Friday, July 22, 2011

Two days in a row...

I got lucky two days in a row. It's been a really long time since that happened. We spent most of the day at the in-laws seeing some of her family from out of town. Good people. I told her she was getting double cock tonight, and I made good on that promise. She got the dildo and then my hard cock after her flogging.

I had to smile this afternoon. She asked if we could skip the cane tonight. She said, and I quote,"Can we just skip the cane and just fuck? Can we skip the flogging, no wait we can't.Can we just fuck though?"

I just started laughing. I said you don't want to skip the flogging, and she smiled sheepishly and said she didn't. She is becoming such a little pain slut.

I told her if she wanted to skip the cane, she was going to have to take a harder flogging. She said OK, so I let her off the hook with the cane. She got a hard flogging right off the bat, no easy warm-up. She didn't take a real long flogging, but it was a good one. Her tolerance is down right now. We think her period is about to start. She's only about a month late. She better not be pregnant. I got snipped about 5 years ago, and being we're both 45, another kid would not be a good thing. (Fingers crossed)

After her flogging I grabbed the vibe and dildo. It didn't take long for her to ask me to cum, so I started fucking her really fast with the dildo as she came really hard. It was the second in as many days.

Once she had enough, I climbed between her legs and slipped right into her very wet cunt. I had a few drinks today while visiting, so I was ready to fuck for a long time. I can go a really long time after I've had a few.

As I was fucking her I took her by the throat and told her to just relax and trust me. I held her that way as I slowly slid in and out of her. It got too intense for her after a bit and she asked me to remove my hand from her throat as she began to cry. I think it was just some residual fear and emotions left from her previous life. I removed my hand and just told her that I will never harm her, and that she was the most important thing in my life and that I loved her more than I could say.

She soon calmed down and was OK again. I never stopped fucking her, and she eventually started to get sore and asked if I was ready to cum. I told her OK, but that I was going to put my hand back on her throat until I came. She said she was alright with that. I placed my hand there, just holding without squeezing as I slowly built up speed. She asked me if we could cum together, so I grabbed her vibe and put it to her clit as I got close.

When I was about to cum I pulled out and began to stroke my cock by her cunt, rubbing the head against her clit as I felt my orgasm near.

As she began to cum, I let go and started shooting my load all over her cunt. She loves the feeling of my hot cum on her and it always makes her cum even harder. Once we were both done cumming, she said my cum was running down her ass onto the bed, so I reached down and smeared it up and all over her wet cunt. She laughed and said to stop, but I said no and smeared my cum all over her crotch and thighs. Hell, she was taking a shower anyway...Laughs!!!

Later I thanked her for such a good fuck and she smiled and patted herself on the back as she walked away. She thanked me for a good fuck too.

I told her last night that she was going to get flogged every night this week, and perhaps we would make it a nightly thing to keep my good slut happy. She smiled and said maybe not nightly, but regularly would be good.

What a slut...Grins!!!

I think I created a monster...I hope...



  1. I may be overstepping my bounds a bit, and this is likely not the bit you wanted a comment on.. xD

    But, regarding that late period in the middle of one's forties...? May not be pregnancy, but is it possible that "the change" is starting? It may be worth a visit to a doctor. (I know I'm stabbing in the dark here, but I thought I'd offer it up anyway. :) ) Glad you're both having a good time, heh.

  2. Throat holding is definitely on my list of things I'm hoping to get the hubby into, I love it! Really happy for you that you were able to introduce it and it sounds like you helped her through it perfectly.

  3. Thank you Zelda, I thought the same thing. It did start today though. She is occasionally irregular, but she could be getting close.
    Mrs. D, I loved it and she made it through like a real slut...
    Thank you both for the comments.