Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some challenging days...

The last few days have been quite challenging for me. I am in a particularly sadistic mood, and no outlet for those desires. I told My slut today that I wanted to spank her until she cried. She said she would prefer to be flogged, but not necessarily until she cried though. Some days are really rough when you are a Sadist.

We have been talking lately about the rough days I've been having and I told her I feel like we have hit a plateau. She asked me what is the next step I want to take, and I asked her if she had been reading my stories. Everything is in there laid out for her to see what I want to do.

I have no idea if this will bring any changes in her or our life, but she asked and I told her what I need. She says she understands, but she has understood for years and it didn't change anything. She said she is doing her best, and maybe she is, but I've been waiting for a very long time and my hunger is growing stronger and stronger each day. William needs to feed on some pain.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend.



  1. It's always hard balancing needs and desires with life and the limits of others.
    I'm sorry to hear that things are not going how your need and hunger are building and not purring like a satisfied kitten.

    Is there something you could do/introduce that might be easy enough for Your slut to handle and for you to relish in?
    Some small measure of taking more control of her?
    Some measure of pain that you could elicit from her?
    Hoping you can find the balance that you need!


  2. "Some days are really rough when you are a Sadist"

    I think self expression is a beautiful thing. I'm sorry it's been rough. Hang in there..

  3. Maybe you could work on one thing -- taking that to the next level?

    Perhaps the flogging until she just about gets to the point you wish - then maybe you can step a toe a little closer to the edge next time.

    Hopefully you will find a way for both of you to get as much of what you want as possible.

    Until then, there IS always your other blog...