Saturday, July 9, 2011


You walk in the room and find me waiting for you. You can tell by my face that tonight will be different. There is an intensity about me that you haven't seen before. A fire in my eyes.
I move quickly to stand in front of you, staring deeply into your eyes. I take you by the throat and pull you roughly to me, kissing you hard as if I wanted to devour you. I suck and bite at your lips, taking your breath away.
I reach down and rip open your shirt, tearing it from your shoulders. You have a look of shock on your face from my actions. You never expected this. I discard your torn shirt and quickly remove your bra. Your breasts are now exposed to me, vulnerable to my hands, vulnerable to whatever I desire. I grab them roughly in my hands and bring them to my face. I suck one nipple into my mouth and suck it until it stiffens against my tongue. I swirl my tongue around the tip then bite into the tender flesh. You gasp in pain, but I do not relent. As I bite one nipple, I am pinching the other, causing you to squirm in my grasp.
I release your nipple from my teeth but sink them into the flesh of your breast. Biting hard, letting you feel my fangs dig into you. I love to mark My slut. I want you to carry this mark for awhile and remember what transpired this night. I bite into your other breast to make you symmetrical. I wouldn't want My slut to look uneven.
I release your breasts and quickly strip you the rest of the way. I fling your clothes into the corner of the room and push you down on the bed. I quickly climb between your legs and bury my tongue in your cunt. You are already quite wet I see, and taste. You are turned on by being taken roughly. You are indeed My little slut. I lick all around your swollen cunt, nibbling at the lips and flicking my tongue across your hardening clit. You try to push me away because the sensations are getting too intense, but I tell you to put your arms at your sides and leave them there like a good girl. You look at me, but you do it.
I grip your hips and attack your clit with a vengeance. I can feel your body tensing as you get close to cumming.
"May I cum?", you gasp.
"Not yet slut.", I tell you but I keep licking your sopping cunt, driving you on towards your impending orgasm.
I see you struggling not to cum, but you won't be able to hold out much longer.
"Please can I cum?", you plead, a note of desperation in your voice.
"What do you say, My slut?", I ask you with a grin.
"Please may I cum...Sir?", you whisper. Your voice hoarse with passion and need.
"Cum My slut. Give it to me. Give me your pleasure.", I tell you, and your body explodes as I again attack your cunt with my tongue. I lick all over your pussy, running my tongue over the lips and flicking and sucking at your clit. You cum over and over, moaning and gasping with each new sensation. The sheet balled up in your fists as you grip it tightly. Riding out your orgasm as it pulses through your body.
You gasp for me to stop, but I continue until you cum one more time for me. I stop licking you and let you regain your senses as I kiss the insides of your thighs. Your breathing slowly returns to normal as the spasms in your cunt subside.
"Time for you to return the favor my beautiful one.", I say as I undress and lay back on the bed."Suck my cock like the good slut that you are.", I tell you with a smile. You are getting so good at sucking cock, and I just love to give you an opportunity to practice your developing skills.
You crawl between my legs an slowly take me in your wet mouth. You can taste the slightly salty tang of the pre-cum leaking from the tip of my cock. You aren't fond of the taste, but you are trying hard to please me. Taking these little steps to make me happy and proud. You feel me growing in your mouth as you swirl your tongue around the head of my hardening cock. you begin to slowly pump my cock with your fist in rhythm with your mouth sliding up and down over me. Your head bobbing up and down on my throbbing member. I stroke your hair and neck with the pleasure your mouth is giving me. I moan from the pleasure of your mouth.
"Mmmm, you are becoming such a good little cock sucker, My slut. That feels so good. you are getting better each time.", I groan as you suck me and stroke my cock with your hand. I can feel my orgasm begin to build in my balls. I try to relax and hold back, letting it build as long as I can.
"I'm going to cum very soon.", I tell you while stroking your hair. You remove me from your mouth and begin to stroke me faster as you rub my cock across your wet lips.
I can hold out no longer and my cum erupts across your lips and cheek. You keep stroking as my body tenses and I groan out my orgasm. I pump cum over your cheeks and chin as you milk my shaft, pulling every last ounce of juice from me. You smile at me, knowing you have given me such intense pleasure. You look so lovely wearing my seed on your face. I pull you up and give you a kiss on your wet lips. Such a salty kiss.
I hand you a towel to wipe your face with a grin. you smile back and clean the cum from your face.
Once you are clean, I take the towel and tell you to roll over and put that ass up in the air for me. You do like my good girl and I give you a few swats on the ass. You playfully wiggle your ass as you smile back at me. I reach between you legs and stroke your still soaked cunt causing you to moan. I get the dildo and slide it slowly into your wetness, fucking you slowly in and out. You move back to accept each stroke of my other cock, fucking it for me. Showing me how a good slut takes cock.
