Sunday, July 31, 2011

A hard flogging...

I sent a message to My slut last night that I needed to give her pain. That I have been having a hard time lately as I posted last night. She said it didn't frighten her at all, and that she would take a flogging. I asked her what if it was a really hard one, and she said she could handle it. I sure hope so, and we will see this week just how much she can take.
I wrote her this story to let her know what is to come.
You bring me the flogger with a smile on your face.
"I know you need to hurt me. Please flog my ass. I need it too.Make me cry for your pleasure.", you say as you hand it to me.
I smile at you as I take the flogger from you.
"In the room slut, and strip for me. Get the leather cuffs for me. I am going to bind your hands in front of you while I whip your ass red.", I tell you.
You hurry into the room and you are mostly naked by the time I get there. I instruct you to climb up on the bed and I cuff your hands together in front of you and put pillows under your hips and belly to raise your ass up so I have a nice target to strike.
"Do you need this, My slut?", I ask you.
"Yes I do, Mr Big Cock. Please flog me hard.", you reply.
I smile at your need and hunger. I reach between your legs and feel you already getting wet at the thought of feeling my pain. You are learning to be a good pain slut. Just what I want from you.
I step back a bit and give you a medium strength lash to begin warming you up. After ten such lashes, it is time for the hard flogging.
"Are you ready slut?", I ask while checking your cunt. You are very wet now. The anticipation is making you a gooey mess."I guess you are ready as I can feel"
You bury your face in the bed, but I can hear a muffled, "Yes I am."
The first lash makes you gasp and yelp a little as it lands on your right cheek. The next lands on the left cheek having the same effect. You squeal, but you hold your ass up so I have a good target. You are loving this as much as I am. You have a hard time admitting your love of pain, but we both know you do.
I continue to whip your ass, putting all my strength into each blow, causing the impact to ripple through your ass and reverberate through your whole body. Tremors of pleasure of pain course through you as I beat your beautiful ass.
I stop and check your cunt to find it quite soaked. I slide a couple fingers inside you and stroke your clit with my thumb as I slowly fuck you with my hand. You push your ass back to accept each stroke of my fingers. You moan in pleasure as you feel like you are about to cum.
I stop and pull my fingers out of you, causing you to whimper in disappointment. After licking your sweet juices from my fingers, I tell you, "Not yet, My slut. You don't get to cum that quickly. You will, but not until you beg me for it."
I step back and resume the flogging. Making your flesh jump at each impact, making you gasp as each blow lashes across your rapidly reddening skin. I am going to make you cry now. I will whip you until you give me the tears I need. You will take my pain like a good slut and give me what my hunger demands. I go from cheek to cheek, sometimes concentrating on one cheek for a few lashes before switching to the other to keep you guessing where the blow will land.
"Breathe and let go for me slut. Let go of all your pain, and give it to me.", I tell you as I momentarily stop and stroke your hot flesh."Let the tears flow and release all your pain."
I resume the flogging and I see you begin to sob. The tears slowly start from the corners of your eyes as the flogger bites into your glowing ass. Soon you are sobbing deeply, your body wracked with the sobs as I continue beating your ass.
"That's My good slut. Give me your tears. Cry for me.", I tell you with pride and love in my heart. You have finally let go. You are on the road to becoming the pain slut I want you to be. Even as you cry, you keep your ass up for me. Needing to take my pain to show both me and yourself that you can take it, and that you need it.
I gradually begin to slow down and whip you a little lighter with each lash. Time to warm you down. The lashes become easier and more spread apart as the flogging winds down. You have done a great job My slut. You took my pain like I needed you to.
I stop and slowly run my hands over your glowing red ass. The heat radiating from your flesh is amazing. I kiss and lick over the tortured flesh, tasting your pain, and it is so sweet. I help you roll over and take you in my arms, kissing your tears away and wiping your hair away from your face. It is stuck there from the sweat and tears. Your tears taste wonderful to me.
Moving the pillows, I lay you back on the bed and grab your vibe and my dildo. I push the dildo against the entrance of your soaked cunt and it slides easily all the way inside you. You are so wet, your thighs are slick with your juices. My pain has turned you on like I knew it would. Your such a dirty little pain slut. My pain slut.       
I turn on the vibe and press it to your clit. Your body jumps as if I had touched it with an electric current. Your back arches and a moan escapes your lips.
"May I cum?", you ask almost immediately.
I remove the vibe and say, "Not yet slut. I'm going to build your orgasm up until it explodes from you."
I press it back to your clit making you jump again. I watch your face to tell when you are getting close to cumming, than I pull the vibe away. All the while I continue to slowly fuck you with my other cock. Slow and steady to give you pleasure, but not enough to make you cum.
I want you to beg me to cum. To need it so bad you will give me everything to be allowed your release.
"May I please cum, Mr Big Cock?", you ask, your voice thick with lust and the strain of wanting to cum.
