Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taking you...

My slut,
As you wash the dishes I sneak up behind you. Wrapping my arms around you, I put one hand on your throat and the other on your breast. I take your nipple between my fingers and pinch hard as I kiss the side of your neck. Moving my hand from your throat I reach between your legs to find your clit.
I begin to rub the soft cleft of your cunt. I can feel the heat already building inside you. I press my hard cock against your back as I work your swelling clit. I continue torturing the tender flesh of your nipples as they harden to my touch. You gasp in pain, but I can feel your pussy getting wetter through the material of your nightgown. Your nipples are straining against the material, just begging to be pinched.
I bite at your neck and shoulders as I alternate from nipple to nipple. You are beginning to squirm in my grip as your orgasm builds in your cunt.
"You want to cum for me, don't you slut?", I growl in your ear as you slump back against my body. Arching backwards and pushing out your chest. Offering your nipples to my pinching and twisting fingers.
"Yes.", you gasp."I want to cum for you."
"What do you say then?", I ask you as I continue to rub your wet clit. Your cunt is soaking your nightgown, your legs spread for me.
"May I please cum for you?", you whisper.
"You have to convince me that you really need it.", I tell you. "Beg me to cum, my slut."
"Please make me cum. Make me cum for you...Sir. I need it so bad.", You say with a note of desperation in your voice. I can hear the quiver in your voice as you struggle to hold back your orgasm. Not wanting to cum without permission and disappointing me.
Your breath is coming in gasps, and I can tell you won't be able to hold back much longer.
"Cum for me, My slut. Let it go, and give it to me. Give me your pleasure.", I growl in your ear as I hold your throat in one hand and mercilessly rub your swollen clit.
You cry out as your orgasm erupts through your tortured cunt. A gush of juices pour from you as you cum hard on my fingers. I keep rubbing as you cum over and over. I hold you tight to me to support you as you cum. Your knees weak from the intensity of the orgasm.
As your orgasm subsides, I push you forward."Grab the edge of the sink slut. I need to be in your wet cunt.", I tell you as I lift up your nightgown.
You rest your arms on the edge of the counter as I rip your panties down. Releasing my hard cock, I bend my knees and quickly push into your sopping cunt. You are so wet there is a squishing sound as I begin to fuck you. I grab your hips and start pounding your cunt hard. You have to hold onto the counter to keep from falling. I am fucking you in long hard strokes. Driving my cock as deep as it will go on every stroke. Giving you all my cock.  
My orgasm is fast approaching as I pound your tight cunt. Your pussy is twitching around my hard cock, grabbing at it and trying to milk the cum from my balls. I feel my orgasm about to erupt.
I pull out as I begin to cum. The first hot jet of cum streams across your ass. I stroke my cock as each spurt gushes over your smooth cheeks. I rub my wet cock across your ass as my orgasm finishes.
As a surprise I push my cock back into your hungry cunt and fuck you as hard as I can until my cock softens and slips from your wet hole. I rub my cock all over your ass, smearing my cum everywhere. Your ass is shiny with my juices as we both breath heavily from the passion and exertion.
Having you bent over like this is too much of a temptation for me, and I give you ten quick hard swats across your wet cheeks. You yelp in surprise, but stay in place as I leave bright red handprints on both cheeks.
Once done, I help you stand and letting your nightgown fall, I take you in my arms.
"That's my good slut. you took that very well. I'm so proud of you.", I tell you as I hug you tightly. I look you in the eye and you can see the love and passion there.
"That was just a warm up, My slut. Wait until tonight for the real fun.", I tell you with a big smile on my face. I give you a big kiss and a swat on the ass as I walk away.
"You can finish the dishes now.", I say as I walk to the bathroom to shower.
You laugh as you turn to finish, loving the feeling of your juices between your legs. Knowing that you are going to really get used tonight. Just like a good slut needs.


  1. eh yeah -H O T was the word! (why does a sexually frustrated slut like myself sit and read stuff like this??!)

  2. Someone is getting awesome at this..