouth with my tongue as you suck it like it is my cock. You are indeed My slut. Mine and mine alone. As you have always meant to be.
I untie your legs and remove your cuffs before I peel the wax from your tits. I then just lay down on top of you as you wrap your legs around mine. Our bodies entwined, my softening cock nestled in your gooey cunt. Our mixed fluids warm and wet between us. I cover your face and neck in kisses and nibbles. Taking you by the throat, I turn your head and bite the side if your neck. Leaving shallow teeth marks that will be gone by morning.
We lay there for awhile just basking in the close feelings we have developed since we reconnected last year. The more you give yourself to me, the closer I feel to you. Your submission to me inspires my love and devotion to you.

A slow day...

Not much happened today. She did tell me this morning that she read my last story but didn't like the part where I told her how to eat. Huh? In the story I told her I wanted her to savor her meal, I wouldn't exactly call that telling her how to eat. If that's how she reacts to that, it may be a bad sign to when I really start directing her.

I told her that since I have pretty much opened my mind and soul to her with my stories, that I wanted her to tell me how they made her feel, and to  hear about something in them that turned her on. She told me she gets a little wet when she reads them, and that she really likes the flogging scenes. It was nice to hear that they make her wet, but I knew she liked the flogging. I asked her what else, and she told me she would have to re-read them to tell me. I told her I wanted her to tell me something that she doesn't want to admit to liking. I have given all of me, and I want some of her in return.

I'll post about whatever it may be that makes her wet in my stories. She did say again that she thinks I write really good...That is always nice to hear.


Sunday, July 3, 2011


This story I think came out very well. I hope everyone enjoys it. Comments are always appreciated.



