Sunday, July 3, 2011


This story I think came out very well. I hope everyone enjoys it. Comments are always appreciated.



I have you wear your corset under a tight sweater and a long skirt. You wear stockings with a garter belt, but you aren't allowed to wear any panties. I want your cunt available to me whenever I want. We go to a nice dinner where I order for you. I order you a nice steak with vegetables and I watch you eat slowly. I tell you to enjoy and relish every morsel. Experience the food, don't just eat it. I want you to learn to savor every moment in life. Whether it is food, or spending time together, or being taken by me.
After dinner I take the long way home. I want to enjoy the drive with you. I slowly inch your skirt up your thighs, exposing your delicious cunt.
"Spread your legs for me, My slut. Show me that sweet pussy.", I tell you. You slowly part your thighs and I can smell your excitement already. You are already getting damp in anticipation.
"Rub it for me. Stroke your clit and show me how wet you are."
You place your fingers on your clit and gasp in pleasure. You are already excited and need to orgasm.
"Slide a finger inside yourself. Fuck that tasty pussy for me.", I tell you and with just a moments hesitation, you slide one finger inside and slowly fuck yourself. I can see the joy on your face as you get close to cumming.
"Stop slut. Let me taste you.", and I pull your hand from your cunt and suck your juices from your fingers."Mmmm...Delicious."
We drive the rest of the way home in silence. I want you to think about what is to come. To anticipate what will happen to your body and mind.
When we arrive home I open the door for you and give you my hand to help you from the car. I close the door and then quickly press you back against the car, kissing you hard, mashing my lips against yours and probing your mouth with my tongue. I grind my hard cock into you, letting you feel my excitement.
"Soon you will feel my hardness inside you, My slut.", I whisper into your ear, causing you to shiver. I take your hand and lead you into the house.
I take you straight to the bedroom and light candles and turn on some low music. I sit back on the bed and tell you to strip for me. Unwrap my delightful present. You hesitate, and I can see you struggling with it. Your shyness battling with your desire to please me. Your desire wins out and you slowly undress.
"Leave the stockings and the corset on my sweet. They accentuate your curves so wonderfully.", I tell you.
You get down to the clothes I want you in and I motion you to come to me. You walk to where I am sitting and stand in front of me, shyly trying to cover yourself with your hands. I tell you that you have nothing to hide from me. You are mine and I want all you have to give.
I lay you down on the bed, and as I kiss you deeply, my hands go between your legs to find you quite wet. I slide two fingers quickly inside you making you gasp and your hips buck up to meet my touch.
"Cum for me, slut.", I tell you as I fuck you with my fingers. Your back arches as you moan out the first of many orgasms you will have tonight. "The rest you will have to ask for, My sexy slut.", I tell you and I pull my hand away and lick your juices from them.
I roll you over, exposing your pretty ass, and give you a couple quick swats, leaving a red handprint on each cheek. You yelp in surprise, and then giggle at the sudden attack. I grab the flogger as I position myself behind you.
"I'm going to wear that ass out tonight. It will be glowing when I get done with you.", I say with a smile.
I begin the flog you fairly lightly at first, but you are already warmed up from your orgasm already, so I start to flog you pretty hard. Giving you heavy strokes, alternated with flicks of the flogger to sting a bit. You hate it, but I love it. That is what really makes your cheeks red. I cover your ass with the lashes, making your ass a nice shade of red, just how I like it.
"You have a choice.", I tell you. "Ten swats with my bare hand or ten stripes with the cane."
I can see the struggle in your mind. You don't like either and you have to decide which will hurt less. You decide on the bare hand and I position you across my lap. You can feel my hard cock pressing against you as I begin your spanking.
I give you the first hard swat and you take it like a good little slut. You don't try to move away, you just stay there, knowing I love to do this. I follow with five to each cheek, then stop. You look back over your shoulder at me with a puzzled look on your face.
"Since you did so good at taking those, I will only give you five.", I tell you with a smile as I help you stand. I walk you over to the side of the bed and have you lay down. I hand you the dildo and tell you to fuck yourself for me. I want to watch you pleasure yourself for me. By now you are very wet and excited, wanting to give me everything.
