Thursday, July 21, 2011


Me and My slut finally got to play tonihgt after over a week of nothing. I had the bad cold last week that took the wind out of my sails.

We were teasing each other all day. A little innuendo here and there. The best was when we were taking our son to baseball practice we were teasing each other, and I called her honey, and she told me she doesn't like that. I smiled and said ok, how about Ms, for My slut. She smiled and said much better. She no longer wants any other names of affection, just My slut, or just slut.

When we finally got alone time, she made good on her name. I gave her a massage to start. Earlier she asked if she could have a massage, and I said if I get a blowjob. Her answer was, Deal...

She asked me if we could skip the cane tonight and just do the flogger. I told her this time only, and she said OK. I started harder than I usually do and moved around her body whipping her from different angles. Trying to mix up the sensations. I made longer strokes and they seemed to give her a more thuddy effect that she likes. She asked me if my arm was getting tired, so I knew she was getting close to her limit. I told her I was going to give her ten more hard ones and she said OK.

I alternated between cheeks and gave her five hard ones on each side. At eight she said it was getting to be too much, I told her two more and finished with the last two hard ones. Her ass now had a nice little pink glow, and I stroked and kissed her telling her what a good slut she was. I asked her if she was ready to tell me what she felt like after the flogging, but she said she can't really describe it yet. She acknowledges it turns her on, but she can't really describe it. I think she just is too embarrassed to sound like a pain slut to really open up about it. 

After her flogging she told me she would just suck me for a little bit. I laughed and said more, she said no. Of course we were both smiling the whole time. She went to work sucking me good right from the start and using her hand to stroke me as she sucks. I made sure to compliment her actions. The more I do, the better she sucks. She ran her wet mouth all over my cock, alternating between sucking and rubbing me against her lips. I kept telling her she was sucking me like a good slut. She is getting more relaxed about having my cock in her mouth, and it shows. I told her to be careful that I was getting close to cumming. When I said that, she sped up her stroking and rubbing her lips along the underside of my cock. She obviously wanted me to cum. She doesn't usually do that, I usually have to ask her to make me cum with her mouth.

I shot a big load all over her chin and lips, but most ended up on my stomach. It was a great intense orgasm. I had over a weeks worth built up.

After cleaning up, I got her vibe and dildo out, but I never got to use the dildo. Not because she didn't let me, but because her orgasm came so quickly that she barely had a chance to ask permission, much less give me a chance to grab the dildo. For the first time in weeks she cried for me when she came. I loved it. It turns me on when she cries. It was a very intense orgasm for her and she was wiped out afterward.

The funny thing was, she asked me why I didn't use the dildo. I know she wanted me too, but won't admit it. I told her tomorrow before I fuck her since we didn't fuck tonight. She asked me if it was OK she just blew me instead of letting me fuck her. I said yes since she sucked my cock so well. Tomorrow though, she is getting two cocks in her cunt, and a hard fucking. The cane will make a return appearance too.

She is truly becoming My slut, and I'm going to keep moving her in that direction. Soon she will only be addressed as My slut and treated as such, in private of course. Soon she will be begging for my cock, and asking for my pain. I will make her get the flogger out herself, and offer her ass to me to be flogged. That will take her down the road to deeper submission.



  1. Wow! Sounds like fantastic progress and a lot of fun!

  2. Yes I agree all wonderful, so happy for you both!

  3. Great how well you know your wife.