I have you wear your corset under a tight sweater and a long skirt. You wear stockings with a garter belt, but you aren't allowed to wear any panties. I want your cunt available to me whenever I want. We go to a nice dinner where I order for you. I order you a nice steak with vegetables and I watch you eat slowly. I tell you to enjoy and relish every morsel. Experience the food, don't just eat it. I want you to learn to savor every moment in life. Whether it is food, or spending time together, or being taken by me.
After dinner I take the long way home. I want to enjoy the drive with you. I slowly inch your skirt up your thighs, exposing your delicious cunt.
"Spread your legs for me, My slut. Show me that sweet pussy.", I tell you. You slowly part your thighs and I can smell your excitement already. You are already getting damp in anticipation.
"Rub it for me. Stroke your clit and show me how wet you are."
You place your fingers on your clit and gasp in pleasure. You are already excited and need to orgasm.
"Slide a finger inside yourself. Fuck that tasty pussy for me.", I tell you and with just a moments hesitation, you slide one finger inside and slowly fuck yourself. I can see the joy on your face as you get close to cumming.
"Stop slut. Let me taste you.", and I pull your hand from your cunt and suck your juices from your fingers."Mmmm...Delicious."
We drive the rest of the way home in silence. I want you to think about what is to come. To anticipate what will happen to your body and mind.
When we arrive home I open the door for you and give you my hand to help you from the car. I close the door and then quickly press you back against the car, kissing you hard, mashing my lips against yours and probing your mouth with my tongue. I grind my hard cock into you, letting you feel my excitement.
"Soon you will feel my hardness inside you, My slut.", I whisper into your ear, causing you to shiver. I take your hand and lead you into the house.
I take you straight to the bedroom and light candles and turn on some low music. I sit back on the bed and tell you to strip for me. Unwrap my delightful present. You hesitate, and I can see you struggling with it. Your shyness battling with your desire to please me. Your desire wins out and you slowly undress.
"Leave the stockings and the corset on my sweet. They accentuate your curves so wonderfully.", I tell you.
You get down to the clothes I want you in and I motion you to come to me. You walk to where I am sitting and stand in front of me, shyly trying to cover yourself with your hands. I tell you that you have nothing to hide from me. You are mine and I want all you have to give.
I lay you down on the bed, and as I kiss you deeply, my hands go between your legs to find you quite wet. I slide two fingers quickly inside you making you gasp and your hips buck up to meet my touch.
"Cum for me, slut.", I tell you as I fuck you with my fingers. Your back arches as you moan out the first of many orgasms you will have tonight. "The rest you will have to ask for, My sexy slut.", I tell you and I pull my hand away and lick your juices from them.
I roll you over, exposing your pretty ass, and give you a couple quick swats, leaving a red handprint on each cheek. You yelp in surprise, and then giggle at the sudden attack. I grab the flogger as I position myself behind you.
"I'm going to wear that ass out tonight. It will be glowing when I get done with you.", I say with a smile.
I begin the flog you fairly lightly at first, but you are already warmed up from your orgasm already, so I start to flog you pretty hard. Giving you heavy strokes, alternated with flicks of the flogger to sting a bit. You hate it, but I love it. That is what really makes your cheeks red. I cover your ass with the lashes, making your ass a nice shade of red, just how I like it.
"You have a choice.", I tell you. "Ten swats with my bare hand or ten stripes with the cane."
I can see the struggle in your mind. You don't like either and you have to decide which will hurt less. You decide on the bare hand and I position you across my lap. You can feel my hard cock pressing against you as I begin your spanking.
I give you the first hard swat and you take it like a good little slut. You don't try to move away, you just stay there, knowing I love to do this. I follow with five to each cheek, then stop. You look back over your shoulder at me with a puzzled look on your face.
"Since you did so good at taking those, I will only give you five.", I tell you with a smile as I help you stand. I walk you over to the side of the bed and have you lay down. I hand you the dildo and tell you to fuck yourself for me. I want to watch you pleasure yourself for me. By now you are very wet and excited, wanting to give me everything.
You slowly slide my other cock into your waiting cunt. Looking into my eyes as you do so. An impish grin on your face. You are beginning to let go and enjoy pleasing me. You take the dildo all the way into your cunt until it is completely buried in you. You have a blissful look on your face as you are filled.
"Fuck yourself for me. I want you to start slow and speed up as I tell you to."
You begin to slowly move the dildo in and out of you wet cunt. You are so wet I can hear your pussy sloshing as you fuck yourself.
"Faster, My slut. Ride that cock!", I tell you. you have a very intent look on your face as you do as I tell you.
"May I cum?", you ask, but I am not ready for that yet, as I release my straining cock from my pants. The tip is shiny with pre-cum and I smear it around the head as I slowly stroke my hardness while watching you.
"Now rub your clit with your other hand.", I whisper, the desire making my voice a hoarse whisper.
You do as I say and begin to rub your swollen clit. Your body begins to arch, and I can tell you won't be able to hold out much longer.
"Please let me cum...Sir.", you ask. Saying Sir is still so hard for you, but your desire to cum is stronger than your fear of giving yourself completely to me.
"Cum for me, My slut!", I say while looking into your eyes.
Upon hearing my words, your erupt in orgasm. Your body explodes as you continue to fuck yourself and rub your clit. You start to slow down with the dildo, but I am not ready for you to stop yet, and I move to you and take control of the dildo and once again fuck you fast and hard with it.
"Don't stop cumming, slut. I want you to cum until I tell you to stop.", I growl as I pound your cunt with the dildo. You cum three or four more times before I slow and let you begin to calm. Your juices are all over the bed and our hands. I can see you were very turned on tonight.
It is now my turn. My cock is throbbing and I need you. I take your place laying down on the bed and tell you to get on my cock. Ride me like a good slut. Wrap that wet cunt around me.
You sigh and shiver as you slowly slide down on my hardness until you are sitting fully on me. My cock is buried deep in you, and I can feel your swollen pussy lips caressing my balls. You slowly begin to ride up and down on my hardness. As you do I take your breasts in my hands. Grabbing one I quickly sink my teeth into the tender flesh. Making you gasp, but you don't stop fucking me. I release your flesh from my teeth, but then bite the other one as well. Leaving teeth marks in both tits. Bruises already beginning to show. I love to mark My slut. I pinch your nipples and roll them between my fingers as you groan and ride my hard cock, never stopping. Lost in the pleasure of having my cock inside of you. Knowing this is what you need to be most happy.
I feel the pressure begin to build in my balls and I know that I won't last too much longer. I tell you to stop and get off of me. You have a look of surprise on your face, but you do as I say.
I have you get on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed and move behind you. I grab your hips and very slowly enter you from behind. I move ever so slowly, enjoying every sensation as I enter your juicy cunt. I then pull out until only the head remains before once again sliding deep into you. I gradually pick up the pace until my balls are slapping against your cunt. I am holding your hips tight as I pull you back onto my cock hard. Driving into you as my orgasm nears.
With a groan, I pump my hot cum into your hot cunt. I keep fucking you as jet after jet shoots into you. You can feel the heat splashing the walls of your pussy as I empty myself into you. I continue to fuck you until my cock begins to soften and slides from your cunt. My cum oozes out and runs down over your clit. After I pull out and while you are still kneeling there, I bend down and begin to flick my tongue back and forth across your clit. Tasting our mixed juices. Salty and sweet. An orgasm surprisingly sweeps through your body from my ministrations on your sensitive clit.
I lick you until you stop cumming. I then roll you over and laying along side of you, I kiss you. Letting you taste our mixture on my tongue.
Once we are calmed down fro our orgasms, I help you stand and take you to the shower to clean you up. You will never be completely clean again though. You are now My dirty little slut. My cock slut. The naive little girl who didn't like sex is no longer. From now on you are My little slut. If you give me your complete trust, I will give you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