Once again I remove the vibe, eliciting a whimper of disappointment.
"You haven't convinced me yet that you really need it.", I tell you as I continue sliding the dildo deep into your hungry cunt. "Make me believe you really need it."
I again place the vibe against your now swollen clit. It is standing up hard like a little cock, craving my attention. Your back arches and your hips buck as you reach for your orgasm.
"Do you really need to cum for me, slut?", I ask you. "Tell me what you need."
"Please may I cum for you? Let me give you all my pleasure, Mr Big Cock.", you say. Barely able to speak from the hunger in your cunt.
I quicken the pace of the dildo in and out of your sopping cunt. Fucking your hard and fast with it. Your body begins to arch up and your head tilts back as the pleasure radiates from your cunt all through your body.
"Please...", you gasp, trying to hold back.
That is what I want to hear from you. That tone of begging in your voice. The undeniable hunger and need in your voice.
"Cum for me slut. Cum all over my cock like the dirty little slut you are. Give me all your pleasure.", I tell you. I watch as you let go and your orgasm tears through your body and soul. The pleasure explodes in your brain as your cunt spasms around the pounding cock inside you. I feel your cunt gripping the dildo as I keep fucking you fast and hard with it. your pussy is sloshing from the wetness running out of you. you cum all over the cock and my hands. My hands are soaked with your juices as are your thighs and the sheets.
"Keep cumming slut. I will tell you when to stop.", I tell you as I keep the vibe to your clit and the dildo fucking you. Orgasm after orgasm rips through your body, making you convulse and buck against the invaders in your cunt.
"No more please.", you gasp. "No more."
"One more, slut.", I tell you, and you give me what I want with one last hard spasm on the dildo.
I gradually slow the pace of the dildo gliding into your well used cunt. You are exhausted from your hard use, but there is a blissful smile spreading across your face. You have cried again as well. This time in pleasure instead of pain. Your tears track down your beautiful face. You are glowing with that look of a woman that has just been fucked hard.
You open your eyes and look at me with a smile.
"Please fuck me. I need you inside me now.", you say as you buck your hips upwards towards me.
"What does my slut need?", I ask you with a grin.
"Your cock.", you tell me.
"Who are you?", I ask.
"Your slut.", is your answer.
"My dirty pain slut?", I push.
"Yes.", you say with a bit of embarrassment on your face.
"Good girl.", I say, as I stand and begin to undress. My cock already steel hard from hurting you and making you cum so hard.
I move between your spread thighs and plunge deeply into your soaked cunt in one quick thrust. You gasp at the quickness of my invasion. My balls slap against your ass from how hard I enter you. I begin to slowly pump into you in long deep strokes. Pulling out until just the head is inside you before stroking back deep as I can go. I can feel my cock bumping against your cervix I am going so deep. I push your legs back towards your shoulders to go as deep as possible inside you.
Your pussy is wet and squishes with each stroke of my hard cock. You are so hot and wet inside as your cunt grips my cock. I reach down and begin to stroke your sensitive clit with my thumb. You shake your head no, but I won't be denied today.
"I want you to cum on my cock while I fill you with my hot cum.", I tell you as I continue to rub your swollen clit. I stands up hard again. Wanting my pleasure even though you deny you want it.
I see the look on your face when you are about to cum, and I speed up my thrusts. I want to cum with you.
"May I cum for you?", you ask one last time.
"Yes slut, cum all over my cock.", I tell you.
I feel your cunt grip my cock as you start to cum, and this triggers my orgasm. With a groan I pump the first load of cum into your hungry cunt. You moan as you feel my hot juices splash against the walls of your pussy. You cum even harder from feeling my orgasm filling you with my heat. We buck and moan against each other as we cum together. I continue fucking you as I feel my cum begin to leak out of your pussy. You are so wet that your cunt can't contain all the fluids being pumped into and out of it. Our combined juices made a gooey mess of both of us. My cock and balls are soaked, and your crotch is wet down part way down your thighs.
I push deep inside you and just stay there, enjoying the feeling of being engulfed by your hot cunt. Your pussy lips cradling my balls in their warm embrace. I kiss you deeply, my tongue probing deeply into your mouth. I want to be inside you in any way I can.
I kiss down your body as my cock slips out of your wet cunt. Kissing your gleaming tits and licking and sucking at your sensitive nipples. Still erect from your recent orgasm. I continue down your body and lick the insides of your thighs from knee to knee. Our mixed juices are sweet and salty. We are delicious together.
I climb back up to lay beside you as hold you against me. Kissing you again and sharing our essence. I kiss you neck and stroke your breasts as you come down from the intensity of today's experience.
"What a good slut you are.", I say as I smile down at you. "You took all my pain, and gave me pleasure in return. I'm so proud of My slut."
You smile up at me and lean your head against my chest as you sigh and purr like a kitten.


  1. Ok, seriously!

    Can't your stories come with a fire extinguisher or something?!?


  2. I'm glad you enjoy my stories so much...grins!!!

  3. eeeeh i'm with baby girl! Woooah!