Monday, July 25, 2011


As you lay in bed on the computer, I walk in and close the door.
"Time to log off, My slut.", I tell you as I cross the room. You look at me to make sure I'm serious, and you see that I am. You turn back to the computer to shut everything down.
I walk over to the nightstand and remove something, but I don't let you see what it is. With my back to you I tell you to strip for me and stand at the foot of the bed. You hesitate a moment, but you do as I say.
Once you are naked, I hear you move to the foot of the bed and I stand and move behind you.
"Hands behind your back.", I say.
"I don't know if I can.", you whisper with trepidation in your voice.
"You can, My slut. All it takes is trust.", I assure you.
You slowly move your hands behind your back and you feel the rope begin to wrap around your wrists. You take a deep breath, and I tell you to just relax. I will take care of you.
I bind your forearms together then I grab a handful of your hair and bend your head back towards me and kiss the side of your neck. I gently take you by the throat, just holding you, as my other hand trails down to your tits. As I hold you there, your body pressed against mine, I begin to caress and pinch your hard nipples. I stroke them and pull on them, making them harder. I bite the side of your neck and nibble on your shoulders.
Your breathing is gradually speeding up as your body reacts to my touch. I reach into my pocket and remove the nipple clamps. I place them on your rock hard nipples eliciting a gasp from you as each one is placed and tightened.
I turn you towards the bed and tell you to place your chest on the foot of the bed and spread your legs. Helping you down I stand beside you and put an arm around your waist to stabilize your stance.
"You are going to get a spanking now. You have done nothing wrong. In fact you have been a pretty good slut lately. I just think it's time to take things to the next level. We have gotten to a plateau and it is time to step forward.", I explain so you have no confusion over why you are being spanked.
I begin slowly and lightly, spanking all over your tender ass. The flesh jiggles and jumps at each strike. I gradually increase the strength of the swats as your flesh takes on a redder hue. You begin to move your feet as the swats become harder.
"Hold still slut, you can take it. You will take it for me.", I say quietly.
Soon I am spanking you with hard swats, the flesh is bright red and I feel you begin to sob.
"Let go My slut. Give me your tears. Let go of all the past pain, and accept my loving pain.", I tell you. At my words the dam bursts and I can hear you cry in wracking sobs as the pain is exorcised from your body and soul.
"Empty yourself of the past and let me fill you with my love.", I tell you as I continue spanking. Soon I can tell that you are calming down as you are cleansed of your old pain. I stop and help you stand. Tears are wetting your cheeks and your eyes are red, but you have a smile on your face. I take your face in my hands and kiss away your tears, tasting your pain. I then kiss you hard on the mouth, tasting your lips and your love, pulling your body against mine.
"I love you slut. You are mine and you never have to be afraid of anything or anyone again.", I say as I stroke your hair and kiss your face.
I turn you around and remove the rope from your wrists, rubbing the tender flesh to make sure the blood is circulating good. I turn you back to face me and tell you to give me a hug. You wrap your arms tightly around me and give me the tightest hug you have ever given me.
"Who are you?", I ask.
You smile up at me, and looking me straight in the eye, you say,"Your slut."
"Always?", I ask.
"Always.", you reply as you hug me again.
"Since you have been such a good slut tonight, and wore my ropes like a good girl, you will get the flogger tonight.", I tell you. "You will also get the cane, because that is what I want, But you will get more of the flogger."
I lay you down on the bed with a pillow under your hips so your ass is slightly raised and pick up the flogger. Since you ass is already warmed up and red I start out right away with hard strokes. I whip your ass pretty good adding to the redness. You squirm and moan as you move your ass back and forth. I stop for a moment and put my fingers between your legs to find your cunt very wet.
"My slut loves the flogger, doesn't she?", I say with a smile.
"Yes I do.", Your voice quiet, but full of lust.
I grab the dildo and slide it into your moist pussy eliciting a low moan from you. I slowly start to fuck you with it as you raise your ass to receive my other cock. Your cunt squishes from the wetness within as I pound the dildo into you.
Leaving you full, I pick the flogger back up and continue whipping you. You raise your ass up to meet each lash, welcoming my pain. Taking it like the good slut you are. Knowing how much it pleases me. I give you a good hard whipping and you take it like a good little pain slut.
"Time for the cane, but you will only get ten strokes. They will be hard, and I want you to count them for me.", I tell you.
"Yes Mr Big Cock.", you respond with a smile.
I smile back and pick up the cane.
"Ready slut?", I ask.
"Yes.", you reply as you ready yourself for the first stroke.
The cane whips through the air before it strikes your red ass...
