Friday, July 1, 2011

My good girl...

This story came out good, so I thought I would share it.


I come in the room and you are waiting for me, kneeling on a pillow naked. I smile that you are learning what makes me happy so well. I come to you and stroke your hair and kiss you deeply on the lips. I also kiss your neck and give you small bites as well.
I take a rope and bind your hands behind your back. I softly stroke your breasts and caress all around them. I slowly circle your nipples lightly with my finger tips, then take them between my fingers and begin to slowly pinch them until I you gasp. I give them a little twist before releasing them and giving them a kiss and a suck.
I help you to your feet and I sit down on the bed bringing you to lay across my lap. I am going to spank you, not because I am angry at you, but just because I want to. I start to spank you and give your ass a lovely red glow. I stop and feel between your legs, finding a welcome moistness beginning there. I stroke your clit and slowly slip a finger inside. You begin to squirm and moan and you ask," Please Sir, may I cum?"
"Not yet, slut.", and I remove my hand from your needy cunt. I resume spanking your sweet ass, eliciting little yelps and gasps as I leave my handprints across your tender flesh. Your ass looks so delicious all red like that and I can't resist taking a bite of your cheek. I bite hard and leave teeth marks. A mark on My slut to show her who owns her sexy body.
I help you stand and I rise and untie your arms from behind your back. I have you lean forward and rest your elbows on the bed for your flogging. Your ass is already tender, but I still give you the flogging you need and want. Thudding lashes across both cheeks making you dance from foot to foot. After a couple minutes of flogging, I stop and once again reach for your cunt. your juices are fairly running out now, making your thighs all wet. I stroke your slippery lips and swollen clit, making you groan.
"May I please cum now Sir?", you plead.
"Not yet, My sexy slut.", And I return to flogging your ass. I feel the need in you. The need to cum. You will cum when I want you to, My slut.
I grab my cane and tell you that tonight it will be a brief, but intense caning. I will only give you ten on each cheek, but they will hurt. I give you them in a steady rhythm, one cheek to another until they are complete. When I finish tears are coming from your eyes, much to my pleasure. I wrap you in my arms and kiss them away and tell you how proud I am of My slut. How you are such my good girl.
I have you lay back on the bed with your head hanging off the foot of the bed as I tie your arms and legs to the four corners of the bed, and place the clamps on your nipples. I undress and grab the riding crop. I have you open your mouth and slowly slide my hard cock into your wet mouth. As I begin to slowly fuck your mouth, going as deep as you can handle, I crop your wet cunt. Slapping around your swollen lips and clit. Making you moan around my cock. I slap your thighs and breasts with the crop as well. I grab your neck and fuck your mouth with a few quick thrusts before I remove my hardness from your mouth. Lastly I squeeze my cock and allow a little bit of pre-cum to drip on your tongue.
I untie you and turn you around and re-tie you. Grabbing the vibrator and dildo I go to work on your hungry cunt. The dildo slides in easily as you are now so wet your cunt sloshes as I fuck you with it. You begin to move your hips as you get close to cumming.
"Please Sir, can I cum now?"
"Soon My slut, but not quite yet."
I start to fuck you fast with the dildo and I know you won't be able to hold out long without cumming. Your back begins to arch as the orgasm is growing in you. I can see the struggle in your face as you try not to cum. I love seeing you holding back for me. Trying to wait for me to tell you to cum.
When I can see you are about to lose control, I press the vibrator to your clit and tell you to cum for me.
"Give it to me, slut. Cum for me. I want to hear you cum, now."
The dam bursts in you and you groan as the long awaited orgasm rips through your body. You are shaking and crying as you cum over and over. I don't stop even after you beg me to. I want you to cum until you can't cum any more. Give me all your pleasure, it is mine to take from you.
I finally stop fucking your cunt when I see you have nothing left to give me. You are panting and crying as I stroke your hair and wipe the tears from your eyes.
"Good girl, My slut.", I tell you, and thank you for giving me everything you have.
Once you regain your breath, I slide down and quickly enter your sopping cunt. You are worn out so I only give you a few strokes before I move up and straddle your chest. I place a pillow under your head to raise it up and slide my cock into your mouth, letting you taste yourself on me. You will get used to your own taste. I love it and you will too. I slowly fuck your mouth as I hold your hair in my fists. You can see and feel my orgasm getting closer, see the intense look on my face as I am about to cum.
I pull out of your mouth, and with a couple quick strokes, I shoot my first jet of cum across your lips. I continue to stroke my cock as I rub it across your face as I coat you with my hot cum. You can feel it run down your cheeks and drip onto your chest as my orgasm begins to subside. When the last spasm has pushed my cum out I push my cock back into your mouth, having you clean the remaining cum from my cock with your mouth. You swirl your tongue around the tip of my cock making me gasp from how sensitive I am. You clean my cock like the good slut you are, and I lean down and give you a deep kiss, tasting our mingled juices on your tongue. Mmmm, delicious!!!
I clean you up and remove my ropes binding you. I rub your ankles and wrists to soothe the flesh sore from the bindings. I wrap you in my arms and cover you in kisses. You have made me very proud My slut. I love you more and more each day as you give yourself to me. The more you give yourself to me, the more I give of myself to you. We are becoming two sides of the same coin. As you submit to me I take care of you in all ways. I will keep you happy for the rest of my life.
I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend.

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