You slowly slide my other cock into your waiting cunt. Looking into my eyes as you do so. An impish grin on your face. You are beginning to let go and enjoy pleasing me. You take the dildo all the way into your cunt until it is completely buried in you. You have a blissful look on your face as you are filled.
"Fuck yourself for me. I want you to start slow and speed up as I tell you to."
You begin to slowly move the dildo in and out of you wet cunt. You are so wet I can hear your pussy sloshing as you fuck yourself.
"Faster, My slut. Ride that cock!", I tell you. you have a very intent look on your face as you do as I tell you.
"May I cum?", you ask, but I am not ready for that yet, as I release my straining cock from my pants. The tip is shiny with pre-cum and I smear it around the head as I slowly stroke my hardness while watching you.
"Now rub your clit with your other hand.", I whisper, the desire making my voice a hoarse whisper.
You do as I say and begin to rub your swollen clit. Your body begins to arch, and I can tell you won't be able to hold out much longer.
"Please let me cum...Sir.", you ask. Saying Sir is still so hard for you, but your desire to cum is stronger than your fear of giving yourself completely to me.
"Cum for me, My slut!", I say while looking into your eyes.
Upon hearing my words, your erupt in orgasm. Your body explodes as you continue to fuck yourself and rub your clit. You start to slow down with the dildo, but I am not ready for you to stop yet, and I move to you and take control of the dildo and once again fuck you fast and hard with it.
"Don't stop cumming, slut. I want you to cum until I tell you to stop.", I growl as I pound your cunt with the dildo. You cum three or four more times before I slow and let you begin to calm. Your juices are all over the bed and our hands. I can see you were very turned on tonight.
It is now my turn. My cock is throbbing and I need you. I take your place laying down on the bed and tell you to get on my cock. Ride me like a good slut. Wrap that wet cunt around me.
You sigh and shiver as you slowly slide down on my hardness until you are sitting fully on me. My cock is buried deep in you, and I can feel your swollen pussy lips caressing my balls. You slowly begin to ride up and down on my hardness. As you do I take your breasts in my hands. Grabbing one I quickly sink my teeth into the tender flesh. Making you gasp, but you don't stop fucking me. I release your flesh from my teeth, but then bite the other one as well. Leaving teeth marks in both tits. Bruises already beginning to show. I love to mark My slut. I pinch your nipples and roll them between my fingers as you groan and ride my hard cock, never stopping. Lost in the pleasure of having my cock inside of you. Knowing this is what you need to be most happy.
I feel the pressure begin to build in my balls and I know that I won't last too much longer. I tell you to stop and get off of me. You have a look of surprise on your face, but you do as I say.
I have you get on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed and move behind you. I grab your hips and very slowly enter you from behind. I move ever so slowly, enjoying every sensation as I enter your juicy cunt. I then pull out until only the head remains before once again sliding deep into you. I gradually pick up the pace until my balls are slapping against your cunt. I am holding your hips tight as I pull you back onto my cock hard. Driving into you as my orgasm nears.
With a groan, I pump my hot cum into your hot cunt. I keep fucking you as jet after jet shoots into you. You can feel the heat splashing the walls of your pussy as I empty myself into you. I continue to fuck you until my cock begins to soften and slides from your cunt. My cum oozes out and runs down over your clit. After I pull out and while you are still kneeling there, I bend down and begin to flick my tongue back and forth across your clit. Tasting our mixed juices. Salty and sweet. An orgasm surprisingly sweeps through your body from my ministrations on your sensitive clit.
I lick you until you stop cumming. I then roll you over and laying along side of you, I kiss you. Letting you taste our mixture on my tongue.
Once we are calmed down fro our orgasms, I help you stand and take you to the shower to clean you up. You will never be completely clean again though. You are now My dirty little slut. My cock slut. The naive little girl who didn't like sex is no longer. From now on you are My little slut. If you give me your complete trust, I will give you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.


  1. I love it! Very Hot! Thank you..

  2. Mmmmm oh my. Thanks for giving me ideas with my pet! Very hot indeed.

  3. Wow! That's very hot!! Thanks.