Friday, July 22, 2011

The request...

You come to me with your hands behind your back and a sheepish grin on your face. I smile and ask you what you have. You bring your hands in front of you and I see you have the flogger.
"Do you need to be flogged my little slut?", I ask you smiling.
You look down demurely and say," Yes, I do."
"What do you say then?", I ask.
You struggle to look at me, but you do and say,"Will you please give me a flogging?"
"Of course, My sexy slut. I would love to flog that sweet ass.", I say with a smile as I take it from your hands and head to the bedroom. As I get there I turn and tell you to undress for me and bend over and show me your ass. You shyly disrobe and place your elbows on the foot of the bed with your face down into the blanket. You are too shy to look at me after asking me to hurt you.
I stand behind you and ready myself to give you what you so desperately need and want. I start to flog you easy at first, but soon start to give you a really good whipping. I reach between your legs and feel your wetness already there. You were probably already wet when you brought me the flogger. I stroke your cunt and rub your clit, causing you to squirm and wiggle your ass in pleasure.
I once again flog your ass as it begins to turn a nice shade of red for me. You squirm and moan as the pain turns to pleasure. I can see the juices from your cunt begin to leak down the inside of your thighs. I stop and insert a couple fingers into your sopping cunt, causing you to moan and push yourself back onto my hand, humping my fingers. Trying to get enough stimulation to cum.
"Not yet, My slut. You don't get to cum that quick.", I say as I remove my fingers from your wetness. You sigh at the empty feeling in your pussy, but it is soon replaced with the heat of the flogger striking your ass once again. I give you a hard flogging, making your ass jiggle from each blow. Making it glow quite beautifully until you ask me to stop.
"Please fuck me.", you ask, your voice thick with lust."I want your cock inside me."
"No My slut.", I tell you,"You are going to fuck me."
I undress slowly, making you wait in anticipation. Once I am naked, I sit on the edge of the bed and tell you to turn around and come sit on my cock facing away from me.
You straddle my legs and slowly lower your wet cunt down over my hard cock. You can feel my thickness spreading your pussy open and ripples of pleasure run through your body as you sit completely down on my hard rod. I am buried fully inside you as you sit on my lap. I reach around you and take both your breasts in my hands and begin to pinch and roll your hard nipples between my fingers.
"Ride me like the good little slut you are. Take my cock deep.", I tell you as you slowly rise up off my cock before slowly impaling yourself once again. I grab your hips and help you ride up an down on my slick shaft. Fucking yourself with my slippery cock. I alternate between playing with your tits and torturing your nipples, and grabbing your hips and slapping your cute ass.
You begin to bounce up and down hard on my swollen cock. Your juices running down over me, making my cock and balls slick with your sweet nectar.
"May I cum for you?", you ask as you continue to ride me, a quiver in your voice telling me you are on the verge.
"Cum all over my cock.", I tell you,"Cover me with your cum. Give it too me slut"
You moan, and I feel your cunt grip my hard cock as you start cumming on me. Your cunt spasms as you keep riding my cock, gasping and crying with the intensity of your orgasm.
Once you've had enough and you begin to slow, I grab your hips and turn you around to bend over the bed. I push deep into your cunt. It's now my turn to cum.
I slowly pull out until just the head remains inside your pussy, then push all the way inside as deep as I can go. You sigh with the sensation. I begin to make long slow strokes, going as deep as I can each time. I want this to build slowly. I keep going slow and steady, feeling the pressure building in my balls. I can feel my cock getting harder and I know it won't be long before I give you my hot load.
As my cum erupts from my body, I pull you back hard on my cock and fill you with my hot cream. I continue to give you long deep strokes as I empty my balls into your cunt. I feel your cunt grip my cock as a small orgasm ripples through you.
Pulling out, I turn you around to sit on the bed."Suck my cock like my good little slut.", I say, offering you my glistening shaft. You take my cock, covered in our mixed juices, into your mouth and slowly suck me as you stroke the slick shaft in rhythm with your sucking. It feels heavenly as I slowly soften in your grip as you clean my cock with your lips.
Once I am limp, I pull out of your mouth and bend to give you a deep kiss, tasting our nectar on your lips. What a wonderful mixture we make. Sweet and tangy on our lips.
I kiss you and tell you what a wonderful slut you are, and how proud I am of you for asking for the flogging you needed.


  1. Note to self: NEVER read this blog while drinking your morning tea lest you spontaneously combust. It simply generates entirely too much heat!

  2. oh baby girl I'm with you on that! Sexually frustrated sluts should not read this blog!! But how can you not? Beautiful written William *getting chills*
    She's a lucky girl!

  3. Well girls, I'm glad I cna heat up your days. I love turning ladies on with my mind...And body too of course. I hope you both are enjoying my series of stories. They will continue for the foreseeable future. My slut says I should write a book, and I am working on ideas for it. It will be very dark and dirty. It's the Sadist in me wanting out to play and talk.

  4. Disclaimer I have pms, but still this made me tear up. Good for you two (: