Sunday, July 3, 2011

Her reaction...

She read my story today and told me she didn't like the things in there. They scared her, and of course she was grossed out about the part where she cleaned the cum off of my cock. I knew she would be, but she will learn. She was also a little freaked out about calling me Sir, but I think in time she will get used to it.

She did say though that she wants me to keep writing so she will get used to it. She also told me that she thinks I write really well. She keeps asking me if I have thought of writing a book, which I have. I am going to look into geting published by one of the online book websites. Maybe I can get my stories out there and earn a little money. I could sure use it. Plus I do love to write erotica.

The next story will focus more on control and submission, rather than the physical aspects. We'll see how she feels about that.



  1. Good luck. I love your stories. I am seeing that many woman do not like swallowing their man's cum. I don't mind and I thought everyone did it! Silly me. Looking forward to you next story.

  2. I also sometimes really get "grossed out" by things he wants... but I think that's just my gut reaction to "No, I don't like it, it's gross" but on a deeper level it means something like I'm afraid of it or am having trouble trusting him with it.