Monday, July 4, 2011

A little fun...

The latest story for My slut.
We start by relaxing in the backyard, just enjoying the sun. It is a warm day and the heat feels nice. I feel a heat building between my legs. I want you now. I have you sit on the ground in front of my chair as I release my already stiffening cock.
"Suck me, My slut. Make me cum real good and I will have a treat for you.", I tell you with a grin. You smile and bend to your work. You bury your face in my crotch and slowly take me into your wet mouth. You are getting so good at sucking me. You stroke my cock in rhythm with your mouth going up and down on my hardness. The warmth of the sun and the heat of your mouth feels so good on my cock.
My cock is getting even harder and thicker as I near my orgasm. You sense that I am about to cum and lifting your head up, you jerk my cock towards your tits which I have exposed during your cock sucking demonstration. I reach down and pinch your hard nipples as I feel the cum begin to boil from my balls. I shoot my first hot jet of cum across both tits and it runs down into your cleavage. You keep jerking me and rubbing the head of my cock across your chest, smearing my cum all over your ample tits. Covering them in my juices.
Once I am done, I stand up and help you to your feet,"Your turn, My good little cock sucking slut.", and I pull your pants down and sit you in the chair. I climb between your legs and run my tongue up the length of your wet slit. Your cunt is already wet. You nervously look around to make sure no one can see us here, but there is no one around.
I flick my tongue lightly over your swollen clit, making you gasp and jump a little. I then run my tongue up and down the length of your wet cunt. I fuck you with my tongue and bite the swollen lips of your pussy. You taste delicious and your hips are moving with desire. I know you want and need to cum, but I am waiting for you to ask.
"May I please cum?", you whisper.
I smile and tell you that you have to show me you really need to.
"Please, I really need to cum. Please let me cum for you.", you say with such an intent look on your face.
"Cum for me, My slut. Cum all over my tongue.", I tell you and my words trigger your orgasm. I feel and taste a gush of juices from your hot pussy as you squirm and arch into your orgasm. I can see you trying hard to be quiet, but I am making it hard for you to remain silent as I suck and nibble on your hard little clit. Tears begin to fall from your eyes as you hit the peak of your pleasure. Your legs shaking as I hold you tight so you can't pull away from my licking.
I finally stop and let you calm down from the intensity of your orgasm. Helping you to your feet and pulling your pants up, I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom.
"Now that the appetizer  is done, let's go have some real fun.", I say as I undress you on the way to the bed.
I strip you naked and push you down on the bed. I climb on top of you and kiss you deeply.
"Aren't you going to wipe your cum off of my chest?", you ask. "Nope, I want you to wear my seed for awhile.", I say with a grin. "You look beautiful with my cum all over your tits"
I take the cuffs and strap your wrists to the head board. You look over and see that the candles have been lit and have a nice amount of hot wax built up. I follow your gaze to the candles and looking back at you, I smile and nod my head. You are getting the wax tonight. It has been far too long since I used the wax on you and I have missed it a lot.
I take a short rope and bind your breasts in a figure eight wrap to make your ample tits stand up for me. I want those wonderful big nipples pointing up for me to coat with the wax. Once they are tied tightly and I pinch your nipples to make sure the are fully erect, I grad the first candle.
I start with the red one. I slowly let the wax drip one drop at a time onto your hard nipple. You gasp from the initial heat as I rain little drops all over your tender tits. Once I have a nice pattern of droplets I switch to the green candle. I repeat the pattern as before and drip small drops all over both of your tits. I continue with all the different colors until your breasts are a colorful pallet of pain.
Each candle still has about half of its load of wax. Now that you are warmed up and re-aquainted with the wax, it is time to finish. I pick up the first candle and in quick succession I pour each candles remaining hot wax onto your tits. You arch your back and gasp as your breasts are completely covered in the hot wax.
"Good girl, My slut. You took that like the slut I know you are.", I tell you and give you a deep kiss as I stroke your soaked cunt.
I grab your vibrator and just before I place it on your clit, I quickly slide two fingers inside you. I quickly begin to fuck you hard and fast with my hand as I press the vibe to your clit. You rush towards your orgasm, but just before you get there I stop. You whimper as I remove my fingers and the vibe, a puzzled look on your face.
I grab two more ropes and tying them around your thighs, I bind them to your arms, leaving you spread open to me. Your sweet cunt exposed for my pleasure. I kneel between your spread thighs and slowly slide my hard cock into your waiting cunt. You are so wet, My slut. Even when you profess to not like something, your wet cunt always gives you away.
As I begin to slowly fuck you, I take the vibe and press it once again to your clit. With your legs up and open like this, I can press my cock deep into you. My balls push against your swollen pussy lips on each stroke.
"Don't you cum without permission, My sexy slut.", I remind you, and you immediately ask me if you can cum. I smile and tell you not yet. I have already cum once, and I'm in no hurry to do so again. I want to fuck you a bit, and I remove the vibe without stopping fucking you.
I start to fuck you in the fast, short strokes you like and I see you bite your lip trying to hold back. I'm doing my best to push you over the edge as you fight not to fall over it. I slow down and let you regain your control. I alternate between short fast strokes and long slow strokes, driving you crazy. I know you are almost to the point of no return, I can see your nipples pushing up the melted wax. They are so hard they push the wax away from your tits, trying to break free.
"Please may I cum?", you ask desperately. With a smile I ask you what the magic word is.
"Please may I cum...Sir?", you say, though you struggle with the word.
Placing the vibe back on your clit, I tell you," Cum for me, My slut. Cum all over my hard cock. I want to feel your cunt spasm on me. Milk the cum out of me."
You start cumming and I can feel your pussy muscles rippling and gripping my cock as I continue fucking you as hard as I can. The vibe on your clit driving you higher and higher to a powerful orgasm. You begin to cry for me and that triggers my orgasm.
I pull out and fuck along the wet slit of your pussy, my cock rubbing over your clit as I slide along your wet opening. The cum erupts from my cock coating your clit in my warm wetness. I shoot all over your juicy cunt, adding my cum to yours. You cum again as you feel my hot juice engulf your swollen clit, soaking it with my love. We both are left gasping and panting for breath as our orgasms subside. I continue to smear my juices all over your cunt, rubbing it into you with the head of my cock.
My heart is pounding as I look down at you. You are such a pretty mess. Covered in multiple colors of wax and splashed with my cum all over your cunt. I have never seen you look so beautiful as now. The look of lust on your face as you wear my marks on your body.
"I love you, My slut.", I tell you as I lean down and kiss you deeply. Devouring your lips in hunger. Fucking your mouth with my tongue as you suck it like it is my cock. You are indeed My slut. Mine and mine alone. As you have always meant to be.
I untie your legs and remove your cuffs before I peel the wax from your tits. I then just lay down on top of you as you wrap your legs around mine. Our bodies entwined, my softening cock nestled in your gooey cunt. Our mixed fluids warm and wet between us. I cover your face and neck in kisses and nibbles. Taking you by the throat, I turn your head and bite the side if your neck. Leaving shallow teeth marks that will be gone by morning.
We lay there for awhile just basking in the close feelings we have developed since we reconnected last year. The more you give yourself to me, the closer I feel to you. Your submission to me inspires my love and devotion to you.