Thursday, July 28, 2011

A quick one...

My slut liked this one...She hasn't done any of this stuff for me yet, but she said it was definitely doable.


 I send you a text from work. I want you to touch yourself for me. You will masturbate for 5 minutes without cumming, then send me a picture of your wet cunt. You have 10 minutes to send me the picture starting now I tell you as I check the clock. Nine minutes later I receive the photo. My cock swells immediately as I look at your tasty looking cunt, all wet and slippery with your juices.
I text you back and tell you what a good slut you are, and that you will get a good flogging when I get home for doing as you were told. The rest of the day drags by as I anticipate taking you when I get home. Finally I get home and you are waiting with a sheepish grin on your face. Embarrassed that you sent me pictures of you doing such a dirty thing.
I take you in my arms and kiss you and tell you how proud I am of My slut. "Now get in the room", I tell you.
You almost run to the room, unable to hide your excitement. I follow you there and tell you to undress for me. You quickly undress and grab the flogger for me. You hand it to me and climb up on the bed and raise your ass as an offering to me. Ready for my pain.
I immediately begin whipping your ass as you wriggle it back and forth slowly, enjoying the pleasure of my pain. I make your ass nice and red before checking your cunt to find it nice and wet like I love it. You moan at the contact of my fingers probing your tight hole. I rub your clit quickly and you push back towards my hand, craving my touch.
I pull my hand away and lay down on the bed.
"Climb on top of me, slut. We are going to try a little 69. I want to feel your wet, slutty mouth on my hard cock while I taste your juicy cunt.", I tell you. We have never tried this, but I want it bad. You hesitate a moment , then you climb on and lean down to engulf my throbbing cock. Your cock sucking skills are improving rapidly. I push my tongue into your soaked slit and lap up your juices. I flick my tongue over your swollen clit as you pump my cock in and out of your mouth. The distraction of eating you helps me hold off from cumming. You aren't having such an easy time though, your orgasm is rapidly approaching and your juices are streaming out of your pussy, soaking my face.
"May I please cum for you?", you suddenly beg. "Please Mr Big Cock?"
I ram two fingers into your hungry cunt and tell you to cum for me before concentrating my tongue on your clit. Your cunt clenches around my fingers as you begin to cum. Your cunt is pouring into my mouth as you moan and cum. I am lapping up your juices as fast as I can, wanting to devour all of you.
When your orgasm subsides you roll off of me breathing heavily. You look at me and move your hips a bit with a smile. Beckoning me to fuck you. I smile and say,"What do you want? I want to hear you ask.", I say.
"Please fuck me?", you say.
"You can do better than that. Ask me how a dirty little slut would ask.", I say with a smile.
"Please fuck your slut with that big, hard cock. I want to feel your hot cum shooting on my cunt.", You say with a wicked grin.
"Very good, My slut. Now that's what I'm talking about.", I tell you as I climbed between your legs.
I spread your legs wide and plunged into you in one quick thrust. You gasp as I quickly begin to pump in and out of you with long deep strokes. I grab your vibe and tell you to put it to your clit and make us cum together.
Your orgasm begins to build quickly, and I pump hard into you to cum with you. As your cunt begins to tighten with your impending orgasm I feel myself about to cum. I pull out and with a few strokes I shoot the first jet of cum on your hot clit. You start to cum upon the feeling of my hot cum hitting your clit. We both cum together, breathing deeply as I rub my cock all over your wet cunt. smearing our juices together making us both all sticky.
We both smile at such a fun time and go to clean up.


  1. This post made me think about my last two blog entries and what's been happening in our house. Maybe you could check it out:

    Great writing. I enjoy your blog!

  2. Oh a steamy fantasy... and hopefully for you a soon-to-be reality!