"One.", you hiss between clenched teeth as the cane leaves a line of fire across your ass.
Again the cane cuts through the air.
"Two.", You say as the next strike lands.
On you count as each lash lands on your tender, but warmed up flesh. The endorphins are rushing through your body, and the pain is almost pleasurable. Your pussy keeps getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. You reach back and begin to stroke your swollen clit as you take my pain. The pain is melting into pleasure as you rub yourself.
"Don't you cum slut. Not time yet.", I tell you as I see what your fingers are doing.
You slow, but don't stop what you were doing to your clit.
When you have received your ten strokes, I stop and admire the work I have done. Your sweet ass is covered with welts and I kiss and run my tongue along each one as you moan and continue to rub your juicy cunt.
I have you roll over and say, "If you are going to do that, I am going to watch. Lay back and give me a good show. Use your fingers on that tasty clit of yours and fuck yourself with the dildo while you do it.", I tell you.
You lean back against the headboard and spread your legs. You slowly rub your clit as you move the dildo in and out of your soaked cunt.
"Who does that cunt belong to?", I ask you.
"It is yours, Mr Big Cock.", you say. Your eyes getting that glassy look.
"And your tits, ass and mouth?", I ask.
"All yours.", you reply.
"To do whatever I want with that body?", I ask again.
"Anything.", you say, your voice a hoarse whisper by now.
Your orgasm is getting close and your hands are moving faster in response to your bodies hunger for pleasure.
"May I cum for you?", you ask in a whisper.
"How do you ask?", I question.
"May I please cum for you, Mr Big Cock?", you ask with a sound of desperation in your voice. "Please?"
Your brow is furrowed as you struggle to hold back your impending orgasm.
"Cum for me, slut. Cum all over that hard cock for me. Ride it and rub that clit for me.", I tell you.
Your body arches as the orgasm rips through your body. You lean back as your cunt begins to spasm and grip the dildo gliding in and out of you. As you continue cumming you can feel every ridge on the dildo as your pussy squeezes tightly around it, not wanting to let go of the pleasure it is bringing you.
I smile at you as you begin to calm down. Your body shaking and tears of pleasure running down your face. 
"Good little slut. I'm very proud of you for giving me such a sexy show.", I tell you. "Now cum suck my cock like the good slut you are."
I remove my pants and my hard cock springs out, anticipating the wet warmth of your lips. I lean back on the bed as you crawl up between my legs. You take my cock in your hand and, bending forward, you slowly take my cock into your mouth. Sucking it in like the popsicles you love so much. Sucking as your lips glide down as far as you can go, and back up until my cock comes out of your mouth with a popping sound. You look me in the eyes as you wrap your lips around my throbbing member. You can feel my pulse through my hard cock. You swirl your tongue around the tip as my cock rest in your mouth as you pump it with your fist.
You begin a rhythm of stroking my cock with your hand as you bob your head up and down on my hardness. Looking at my face, looking for signs that I am getting close.
"Mmmm, that's so good, My slut. You suck my cock so good. Your mouth feels wonderful on me.", I tell you in a whisper. "Keep sucking me, and I'll tell you when I'm about to cum. Don't stop sucking until I tell you."
You nod your head, not stopping the motion of your mouth and hand as you give me head.
My breath is getting deeper and quicker as I can feel my balls tightening, my orgasm threatening to overflow. I can feel the cum about to erupt from my cock and I nod to you, no longer able to speak.
You pull my cock from your mouth as you continue to stroke my hardness and rub it across your lips. My cum erupts from my cock and streams across your lips and drips down your cheek and off your chin. You continue to stroke and rub me all over your face until it face is coated in my juice. My orgasm is so intense that my body tenses up with each spasm. 
As my orgasm subsides, you smile at me with your cum covered mouth. I've never seen you look so beautiful, and I grab you and pull you to me and give you a big kiss. Our faces are both covered in my juices, but I don't care. You have made me so happy tonight, and so proud to have such a good slut.
This is just the early steps of the road we are taking, but it is a good start.
We take a shower together, gently washing each others bodies, before drying off and crawling under the blankets for a well deserved rest. You snuggle to my chest, and as I stroke your hair we both close our eyes and drift off into contented sleep.


  1. i love this post. There's something about it that is so familiar- while you two are different to us, there are certain similarities between your play and the kind of play between myself and Master. That almost makes me feel like i'm peeking into His head during one of our scenes and that's a very special (and very hot!) thing indeed. Thank You!


  2. This time I waited to drink my morning tea until AFTER I read this post. :-)


  3. oh wow! THis I really loved, and to be honest it actually helped me pulling back from the panic attack i was about to have -so thank you!
    Lovely lovely post!