Her reaction...

She read my story today and told me she didn't like the things in there. They scared her, and of course she was grossed out about the part where she cleaned the cum off of my cock. I knew she would be, but she will learn. She was also a little freaked out about calling me Sir, but I think in time she will get used to it.

She did say though that she wants me to keep writing so she will get used to it. She also told me that she thinks I write really well. She keeps asking me if I have thought of writing a book, which I have. I am going to look into geting published by one of the online book websites. Maybe I can get my stories out there and earn a little money. I could sure use it. Plus I do love to write erotica.

The next story will focus more on control and submission, rather than the physical aspects. We'll see how she feels about that.


Friday, July 1, 2011

She is learning...

Last night she was tired and I was horny, so she offered to give me a blowjob. She did a good job despite being tired. Although she isn't to the cum tasting level yet. In time. After she made me cum really hard, she asked me if it was good. I assured her it was. I'm surprised she asked with all the groaning I was doing when I came. She then told me she wanted to make sure she pleased me. She said it was hard to admit that because she had never felt that way before. That it was really important to her to please me.

What a big step in the right direction. I don't think even she realizes what a big step it is. I did tell her that It was very good that she felt that way and that I really appreciated her wanting to please me. I'm sure she will be tested in the months to come to see how much she really wants to please me.


My good girl...

This story came out good, so I thought I would share it.