I stop fucking you with the dildo, but leave it buried inside of you as I reach for the vibrator. I hand the vibe to you, and tell you, "Hold this on your clit for me while I use the cane. I want you to feel pleasure and pain together. I want you to feel my pain as pleasure."
You take the vibe and put it to your clit as I begin to cane your upraised ass. The round globes jiggle as each lash lands on your ass. Red stripes begin to appear across your ass as I continue to cane you. The pain is barely noticed from the feelings of pleasure coursing through your cunt as you play the vibe over your clit and your cunt grips the dildo still invading you. I whip you harder and harder, beginning to raise thin welts on your ass, but you don't even feel it. Lost in the throbbing of your cunt. Your ass is becoming a beautiful lattice of stripes from my cane. I can see and feel them rising on your flesh. I stop and run my tongue along them, soothing the tortured flesh.
I then turn to your favorite implement and begin to give you a good flogging. I whip each cheek in turn. Side to side turning the whole of your ass a nice red hue. Your hips are moving slowly as you ride the vibrator on your clit. The pain is just enough to keep you from cumming quite yet. You can feel it building in you as your cunt continues to spasm around the silicone cock inside you.
"Do you need to cum for me, slut?", I ask. You mumble in the affirmative as I keep whipping your ass."What do you say then?", I ask teasingly.
"Can I cum for you?", you whisper, nearly lost in bliss.
"You can do better than that, slut.", I tease.
"Please Sir, may I cum for you?", You say a little louder, the sound of your desire thick in your throat.
I flog you harder and grab a hold of the dildo and start fucking you with it hard. Pounding it in and out of your cunt. You are so wet your pussy is making a squelching sound with each stroke.
"Please...", you beg, trying not to cum.
I start to really flog your ass as hard as I can and growl, "Cum for me, slut! Cum hard all over this cock. Take my pain. Feel it and need it."
You scream as you begin to cum. You have never felt such intense sensations. The burning feeling of your ass and the burning passion in your cunt create a fire in your gut that explodes throughout your body. Juices run down your thighs as wave after wave of pleasure roll through your body.
Before you stop cumming, I pull the dildo out and replace it with my steel hard cock. I grab your hips and give you long deep strokes as you continue cumming all over my hard cock. I can feel the heat radiating from your red ass cheeks. I give you a couple swats with my hand as you begin to come down from the pinnacle of passion. Your juices are splashing over my legs from your overflowing cunt.
I pull out and quickly flip you over, pushing your legs up and spreading you wide. I plunge my hardness back into you. All the way in to the hilt in one thrust. You gasp at the assault on your tender and well used cunt. You have cum too many times for you to count and your brain is overloading on the sensations you have experienced this evening. I begin long slow strokes, going deep inside you, as deep as you can take me. You feel my cock bumping against your cervix I am so deep in you.
"Hold your legs for me, slut.", I tell you and you take a leg in each hand so I have my hands free to do as I wish.
I grab a tit in each hand as I start fucking your soaked cunt as fast as I can. You get that intense look on your face and bite your lip like you do when you are about to cum.
"Cum on my cock.", I tell you as we lock eyes. I grab a hard nipple in each hand and pinch hard as the first jet of cum erupts from my cock. I feel your cunt grip my cock as you cum with me. I shoot my hot load into your hungry cunt as I twist and pinch your big nipples. Giving you pain with your pleasure. You can't have one without the other any more.
As our orgasms subside, I release your tortured tits and give each sore nubbin of flesh a kiss and a lick. Sucking them gently to make them feel better. I have you release your legs and wrap them around my waist as we come down. Laying there entwined in our passion. Wrapped up in desire. We are both soaked in sweat and love juices. Both of our cum smears our bodies.
I give you a passionate kiss before I pull out, then I kiss down your body. Kissing your breasts and belly, then on to your poor abused pussy. I kiss it softly, tasting the mixture of our juices that are leaking from it. I kiss the inside of your thighs before moving back up your body. I again kiss you passionately on the lips, letting you taste our nectar from my mouth. Sharing our essence.
We both curl up as I pull the blanket around us. Your head resting on my chest as your eyes grow heavy. I hold you close as I feel your heart beating against me. The  heart filled with love as mine is.
You are My slut, and mine alone. My love, my life, my wife. Open yourself to me. Give me everything with no fear and no reservations.
Surrender your heart, body, and soul to me, and I will care for it forever.


  1. Lovely. Just lovely.



  2. Awesome. Erotic and beautiful.