I come in the room and you are waiting for me, kneeling on a pillow naked. I smile that you are learning what makes me happy so well. I come to you and stroke your hair and kiss you deeply on the lips. I also kiss your neck and give you small bites as well.
I take a rope and bind your hands behind your back. I softly stroke your breasts and caress all around them. I slowly circle your nipples lightly with my finger tips, then take them between my fingers and begin to slowly pinch them until I you gasp. I give them a little twist before releasing them and giving them a kiss and a suck.
I help you to your feet and I sit down on the bed bringing you to lay across my lap. I am going to spank you, not because I am angry at you, but just because I want to. I start to spank you and give your ass a lovely red glow. I stop and feel between your legs, finding a welcome moistness beginning there. I stroke your clit and slowly slip a finger inside. You begin to squirm and moan and you ask," Please Sir, may I cum?"
"Not yet, slut.", and I remove my hand from your needy cunt. I resume spanking your sweet ass, eliciting little yelps and gasps as I leave my handprints across your tender flesh. Your ass looks so delicious all red like that and I can't resist taking a bite of your cheek. I bite hard and leave teeth marks. A mark on My slut to show her who owns her sexy body.
I help you stand and I rise and untie your arms from behind your back. I have you lean forward and rest your elbows on the bed for your flogging. Your ass is already tender, but I still give you the flogging you need and want. Thudding lashes across both cheeks making you dance from foot to foot. After a couple minutes of flogging, I stop and once again reach for your cunt. your juices are fairly running out now, making your thighs all wet. I stroke your slippery lips and swollen clit, making you groan.
"May I please cum now Sir?", you plead.
"Not yet, My sexy slut.", And I return to flogging your ass. I feel the need in you. The need to cum. You will cum when I want you to, My slut.
I grab my cane and tell you that tonight it will be a brief, but intense caning. I will only give you ten on each cheek, but they will hurt. I give you them in a steady rhythm, one cheek to another until they are complete. When I finish tears are coming from your eyes, much to my pleasure. I wrap you in my arms and kiss them away and tell you how proud I am of My slut. How you are such my good girl.
I have you lay back on the bed with your head hanging off the foot of the bed as I tie your arms and legs to the four corners of the bed, and place the clamps on your nipples. I undress and grab the riding crop. I have you open your mouth and slowly slide my hard cock into your wet mouth. As I begin to slowly fuck your mouth, going as deep as you can handle, I crop your wet cunt. Slapping around your swollen lips and clit. Making you moan around my cock. I slap your thighs and breasts with the crop as well. I grab your neck and fuck your mouth with a few quick thrusts before I remove my hardness from your mouth. Lastly I squeeze my cock and allow a little bit of pre-cum to drip on your tongue.
I untie you and turn you around and re-tie you. Grabbing the vibrator and dildo I go to work on your hungry cunt. The dildo slides in easily as you are now so wet your cunt sloshes as I fuck you with it. You begin to move your hips as you get close to cumming.
"Please Sir, can I cum now?"
"Soon My slut, but not quite yet."
I start to fuck you fast with the dildo and I know you won't be able to hold out long without cumming. Your back begins to arch as the orgasm is growing in you. I can see the struggle in your face as you try not to cum. I love seeing you holding back for me. Trying to wait for me to tell you to cum.
When I can see you are about to lose control, I press the vibrator to your clit and tell you to cum for me.
"Give it to me, slut. Cum for me. I want to hear you cum, now."
The dam bursts in you and you groan as the long awaited orgasm rips through your body. You are shaking and crying as you cum over and over. I don't stop even after you beg me to. I want you to cum until you can't cum any more. Give me all your pleasure, it is mine to take from you.
I finally stop fucking your cunt when I see you have nothing left to give me. You are panting and crying as I stroke your hair and wipe the tears from your eyes.
"Good girl, My slut.", I tell you, and thank you for giving me everything you have.
Once you regain your breath, I slide down and quickly enter your sopping cunt. You are worn out so I only give you a few strokes before I move up and straddle your chest. I place a pillow under your head to raise it up and slide my cock into your mouth, letting you taste yourself on me. You will get used to your own taste. I love it and you will too. I slowly fuck your mouth as I hold your hair in my fists. You can see and feel my orgasm getting closer, see the intense look on my face as I am about to cum.
I pull out of your mouth, and with a couple quick strokes, I shoot my first jet of cum across your lips. I continue to stroke my cock as I rub it across your face as I coat you with my hot cum. You can feel it run down your cheeks and drip onto your chest as my orgasm begins to subside. When the last spasm has pushed my cum out I push my cock back into your mouth, having you clean the remaining cum from my cock with your mouth. You swirl your tongue around the tip of my cock making me gasp from how sensitive I am. You clean my cock like the good slut you are, and I lean down and give you a deep kiss, tasting our mingled juices on your tongue. Mmmm, delicious!!!
I clean you up and remove my ropes binding you. I rub your ankles and wrists to soothe the flesh sore from the bindings. I wrap you in my arms and cover you in kisses. You have made me very proud My slut. I love you more and more each day as you give yourself to me. The more you give yourself to me, the more I give of myself to you. We are becoming two sides of the same coin. As you submit to me I take care of you in all ways. I will keep you happy for the rest of my life.
I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend.